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Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
12/02/2020 09:08:01

Andrew, i think we tried flapless and it was impossible to slow down. At 80 inch they just have too much momentum.

ASH these Hurricanes arent even mine! They both belong to customers and i put my hand up as test pilot. Im not complaining, its an interesting challenge.

Jesus, it might be worth reading through the thread as we discussed the various traits of the model and their causes in detail. The short version is that the c/g on the models 'feels' correct. I didnt measure it myself as they arent mine, but just picking the model up the model feels right. This is backed up by good manners in the air at normal flying speed with a fairly neutral trim.

warbirds and scale models are often quoted as being tail heavy when in fact they just have too much elevator travel.

Nigel, my little 63 inch Hurricane displays many of the traits seen here with the seagull version but my old mick reeves example never did. The common theme between the seagull version and my little one is the wing is extremely thick, more so than scale, and i think this could be part of the problem as there is so much lift you cant bring the nose up to 3 point it.

Smaller tails on scale models are often promoted as a problem but we are in the situation where the model is over sensitive in pitch in normal flight, so a bigger tail with bigger elevators would not be very helpful.

In fact on my little hurricane i shrunk the tail to scale proportions and its easier to land than an earlier version i had with a bigger tail.

11/02/2020 21:49:32

Its a good theory ASH but the problem is the model isnt easy to control that accurately and its responses change significantly with airspeed.

I did try some high drag landings with loads of flap but the model just balloons almost uncontrollably.

When down to landing speed, and by that i mean the speed required to stop the damn thing rearing up once you touch down, its like trying to stand on a ball during an earthquake. The model becomes unstable in all 3 axes and control inputs to correct one divergence cause another. as mentioned earlier in the thread there is also this weird delay sensation where you apply a command to the elevator and there is a measurable delay in the response of the model. You can fix it with higher rates, but then its sensitive earlier in the approach.

What is difficult to understand is that the approach is lovely. It floats in solid as a rock, but as the speed bleeds off it just becomes unstable, especially in pitch. land faster then? no dice as a tiny touch on the runway will have you bounced back in the air 20 degrees nose high..which is not helpful!

Anyway, i am looking forwards to some decent weather and being able to try again as there must be a way to get the blasted thing down without it looking like a rollercoaster.

11/02/2020 16:27:05

I just found this video. It clearly shows the problem with trying to land the hurricane and in fairness i dont think the chap did anything wrong, although loads of expo probably didnt help him. In any case its a nice visual of what has been discussed here

Thread: Ebay sellers...
10/02/2020 13:56:37
Posted by Martin Harris on 07/02/2020 13:51:04:

Is it a Flyte 150?

i think so. Some are labelled as such, others arent.

KC, in essence they just dont look as well finished. The fins on the front of the head are an abomination, the brass pushrod tubes... They also lack the Laser name on the rocker cover although this could be fudged if someone swapped the cover from a genuine engine.

If in doubt, send me a link/photo and i can id it.

Thread: Spektrum SAFE or Low rates
10/02/2020 08:46:45

I tried to teach using a model with one of the auto stabiliser setups and it was impossible. The model just didnt react as it should and you could hold the controls in any stupid place and the model just ignored you, which taught nothing. It was also hopeless on a windy day as you couldnt turn at all as the gusts tipped the model too far locking it into stabiliser mode and disregarding all input from the tx.

Low rates with a buddy box gets my vote every time.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
07/02/2020 10:29:02

I was sent this by a customer asking if it was a fake. oooohh yes, most certainly fake.


Thread: Futaba
05/02/2020 21:22:12

if reversing the throttle dosent fix it then make sure the trim is all the way down.

Thread: Seagull Christen Husky
04/02/2020 23:07:19

Denis is absolutely right about choosing the right engine for a model. So many times i hear the 'you can always throttle back' argument and to a point it is true, but once below half throttle at normal flying speed, and certainly below 1/3 the model becomes uncomfortable to fly as you cant touch it without the blasted thing accelerating off into the distance. A friend had a laser 70 powered 72inch piper cub and it was awful. The engine kept stopping because even a laser wont tolerate 10 minutes essentially at idle, and no matter how large a prop we used it was just too much power.

In this case, i would say that if you are shopping for an engine get something 60-70 4 stroke, but if you have a laser 80 then it is within range of being able to throttle it back and get away with it. Especially if you use something like a 15x6 prop to slow the engine down.

The OS56 is also an option if you want to lean towards a slightly more sedate flying style, but it would fly fine.

This video shows a chap flying with an ASP80 fs. He does some nice takeoffs with reduced throttle and the engine isnt working hard **LINK** there are other videos showing 20cc petrol and up to 120 4 stroke and it just seems to turn the thing into a missile which is not to my taste but i guess they like it :/

04/02/2020 21:13:55

I agree with caveman. Many models of this type are brutally over powered and you can often chop the engine recommendation in half.

Many moons ago i had a goldberg cub which is about 2 inches smaller than the husky. It flew just fine using an ancient OS48 surpass.

If you have a look around on the forum you will find a thread about the Hangar 9 valiant where this same discussion was had.

Ultimately, it comes down to how you want to fly the model. Do you want to fly it using its wings, or fly it using its propeller?

Personally i would not fit anything larger than a 70 4 stroke and even then i would use a large diameter/fine pitch prop to give me lots of thrust but not alot of speed.

Thread: 6 Turning 4 Burning
03/02/2020 08:29:41
Posted by Dickw on 02/02/2020 23:03:29:

Is it worth trying to paint a thin coat of 'resin only' on to the MDF to see if it will react with the soaked in hardener and form a thin crust you can work on top of?

I know it's a desperate measure, but if all else fails what have you to lose.


