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Thread: ASP etc gone
24/06/2019 20:16:36

The only way a 50 would be cost effective for us is if it went in at the same £220 price point as the current 70. All other engines would then move up a price bracket. Its the only way it would be viable, but as has been said already it would be the same physical size as the 70. That calls for a redesign to make the engine more compact and to be honest that isnt going to happen.

I mentioned the news to the boss earlier and he said 'oh thats good'. I asked why, and he said it would be good for our sales. I commented that it would only be good for our sales if we could build the 10000 engines a year needed to satisfy the global market. I nearly passed out when he suggested we would get another staff member to help. Perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel?

In the meanwhile all i can do is produce what i can.

As for engines....i think i have 12 in airworthy models and a stupid number, more than 30 im sure, spares hidden under the bed. I should probably seek help but i have to spend money on something and engines are cheaper than drugs and not as bad for you.

Many of that number are diesels of one type or another. I have a bunch of Enya's including an 80 with all its original stuff in its original box. Not many OS's, 3 or 4 (i forget) saito 45's, a magnum 240v twin..a bunch of stuff. 

Edited By Jon - Laser Engines on 24/06/2019 20:20:54

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
24/06/2019 15:32:21

The wind direction for saturday looks....exciting? 15mph and at 90 degrees to runway heading. This time coming from behind us so we have to takeoff/land towards the crowd? not sure thats going to work.

Thread: ASP etc gone
24/06/2019 15:30:49
Posted by Martin Harris on 24/06/2019 15:24:19:
Posted by kc on 24/06/2019 13:44:06:

Electric power?

Neil asked for alternatives, not inferior substitutes.

Edited By Martin Harris on 24/06/2019 15:24:53

Lol, shots fired

24/06/2019 15:30:13

I more or less agree with Nigel. I see up to 30cc 4 stroke on glow still being really viable with 14-20ish cc being the most popular. Beyond that, its open for debate. Certainly i dont mint using 50cc glow engines, but i know many would rather it was petrol and that is fair enough. I think 50-60 4 strokes still have a place but smaller than that the market is not as it once was. As previously discussed it is not cost effective enough for us to make one.

im not surprised the 120 2s asp went for nothing as a large 2 stroke like that is useless these days.

In any case loosing ASP etc is a loss to the hobby as a whole.

Thread: Design & Build Sport Twin
24/06/2019 09:56:57

Depending on the sizes you might be able to 'vac form' your own cowls. All you need to do is make one wooden cowl plug from as much solid material as you can muster. Then cut the bottom off a 2l drinks bottle, shove your plug inside and hit it with a heat gun. The plastic bottle will shrink nicely around your plug and once you cut it free you can use it again for cowl no2.

If you are looking for a 100% perfect finish then this probably wont do, but if you want quick cheap and functional then it might be worth a shot.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
24/06/2019 08:58:12
Posted by Olav Sivertsen 2 on 24/06/2019 08:52:41:

Hi.I am fitting a Laser 70 in my Tiger moth inverted ,does it matter which way up the carburettor is positioned ie-needle valve at the top or at the bottom.?


nope, the carb can point in any direction. As long as the tank is where it needs to be (the fuselage floor most likely) you will be just fine.

24/06/2019 08:38:50

Hi Don

It is a bs005 on the needle and its an imperial size apparently.

If the O ring is ok though fuel dripping from the carb is usually tank position as it will obviously gravity feed out if the tank is too high.

If you need any O rings let me know

22/06/2019 15:04:28
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 22/06/2019 10:37:55:

It is the moment of increasing or decreasing the power that shows this up before the model has time to change speed. We shall see tomorrow if my temporary fix works.

ahh fair enough. what time are you heading up?

22/06/2019 10:04:07

I dont think i have any mounts at the moment but i will check on monday.

As Chris suggests, if trimmed for a half throttle cruise does the model change trim with power alone or is it air speed related? My P39 is very airspeed sensitive just as Chris's Hurricane will be. Im not sure how those spits behave, i assume its different to your previous example?

If the weather is decent tomorrow i will probably fly, we can look at it on the field if you like

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
21/06/2019 17:20:13

After a fiddle in the garden yesterday to fix the wonkey tuning on the engine following install of a new carb i took the Stampe out for a test flight pre WW. Other than two of the cross struts on the cabanes failing AGAIN despite being replaced over winter the model flew well and is airworthy for next weekend


Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
21/06/2019 17:14:35

Can you post a photo of the offending item? If its the one i think it is then it should be BS005..or perhaps 004 in NBR70 material. 005 and 004 are the two sizes we use for the slow run and main needle but i cant recall which is which off the top of my head.

Its also friday afternoon and the cider is out so that might not be helping :D

Edited By Jon - Laser Engines on 21/06/2019 17:15:01

Thread: Confirmation - The World Really Has Gone Mad......
21/06/2019 13:44:50
Posted by Nigel R on 21/06/2019 09:28:28:

Jon, some cyclists are indeed idiots. As are some car drivers. You can't prevent people from being stupid, sadly.

Well, the darwin awards do thin the herd a little when it comes to stupidity. But that is usually people being really stupid and doing things like handstands on cliff edges or posing with a live grenade with no pin and frankly, well, what did they expect to happen?

As for the usual road going stupidity of the populous as a whole no, you cant stop it sadly even though to me self preservation alone should be sufficient motivation to not drive like a halfwit.

