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Thread: Looking for an electric glider
10/08/2020 15:32:29
Posted by David Still 1 on 10/08/2020 13:09:45:

Thanks but I'm not a fan of foam i prefer to build and fly.


have a look at the Hyperflight website. There are some possibilities there that might suit your requirements e.g. the Picares Longears.


Thread: Decisions Decisions
08/08/2020 15:52:23


Just to be clear, the rating of a motor is the power it can safely handle not the power it will produce. The power it will produce is governed by prop size, kV, and battery volts.

I believe that new motor will produce around 600 watts (about 60 amps) on 3s and a 12x6. On 4s you would probably be looking at over 1000 watts (OK in short bursts!).

Stick to 3s and a 12x6, but you might need a bigger capacity battery. Perhaps use a smaller prop if you want to keep the power down.


08/08/2020 15:14:02


The number of cells you use (3s or 4s) will be heavily influenced by the kV of your "larger motor" and the size of prop you want/expect to use. More information needed on that.

4Ah is the same as 4000mAh.


Thread: MFA Power Panel
31/07/2020 17:41:51

If the volts are dropped by a resistor then a voltmeter would show 12v until a load was placed on the socket. It is the load that caused the volt drop (Vdrop=IR).

Try it with a glowplug or a small torch/car bulb connected.


Thread: Battery connectors
31/07/2020 10:37:59

I use 4mm bullet connections for most applications because of their small size, flexibility in use in various serial and other applications, ease of soldering, and ease of connecting/disconnecting. For some heavy current applications I use 6mm bullets for similar reasons but with higher current carrying capacity (150A plus) and because some of the equipment I use (e.g. current sensors) only comes with those fittings.

The only adaptors I use are for swapping between 4mm and 6mm on my chargers.


Thread: james hammond aeroic firebird 1.5m
30/07/2020 20:06:12
Posted by Steve J on 30/07/2020 18:11:52:
Posted by MattyB on 30/07/2020 17:44:55:
Posted by Steve J on 30/07/2020 16:51:40:

£468 for a 60" glider!

This is one of the reasons why all moulded 60 inchers have rather died out - they are very expensive as the time and labour are nearly as much as on a 3m model, and the materials are not that much less.

I am trying to remember what my full carbon Prodij cost back in 2008. Low to mid £200's I think and it doesn't need 8mm servos.

I've often wondered what I would replace it with. I won't be a Firebird at that price.

The HP60 was not suitable for that though - definitely the fastest plank I have ever flown

I have the 48" Halfpipe and actually prefer it to the M60, but as it was my first sloping session for a while, I decided to take the M60.

Is this the Prodij you mean - starting at £500? Prices have definitely gone up a lot since 2008 - as my wallet keeps telling me.


29/07/2020 15:16:33
Posted by Neil James on 29/07/2020 13:33:47:

The new James Hammond aeroic firebird 1.5m glider looks a cracker but before I splash out has anyone here seen one/built one/flown one? Looks like getting the gear in could be a tight squeeze so expensive thin servos will be needed.
Looks very pretty though...

Not seen one, but it does look good on paper.

The write up talks about 8mm servos - I have been using these in my 150mph 2m gliders for a couple of years and they are good so far and not too expensive (relatively speaking!).


Thread: How bad can things get
29/07/2020 11:17:03
Posted by David Hall 9 on 29/07/2020 10:53:04:


In the meantime, I'd be tempted to buy one of the multi protocol transmitters or a Taranis with plug in multimodule, then you can run all your old RXs.

Unfortunately the multi protocol modules don't support every Rx and are very limited in their support of Futaba.


Thread: Glue throwing peg
29/07/2020 10:04:20

The peg is carbon fibre and the wing tip is also appears to be carbon fibre, so stick to CA glue if possible.

I think the Gel is probably what they mean by thick CA.


Thread: Circlip pliers
27/07/2020 17:27:01

Try RS Components - that's where I got mine from.


Thread: Volz Servo Arms
25/07/2020 11:13:34

Volz used to offer a 5 year guarantee, but since those are 30 years old I doubt you could invoke that now smiley.

They seem to have abandoned the model market and gone industrial, but perhaps using their current contact page might result in info regarding arm specification or compatibility.

I have a box of old servo arms from that era so will bring them along next week in case there are still any Volz in there. In the meantime perhaps someone else may chime in with an offer.


Thread: Cheap or good Quality Lipos ???
21/07/2020 17:52:43

Having seen others have good performance with Turnigy Graphenes a few years ago I bought 4 x 5s packs to make into 2 x 10s packs. They were great peformers and seemed to be lasting well, so the following year I bought 4 more of the same packs. Within 6 months all the new packs had given up the ghost and were in the bin. I know I push my packs hard, but the originals kept going for another couple of years. I wasn't the only one who had that experience with them either.

