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Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
06/12/2019 12:37:23

Im not too worried about the weight from a wing loading point of view, its more engine performance through loops etc. I think its going to be fine though to be honest but i do need to do some work on the wings as i am not 100% happy that the veneer over the foam is glued down properly as the glue is so old its all dried out. I might have to strip it but i would like to avoid that if i can as i think it will be a pain in the backside. I may resort to a syringe full of thinned epoxy resin and inject the suspect areas. We will see how it works out

06/12/2019 08:48:17
Posted by Chris Freeman 3 on 06/12/2019 05:07:45:

Very nice Jon, looks like the hard work is done. Like the wing fillits. What is the covering, tex of Nylon? Need to finish the Fly Baby so I can get my Hurrican down from the roof!

Its all solartex and in a moment of madness i decided to cover the entire fuselage from the top spine to the lower corner where the wing meets in one piece of tex. It worked out well but was a bit of a faff!

I am a little worried about weight as the model is 16lbs (i think) without an engine and even with the engine installed its very tail heavy without the tail surfaces even being attached. I think over the weekend i will assemble it all as best i can, get the engine fully fitted in the correct place and dot servos all over it as well. Then i can do a bit of a c/g test and see how we get on.

05/12/2019 18:22:55

As requested here are a few shots of the model as is. sorry its got no flappy bits, they are buried behind 3 models in the cupboard and i didnt fancy getting all that stuff out for just one photo

hurri 1.jpg

hurri 2.jpg

hurri 3.jpg

05/12/2019 15:11:00

Its not just silver models. My blue/grey La7 and my dark grey sea fury melt into the background when the light is right. My old Green/Grey camo Hurricane did the same.

On more than one occasion i have found myself flying little more than a red cowl/spinner in the case of the la7 and a yellow spinner with 2 red roundel dots on the sea fury. You get used to it after a while but its always a shock the first time!

05/12/2019 14:08:19

the compound curve bit is going to be a challenge if i use kitchen foil or the self adhesive stuff and it was one of the factors that put me off doing it. As for the radio, i dont know how much foil it would take to make a meaningful difference to the signal so i am more or less guessing. Its possible it would not be a problem at all

Edited By Jon - Laser Engines on 05/12/2019 14:08:43

05/12/2019 11:02:15

Andy, i have a P40 to build at some stage and that one is earmarked for a RAF desert camo. I just cant resist the sharks mouth

SR71, that stuff looks good but its not cheap. I was wondering what i could achieve with the cheapest foil i can find in sainsburys but again i wasnt sure about what it would do to the radio and compound curves are also a concern

Thread: ESM Tigercat - powered by Laser engines
05/12/2019 08:52:22

Its not the investment Chris its the space. I have an airworthy fleet of 12, more than half of which are over 70 inch. I also have about 20 models in storage waiting for their turn and i have nowhere else to hang models in the house.

When i found out ESM were going i bought two models (A6m Zero and Fw190) that i knew i wanted as i knew they would never come again. I have started both, engines and retracts are fitted with small screws, cowls are cut, and in the case of the zero, the repaint has begun as it just looks too perfect out of the box and i needs to have the poop beaten out of it. In fact i should continue working on that over the winter. A bit of painting can be fun and i can do it while faffing about with the hurricane.

Ron, if you dont have far to go tie the model to the roof rack. 50 or 60mph wont hurt it and plenty of guys have done it before. Just be sure to avoid low bridges

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
05/12/2019 08:36:39

I have been meaning to get the beast assembled on the table and get some photos up. Last night i got distracted playing computer games embarrassed

Not that anyone can blame me, with a Spitfire, P38 and P39 to play with and 109's, 190's and 110's to attack what was i to do? they wont shoot themselves down will they??

As for your rough cut Hurri mine was the same with some of it done well and some...not so well. I think i am the 3rd builder to have a crack at it.

One mod i did make was to shove the cowling forward about half an inch. I then cut off the part of the cowling that contained the front part of the wing fairing and did this in balsa instead. I think it looks much better but you guys can judge for yourself when i get the photos up.

Doing a little research on the silver Hurricane some of them apparently flew with polished metal and silver dope. That could be interesting but i am not sure how much doing metal foil on the wings and forward fuselage would impact rx performance. I dont want it to fly off on its own!

05/12/2019 00:16:44

Gents i dont want this turning into a slagging match about nazi swastikas on models. Its a given that nobody here would support such a group so why worry about how a model is painted. The argument is also pretty flawed given the way other nations behaved during the war and yet we display their symbols without a 2nd thought so lets move it on to something else.

Martin, i like that very much. Many of the Russian schemes are rather drab but that one is quite nice. Another one for the pile

Thread: ESM Tigercat - powered by Laser engines
04/12/2019 16:55:26

It can be a challenge when they are upright. You could try slipping some sort of rubber tube or a snake outer over the needles so they poke out the bottom. once adjusted the tube or whatever you used as an extension can be removed.

04/12/2019 16:28:35

Left engine right cylinder is rich on the slow run, that could be why the mid range is a little out of whack. I would give that engine a retune on both slow runners and see how that improves things.

