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Thread: Ladybird 1.5
05/09/2019 10:28:28

Hi Mike et al.

I'm a member of the Valley Flyers and we have a site approx. 1/4 mile from "Llancaich Vawr near Gelligaer .

03/09/2019 14:05:14

p1030632.jpgp1030631.jpgp1030630.jpgp1030629.jpgp1030628.jpgp1030626.jpgp1030625.jpgp1030624.jpgp1030623.jpgp1030622.jpgp1030621.jpgp1030620.jpgp1030619.jpgp1030617.jpgp1030616.jpgThe cowl I kept for last as I wanted to calculate the length to accommodate the engine positioning to arrive at a satisfactory C of G with out having to add extra weight .It is a simple all balsa cowl backed with ply It was made from 1/2" sheet and1/2" triangular stock . the lower half is screwed to the bulk head and the upper held on with magnets .

I had a choice of using stylised lettering or replicate a ladybird .The black circles were easier ! ! !

If I were to build another I'd possibly redesign the U/C to allow for a lower tank position or incorporate an upright installation .

It's currently fitted with a Thunder Tiger 42 Pro but it may be retro fitted with a diesel

The wing loading is 19oz /sq . ft .

As for a maiden flight this is likeable to happen in the new year as I need the "Newnp1030615.jpgess " to wear off and I'm away for most of the winter .

03/09/2019 13:48:15

p1030612.jpgp1030611.jpgp1030609.jpgp1030607.jpgp1030606.jpgp1030605.jpgp1030604.jpgp1030603.jpgp1030602.jpgp1030601.jpgp1030600.jpgp1030599.jpgp1030598.jpgFollowing the original build instructions led to a bit of difficulty in the fitting of one of the fus. formers in that it has to be "sprung " into the partially constructed fus .Brute force and a prayer came into play .The increased thickness of the longerons were not that flexible ! ! ! .

The wig ribs were not all that accurate so a new set were made .

More food for thought came into play in constructing the lovely curve from the fus . to the fin .I decided to lay down one1/8" x 1/8" stringer first and then topped that with another .to aid film covering later I also infilled the stringers with balsa an cladded the fin in 1/32" balsa .p1030597.jpg

03/09/2019 13:34:18

p1030613.jpgI found a photo shop in Cardiff to enlarge the plans and had 2 run off .One to keep and the other to cut up and build from .

As is normal for me I sketch over the plan to highlight areas I need to modify i.e. engine mounting , tank position ,servo location etc.

Mods to the fuselage meant doing away with the wing box as I'll be building a one piece wing and the tail area needed to change to accommodate a fixed tailplane ,not a pivoted type as shown on the original .

The cabin area was also beefed up to allow for a banded on wing.p1030610.jpg.

03/09/2019 13:19:33

Just a few retrospective build notes from my recently completed Ladybird 1.5

I acquired a Ladybird kit just over a year ago and decided to build a 150% version to suit myself and the flying site

I decided to give it flaps and ailerons .Some people may say " Why do this ? "Well it's my plane so why not .p1030629.jpg

Thread: Plan services
06/06/2019 16:02:04

Dai ,

That sounds par for the course .


05/06/2019 16:40:16

Tanks to Peter and Robert for your kind replies .Using your suggestions on outlets I managed to trace an outfit in Cardiff called South East printers which is within easy walking distance from my wife's dentist .She had some work done today ,so job done .

Thanks again.


P.s. I now have a 1'5 size drawing of a K.K.Ladybird .

03/06/2019 19:55:25

Has any one found a printers that can copy and enlarge plans in the S Wales area .

Thanks Keith

Thread: Frog Jackdaw resurrection.
02/06/2019 18:42:58

Not wanting to highjack this thread but some pointers for Peter and GONZO .

I made the T.E. from standard stock planed and cut to shape .

The cowl was extended by about half an inch

The wing tips supplied by Belair are wrong .They have been made to the dimensions as seen in plan view .You will need to make new ones .

I increased the rudder area .

I made the canopy from a pop bottle .

These issues and those you encountered with the fuselage /dowel positions were sent to Belair for consideration .


02/06/2019 12:04:13

Hi Peter

I too altered some parts of the fuselage to accommodated a PAW 35 .I also made up my own "spindle moulded wood" from block .I used a short kit and obtained the original plan .It's yet to fly .If you click onto my photos you will see some build shots hope this will help

Keith .

01/06/2019 13:14:15

If you go to R.C. Library by Outerzone you can download for free the "Radio Control Big Four " .This is a very informative article that gives the background to The Galahad ; The Jackdaw ; The Super 60 and the Veron Viscount .

I used this as a reference when building the Viscount and my Super Duper last year .

Thread: Sky 40 fitted with gyro
11/04/2019 19:24:59

Following the article in RCM&E re flight stabilizers ,I decided to fit a Hobbyeagle A3PRO to my trusty Sky 40 trainer .

I duly purchased one from Amazon , downloaded the instructions and fitted it on to a new platform in the fuselage .Plenty of room here .

