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Thread: New Legislation And Trainee Requirements
23/10/2019 08:23:50
Posted by Peter Miller on 23/10/2019 08:17:19:

I was not aware that the CAA test was on line. Nor have I hear that A cert holders are exempt.

Clarrify please

In the latest update anyone with an A of higher bmfa certificate, or another equivalent qualification is not required to take the online test but we still have to pay the 9 quid.

In any case, Chris has it right as new members will not want to have to take a test and register before having a taster session to see if it is for them. While i understand what Steve is saying, for a newcomer being presented with a bunch of road blocks before you even take the controls is not likely to fill them with enthusiasm.

Don, i say bmfa club as it is assumed then that the instructor is fully insured and meets the bmfa requirements for an instructor. They would then transition from student under instruction to A cert with ease and it just makes things nice and simple.

22/10/2019 22:43:26

Im in agreement with Don. To my mind a student under instruction is not the pilot in command and so they are covered by the instructor's credentials. This has to be true as uninsured students can fly a limited number of times on the instructors insurance before they have to get their own. Learning to drive would be another example.

I would really like to see students under instruction at a registered bmfa club be exempted. They then do their A and that gets them solo. It seems totally reasonable to me.

Thread: Ankle Deep in balsa Shavings
22/10/2019 14:31:51

Dont drop any sparks. balsa shavings go up really nicely!

Thread: 1/3 Fly Baby
22/10/2019 09:33:49

This looks like yet another model i will have to build one day.

Thread: What are your three favourite war movies?
20/10/2019 23:51:09

I cant come up with only 3.

battle of britain, dambusters, tora, original dunkirk, memphis belle (even though some of it is a little weak), ice cold in alex..

Also, sink the bismark and in which we serve should get a mention. Band of brothers/the pacific series are excellent as well.

As a side note, track down your local cex shop (careful when you say that out loud) and have a sift through their used dvd section. You can get dvd movies for around 50p and i struck gold with the complete digitally remastered 'the world at war' series for a tenner which i thought was rather good

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
20/10/2019 20:17:17

This will boil down to performance expectation.

The 80 would fly a cub of that span/weight without any trouble but dont expect more than scale performance. To be honest, i dont quite know why the model is so heavy as 6kg seems quite porky for a 90 inch cub. I have flown the black horse big cub (92 or 96 inch, cant remember) on a 100 and it was well over powered for scale. A friend also had a 90 ish inch cub with a laser 150 in it and it was very much over powered. An 80 would do the job without question, especially if you can get the weight down a bit and dont mind being limited to scale performance.

That said, i expect the performance to be better than scale as we recommend the 80 for the DB Auster and that model is 87 inch and 4 kg. I cant see why the seagull model is 6kg. Perhaps that includes the weight of a bigger engine?

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
18/10/2019 12:27:24

I think i have 4.5'' wheels on mine. I will check later as i have some model juggling to do.

My tank was a 14oz and came from a YT kit if i recall


Thread: Trouble contacting Laser engines
16/10/2019 14:25:29
Posted by Tim Flyer on 16/10/2019 14:18:38:

Sorry Jon I had missed this thread, anyway I’m very pleased to hear all went well for your mum .

Thanks Tim. Shes still being dosed with chemo but is not suffering as badly from it as some so its as good as it can be.


In unrelated news, our email server is still on the fritz and the internet is as slow as a dead snail so calls keep getting dropped.

I recommend all communication is by carrier pigeon (thats 1st class service) or those big old bonfires you light on top of hills if you arent in a rush

Edited By Jon - Laser Engines on 16/10/2019 14:27:43

Thread: SLEC Chipmunk build blog
16/10/2019 14:05:44

Do you have your B yet Tim? If so you should join the stampe/tiger moth slot at wings n wheels next year. A chipmunk will be a nice addition

Thread: Kings Lynn Model Shop
15/10/2019 16:09:36

emails are a challenge as modern phones meaning many people reply within minutes. I dont think a same day/next morning reply is unacceptable so i dont bust a gut checking emails every 5 minutes. If i did i wouldnt get anything done. Not that it matters at the moment as our email server is having a tantrum. something else i have to chase.

As for the shop issue, i would expect some sort of nod or wave if i walked in and someone was on the phone. If i wanted help i would then walk over and stand with/look at the guy to communicate this. Just walking out wouldnt help as the guy might just assume i came in for a mooch and then left.

Squeaky wheel and all that.

15/10/2019 14:08:04
Posted by Christopher Morris 2 on 15/10/2019 07:32:03:

Do people not realise that if a customer walks into a shop & your on the phone, you say sorry to the person on the phone & tell them you will call back in a short wile as a customer has just walked in.

