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Thread: Anyone in France? i need some help
10/12/2019 12:39:18

Thanks for responses. I think we have it sorted

10/12/2019 09:59:54

I need a hand from anyone in France who can get in contact with a customer of mine. His email has apparently been compromised as i have someone trying to convince me to buy them 1500 euro's worth of gift cards or something. From the nature of the replies they seem to have unrestricted access.

I have the customers postal address and was wondering if anyone in France could track down his phone number and let him know about the problem. There is no point in me emailing him for obvious reasons.

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
08/12/2019 23:02:31

There has been a slight mishap with my efforts to stick the veneer down. The water in the glue caused the wood to expand and some parts are now worse than they were before! once its all dried out i will try and iron it flat. its not the end of the world, just annoying.

So, a quick photo showing the modified wing former. i will be adding some bits around the holes so they wont be as fragile as they currently appear.

hurri 5.jpg

This shows the new tank bay floor placed in its new home. the smaller cutout below is for cooling air venting into the undercarriage wells

hurri 6.jpg

All assembled and looking mean with cannons fitted. I might make some cover plates to further camouflage the engine but its not bad as it is

hurri 4.jpg

Thread: Colour scheme advice needed
08/12/2019 22:57:23

I dare ya

Thread: Exhaust stubs for TN 62" Hurricane
08/12/2019 22:04:26

ohhh they look fancy. can you make bigger ones?

Thread: Design & Build Sport Twin
08/12/2019 13:45:33

Nice work!

I hope this thread helps put a lid on all the nonsense that is said about twins, especially the engine failure aspect. From the sound of it you did more or less everything right, keeping power on to maintain the speed and using the tall flappy bit at the back to keep it straight. After that it is, as you rightly say, a non event.

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
08/12/2019 13:42:51

I did consider getting a new wing kit but i decided that if i was going to do that i should just go for gold and build a new one from scratch, and as i didnt fancy that i gave up on that idea..although i will be on the look out for another kit as i will build one from scratch eventually.

So that leaves me with what i have and following some more detailed inspection today its not as bad a first feared. While there are some fairly large patches of failed adhesive under the sheeting there are also large areas where its all good so using a putty knife an some careful cuts in the veneer i was able to get an epoxy brush under the skin and slap a bunch of super phatic under there before nailing it all back down with about 5 million pins. Once dry i will iron it down as was suggested before and then fill the cuts in the veneer with thinned resin before sanding it all back and giving the repaired areas another layer of thin glass cloth. Combined with the strength of the leading/trailing edges i am satisfied that this will be plenty strong enough but will keep an eye on it in service. I think i will also grab some of those plastic rivets from robbe (unless i can find them cheaper elsewhere) and glue them in as well after drilling a small hole and filling it with resin.

While the wing was drying i decided to remove the part of the wing dowel former which was in the way of my fuel tanks and cooling tunnel. It was quite a major faff but i got there in the end and i now have space for the tanks. Once the tanks arrive i can then build in a new tank bay floor and a vertical support to replace the lost structure. After that i can build the cooling tunnel which will also help replace the strength of the now missing former.

I will see if i can get some photos up later

07/12/2019 17:47:42

i have been working on the Hurricane today and have made some minor progress. The engine is now installed in its proper place and i also had to move it forward 3/8 to make sure i had enough crankshaft left to get the prop and spinner on. This means it will poke out of the cowl more than i hoped but its still very well hidden. The exhausts are also contained within the cowl so i really dont think it will be an issue.

I looked at the c/g position on the plans and it seems quite a long way forward so i dont have too many concerns about it but i will keep the elevator rates low. In my experience 90% of 'tail heavy' warbirds are actually balanced ok but have excessive elevator deflection making them almost uncontrollable. That said, i will be careful with it as any new model is an unknown.

Finally i did a quick inspection of the wings and i am really not happy with them as some of the patches i already repaired some years ago are showing signs of lifting again. As much as a pains me i think im going to strip the veneer and start again. I might be able to rescue the existing wood and glue it back down, if not i will sheet fresh with new balsa.

As much as i dont want to have to do the work its really not a good idea to fly a model with doubts about its structural integrity. I will see what i can do tomorrow to get the work started. Is copydex still the right stuff to use to glue veneer down?

07/12/2019 09:42:29

yea i already tried that but i am not totally sure its worked. I did some checking a vario do dummy plastic rivets for their choppers and i was considering getting some of those and using them to help hold it all together. They arent cheap though

I am not in desperate rush to finish the model so i have time to inspect it and try a few things out. Its possible i am over stating the problem, but the wing makes nasty cracking sounds if i squeeze it and i dont think that is quite right!

Thread: Nieuport 11.
06/12/2019 19:26:42

my 52 inch N17 has the wings at 0-0 if i recall but the tail has a significant +ve incidence.

