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Thread: Futababa 14SG - No Power
25/05/2020 18:29:12

Hi Mark,

Following up on what Cuban 8 has suggested re the charger .If it was the one originally supplied with the set ther e was a recall on these for safety issues .I had mine repaired thro' Steve Webb and Ripmax which took a few months to resolve .

Like you I left the Tx not used for along period of time .On charging the Tx with the repaired charger I thought it had fully re charged ,over night as I normally do and went flying the following day only to find it had not been fully charged .

I traced the problem to the charger itself.

I duly dumped the charger and have been using a stand alone charger that copes with Lipos etc .with no problems. The battery has been working fine ever since .

Hope this helps .

Thread: Lockdown Models
16/05/2020 19:05:46

Hi , the above photos are of my 10 year old SKY 40. Needed to revitalise it and give me something to do over the lock down ,

It's surprising what can be found under the old covering.! ! !

16/05/2020 19:03:06


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
28/04/2020 10:35:27


p1040150.jpgHi all.

This is to introduce my latest Winter/Lockdown project.

It is a STOL plane .I've taken a lot of information from A.G.Lennon for this , particularly his "Crane". design .To tell the truth if I could have got hold of that plan I would have built it .

I've named it " Hi Tee " , a play on words and its tail design .

Roll is controlled by spoilers and is has full wing flaps with an all moving tail .

It's powered by an OS 46 FX and has a 60" wing span with vortex control wing tips .

It's been quite a challenge to build and has kept me busy .


Thread: Futaba 14SG
22/04/2020 10:23:06

Hi Jon

Thanks for the response .I do have Malcom's book but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for .

Perhaps it may be linked in to a more general description somewhere .

I'll look again .


20/04/2020 16:01:31

Solved it at last .

It seems that there is a link in the software between the throttle end point settings and the throttle cut off settings in the 14SG .

I managed to reduce the end point settings for the throttle positions a fair bit by having another go at mechanically setting it up . I must have been a bit lazy the first time around and dinner was on the horizon ! ! !

It now works as it should .

I'll celebrate tonight with a nice bottle of wine ! !

17/04/2020 14:19:20

Hi I have a setting up problem with my new model.

Some back ground info .I'm using a Futaba R2008SB Rx .and this is the12th model to be installed in my Tx -- 14SG ---Capacity is 30 models .

When setting up the throttle throws I get as close as I can mechanically then use the end point facility to fine tune .

I then set the fail safe ---thr. F/S b.f.s. ON Pos. set to fully closed at 56% .

Thr. cut switch is set as SH (spring loaded two way switch .

Setting ACT OFF Pos 17%

Here is the problem ----Throttle cut only activates when the cut off "pos" is dialled in to be greater than throttle pos. on the slider graphics .---BUT IN REVERSE --i.e. it opens up the throttle !!!! This is confirmed on the Servo monitor and on the plane itself .

I have tried another servo with the same results .

The only other thing to mention is that the throttle servo only starts to move from about 1/4 to 1/3 position on the T.x. all others start immediately i.e. rudder ,elevator etc .

I've been at this for two days and coupled with the lock down I'm starting to get a bit frustrated .This is the first time I've come up against this problem .It is either a really silly problem with me missing something obvious or it's going to be expensive .

All suggestions appreciated .

Thread: Paw 35
31/03/2020 18:39:11

I'm assuming that setting up a twin needle carb for a diesel would be the same as for a glow .Is this correct .?

Thread: Spoilers
11/03/2020 10:57:50

Hi all.

Thanks for the input .I was inspired for my own design by Andy Lennon's STOL design "The Crane" as shown in his book " R/C Model Plane Design " and particularly the photographs of its very steep landing approach .

If I could have got hold of the plans easily I would have built it .I've built his "Snowy Owl" a while back and enjoyed its construction and flying abilities .

Not only has the "Crane " got spoilers for roll control but also ; full length wing flaps ; fixed L.E.slats ; Hoerner Vortex Retarder Wingtips ; a fully moving tailplane with an inverted airfoil and fixed leading edge slats fitted to a Tee Tail . Is that enough of a difference from a normal run of the mill trainer ?

All the moving surfaces will be fully sealed .

My own design is Called " Hi Tee " .It has a 60 inch wing span and will be powered by a 40 size engine. It is a low wing radially cowled tail dragger .

This is quite a challenge for me but I needed something interesting to do over the winter period .

Have I bitten off more than I can chew ? probably . I am not a wizz at flying , but for the last few years I have being playing about with what flaps can do for me in my current fleet .

My limited aerobatics consists of rolls , loops ,stall turns and any combination of these . l like flying as slow as i can . Is this age related ?

It will probably be ready for its maiden about May /June time .

Will I be maidening it ? No way I'll be trusting that to John .

Thanks for all your input .

Quoting from Andy's book .

"Spoilers offer the following advantages for roll control .

There is no adverse yaw ,Yaw is in the direction of the turn .

Do not need balancing .

Work inverted .