Im still super jealous. i was looking on bigplanes and they have them in stock but i cant justify it That thing is going to be awesome in the air.

Thread: Torque rods vs wing servos
04/12/2019 15:49:58

Rigidity in the linkage is the main reason as far as i am concerned. Some would argue reliability but i dont consider that a factor as servo failure is very rare these days.

If you wanted you could still use the torque rods but fit two servos in the middle. You could then do any flap mixing you feel you might need.

Thread: Complete A Pac Kits
04/12/2019 15:04:35
Posted by Terence Moore on 04/12/2019 11:38:12:

Have been gifted a kit for the Handley Page Harrow, and would like to hear from anyone with previous experience of this model.

My Dad has one of these and its still hung up in the garage.

My biggest recommendation is build it light. His ended up very heavy for its size (11lbs) and it flew too fast for scale. It will also tipstall like no other so take great care when landing. Its a model that wants to 'parachute' down on its flaps using power to adjust the descent and leaving the elevator well alone. If you try a long approach with the nose up in the air its going to end in tears.

The fins/rudders are small so with an engine out you need to fly as fast as possible on the remaining engine to maintain control. My dad used to nail the other engine to full chat and then it would fly ok on the remaining engine but it was more of a powered glide than anything else. It wasnt going to climb on a single OS25. It will not glide so cutting the other engine and trying to float it home will not work as it will come down like a brick, you just have to fly it out of the problem by hand as it wont look after you.

The undercarriage supplied in the kit is also too short for scale so it would easily trip up and bash its nose on the runway on takeoff. This did little to aid acceleration and i would recommend making the gear longer. if you do make it longer make sure you get the tail up on the takeoff roll to prevent a tipstall as it will go the instant you leave the ground if you takeoff in a tail down attitude.

Once in the air the model flew really well but all the way through it was hampered by its weight. If you can build it to about 9lbs It will be much much better. You could also cheat a little by adding an inch or two to each wing tip and increasing the chord slightly with larger leading/trailing edges to give a slightly increased wing area. A shade of washout might be a good idea as well.

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
04/12/2019 10:28:47
Posted by Steve Houghton 1 on 04/12/2019 09:52:32:

Forgive me for being a party pooper but isn't it illegal to display a swastika? I've noticed that on refurbished full sized BF109's & FW190's there isn't a complete swastika on them. Or is it only illegal in Germany?

They can be displayed in Germany on models but you have to provide specific proof that you are doing it for historical representation reasons with paperwork etc so, most dont bother. In the case of restored full size aircraft i think they leave them off as it makes life easier when displaying them across europe as a whole.

I will always put them on my models if its historically accurate to do so. Im not supporting what it represents, just trying to make a reasonably accurate representation of an actual aircraft.

However, the Finnish example is not the same and represents something totally different so i cant see a problem either way.

04/12/2019 09:08:29

Very! But if i am putting a swastica on a Hurricane it will be this one...

04/12/2019 08:32:08

thanks for the input guys. I had forgotten about the blue/gold one and it wore several variations of that scheme with different numbers and other details.

I just fancied something a little different from the norm and the russian scheme above got me thinking too.

As i still have plenty of hardware to sort before i get on to the paint i still have time to ponder but if i really get on with it i wont have long.

03/12/2019 13:58:19

I am gradually edging closer to getting my half finished DB Hurricane on the table and getting it flying.

I bought the model probably 10 or 12 years ago in a half built state. After some faffing around i discovered the fuselage was bent, so i fixed that before covering the fuselage. I then stopped as there was no room in the hangar and i had issues with an engine choice and bunch of other projects i was working on getting in the way.

Now, i have finally decided what engine to use and although there is still no room in the hangar i have decided to press forward anyway.

My conundrum at the moment is which paint job shall i use? My model is a MkIIc with the cannons so it should be green and grey but i have done one of those before and fancy something different. I am not a fan of the burma paint schemes and Its not a sea hurricane so many of those paint jobs are out as well. its not got a vokes filter either so i cant do a desert camo on it.

This has lead me to the idea of painting it all silver as in the photo below. Is it scale? probably not, but i think it looks nice and even though the version in the photo is a IIb with no cannons i dont really think its going to matter.

So guess my question is do we think a silver Hurricane is an affront? and if not what paint shall i use as silver can be problematic to paint. If it is considered offensive, are there some colour options i missed?

Thread: Radio Queen ailerons
03/12/2019 13:45:02

I wouldnt have any reservations about fitting ailerons. While their performance will not turn the model into an extra 300 they will work fine if you fly coordinated. It would not be much different to a cub or a T180 and would make cross wind landing rather easier.

Dont bother strengthening the wings, adding ailerons wont hurt them structurally and if you use strip ailerons they might even be stronger as you will need another spar to nail the ailerons into. You will need to lower the dihedral though but that is really simple.

Thread: Powered by Laser, a gallery thread
29/11/2019 08:19:44

Its a nice idea but we best choose a day with decent weather as i dont fancy driving 100 miles to stand in the rain

28/11/2019 19:33:51

That will work yes

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