Err, what? This comment makes absolutely no sense to me at all. If i, a customer, am on the phone to a company and they abandon me the moment someone walks in the door i am not going to be very impressed by that. Admittedly they could have excused themselves from the conversation for a few seconds to ask if you needed help, and then said 'ill be with you as soon as im done with this customer', but to expect them to disregard everyone else and leap up to greet you is not exactly realistic.

If we assume however the shop acts as you suggest and ignores calls in favour of customers on the shop floor, we end up with a situation like the one Adrian had where he is now in a bad mood that someone didnt leap to his aid either. I cant blame him, calling a company and getting no answer is not a great experience, but its not always easy to juggle all the balls.

As for websites, i know from experience that keeping them updated is a full time job and if you already have a full time job serving customers then the website suffers. That's why the Laser site has not been meaningful updates in about 6 years. Should i update the website or do what i need to serve customers?

There aren't thousands running these places guys and its often not possible for the handful of staff available to keep on top of everything.

Thread: Trouble contacting Laser engines
14/10/2019 13:50:51

Don, i will take that visa petition. Its going to be a nightmare

Nigel (and Chris at the top of the page), yes, that all sounds quite reasonable to me. Its just unfortunate i am the only one with that outlook.

14/10/2019 10:17:49

All of the technology is now working. Perhaps now i might be able to get something done.

Rich, no chance. i have no money to buy and he wouldnt sell anyway. Even if he did i dont have any way of getting the parts manufactured so it would fall on its backside.

14/10/2019 09:40:12

One and all rejoice. The website is fixed...

However, the email server is now dead so i guess i will try and fix that and clear out the remaining email messages.

The phones are also down, but did work earlier so there is hope they too will return to the party at some point today so i can call back all the people i have to call.

I hate this place.

Thread: Anyone good with Laptop/PC?
12/10/2019 19:32:02

when it comes to drivers i always leave it well enough alone if everything is working. if you install something and it not working, then its time to update. No point in rocking the boat unless you have to

Thread: Twin glow motors for warbirds?
11/10/2019 17:39:54

It will come as no surprise that i will always vote i/c for twins. Over the years i have owned 6 multi engine models and am yet to loose one to an engine failure related crash. My first model did suffer a few engine out related spins but once i started ignoring the commonly held views of how to handle a single engine twin and resorted to my current method of flying flat out on the remaining engine to keep the speed up my problems were solved.

While its true that multi engine ic models are a different proposition to a single none of it is difficult and once you get used to it a twin is no more daunting than any other model.

With all that said, i twin trainer of some sort is always a good idea before you go all in on something like a mosquito

Thread: Trouble contacting Laser engines
11/10/2019 17:32:32
Posted by Paul De Tourtoulon on 11/10/2019 17:17:23:

Hi, a French friend has asked me to look you up as he wants a Laser 180, have you one in stock please and when are you getting a phone that works please ?,,

Hi Paul

The website is broken, nothing is in stock and i am on holiday so even if the phones are working there is no one there to answer it. i did put a note on the website explaining that i was away but with the site being down that didnt pan out very well.

All in all its a bit of a shambles but i will see what i can do to sort it out when i get back to work on Monday.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
03/10/2019 10:30:37
Posted by Alan Hilton on 03/10/2019 08:15:20:

Hi Jon

I can’t access the Laser website ,is the site OK ?


nope, looks like its busted. I will try and fix it when i get back from my holiday.

David, apologies for the radio silence. I would agree that you have a 62 and 70

Thread: Take off problems
30/09/2019 17:02:59
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 30/09/2019 15:26:23:

A clubmate built a Zero with a 35cc petrol engine and had a very experienced large model flier do the maiden flight, he noted that he had to hold in right rudder quite a while after take off. Once it had climbed and leveled off it flew lovely and was quite a pussycat to land, but needed right rudder applied during and the takeoff and climb out.

My feeling is that Frank has nailed it.

If the rudder was keeping you in a straight line why let go of it? The sharp yaw left could easily change the lift situation from the wing and alter the trim. Its all to common for rudder neglect to set in as most only seem to use it on takeoff and once in the air they abandon it all together.

As in Frank's example i hold rudder on most of my models once in the air as they are still below their trimmed speed. All of my warbirds and other scale models need rudder held in on climbout after takeoff. I slowly let it off as the airspeed rises and im yawing in the direction of the control input. My sport models vary depending on wind conditions and that sort of thing.

By all means check the things everyone else has suggested, but my money is on a bit of torque swing rocking the apple cart.

Thread: 80 Mick Reeves Hurricane
29/09/2019 16:25:44

when it comes to warbirds i tend to use as much aileron and rudder as i can, and then a little elevator as possible. As long as the elevator moves its probably fine

After the maiden its then a case of adjustment as required.

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