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Thread: Laser engine in a Hangar 9 Carbon cub
31/12/2018 12:01:22

We dont really recommend straight fuel any more. It works fine but the difference in cost to 5% nitro fuel is really small and the improvement in performance, mostly in cold weather, is worth the small extra cost.

I would be interested to hear how heavy the carbon cub ended up. I always thought 11lbs was a bit much for a model this size. Clearly the 80 is having no bother pulling it along so perhaps its lighter than they claim

Edited By Jon - Laser Engines on 31/12/2018 12:01:44

30/12/2018 23:20:13

Nice one Mark. Unusual time of year for a maiden but always good to get some air time!

Thread: SC52 2stroke issue.
30/12/2018 09:15:02

we had a chap once who kept having batteries go flat so he bought some larger capacity packs. As this made the problem worse he was quite perplexed and finally asked for help.

After some investigation it turned out he was using one of the 100mah chargers that came with his futaba gear and would only ever charge them for 'an hour or two'. We explained that his higher capacity batteries would probably need about 24 hours on this for a full charge and recommended a delta peak job instead.

He was a little red faced by the error...especially when we pointed out that the charge time was written on the battery from the get go!

Thread: Who wants a Warbird Replics Hurricane?
30/12/2018 09:07:11

My Hurricane saw plenty of action this year defending our field from various foes. Alas it was unsuccessful as we all got thrown off but i dont think i can blame it for that

I enjoy flying it but mostly because i have now accepted its limitations and fly within them. This means that i only do rolls and dont tend to bother with loops as they are rather messy, and i dont fly it in a cross wind as its tendency to dive when rudder is used is not helpful. It still has some slightly odd behavior at times, but again i think this is down to the incidence still not being exactly right so make sure you check it Mike

All that said, it looks great in the air and is really enjoyable to fly in the evening when you just want to swoop around lazily. I have plenty of high power warbirds that eat up the sky and i love them, but i also enjoy just swooping around with the occasional barrel roll thrown in for good measure.

Thread: New year
29/12/2018 09:12:43
Posted by David Davis on 29/12/2018 07:48:03:

Such a pity that the pilot in my BE2e is firmly glued to his seat!

Write it on a strip of ribbon and tie it round his neck. He needs a scarf after all!

Thread: Corsair TopFlite Gold Edition kit build blog
29/12/2018 08:51:43

Denis has hit the nail on the head. Use very small elevator rates, to the point where you think it cannot possibly be enough....then halve it! His recommendation to fly to a plan is also spot on as smooth/thought through flying will reward you, bank and yank...not so much. Warbirds have high drag so as soon as you are yanking on the elevator its slowing down unless you have used a monster engine. The model will just feel like you are dragging an elephant behind it if you fly this way. Let it run, use all the sky and be smooth with everything.

Your saito 91 will be fine, and again i would start the bidding with a 14x7 prop. 15x6 may also be an option for additional thrust but at the cost of some speed. I use 15x6 on my laser 80 powered Hurricane and its plenty fast at half throttle.

The addition of flaps is a good idea and dont be afraid to hang them like barn doors. You need drag for steep approaches and 15mm of flap wont cut it. Just look at photos of the full size to see what i mean.

28/12/2018 23:14:34

Nice one James. These fly well and look great but will bite you if you are too aggressive or try to 'float' it on landing. Its got a high wing loading so fly it down to the floor with some authority.

I flew one some time ago for a club mate. It was well powered by an OS91 fs even with the wrong prop. I recommended he change it to 14x7 from 13x8 but he busted it before he got the chance.

If you fit retracts dont use the robart ones suggested in the kit. I have a pair from my P40 and they are pants!

Thread: Ever seen the like?
28/12/2018 18:31:25
Posted by Martin Harris on 28/12/2018 16:50:04:
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 28/12/2018 16:27:14:

ummmm...yup. am i allowed to guess the brand?


That's certainly on the way Jon. It's a Laser cheeky ASP 120

you surprise me. i was going for NGH 30

28/12/2018 16:27:14

ummmm...yup. am i allowed to guess the brand?


Thread: SC52 2stroke issue.
28/12/2018 08:56:24

Having the exhaust poke out of the top of the cowl will not be good for idle performance and will be a nightmare for hydraulic locking. Be very careful turning the engine with an electric starter. In future i would recommend the firewall be modified. its only wood!