Thread: Saito FG 14 gas engine tuning
21/06/2019 10:28:17

Again i wouldn't recommend tuning with a tacho. I have seen so many people stare at it while blindly screwing the life out of the needle because today its only doing 8400rpm and last week it did 8600. Where did my 200 revs go? All the while the engine sits there getting hotter and hotter, slower and slower.

In all the time i have been at laser the only engines killed by running lean were ones tuned with tach's and to claim its impossible to tune by ear is simply not true, for petrol or glow.

His comments about the battery and switch for the ignition are not right either in my view but they are on the belt and braces side. I use a bunch of really rubbish old 1000mah 4.8v nicd's through a standard rx switch. These have proven totally satisfactory with rcxel cdi units and i believe saito rebrand these units. using 6v wont do any harm but i believe the cdi unit runs slightly hotter.

He is spot on regarding the needles though as they are very sensitive. Perhaps this is why the tacho is suggested? so that people dont just blast past the right setting by yanking a bunch on a needle? not sure. Its not how i would do it though

21/06/2019 08:52:03

Just start it up and give it a go would be my suggestion. The saito blurb isnt too bad if its the same as the one i read but the us version **LINK** does give more info.

They do recommend tuning with a tacho though and thats a really bad idea.

Do note that the US manuals are written by horizon and not by saito themselves. This is likely why it contains more opinion than the factory instructions.

Thread: Who said it would never happen in our lifetime
21/06/2019 08:47:22
Posted by J D 8 on 21/06/2019 08:31:30:

SAVE THE PLANET is what people say.

The planet has existed for four billion years and will go on for about another four billion years until the sun runs out of fuel and becomes a red giant star and swallows up the earth.

IT is not the planet that needs saving. It is the human race and many of the creatures that live along side us.

But I guess " SAVE THE HUMAN RACE " does not have the same ring to it and is to close to the truth of what is about to happen should we fail to take action over pollution and population growth.

very true JD. If we wipe ourselves out the planet will be just fine. Look at the area around Chernobyl. Nature has reclaimed most of it already and will continue to do so.

How long have humans been on earth? about 200,000 years? 200,000 out of a planetary life span of about 9 billion. The dinosaurs came and went in about 180 million years. We are not even the blink of an eye in terms of this planet's history.

Thread: Confirmation - The World Really Has Gone Mad......
21/06/2019 08:42:02
Posted by Dwain Dibley. on 20/06/2019 19:06:31:

It is the responsibility of all road users to look out for the more vulnerable users on the highways.

When I drive my van I look out for cyclists and pedestrians and animals, when I commute to work, I cycle, and I look out for pedestrians and animals, as I assume vehicle drivers are looking out for me.

I thought everyone is taught this. Plus it's in the highway code.

You should try cycling to work for a month Gary, it may change your mind.


I do agree with you. We should all be looking out for everything but it isnt the whole story though is it. As soon as you let anyone assume that everyone else will just stop as soon as they throw themselves out into the road you end up with an accident as someone, somewhere will not be paying full attention. They might be distracted by a bee or trying to stop the kids killing each other in the back, doing their makeup or on the phone, or legitimately distracted by another road user doing something stupid.

When on the road or crossing the road be it on foot or on/in anything with wheels it is your responsibility alone for making sure you will be safe. The moment you put your safety in someone else's hands by cycling up the left side of someone indicating left, or filtering through stationary traffic at 40, running into to road or any of a 1000 other stupid things you can do on the road with a car or bike then you cant expect to not get hurt. Most people will see you, most will not deliberately harm you, but if you put yourself in a position where bad things can happen then its inevitable you are gong to get hurt eventually.

That said. If a screen watching youth does walk into the road its probably bad form to mow them down just because they were't paying attention.

Thread: Heli clutch advice
20/06/2019 13:52:15

I had a chat with midland and his comments were similar to yours. It seems to be ok but i just wanted to check before i sent it and the engine back to the customer as an airworthy unit. Its all well and good me fixing the engine but if the clutch gives up its game over anyway!

Thread: Who said it would never happen in our lifetime
20/06/2019 13:49:27

Oh for sure airports are easier to update than the road network. We would still be lacking the power generation infrastructure though.

I am not sure about the mixed mode power system as you need to carry a bunch of kit that is not doing anything most of the time. On a car they work well as you can use the electric boost for acceleration but aircraft tend to just cruise along.

I know that at one point easy jet were looking at fitting electric wheels to their aircraft so they can taxi over to the end of the runway and then fire up the engines. After all the required checks are complete its straight onto the runway and off. The fuel saving predicted was significant and the weight of the system was low enough to be offset by the saved fuel.

I wonder if they will try the same principals as a diesel electric train with two (for redundancy) small ish turbines generating electrical power. You could then live with smaller/lighter batteries and a smaller amount of fuel burn. This might work well if weight is an issue as the batteries are heavy and most aircraft can take off at higher weight than they can land. You can dump fuel in an emergency, but i doubt dumping batteries is an option.

In any case, the only way any airline will adopt any of this stuff is if its cheaper than what they have now. They only buy new aircraft like A350's because they use less fuel than a 747 doing the same job. Until its cost effective i suspect airlines wont touch it.

Thread: Confirmation - The World Really Has Gone Mad......
20/06/2019 13:34:55
Posted by Doc Marten on 20/06/2019 13:16:21:

He had a green light Jon, she was crossing against a red light, that alone questions the 50/50 award.

oh was this on a crossing? as noone has yet posted the full details of the case im clutching at straws

Thread: Heli clutch advice
20/06/2019 12:11:41

after much hassle and trying to get more than 0.1mb/s upload out of our useless internet i gave up and used my phone as a hotspot so i could upload the photos.




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