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Thread: What's your favourite fuel proofer
01/01/2021 11:40:23

Hi all.

I 've come across this product while searching the web .

Anyone have experience of it .

Would you chemists out there have any views .

It's for automotive use and does not need to be mixed with a hardener and should be ok for petrol diesel and oils etc. not sure about our fuels though .


It is supplied by Luxon Trade Ltd.

Thread: would you volunteer ?
01/01/2021 11:28:54

I've been watching a series on aircraft disasters over the last few weeks and I'm posing this question .

If all the flight crew are incapacitated and there are no other pilots available and all you are capable of doing is flying an R/C model aircraft ,would you if asked to do so , attempt to fly and land the plane ( it's a big one with loads of passenger and there is nothing wrong with it ) ?

I fly a lot and this crosses my mind every time .

Happy New Year


Thread: It's all in the balance
30/11/2020 10:35:33

HI everybody thanks for the input .

Frank --I have a lot of modelling books regarding the aerodynamics of flight but they are all a bit sparse when it comes to biplanes . I've searched the web but have found nothing suitable .

Any suggestions would be appreciated .

Stay well .


27/11/2020 11:37:13

After having a major clear out and tidy up I came across an old two piece wing of about 700 sq.ins.

My thoughts are to make a cartoon biplane from it .

I've sketched a few ideas and I have a few balance questions .

I know the wings will need balancing because each root portion has Ali tubes buried in them for when I was using a joiner . ( I can't get them out .)

So do I balance each wing individually ?.This will mean adding approx. 2 oz . to each tip or do I complete the plane and see if any balancing is required and compensate for the lighter wing tip only .?

I believe statically balanced it should be O.K. but I'm not sure if dynamically it would be acceptable as there will be the vertical distance between the wings to consider .The gap will be in the order of 5".

The other issue is to get the the right position I'm either going to use a pile of church roof ,a bigger engine ,lengthen the nose ,build the tail light or a combination of all these .

My least preferred option is to lengthen the nose ,a thing I've done many times in the past ,as it will detract from the styling .

Your suggestions are very welcome


Thread: ARUP
17/11/2020 16:57:27


I've been asked a few questions from some close friends I'll answer them here .

The weight is 5lbs .

The area is 800sq.inches

It balances spot on with a 4.8volt battery placed under the tank .

I angled the U/C/ forwards a bit to allow it to sit properly on the ground

I lengthened the nose by1.5"" at the original redesign stage .I also straightened some of the outlines .

The Arup is rather cumbersome so I found it was easier to pin the covering and adjust , prior to tacking and shrinking .

Keep well


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
17/11/2020 16:42:26


I've had a few questions from some close friends so I'll give some more detail re the ARUP here.

The weight is 5lbs.

The wing area is 800sq.inches .

The balance is spot on with a 4.8 volt battery positioned under the tank .

I did add 1.5"" to the nose length at the initial redesign stage and straightened out the outlines a bit .

I needed to angle the U/C legs forward a bit so it would sit properly on the ground .

As it is a bit cumbersome to handle I found that using pins to hold the covering on and then adjusting it before tack gluing and shrinking was of benefit .

Keep well

Keith .

13/11/2020 18:33:19

Here is my ARUP finally finished .



13/11/2020 18:33:12

Here is my ARUP finally finished .



Thread: ARUP
13/11/2020 18:28:14

I've just completed the ARUP today ,Fri .the13th .does this auger well.!!

Here is the three peg fixing of the stub to the wing proper

I've shown the cockpit ,the false floor with pilot and the servo layout .

It's powered by an O.S.46 FX.

It will now wait until everything is back to normal including the weather for the maiden flight .

It has been an interesting build and it was nice to try something different .

This it not an easy model to build and a bit of previous building would be an advantage .

There are a few errors in the formers and some redundant parts .

Studying the plan really well and drawing centre lines to aid alignment is thoroughly recommended . I hope the blog will be of some use to prospective builders .

