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Thread: Rather Fast
08/04/2020 12:50:09

The video in the OP is dated from 2016 and the Germans have "speed competitions" every year, so I guess people have been trying to go faster ever since. I watched one video which showed a RC heli doing 193 mph through the time trap - a very interesting sound from the rotors!

Makes the 180mph at the top of the climb with my F5B models seem very pedestrian. This video shows me launching a friends model in 2015.

Some people just love pure speed and all they want is to go faster all the time. With F5B we have the challenge of after doing the fast bit, as shown in the video, we go straight into a 10 minute thermal duration without landing - best of both worlds really.


Thread: The Norwegian Gnat Squad
06/04/2020 10:51:28
Posted by Tim Ballinger on 06/04/2020 09:09:08:........Those figures were with a newly charged 40C battery. I’ve seen others measuring 38A but not sure of the battery status.


38A? That might have been me, but I was using a 4s system to get 680gm thrust at 51,500 rpm.

Unfortunately the lock down means I have not flown it yet sad


Thread: Coverings: not sure...
04/04/2020 17:28:49

Lots of light coveringl choices here, with How To do It links at bottom of the page.


Thread: What Traders are still offering Mail Order? Services?
01/04/2020 14:29:54


Ordered yesterday, delivered this morning. Thanks George smiley


Thread: The Norwegian Gnat Squad
28/03/2020 23:21:37

I'm watching as well.


Thread: 6 Turning 4 Burning
28/03/2020 10:54:03

When I brushed on PVA mould release I first applied a coat of matt "priming wax" to make sure it flowed correctly on the surface and gave me a smooth finish. Perhaps that might help here.


Thread: information wanted
26/03/2020 11:09:32

Any useful information here?

It looks like the Highlight was a range of models so perhaps a universal fuselage that could be used as both electric or not. A fairly common approach among kit manufacturers.


Thread: Twister 40, anybody know anything about one of these old motors.
23/03/2020 10:29:34


While looking for something completely different I just came across instructions and other info for the Twister 19/40.

PM sent.


21/03/2020 14:15:24
Posted by Simon Chaddock on 21/03/2020 12:37:57:


I think your motor is a Cyclon Twister 29 of 2000 vintage


Full spec here

If so the Twister 29 is considered a '40' equivalent at a max continuous current of 30 A and was considered capable of easily flying a basic plane up to 5 kg on 20 cell NiMh (6s LiPo) delivering 600 W.

On a 3s LiPo you could only get 300 W at 30 A.

Simon & David

MotoCalc also shows a Twister 29/60, with the few details available matching the spec for Simon's "29".

That gives me more confidence that David's motor is the 19/40 and the performance predictions I gave are reasonable.


21/03/2020 12:23:28

I remember Twister motors and recall they were OK, but I have very limited information.

I found some information on a Twister 19/40 in MotoCalc but only that it is a 1000kV motor and weighs 175 gm (6.2 oz). what does yours weigh? Any other information on it?

If yours is the 19/40 then it should be good for 500 watts at 7000 rpm on 3s and a 14x6 prop with a 60 amp ESC. Should be enough fior Super 60.

Hope this helps.


Thread: IC Engine Bearings...
21/03/2020 10:35:29

I have found this an interesting and informative discussion, and in case anyone is wondering why a dedicated electric flyer is interested it is because many of my motors use a two ball race planetary gearbox with the rear bearing taking the thrust (see photo of shaft), and a circlip to stop the shaft moving back. I was curious about the different approach, but I guess my gearbox doesn't have to deal with sideways loads as well.

Mention was also made of tapers at some point, and I do use a tapered collet to hold the prop to the shaft.

Not sure of the thrust of my motors, but enough to acclerate a 1.6Kg model from 0 to over 150mph in 3 seconds - 18.5 x 22 prop at 8,000 + rpm. so the gearbox has to be reasonably robust.

Good to keep learning in these present times!


gearbox shaft.jpg

20/03/2020 23:11:35
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 20/03/2020 17:42:52:......................

Dick has nailed it with his two drawings. Both are correct and only the lower one applies to model engines. The top one is the only way you could make a rear loaded setup without crushing the bearings as you tighten the prop. As you can see there is a clear step ahead of the front bearing. This means the prop nut forces tighten down on this step. The crank can then move fore/aft as required and the load is taken by the rear bearing. Model engine cranks are not this shape.


Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 20/03/2020 19:51:27

Can I ask why they are not that shape? Not arguing, just curious.


20/03/2020 17:58:16
Posted by Martin Harris on 20/03/2020 16:01:40:

A well made point, Dick - although you'd struggle to find a ball raced engine with a plain front one these days.


Edited By Martin Harris on 20/03/2020 16:14:57

Memories, but still available smiley


Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 20/03/2020 19:52:15

20/03/2020 15:38:55

I must admit to being a bit confused by this discussion, but then I am an electrical engineer not a mechanical engineer. I would have thought that which bearing takes the thrust is a design decision not a universal principle.

I have attached a simple drawing and would be pleased if someone could explain why it might be wrong.

From memory of my pre-electric days I had a number of "single ball-race" engines with plain front bearings in which the rear bearing must have handled the thrust. That could be changed by adding a front "ball-race" but it surely doesn't have to does It?


thrust bearing basic options.jpg

Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 20/03/2020 19:49:27

Thread: Netflix scam
18/03/2020 19:54:41
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 18/03/2020 18:33:47:

Just had an e-mail from with a link to finish setting up. I might be wrong but seems like a scam maybe timed to catch those self isolating.

I had one of those as well. I tried to report it to Netflix as a scam but couldn't find any way of doing that on their website, so I deleted it.

I suppose it could be a new marketing strategy frown


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
18/03/2020 10:57:56

I also got mine from Real Model Pilots at 1/12 scale for my Gnat, but went for the painted version. They did a really nice job of painting - most impressed.


cockpit view.jpg

Thread: Vac Forming
16/03/2020 11:11:09
Posted by Dr. David on 16/03/2020 10:24:51:

Does anyone know of a company that will Vac form individual items from my own plug?

All the companies I have found only do quantities.

Have you tried Vortex Vacforms?

I have always found them helpful.


Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
16/03/2020 10:48:54

BMFA statement re flying at Buckminster here.


Thread: Replacement Charger?
14/03/2020 12:06:57

Thanks Phil. I figured that was probably the answer but had to check as I am impressed by my ISDT charger.

Mind you, the iCharger 1010 and Chargery 50010 are also doing fine on everything up to 10s as well.


14/03/2020 10:10:41
Posted by Phil Green on 14/03/2020 09:56:02:

The ISDT Q6 Pro is an excellent charger, ..........................

I use mine for everything, the usual 3S 2200's, loads of LiFePo4, my 10S 5000 ebike LiPo battery, .................. its so versatile.

Edited By Phil Green on 14/03/2020 09:57:16

Hi Phil

I am intrigued by the reference to charging 10s Lipo. I like the ISDT products but need 10s chargers so had discounted them for that application. Are you splitting those packs for charging or do you know some trick I don't?

For 10s I am presently using iCharger or Chargery products.


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