For the engine itself, my suspicion is fuel starvation as the other guys have said as the engine seems to pick up to a certain point and then suffers a lean cut.

However, if i am hearing what i think i am hearing the bearings sound as though they are totally finished and need to be replaced. i recommend you check these out before going any further as a damaged bearing can fail and destroy the engine.

Stripping a 2 stroke is easy and there are only likely to be 8 or 10 screws holding the whole thing together. I suggest you whip it apart and see what the story is inside.

Thread: stampe sprung undercarrage
27/12/2018 21:59:06
Posted by bert baker on 27/12/2018 21:10:33:

Your more likely to snap the wings when nosing them in rather than bending the under cart

I snapped all 4 wings and knocked the engine yea, adding a smashed fuselage to the pile would not have improved my day!

Thread: SC52 2stroke issue.
27/12/2018 21:58:00
Posted by Snorbitz on 27/12/2018 21:52:48:
On my glow panel which I'm about to try how much current should I dial up for a No3 plug?

Ignore the amp reading, its totally meaningless. Just put the plug in the glow thing and turn the amps up until its glowing nicely. Pop it in the engine and never touch the dial again. If you use different types of plug, say a 4 stroke plug, repeat the procedure and see if you need more juice. If so, make two marks on the face plate so you know where to turn the knob to for each plug. Its unlikely you will need more than one position to be honest, but that is the best way to set up power panels.

One final thing is that when the engine is cranking on the starter make sure the amps have not fallen through the floor as this will put the glow out.

Thread: stampe sprung undercarrage
27/12/2018 21:02:53

i changed mine as i didnt like the kit one. Being rock solid and built into the structure i didnt think it would be very forgiving and would also be a swine to repair should i bust it. Following a 2nd flight mishap im really glad i made the effort as i would have had an even larger list of repairs otherwise

Thread: SC52 2stroke issue.
27/12/2018 21:00:47

^ what he said

Also, if you can shoot a video and post it on youtube. post the link here so we can all have a gander.

I recommend this to my customers all the time and its helped sort out many an engine. Just keep the camera out of the propwash

Thread: Black Horse Percival Provost - any experiences?
26/12/2018 10:40:08
Posted by Percy Verance on 26/12/2018 09:53:40:

A DLE 20? Jeez.......... surprise A Laser 80 would pull this with power to spare.

Edited By Percy Verance on 26/12/2018 09:57:19

Agreed. its only 10lbs and 64 inch. It would need to be 80 inch and 16lbs before a dle 20 would be needed.

Thread: Mosquito Cof G
26/12/2018 08:47:03

It sounds like its being a warbird to me. Reduce the elevator rate until its nice to fly, and as already suggested i recommend you loose the expo until the rates are right.

I recently had experience with a seagull hurricane and we ended up using half the low rate recommended in the kit.

Its also possible your landing technique is leading you do the tip stall situation you mention. If you do a relatively long and flat approach holding the nose up with elevator and power then a tip stall is very likely, if however you do a steep approach with lots of flap (ie, drag) and virtually no elevator the wing is not going to stall on you until you as you come in. Just remember to add power as you pull into the flare and dont try to 3 point it. Land on the mains and let it roll out with the tail in the air.

Thread: IC Engine Control
24/12/2018 11:31:29

most radios, your T6 included, should have a throttle cut button/switch that can be assigned. That way you simply pull/press it to bring the throttle down a bit further to stop the engine. Stopping the engine by pinching the fuel line is in principal a better way to stop it as you do not leave fuel in the engine after it has stopped and this is good as the fuel can be quite damaging to the engine if left in there.

That said, if the engine is hot its not likely to be a big issue and most clubs will expect you to be able to stop the engine from the tx. 

Edited By Jon - Laser Engines on 24/12/2018 11:32:33

Thread: Seagull Mosquito Laser build
24/12/2018 08:26:14

do you have a photo of the damaged units Mike? I have repaired some pretty mangled units in the past so all may not be lost.

Thread: stampe sprung undercarrage
23/12/2018 22:27:21

This is how i did mine

its only some cheap oleo's and a bit of strip steel. A few evenings and some silver soldering later it was good to go
21/12/2018 11:31:55

Looks like glosstex to me :/

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