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Thread: Aspen Alkylate Petrol
25/04/2015 19:23:58

If you are worried get the straight aspen with no oil and then add it yourself

Thread: Saito 100TI swap
25/04/2015 19:22:30

What size engine are you looking for?

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
24/04/2015 20:44:26

ok I changed my mind. the paint is awful angry

Thread: I was given an rc car today!
24/04/2015 20:43:31

I have a few nitro cars. great fun, but you do spend as much time fixing as you do running!

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
24/04/2015 09:15:16

I often throw things into the 'naughty corner' and leave it there until it decides to behave. But as it happens a review of the paint this morning shows its not quite as dreadful as a feared now its dry. I will plod ever onwards!

23/04/2015 22:08:16

ha! that's pretty accurate, but that nightmare has been replaced by one of paint runs and patchy finish. Im grumpy now. Time for an ice cream

23/04/2015 15:32:45

I did have a head start in that the airframe was mostly done before I got hold of it.

Right now I just keep having this nightmare about being surrounded by rolls of masking tape wherever I turn

Thread: Engine for AcroWot XL
23/04/2015 15:30:03

I have flown them on Laser 150 and 155. Both were pretty monster, I would say the 180 is ott. I almost fluttered the tail off with the 155!

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
23/04/2015 08:30:05

Yesterday evening saw my bottom wing fully marked up and masked. The lower surface of the top wing got the same and the upper surface was marked out before I got hungry and went for dinner! I hope to get the top wing finished tonight and (if the planets align) the fuselage too. The tail might have to hold fire. The problem is that I am soooooo short of time its really not funny

Will it be done by Monday? I really don't think so

Thread: Achievement schemes .
22/04/2015 16:38:14

I know what you mean. I don't understand how someone can take an engine that I setup for them (and showed them how) and have it running dreadfully within about 2 minutes. Just leave the flippin thing alone!

Anyway. The engine tuning/reliability issue is not helped by a great deal of misinformation and 'folklore' in both the modelling press and clubs as a whole. This type of information is often professed loudly by the club 'expert' who never flys and yet seems to have an opinion on everything.

One or two examples would be:

4 strokes need special fuel with at least 10% nitro - wrong. All my engines use 5% nitro and I have not had one stop in flight for over 5 years.

You need on board glow for an inverted 4 stroke - wrong. I don't use them and have not had an engine stop for over 5 years

Do a nose up test to see if its lean - wrong. It just shows that you cant sit nose vertical at full power with no airspeed. under normal circumstances a model will never be in this position. For most models this test is 100% pointless and will only lead to an unreliable engine that is tuned too rich and uses too much fuel. (3d models are another story clearly)

The engine has overheated, its too lean - wrong. The cowling design could be poor and the cooling compromised, the glowplug could be faulty.....

I could go on forever, but these are the types of things that cause people trouble in my experience. As well as people not knowing anything about their setup. What fuel, plug, propeller you are using are all vital pieces of information when it comes to fault finding.

22/04/2015 13:54:40

I know what Keith is saying. Its not a suggestion that everything is taught, but are clubs teaching more than the bare minimum and leaving people with only flying skills

I try very hard to make my training curriculum as broad as possible and teach far more than is needed to pass the A for our club solo. A lot of this focus is on engine setup and operation as well as radio setup and a bunch of other stuff.

Also a small group of members who do build have formed a little group to pass ideas between ourselves. Beyond that I am trying to promote a 'builders' workshop to get people into building, be it repairing an ARTF or making something new from a kit. I have given a lot of first hand assistance to a young member who has almost finished his Flair Fokker DVIII and had made a great job of his first build. I will now teach him to fly it as he did his A on a wot4 and there is quite a difference in flying style needed for the two.

The problem I am having is a general reluctance in setting up a builders workshop or similar. Everyone says its a great idea and then shuts up, no word on how to move forward.

The same is true of the 'advanced flying' workshops I would like to run for teaching things like WWI style flying, Warbird flying with focus on landings, the operation of twins...whatever. Sure people are able to work it out for themselves, but how many people smash up a 60 size warbird because it tipstalls? im sure its a high percentage and most of the reason for it comes back to the pilot not knowing what hes got and how to handle it. The problem is people seem to think that once they can fly solo, that's it and they know it all. Nothing is more wrong, and after 25 years of model flying I still find that i learn things all the time.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
22/04/2015 12:58:52

Cheers for the tip. I got there in the end as it all made sense once I bent them to give the corners and flat plate at the front. its all under control now and all I have to do is mask everything off

Thread: Aspen Alkylate Petrol
21/04/2015 14:27:35

The aspen also will not attack fuel lines and carb diaphragms like petrol will.

Thread: OS70 Surpass - Gutless
21/04/2015 13:49:49

After run can hang around for quite a while and does cause rough running, at least for a little while. I have to say I never use it unless my engines are going into storage and are not in a model.

As for the lubrication, the bottom ends get their oil from piston ring blow by. some oil/gasses make it past the ring and into the bottom end. But that is only half the story as most of the oil down there sneaks round the back of the piston ring as the ring moves up and down in its slot. The movement is very small but it is there.

Laser engines have two rings and the lower ring is for oil control. On the bigger lasers the lower ring groove has a hole drilled though the piston to allow oil behind the ring to escape through the piston and into the crankcase.

21/04/2015 11:33:15

Im with you Peter. Only the newer alpha series need the rocker cover attached as they blow the crankcase air up the pushrod tube and into the inlet valve pocket. I have run countless OS and asp's without a rocker cover. In fact I have run them in this way so I can see if anything untoward is happening with the valves and can tweak the clearances if they move.

The comments about the YS are spot on though. any leak in the rocker cover makes a mess of everything

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
21/04/2015 09:42:47

I am currently letting the epoxy on my aileron hinges dry. I used finishing resin as it gave me more working time and was a touch thinner so was easier to get into the hinge slots.

As for full size flying, the only biplanes I have flown are a tiger moth and a bucker jungmann. Sadly no stampes, and sadly it was such a long time ago that I cant really recall what they were like to fly. I do remember a chipmunk flight that I had which I enjoyed and my only 'warbird' flight was in a 1943 vintage piper cub that was (i was told) the 2nd allied aircraft to land in France after D-Day :D

Also, I forgot to ask before but what have you guys done for instrument panels and how did you mount your windscreens because the things I was sent by slec have left me somewhat confused!

Edited By Jon Harper on 21/04/2015 09:43:55

Thread: OS70 Surpass - Gutless
21/04/2015 08:38:10

I have rebuilt numerous OS, asp and SC engines, not to mention saito enya and built about 1200 Lasers. I have always timed OS and their clones with the mark at the bottom, its what was shown in the instructions at one stage and is also how each one was fitted up when I took it apart in the first place. That said, as was suggested earlier by Bob it shouldn't actually matter as long as the engine is at TDC, it will just be TDC of the non compression stroke.

20/04/2015 21:42:44
Posted by Paul Marsh on 20/04/2015 21:40:12:

The timing is 180 degrees out. The mark should be on the top, and the cam be a 2:30 when piston is TDC. I've done loads of engines, so saying from experience. I'm surprised it runs at all on this setting..., it should be at the bottom

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
20/04/2015 21:08:11

I would love to fly a real one, the snag is finding one to play with!

Anyway work continues. I have everything covered and all the control surfaces are on. Now begins the mammoth task of marking out and masking all of the various parts of my chosen scheme.... sigh this is going to be a looong process

Thread: The New Thunderbirds -
20/04/2015 16:00:59

Todays piece of useless trivia is that all thunderbirds used in filming were jetex powered. that's how they got the nice rocket effects!

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