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Thread: Spinners for brushless.
23/06/2019 17:26:23
Posted by Foxfan on 23/06/2019 16:50:52:


I don't think I can trust a collet fixing. I have enough trouble with collets in my pin chucks!

I put 7kW through a collet prop driver on a 6mm shaft. They do work OK - or some of them do anyway!


23/06/2019 10:54:35

Most ESCs offer an optional brake function that just short circuits the motor windings and slows the motor down, usually to the point of stopping rotation. Unfortunately you can't pick the point at which it stops rotating, however the prop can still be pushed round a bit as you touch down.

It is best to use the brake option when a folding prop is fitted, otherwise the prop will just jkeep spinning (windmilling) and not fold.


Edited By Dickw on 23/06/2019 10:56:40

23/06/2019 10:19:59

It's called a prop saver, but is just as useful for avoiding a bent shaft.

I have often used folding props as they rarely break, and also reduce the bending load on the shaft during landings without an U/C.

Another option for reducing the chance of a bent shaft is to fit the spinner as close as you can to fuselage without actually causing binding.

An IC prop would be stronger and less likely to break, particularly if the ESC brake function is used.

Lots of options to play with smiley.


Thread: Battery sag, not battery fault, answers on a postcard please
23/06/2019 10:11:09

I don't know that ESC, but some ESCs have a low voltage cutoff that reduces the throttle slowly if the battery volts drop too far, Does your ESC have that, and could it be set too high?

Other than that, it does sound like an overheating connector somewhere in the circuit,


Thread: Windmill
22/06/2019 15:56:28

In a similar situation with an RC combat model without U/C and with a fixed prop I used the brake, and in addition used an IC prop which is stronger than the equivalent size electric prop. I rarely had a prop break after that.


Thread: Switching Brand
22/06/2019 11:19:15
Posted by Cuban8 on 22/06/2019 09:49:47:

................ so very approximately something like £1200 now, unless you live in London.) and the quality of manufacture was astonishingly good compared to what their competitors offered at the time. ...................., no way it would be done that way now.

I believe you can still get that attention to detail and quality, but you still have to pay something like £1200 for a Tx today to get it.


Thread: Spinners for brushless.
22/06/2019 10:49:27

I believe some manufacturers and retailers are a bit variable in their understanding of "3mm", and the tolerance I would find acceptable does to some extent depend on the power/rpm expected.

Have you tried ebay as their are many offerings around the 3mm mark - 3, 3.17, and 3.2 being common variations.


22/06/2019 09:51:54


Once you fit a prop driver something like this one to your motor then fitting a prop and spinner effectively becomes the same as fitting it on an IC engine.


Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
12/06/2019 16:32:58

Just received a response from the CAA regarding the complaint I registered about the poor response to my previous correspondence. Basically they are now just suggesting I contact the DfT as they can do no more!

Still waiting for a resonse to the complaint I made to the DfT.


Thread: Dual battery switch
08/06/2019 18:00:03

Jeti do a few dual switches Have a look at the DPS40 and DSM10.

No built in volatge regulators though, so need to do that separately if required.


Thread: The Difference a Prop (Pitch) Makes?
03/06/2019 23:11:57

The battery is only 4.2 volts per cell when fully charged and off load. The voltage drops as the current rises when you open the throttle, so at 45 amps you are probably only getting about 3.5 volts per cell, giving you about 630 watts. Doesn't your wattmeter show volts and watts as well as current?

As the battery discharges the volts on load will drop even more and so the current and power will drop as well. At a constant throttle the power will decrease as the battery discharges.


Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
24/05/2019 12:09:23
Posted by Steve J on 24/05/2019 11:18:30:..................

and the (awful) answer by Jesse Norman:

"Department for Transport Ministers and officials have regular discussions with the CAA, including on the Drone Operator Registration Scheme and competency testing requirements, which will apply from November 2019. These will apply to all unmanned aircraft below 250g, including drones and model aircraft.