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
06/12/2019 12:37:23

Im not too worried about the weight from a wing loading point of view, its more engine performance through loops etc. I think its going to be fine though to be honest but i do need to do some work on the wings as i am not 100% happy that the veneer over the foam is glued down properly as the glue is so old its all dried out. I might have to strip it but i would like to avoid that if i can as i think it will be a pain in the backside. I may resort to a syringe full of thinned epoxy resin and inject the suspect areas. We will see how it works out

06/12/2019 08:48:17
Posted by Chris Freeman 3 on 06/12/2019 05:07:45:

Very nice Jon, looks like the hard work is done. Like the wing fillits. What is the covering, tex of Nylon? Need to finish the Fly Baby so I can get my Hurrican down from the roof!

Its all solartex and in a moment of madness i decided to cover the entire fuselage from the top spine to the lower corner where the wing meets in one piece of tex. It worked out well but was a bit of a faff!

I am a little worried about weight as the model is 16lbs (i think) without an engine and even with the engine installed its very tail heavy without the tail surfaces even being attached. I think over the weekend i will assemble it all as best i can, get the engine fully fitted in the correct place and dot servos all over it as well. Then i can do a bit of a c/g test and see how we get on.

05/12/2019 18:22:55

As requested here are a few shots of the model as is. sorry its got no flappy bits, they are buried behind 3 models in the cupboard and i didnt fancy getting all that stuff out for just one photo

hurri 1.jpg

hurri 2.jpg

hurri 3.jpg

05/12/2019 15:11:00

Its not just silver models. My blue/grey La7 and my dark grey sea fury melt into the background when the light is right. My old Green/Grey camo Hurricane did the same.

On more than one occasion i have found myself flying little more than a red cowl/spinner in the case of the la7 and a yellow spinner with 2 red roundel dots on the sea fury. You get used to it after a while but its always a shock the first time!

05/12/2019 14:08:19

the compound curve bit is going to be a challenge if i use kitchen foil or the self adhesive stuff and it was one of the factors that put me off doing it. As for the radio, i dont know how much foil it would take to make a meaningful difference to the signal so i am more or less guessing. Its possible it would not be a problem at all

Edited By Jon - Laser Engines on 05/12/2019 14:08:43

05/12/2019 11:02:15

Andy, i have a P40 to build at some stage and that one is earmarked for a RAF desert camo. I just cant resist the sharks mouth

SR71, that stuff looks good but its not cheap. I was wondering what i could achieve with the cheapest foil i can find in sainsburys but again i wasnt sure about what it would do to the radio and compound curves are also a concern

Thread: ESM Tigercat - powered by Laser engines
05/12/2019 08:52:22

Its not the investment Chris its the space. I have an airworthy fleet of 12, more than half of which are over 70 inch. I also have about 20 models in storage waiting for their turn and i have nowhere else to hang models in the house.

When i found out ESM were going i bought two models (A6m Zero and Fw190) that i knew i wanted as i knew they would never come again. I have started both, engines and retracts are fitted with small screws, cowls are cut, and in the case of the zero, the repaint has begun as it just looks too perfect out of the box and i needs to have the poop beaten out of it. In fact i should continue working on that over the winter. A bit of painting can be fun and i can do it while faffing about with the hurricane.

Ron, if you dont have far to go tie the model to the roof rack. 50 or 60mph wont hurt it and plenty of guys have done it before. Just be sure to avoid low bridges

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
05/12/2019 08:36:39

I have been meaning to get the beast assembled on the table and get some photos up. Last night i got distracted playing computer games embarrassed

Not that anyone can blame me, with a Spitfire, P38 and P39 to play with and 109's, 190's and 110's to attack what was i to do? they wont shoot themselves down will they??

As for your rough cut Hurri mine was the same with some of it done well and some...not so well. I think i am the 3rd builder to have a crack at it.

One mod i did make was to shove the cowling forward about half an inch. I then cut off the part of the cowling that contained the front part of the wing fairing and did this in balsa instead. I think it looks much better but you guys can judge for yourself when i get the photos up.

Doing a little research on the silver Hurricane some of them apparently flew with polished metal and silver dope. That could be interesting but i am not sure how much doing metal foil on the wings and forward fuselage would impact rx performance. I dont want it to fly off on its own!

05/12/2019 00:16:44

Gents i dont want this turning into a slagging match about nazi swastikas on models. Its a given that nobody here would support such a group so why worry about how a model is painted. The argument is also pretty flawed given the way other nations behaved during the war and yet we display their symbols without a 2nd thought so lets move it on to something else.

Martin, i like that very much. Many of the Russian schemes are rather drab but that one is quite nice. Another one for the pile

Thread: ESM Tigercat - powered by Laser engines
04/12/2019 16:55:26

It can be a challenge when they are upright. You could try slipping some sort of rubber tube or a snake outer over the needles so they poke out the bottom. once adjusted the tube or whatever you used as an extension can be removed.

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