You could also mix the resin (assuming its epoxy) with some epoxy thinner or meths to thin it down. Its then more likely to mix with the hardener already soaked into the material. A quick blast with a hair dryer or heat gun will evaporate the thinner leaving you, in theory, with nicely mixed epoxy

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
03/02/2020 08:27:45
Posted by Chris Walby on 03/02/2020 07:50:59:

Looking really good there Jon, just a few more rainy weekends and you'll be on to painting stage. smiley

Probably, but it would be nice to fly something before i forget how. Its been over 3 months grounded now

02/02/2020 22:04:29

Another weekend of bad weather means more Hurricane work.

I finished up the covering work on the control surfaces and tail before getting the epoxy out and attaching all the flappy bits. In between all that i finished off painting my fearless pilot and got him installed. He even has some nice dials sohe can see what on earth is happening to him.

I also set about finalising the paint job and this was a bit of a challenge as the full size i am modelling does not follow standard camo patterns and seems to be something they just made up. Anyway as i only have photos from the left side of the plane i had to create something plausible for the other side. Following a few hours messing about in paintshop i think it has worked out ok.

hurri 25.jpg

hurri 27.jpg

hurri 26.jpg87sqn camo.jpg

Thread: Charging Nimhs
01/02/2020 01:33:03

i use 500-600mah on all my nimh's. works well

Thread: Hangar 9 Valiant 10cc
31/01/2020 14:08:57

I really wouldnt be looking at anything more than a 70 if you are shopping but if you already have the 80 then it would be fine. Just make sure you get the tank low enough if you install it inverted.

Its a nice looking model though no matter what makes it go

Thread: Spy in the Wild
30/01/2020 19:46:45

I wouldnt say i didnt enjoy it, just that its not how i like my documentaries. I have plenty of DA's docs on DVD and they are so good i can watch them again and again. This sort of thing i can watch and enjoy but its not something i would buy given the opportunity.

While i am sure someone else will pick up the baton, for me nature documentaries mean David Attenborough and despite being well into his 90's he is working on a number of new series. I just hope he is able to finish them.

30/01/2020 16:23:36

I have seen the earlier instalments of this series and this thread prompted me to check it out on iplayer as it makes assembling carbs more interesting.

Anyway i can understand the feelings Gary has. I think there are probably more shots of the spy animals than there are from them and im not sure why. Its like they are trying to put the fake ones centre stage as part of the action when in reality they are just normal cameras being better hidden than ever before.

I would far rather have seen the shots exclusively from these (admittedly impressive) spy creatures alone and then have an entire episode dedicated to how they did it at the end of the series. That or ditch them all together and just use the helicopter and non pelican disguised drone shots like you would normally.

Its not like they used these spy creatures instead of the normal equipment. The massive number of external shots of these fake ones shows that if anything they had more 'normal' photography options than normal! The whole thing feels like a giant advert for some animatronics firm.

But, I suspect the real reason for the different vibe of the series comes from the fact that it was a joint effort with PBS and is probably adjusted in its style to make it more appealing to the US market. I watched a netflix only series Sir David did and even he changed his style/narrative slightly to get his message (climate change) across to the US audience.

All that said, listening to the chorus of flatulent gorilla's and watching the egrit thing get trampled by the elephant only to stand up all dishevelled with a bent beak did amuse me.

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
29/01/2020 22:35:15

not really. the problem is that you need to get the various mixes or whatever engaged before you have the problem so if you make these preventative changes too great the model is unflyable while you are trying to slow down to the speed where they work. As it is its a handful on the downwind as the elevator/undercarriage mix kicks in instantly you hit the gear switch even though the gear take several seconds to deploy. Even then, its too fast to be in trim so its climbing like crazy until you bleed off the speed. Get it slowed down, approach is nice enough but then you come to flare and your elevator has gone dead. To prevent that you kick to high rate on downwind while trying to drop the gear and wrestle with constantly changing trim.

Adding more mixes and complexity just makes it worse which is why i am leaning towards just manhandling it down.

All that said, last i flew Chris's model it was pretty blustery and that really didnt help us

29/01/2020 21:22:53
Posted by Federico Scapparone on 29/01/2020 20:40:48:

Thanks a lot everybody for the advices!

Even here in Italy our field is pretty sticky .

Hopefully we will be able to get back flying in march.

As regards the elevator what about increasing its surface?

Having it in my hand it seems pretty small compared to the wing chord, isn'it that - maybe - it gets some shadow effect during high angle of attack flight?


The tail is very sensitive with only about 3mm elevator movement needed in normal flight. The problem is that little movement is not enough for landing but adding more makes the transition between flying speed and landing speed difficult

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
29/01/2020 19:00:12

Sure are. I have gone super tight with the cooling in an effort to keep the lines of the cowl as clean as i can. As you can see in the photo below there is only the small amount that the heads get to see and the little smile under the spinner. It might not look like much but once its doing 50mph it will be pretty draughty in the cowling. Once the baffles are in the cowl i think it will be fine, and i may also try and set up some ducting so that the carbies ingest cold air and not hot. This will bring the temperature inside the engine down as well as give more power


Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
29/01/2020 16:20:58
Posted by Denis Watkins on 29/01/2020 15:01:47:

Just check Jon, schoolboy stuff

The throttle up, nose down trait, can be loose motor or motor mount

And on the elevator, just check Chris has left no expo in there

Both Tim's and Chris's Hurricane showed the same behaviour with the power on dive in landing config. My P39 does a similar thing and i think its to do with the thrust line being so high above the draggy undercarriage and the flaps moving the centre of lift further back. Not sure though and i cant remember if we did any thrust line tests in the air. Something else to look into!

As no expo we were clear of that as well.

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