I'm signing off on the blog now .Take care and stay well .

Keith .






25/10/2020 17:03:04

I've reinforced the rudder with cross strips of 1/4/"sq. balsa.

The stub wing and Ail. are now separated and planed to shape

I'll fix the stub wing after covering using three dowels (B.B.Q. skewers) .

I'm nearing the end of the main build with covering ,servo and engine etc. left to do.

I probably not post again until these are done .I do not fore see any major headaches but if I do I'll be back .

Stay well

Keith .


Thread: Sky 40 electric version
25/10/2020 16:46:57

Hi Chris .I'm not sure which plan you are building from but the original free plan form RCME shows where and how it is fitted .It is as you say located in the tank bay and held in place by velcro .

The top rear cowl is an ABS moulding which is attatched by three screws , two at the top and one into the engine bulk head and through the front cowl .

Both these cowls are available as a pair ( they are not sold separately ) by SLEC .

I found the front cowl to be a bit weak with my type of flying so I make mine from thin ply and balsa .

For the same reason I fixed the U/C .I'm not sure how far you have got but the additions of flaps are worth while .

I also converted one to be a tail dragger like the SKY 120 .

I hope this helps



Edited By Keith Evans 3 on 25/10/2020 16:47:39

Thread: ARUP
21/10/2020 18:55:04

Here is where I'm up to at the moment .

Checking that I still have the down thrust angle .

Jig now removed .

Started planking on the under side .

Cockpit frame .I've decided to go for a glazed cockpit as I realize there is quite a bit of strength in the construction in this area and it would add to the looks .

I now have two hatches .One for the tank and the other for the servos .




17/10/2020 17:08:18

Back to it.

First a comment for those considering building the ARUP. This is what I have noted so far in the wood pack .

C2 is missing --the main cockpit frame .

F6 is also missing .--lower rear former .

F5B is too narrow .--upper fus. former

F4 and F5 do not need to have the curved shape at the top .I replaced these with 3/16" balsa .

I've started on fixing the lower fuselage by first installing and gluing the sacrificial jig .

I constantly checked for accuracy using a playing card . It's thin and rigid .

Note also that wing rib W6 is too narrow .I corrected this by doubling up on the cap strips .

Those with a keen eye will see that I've installed a draw string through the wing ribs just in case in the future I do have too much slop in the snakes .

I do not expect a problem but now would be the time to allow for it .

Note when fitting the jig it is a good idea to fit the thr. snake at the same tine .How do I know that ???

I've also installed a channel for any leads that may need to be routed from the tank/battery bay .






16/10/2020 17:13:57

Brain needs adjusting .Photos all over the shop .


p1040269.jpgBeen a bit quiet on the build front for a few days .took advantage of the weather and went out and about with Sarah .needed to clear the cobwebs a bit .Here's what I have been up to .

The stub wing and Ail. were spot glued together and shaped as a unit .Note I recessed the give some clearance against the wing proper when finally fitted .

I've added some covering supports at the wing tip out of scrap balsa and formed to shape .

The top of the fuselage is also under way .beware that some formers are not the correct width .I've also used 3/32" balsa for the stringers not the specified 1/4" .

Started on the lower fus. Note the trimming required to ensure the side will give the correct lie up with the sacrificial jig to get the thrust angle correct .It was try a bit trim a bit etc. until it was satisfactory .



11/10/2020 19:00:35

Some more work on the wing today.

The innermost four bays appear identical in height so I thought I'd make a little sanding block .

I roughly planed and sanded the L.E. but left the centre two bays square . I did this to ensure the former at that position would get a lot of support .

Just a little more tidying up and then its onto the underside sheeting and cap strips .



Thread: Prostate Cancer
10/10/2020 19:25:08

My experiences .

I went for a PSA test approx . 11years ago .I had no symptoms at all but my father had it diagnosed in his late 80's .

A few days later I was contacted . I was informed that I had a count of 8 and to visit my doctor as soon as possible .

