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Thread: Laser 180 Petrol
29/05/2015 20:04:51

Our 180 should be man enough for either. There are some people flying the H9 spitfire on our glow 180 with success so I have no doubt the petrol will be fine.

So far our 180 seems to be approx. 500rpm faster than the NGH when using an 18x8 menz prop.

And as for the powerbox, I hate them as a concept, just another thing to go wrong!

Thread: Bristol Scout - D. Womersley plan 54" span (1:5 1/2 ish)
28/05/2015 22:51:34

If you want a big prop buy this **LINK**

I know its really big but the blades are very thin and the 61 will turn it. I have no bother turning one on my enya 53 4 stroke at 8500rpm

Thread: Classy 91
28/05/2015 22:49:18

Hi Dave

As a mainly plank (as fixed wing are 'affectionately' known by heli pilots) pilot I can say that I found it fairly easy to transition from planes to helis. Once I could hover and do all the sideways hovering etc I found the actual flying about part quite easy and very much like flying a plane. I can see that it would be harder the other way and have taught some heli flyers to fly fixed wing and the biggest problem they had was that the kept wanting it to go slower, or ideally not move at all. Planes don't like that sort of thing and it did lead to problems!

I suggest you give up on trying to teach yourself and get some good tuition from someone who flys both fixed wing and heli as they can guide you better as they know the story from both sides. I would be happy to help if you wanted to visit my club and have a fly.

As I mentioned before, the magnatilla is an ideal model as it can be both a fixed wing trainer and look WWI enough to satisfy that part of your criteria. Of course a 4 stroke will go hand in hand and anything from a 45 to 61 would do. Personally a 52 would be my choice. From the experience I have with my nieuport they are not the most stable of planes so I am not surprised you are having trouble.

I am sure that John Davies is correct in his suggestion of the mannock and Enya do make good engines for sure. The only snag is that the mannock is no longer available as a kit

28/05/2015 17:11:37

Hi Dave. I spoke with you before about the WWI models. Did you ever get your magnatilla sorted?

Anyway, its a shameless bit of promo again but I will put it out there anyway. Why not try something British?

While there is no 91 in the range the 80 is not far off from a performance point of view and the 100 is much more powerful but with the same height as most 91's.

if you have an questions let me know

Thread: RCM&E Autumn Special 2015- New 72" Mossi
28/05/2015 14:33:29

Two 70's will be far too much you are right, even though the Dc3 and especially the rapide are much slower/lower powered aircraft than a mossie.

While on paper they are only a 140 (70x2) which for a single engine model of this span/weight would be about right, a twin has more power as the 70's will easily do 10k on 13x6 props but you would never get a 140 to turn a 26x6 prop at 10000rpm.

According to an online calculator the two 70's turning 13x6 apc's at 10k will give a total of almost 17lbs of thrust which would be fantastic for getting big scale loops.

I can also investigate using up some of my 'spare' power by sticking a bigger prop on it , perhaps even 3 blade, and not loose flying performance from the model while enhancing the appearance. even if the engine is not giving its best due to inefficiency of the 3 blade props or the lower rpm from a larger two blader. The spare engine performance might also come in handy if ever I should loose an engine for some reason. Its unlikely with the Lasers, but anything can happen.

In any event, I do agree that its overdoing it, but they are the engines I have available (laser don't make smaller ones!) so with careful selection of props and intelligent use of the left stick I do not expect any trouble

28/05/2015 08:29:31

12lbs you say? Excellent! Two Laser 70's will have power to spare

27/05/2015 10:12:21

Looks very nice. Do you have an idea of the flying weight? I wouldn't like to see it much over 13lbs but that could be a challenge with a twin :\

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
27/05/2015 08:28:05

I have never had trouble with solartex before. My nieuport has a few edges that lifted but that was after 18 months of rough and tumble and while they came slightly unstuck that is it. On the stampe it seems to have lifted and shrunk all on its own! As for the ailerons, goodness knows.

Something weird has happened with the rear struts too as the mount brackets seem to point in a different direction to the front ones and im sure they didn't to that before. I tried swapping the sides over and that didn't seem to change anything :\

Oh well whatever, no one will see it when its floating about the sky.

26/05/2015 20:47:46

Right then. Today I was able to stick all the lifted covering back down and thought I was making progress....only to find that somehow the ailerons all bind now and needed trimming. How this can happen 2 weeks after they were epoxied into place and had free movement the day after the epoxy dried I do not know, but there we are.