Simple installation .light .

No lag response if located behind 70% of the wing chord ."


Thread: Flair ATS Kite MK4
06/03/2020 12:56:48

Hi Paul

I've just noticed this ,been on hols . Am I correct that the Kite was featured in another mag possibly R.C.Model World a few years ago .i.e. the plan and build instructions , and was used as the basis for the A.T.S. Training organisation that was then being set up .

I was not aware that Flair kitted this .

If it is the same model and you are still interested I'm happy to dig around in my attic .

Let me know .

Thread: Aileron servos
06/03/2020 12:45:46

If I use two channels , say 1 and 6 , to operate aileron servos independently how do I then link the two channels via a Hobbyeagle A3PRO gyro which only has one ail . input port .? Is it at all possible or am I into the realms of using two gyros ? ! ! ! !

I have a Futaba 14 SG TX


Thread: Spoilers
06/03/2020 12:35:34

I'm currently building an own design model and am looking to use spoilers for roll control as I want to use full span flaps .

A few questions .

I have followed A.G. Lennons advice regarding size and positioning of the spoilers , but I do not have any info re operating angles for speed of roll . Any suggestions ?

Will the air flowing over the wing be sufficient to hold the spoiler in the fully down position or do I need to do this mechanically .?


Thread: Fixed leading edge slats
04/02/2020 10:10:48

Hi Peter and Toni .

I like the simple logic .I'll go with that.



Thread: On a lighter note
03/02/2020 09:44:58

My 17 year old Astra Estate is still going strong after 159,000 miles and lugs all want up to the flying field with ease .

Thread: Fixed leading edge slats
03/02/2020 09:40:17

When calculating the MAC of a parallel chord wing with a fixed slat do I take it to be from the leading edge of the slat to the trailing edge of the main wing or from the leading edge of the main wing itself ?

Thread: Mid life crisis prevention required
29/01/2020 09:53:06

David could I suggest Tony NIjhuis's SKY 40 .This is now kitted by SLEC .It is very easy to assemble with interlocking laser cut parts and is suitable for both I.C. and electric .It was designed as a trainer and was featured as a free plan in RCME a few years back .With increased throws it is a good aerobatic machine and modified for flaps is very versatile .


Thread: Epoxy
01/01/2020 11:15:35

I've been using two pack epoxy ,with great success , since they first came on the market many moons ago.However very ,very occasionally it fails to set rock hard and ends up more like a very hard rubber .I am very careful measuring the amounts of hardener and resin and mix them really well .

This problem can happen in the same batch .Some results are good and one may not be .

This problem has only raised its head , say only 3 or 4 times in all the times I have been using it .

I'm about to use some epoxy soon in a very critical part of a build . As it is in a very difficult place to reach I dread the thought of ending up with "rubber" .

Any advice would be welcome .

Happy new year .


Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
21/12/2019 09:07:21

Apologies if this has already been covered .My question is ,If I have obtained my operator I.D. via the C.A.A.and if I were to try for an A certificate next year ,would I still be required to answer any questions after I have completed the flying part of the test ?

10/12/2019 13:25:03

I have only recently returned from a 2 month vacation in the States ,so forgive me for not trawling back through all the issues , regarding this topic , as my question may already have been answered .

I understand the requirement not to fly above 400 ft. but having no telemetry , how will I know if my 60 inch span trainer is at , under or over 400 ft ?

I've tried guessing how many "houses" high it is , but to no avail .Short of doing some trigonometry and holding a rule at arms length when flying to measure the wingspan , I have come to a dead end ! !

What do others do and how accurate are the results ? Or is it a case of if I can't see it , it must be over 400 ft. ! !


Thread: National model plane museum Muncie
23/11/2019 14:14:45

For the last 8 weeks myself and my wife have been touring the States .

Starting off in California ;travelling 7000 miles ;through 11 states and flying out of Chicago .

Saw many places of interest on the way as part of my " Bucket List "

The last was to visit the "National model plane museum in Muncie , Indiana.This trip to the states was 12 months in the planning --all done by my wonderful wife Sarah .

The night before the visit we decided to check the opening times only to find that the museum had recently been closed down for the season ! ! !

We decided to go any way and see what we could do .

Sure enough it was closed but it is right next door to the AMA headquarters , which was open .

I went to the reception area and pleaded my case .

Within 15 minutes a member of the museum staff was contacted ,the museum opened and I was given a personalised tour .! ! !

Seeing all those models The Fireball ; The Nobler ; the Thunderbird .Control line was always my first love tugged at the heartstrings .

The engine display was magnificent including many British makes E.D. ; D.C ; PAW etc.

What did grab my eye was "Jim Walkers " sound activated model .Seeing the model with huge speakers on the fuselage side which were being activated by the report from a shotgun made my mind boggle

There are youtube videos re the museum if you are interested . If you ever have the chance to visit ,you certainly won't be disappointed .

Again I must pass on my gratitude to members of the AMA staff who made a dream come true .


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