I had the digital examination etc . and nothing abnormal was found . I was referred to my local prostate cancer clinic .

Over the next 18 months I went in for 3 biopsy tests .The first two ,10 samples taken every time , showed all clear .

My count had now risen to 24 .It is important to note that although there is limited accuracy on the test itself it is the differences between each test which is what the experts are looking for .

My third biopsy only showed cancer on the last sample taken . How lucky was that as it would have been another 6 months before a next biopsy was due .

During all this time I never experienced any symptoms at all .

Things moved rapidly from there on with MRI and CT scans being taken and being booked in for surgery .At that time there was a 3 month waiting list .

My personal choice for surgery was that I had the nagging doubt that other treatments may still have allowed the cancer to spread further .

5 years after the operation I was given the all clear .

My PSA count is less than 0.1. and it is now 7 years after the operation .

Every operation anniversary I reward myself with a nice bottle of expensive plonk.

I have to say that all the examinations and biopsies caused me very little discomfort . My advice would be to relax as much as possible and don't resist .

All the best to those who may be worrying .Have the test .

Edited By Keith Evans 3 on 10/10/2020 19:26:34

Edited By Keith Evans 3 on 10/10/2020 19:27:25

Thread: ARUP
10/10/2020 18:44:11



Just a few things done today .

The new bulkhead with captive nuts .

I've started on the wing snake outlets . This is not shown on the plan but I thought it was necessary in this area .

This is the1/32" ply cover .

It is fitted at the wing tip and both ends are recessed into the T.E. and rear of the L.E. sheeting .

I used 1/32" ply for its flexibility to try and cope with the complex shape in that area .

Once fitted I glued a similar cover of 1/32" balsa .

Any remaining gaps in that area will be filled later .

Although only a small part of the build it did take some time to develop the cover shape itself .





Edited By Keith Evans 3 on 10/10/2020 18:44:58

08/10/2020 19:22:58

Began L.E. sheeting

Using some water and the mark one finger nail along with some slitting where the bend was going to be I prepared the 1/16" sheet .

I started the sheeting in the centre of the wing and worked my way out to tip .

With a tremendous amount of pins aliphatic ,'P.V.A. and cyno . I managed to curve the sheet out and down to the wing tip . A little bit of filler to cover the slits and the job was done These few words do not convey the difficulty at bending the sheet to the tips . If I were to tackle this again I would either use foam or balsa block between the two end ribs and carve to shape .

I've laid out the top fuselage formers again to show the under size dimensions .Again it would be worth considering re positioning ribs W2 to allow for this .

I'm in the process of trial fitting the sacrificial jig to check for alignment .It all looks good so far .

Gluing up the rear beam mount in the servo bay .













06/10/2020 19:14:35

Continued with the elevator etc.

I made up a simple jig so I could sand the L.E. of the assy .to get a reflex of approx .3/16".

I did not split the assy. at this stage in an attempt to arrive at the same angle at both ends .

If they were different then I suspect it may have an adverse affect on the flying characteristics .

I continually checked with a set square .Sorry about the flash . Both reflexes looked the same when I had finished .

The elevator was then chamfered .

The last shot shows the outer tips being fitted along with the positions of the snake supports .

The balsa arrived today .So it will be back onto the main wing .






05/10/2020 18:30:43

Balsa supplies should be arriving tomorrow .

In the meantime I'll carry on with the elevator .I spot glued the elevator to the T.E. of the main wing with balsa cement .I find this works the best for me in this application .

I've protected them both with masking tape and strips of 1/16" balsa to make sure I do not plane into the ribs and cap strips .

After a pile of lovely shavings and some swipes with my Permagrit block I've ended up with a nicely matched pair .

The next step will be to chamfer the L.E. edge of the whole elevator assembly to arrive at the 3/16" reflex required .

Only when this is done will I separate the elevator out .The elevator will then be shaped to allow for hinging .

Later on I will glue the outer portions to the main wing .



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