Edited By Steve J on 24/05/2019 11:19:32

Good to see they have a firm grip on their own policy!


23/05/2019 14:45:05
Posted by Nigel R on 23/05/2019 09:35:55:

Do I read this right?

You would still get to fly any sub 250g stuff, anywhere you wanted, of course, without any of the test or registration.



From CAP 1763:-

"You must not fly a small unmanned aircraft within the flight restriction zone of a protected aerodrome without first ensuring that you have permission to do so. The volume of airspace that comprises a ‘flight restriction zone’ is outlined in a table at paragraph (7) of article 94A. The flight restriction zone is active at all times and applies to all small unmanned aircraft of any mass (even very small ‘toys' )" .

So no, you can't fly sub 250gm stuff anywhere you want.


Edited By Dickw on 23/05/2019 14:46:56

Edited By Dickw on 23/05/2019 14:48:00

Thread: CAA registration consulation
16/05/2019 14:15:08
Posted by Steve J on 16/05/2019 13:43:28:
Posted by Dickw on 16/05/2019 13:26:11:

The second communication is from the developers of the registration system

Sparck? They put out an awful survey last November.


Yes, that's them and that's the survey they referred to.


16/05/2019 13:26:11

Two recent communications:-

A letter from my MP (after two weeks). Generally supportive and reporting that he was an enthusiastic aero-modeller in his youth, and including a copy of the letter he has sent in our support to the Secretary of State for Transport.

The second communication is from the developers of the registration system asking me if I would be prepared to join them in the St Pauls area of London for an hour or so to assist with “user research” i.e. test using the system (apparently I completed an earlier survey).

I have replied that, as the CAA now propose to charge me £16.50 a year to register at no benefit to myself, I am no longer prepared to provide unpaid input to the system and that I might be able to help if he is prepared to negotiate a fee for my time plus expenses.

I don’t plan on holding my breath.


Edited By Dickw on 16/05/2019 13:27:01

09/05/2019 11:20:38

I completed the CAA on line consultation, then last week emailed the DfT, the CAA, and my MP.

I received the standard acknowledgement from the DfT, but nothing so far from the CAA or my MP. I have just emailed both the CAA and my MP again asking for at least the courtesy of an "acknowledgement of receipt", and will continue doing so unti they respond or the BMFA says "stop"!


Thread: Picasim, or Phoenix, or..?
08/05/2019 16:48:58
Posted by Tony Harrison 2 on 08/05/2019 16:14:27:

....... Just looked at the Picasim site, free download I see but not sure if it works with a TX (mine's a Spektrum Dx6i) or mouse. Any suggestions about this or an alternative?


Picasim works fine with my Jeti Tx via the usb connection, but I have no idea how it would work with Spektrum.


Thread: CAA registration consulation
03/05/2019 11:07:08

There is an exemption for flying control line models in a FRZ, but that doesn't mention exemption from registration.

I am not aware of any exemption from registration for CL flyers, who are refferred to as "remote pilots" in the above doc.


Edited By Dickw on 03/05/2019 11:08:18

02/05/2019 14:46:20

From CAP1763:-

"the “SUA operator”, in relation to a small unmanned aircraft, is the person
who has the management of the small unmanned aircraft.”

Not sure how that would be possible without the "operator" being present on site.


30/04/2019 19:57:53
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 30/04/2019 19:45:51:

What can they do about it if we all refuse to register? Nothing. Think about that. About time that we stood up to these jobsworths.

It would only take a few large fines to test our resolve, and I am sure that would be worth it from their point of view. Lets face it, one trip to a random club by the police would be all that it would take.

From CAP1775:-

1.2 All those in the UK operating drones or model aircraft between 250 grams and
20 kilograms must register by the end of November 2019. From the same
period, remote pilots will be required to take an online safety test. Failure to
comply with these rules could lead to a fine of £1,000.

Just repairing my under 250 gm model.


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