My Futaba 14sg was linked to a Futaba R2008SB Rx .This is an 8 ch.Rx. However I still needed a further it will be supporting ; ails ; rudder ; elev ; thr ; 2 inputs from the A3Pro together with an on board voltage detector a condenser and battery supply . So I modified a "Y" lead to incorporate a third lead ."is this a W lead?" . I also changed the 4.8 volt supply to 6 .

Following the very good instructions and watching a few Youtube videos eventually had it set up together with some help from Malcolm Holt .

The fist flight , today , was in ideal conditions ,lovely weather with a gusting wind of about 10 mph .I set the Sky up with 50% rates the gyro mode and gains to off and zero .

After a few circuits I switched the gyro mode to on .All O.K.

Then I gradually increased the gain until I was happy with how the plane was reacting. A few laps like this to gain confidence , lowered the flaps for a nice trouble free landing

The second flight saw me take off with gyro and gains on the A3pro left as the first flight .Tracking was dead straight for take off and after a few more circuits I switched the Sky's rates to 100% .no hiccups and she flew as if on rails .Flaps down and landed uneventfully .

Flight 3 saw the Sky on full rates and the A3pro left as per the previous flights . Dead straight tacking again and with a bit of flap took to the skies with no hassle .

So feeling a job well done .the next things to do are to celebrate with a good bottle of wine tonight and order a few more A3pro's .

Thread: Futaba 14SG chat
04/04/2019 10:15:45

Thanks Malcolm that was just the info. I was looking for . The servo monitor confirms everything was correct .

I'll certainly follow up on the "Controls and switches" suggestion .

For completion -it is an 8 channel Rx ----fixed wing aeroplane ---and I'm not using --gear --flaps --and AUX1 for anything else .

Thanks again for the input .When the weather gets better I'll give it a whirl .

03/04/2019 19:53:45

I'm currently setting up a hobbyeagle A3 Pro flight stabilizer and am having a few issues .

I've looked at a few forums for advice but am still struggling.

I have actually got it to work but I don't really know why .

I have connected the ppmbus/g lead into channel 5 and identified this as "gear".

I'm usuing a futaba R2008SB Rx.

I've allocated this to slider RS .As set up , max. gain is at the top position and zero at the bottom. I didn't do this setting ,it was already set to this .When I went into hardware to look to see if I could re configure this , the screen with all the switches on , had no "on/off" icon to allow me to do this .

Similarly I allocated "mode" into channel 7 and called it AUX 1 .I then assigned this operation to switch SG.

Again trying to configure the switch I was facing the same issue --no "on/off" icon .

The switch does actually change the mode of the A3 pro and all seems to be fine .

I'm a bit reluctant to fly like this as I don't fully understand what is happening to the switch and slider .

I'm probably doing something stupid .

Another thing ,if I allocate channel 5 to anything other than "gear" then RS does not work .

Any suggestions would be gratefully received .

Thread: STOL Mk2
30/03/2019 11:55:15

What is the general approach when it comes to flying a STOL plane . I'm particularly interested in the relationship between , throttle , flaps and elevator i.e . the when , where and how bit of the take off and landing phases .

I know that no two designs work in the same way . But I think there must be some basics that must be followed .

As yet I'm not contemplating a model with leading edge slats .Just a run of the mill 46 size trainer whose ailerons have been modified for flaps .


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
29/03/2019 12:26:03


p1030588.jpgThis is my new winter project ,yet to be maidened .It is called YW8 .The full title is "Why wait for a plane to come along that can fly and dictate our site , rather than let the site dictate the way I 'd like to fly -- when I can design and build my own ".

This means to me that I could comfortably come in from any direction and altitude into the wind regardless of site limitations e.g. trees and car parks.

It will eventually be fitted with a gyro system after I've flown and got happy with it .

The flaps I hope will give it some STOL capability .

I'll be venturing into new territory with a gyro so I'm fitting one to my trusty trainer ---SKY 40 first , which is well sorted out .

It's about 54" wing span with an Irvine 46 up front.p1030587.jpg

Thread: source for Hobby Eagle stabilisers
29/03/2019 11:38:07

I've only just seen this post .I recently bought an Eagle 3 Pro through Amazon .They initially indicated a 28 day delivery but it was with me in 5 .

Thread: Identification required
03/03/2019 10:36:59

Hi thank you all for your inputs. Checked it out on the web and it is a MDS/MAC 61 .I still have no idea however what the additional bronze bush in the silencer is for .!


01/03/2019 10:10:09

A friend of mine is trying to identify an engine he recently acquired .Unfortunately I have no photograph .It has a gold/bronze anodised cylinder head and prop driver .There is a silencer that is fixed to the main casting with two hex headed bolts from the silencer side . And as well as an exhaust nipple for pressurising the tank there is a screwed in bronze /gold button with a hole in it .Any thoughts ?

Thread: OS 46 FX
01/03/2019 09:57:49


2 of my OS FX's went that way too. Just Engines produced their own version of the liner at a very good price and they work really well .


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