With that sorted and the undercarriage reattached (after an hour of rearranging the parts) I decided to put the strut mount brackets on and try to un muddle the struts...

Now, im not going to say all is forgiven because the model is still trying my patience in a big way, but, having put it all together I am in a far less murderous mood than before.



Thread: Laser 180 Petrol
26/05/2015 12:43:10

We may have 3 or the pre production engines available. Of the 5 I plan to make I will use one, Most likely Neil will take one as well and that leaves 3 that need homes. As you can imagine people are tripping over themselves trying to get to the head of the line!

Please note that these engines will not be of production spec and will be missing a few improvements that the production engines will have. It will not make any difference to the power of the engine or its reliability but its looks might not be as nice as they will be.

Edited By Jon Harper on 26/05/2015 12:43:40

26/05/2015 08:47:30

Hi Matty

The master plan was to have the engine ready in febuary but that went a bit pear shaped for reasons external to the company.

Now I have a carb setup that I am happy with I can get on with the 5 pre production engines and test them for a bit longer until the new parts for the production spec engines are ready. I would like to see the engine available before the end of the summer.

As for the NGH38, the laser 180 on petrol out performs it by a considerable margin. That said, depending on the 5th scale warbird you have in mind you might need something larger than a 180. Which model do you have in mind?

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
25/05/2015 18:59:26

from the pattern of lifting it seems that the evaporating thinners from the paint has attacked the glue holding the solartex down. Its worse around the ailerons than anywhere else.

I have stuck it all back and will paint a line of resin over the seams asap.

25/05/2015 17:05:37

I would recover it but I need the model flying soon and I cant face covering it again. Not to mention the expense

25/05/2015 09:23:09

I am still having a very frustrating time with the paint on mine. I have been trying to apply the clearcoat but its even worse than the red and dries in seconds. I have spoken to a few more people recently who have had the same issues with solarlac paint. The overall consensus is that its rubbish.

I have resorted to only spraying in the late evening when its cooler and I have to do it outside so that the overspray cobwebs don't settle out all over the model. I have also had issues with areas of the covering coming unstuck for no apparent reason. I think the paint has been gassing off and lifting the covering. I am extremely disappointed with the whole thing as the paint has totally ruined the model and the temptation to kick it into a heap a burn it has been extremely high.

Next time I will use enamels

21/05/2015 20:10:19

Sadly my model is not finished either. I am still arguing with the paint

Thread: AV Gas
19/05/2015 08:30:35

+1 for the aspen. If it were not for that fuel I would have gone insane from petrol fumes while developing the Laser 180. It might be a little more expensive, but the advantages are such that I would never dream of running on pump petrol

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
18/05/2015 22:56:45

Sounds like an opportunity for some stampe fly-in action to me. There are usually loads of tiger moths and such so a flock of stampes would blend in nicely

18/05/2015 13:48:15

I have had no issues with tx control the two occasions I have flown there. Some punters thought I was over the crowd and complained to the flight line director. But following a chat with the guys who were around me when I was flying he was satisfied that I was where I was supposed to be and that was that.

I hope the weather is good for the next one so I can get some stampe action going on

Thread: Laser 180 Petrol
18/05/2015 13:44:31

Hi Martin

The La7 does have a 310 in it. The engine was an experiment and is a twin cylinder 155. As things stand there are no plans to produce it as while its very powerful, it is not easy to find the optimum tuning which would make it difficult for customers to get the best out of it. Long term it may reappear in a different guise, but I don't know when or if that will happen. Flying the La7 at OW is a real challenge as the airfield is very tight on space with the farm on front and FF area to the left.

If my sea fury is not ready in time I will take the La7 to wings and wheels where it can really stretch its wings.

As for the 180 petrol, I was pleased with its performance and discovering the issue with the bubbles. This confirms what I had already found in earlier testing that petrol engines have no sense of humour when it comes to bubbles in the fuel.

18/05/2015 10:27:38

Hi Artto

No idea about video, I was too busy flying! I did see some people with camera's though so I am sure something has been recorded. I will try and find it.

As for selling the engines we are a little way off but not far. I plan to get my pre production batch underway soon so final testing can be completed. Then its onwards and upwards

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