Do suppliers use good cells to build a reputation and then move to cheaper cells, or was it just a bad (very big) batch? I am not convinced either brand or price are necessarily a good guide on what to expect!


Thread: Mini flight stabilisers
20/07/2020 12:58:43
Posted by Steve J on 20/07/2020 12:44:37:
Posted by Ron Gray on 20/07/2020 12:17:38:

Plus there is a school of thought that says you can overcome tail heavy (warbird) 'planes without adding nose weight! I've not tried this but will be doing so as it intrigues me!

I don't think that I would fancy a model that couldn't be flown in manual mode.

[looks at his list of airframes for one suitable for an elevator gyro test ]

Edited By Steve J on 20/07/2020 12:45:32

I have a taildragger warbird (Spitfire) that in a fit of madness I fitted with a castoring tailwheel. Manoeuvring on the ground is easy, but the first attempts at take off were hilarious. The use of a gyro on rudder turned up to max damping in a "take off" flight mode solved the problem and it now takes off in a straight line.

I am sure a gyro could be used in a similar way to help fly a tail heavy model but, like Steve J, I am not sure I would want to rely on that for anything decent.


Thread: Swann Morton blades
20/07/2020 12:12:39

I use No. 11 blades for everything that doesn't need a saw or a "Stanley Knife".


Thread: Help! Can't charge my Lipo
13/07/2020 12:56:25
Posted by EarlyBird on 13/07/2020 12:48:47:

As a novice I thought telemetry was cheating.



On the other hand, a single telemetry sensor gives me all that a Wattmeter will, plus a lot more - and will also do it while the plane is in the air as well as on the ground.

Is a Wattmeter cheating?


13/07/2020 10:10:19
Posted by EarlyBird on 13/07/2020 07:29:50:..........

I also went flying yesterday and two members were having a discussion regarding a new Radian that was wind milling.

'You need an esc programming card, I have one at home which I will bring next time'

So having just read up on how to do this I was able to explain how to do it using the sticks. Amazingly it worked first time and he was dead chuffed. I was also pleased but this made me think are all esc programmed the same and indeed are they all made in the same factory and badged for different suppliers? But then as you say that is another story.............



To answer your questions -

No, all ESCs are not made by the same manufacturer, but some factorys do make the same ESCs with different badges for different "brand names".

Most ESCs follow the same "throttle high at connection" to enter the programming mode, but the tones and programming sequence that follow may vary with products from different manufacturers, and possibly even between different models from the same manufacturer.

It is important to read the manual for whatever product you have if using "stick programming".


Edited By Dickw on 13/07/2020 10:11:01

Thread: New variometer sensor X-Vario-V2 for Jeti, Graupner and Futaba
11/07/2020 23:30:18
Posted by Graham R on 11/07/2020 22:03:46:

I wonder if they have Jeti instructions in english?

You can always use "Google translate" to get a translation. Just copy the German from the .pdf and paste into Google translate. That's what I did with the SM UniSens and UniLog.


Thread: Help! Can't charge my Lipo
10/07/2020 14:55:57
Posted by David Ramsden on 10/07/2020 14:20:30:

No Bob, the cells were definitely reading 5.26v, 5.65v, and 0.41v. I abandoned the balance charge at 12.3v and I'm just about to put the battery outside the house for safety.
The cells are now reading 6.9, 7.3, and 6.8 (but the balance charge had not quite finished).
I will ask Wireless-Madness for another one.

Thanks all.

6.9 + 7.3 + 6.8 = 21 volts, and yet you say you abandoned the balance charge at 12.3 volts!

Something very odd there. Definitely leave that battery somewhere safe outside, and do watch carefully next time you use the charger - just in case.


10/07/2020 13:13:37
Posted by David Ramsden on 10/07/2020 12:47:46:

Dickw - the way I got it to do a balance charge was - Adam at Wireless-Madness talked me through it.

We connected without the balance plug and told the charger in was a different kind of battery (Nimh I think) gave it two lots of charge, then tried charging it as a Lipo and then the charger did recognise that it had three cells rather than two and commenced a balance charge. That has now been running for 92 mins at 0.5A and the pack is up to 12.24v so far.

David. I have done that myself, but would never suggest that approach to anyone else as I regard it as high risk.

Don't take your eyes off that Lipo during the curent charge process, and during the follow on discharge - do discharge it immediately and note capacity and voltages, then leave it discharged for now! Let us know the results.

The others have been giving you good advice - that Lipo will always be suspect.


10/07/2020 12:26:55
Posted by David Ramsden on 10/07/2020 12:01:30:.............If indeed the pack is permanently damaged, how would I know????

How did you fix it so that it will now do a balance charge?

Once fully charged, discharge it via your charger to see what capacity you get, and what the voltages look like.

If the voltages you stated earlier were correct then I would already regard it as "permanently damaged".


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