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Thread: IC Engine Bearings...
21/03/2020 10:35:29

I have found this an interesting and informative discussion, and in case anyone is wondering why a dedicated electric flyer is interested it is because many of my motors use a two ball race planetary gearbox with the rear bearing taking the thrust (see photo of shaft), and a circlip to stop the shaft moving back. I was curious about the different approach, but I guess my gearbox doesn't have to deal with sideways loads as well.

Mention was also made of tapers at some point, and I do use a tapered collet to hold the prop to the shaft.

Not sure of the thrust of my motors, but enough to acclerate a 1.6Kg model from 0 to over 150mph in 3 seconds - 18.5 x 22 prop at 8,000 + rpm. so the gearbox has to be reasonably robust.

Good to keep learning in these present times!


gearbox shaft.jpg

20/03/2020 23:11:35
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 20/03/2020 17:42:52:......................

Dick has nailed it with his two drawings. Both are correct and only the lower one applies to model engines. The top one is the only way you could make a rear loaded setup without crushing the bearings as you tighten the prop. As you can see there is a clear step ahead of the front bearing. This means the prop nut forces tighten down on this step. The crank can then move fore/aft as required and the load is taken by the rear bearing. Model engine cranks are not this shape.


Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 20/03/2020 19:51:27

Can I ask why they are not that shape? Not arguing, just curious.


20/03/2020 17:58:16
Posted by Martin Harris on 20/03/2020 16:01:40:

A well made point, Dick - although you'd struggle to find a ball raced engine with a plain front one these days.


Edited By Martin Harris on 20/03/2020 16:14:57

Memories, but still available smiley


Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 20/03/2020 19:52:15

20/03/2020 15:38:55

I must admit to being a bit confused by this discussion, but then I am an electrical engineer not a mechanical engineer. I would have thought that which bearing takes the thrust is a design decision not a universal principle.

I have attached a simple drawing and would be pleased if someone could explain why it might be wrong.

From memory of my pre-electric days I had a number of "single ball-race" engines with plain front bearings in which the rear bearing must have handled the thrust. That could be changed by adding a front "ball-race" but it surely doesn't have to does It?


thrust bearing basic options.jpg

Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 20/03/2020 19:49:27

Thread: Netflix scam
18/03/2020 19:54:41
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 18/03/2020 18:33:47:

Just had an e-mail from with a link to finish setting up. I might be wrong but seems like a scam maybe timed to catch those self isolating.

I had one of those as well. I tried to report it to Netflix as a scam but couldn't find any way of doing that on their website, so I deleted it.

I suppose it could be a new marketing strategy frown


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
18/03/2020 10:57:56

I also got mine from Real Model Pilots at 1/12 scale for my Gnat, but went for the painted version. They did a really nice job of painting - most impressed.


cockpit view.jpg

Thread: Vac Forming
16/03/2020 11:11:09
Posted by Dr. David on 16/03/2020 10:24:51:

Does anyone know of a company that will Vac form individual items from my own plug?

All the companies I have found only do quantities.

Have you tried Vortex Vacforms?

I have always found them helpful.


Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
16/03/2020 10:48:54

BMFA statement re flying at Buckminster here.


Thread: Replacement Charger?
14/03/2020 12:06:57

Thanks Phil. I figured that was probably the answer but had to check as I am impressed by my ISDT charger.

Mind you, the iCharger 1010 and Chargery 50010 are also doing fine on everything up to 10s as well.


14/03/2020 10:10:41
Posted by Phil Green on 14/03/2020 09:56:02:

The ISDT Q6 Pro is an excellent charger, ..........................

I use mine for everything, the usual 3S 2200's, loads of LiFePo4, my 10S 5000 ebike LiPo battery, .................. its so versatile.

Edited By Phil Green on 14/03/2020 09:57:16

Hi Phil

I am intrigued by the reference to charging 10s Lipo. I like the ISDT products but need 10s chargers so had discounted them for that application. Are you splitting those packs for charging or do you know some trick I don't?

For 10s I am presently using iCharger or Chargery products.


Thread: Motor stutters near full throttle
13/03/2020 18:24:05
Posted by Richard Hayward 6 on 13/03/2020 16:39:31:

Thanks Dennis - I don't know any other way to set the range other than:

Turn Tx on, Throttle to max, turn Rx on, wait for beeps, throttle to min. ????

Not sure if this is what you meant, but my version would be:-

Start with Lipo disconnected - (but Rx turned on if you have a separate switch?)

Turn on Tx, throttle to max, connect Lipo to ESC, wait for beeps, throttle to min.


Thread: 2 or 3 questions please, need some wise advice
13/03/2020 15:06:34
Posted by paul d on 13/03/2020 14:50:10:

Where abouts are you Hillclimber? sounds like you could do with a fresh pair of eyes to give it the once over.

Agreed, that is probably the best way forward.

I think there was talk of the nearest club being at Alveley near Bridgnorth in which case it Is probably CMFC, and from their website:-

"Whilst the club has no formal setup for the training of new pilots we are a friendly bunch and most members will be more than happy to assist any newcomers. The club environment is the best way to enter into the world of model flying and can help to reduce the cost of those 'first steps'! "


Edited By Dickw on 13/03/2020 15:07:51

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
13/03/2020 11:05:44
Posted by martin collins 1 on 13/03/2020 11:04:36:

Damn, i only fly electric surprise

Yes, me too. I am hoping to borrow a friends IC model next rainy day.


13/03/2020 11:03:32
Posted by Steve J on 13/03/2020 10:41:05:

What are you going to do after Easter when covid-19 rates are higher than they were when you made this decision?

Yes. it is probably best to get the virus as soon as you can while there are still doctors and other medical equipment available.


13/03/2020 11:01:37
Posted by Nigel R on 13/03/2020 09:07:53:......................

I believe methanol 70% water 30% is a pretty potent antiviral solution. The water is important apparently, it helps get the alcohol into the viral structure. Neat methanol obviously not so great for you as a whole though!


Edited By Nigel R on 13/03/2020 09:08:46

In that case the answer is simple - go and fly your IC powered models in the rain.


Thread: 2 or 3 questions please, need some wise advice
12/03/2020 14:51:38

Plug the ESC back into the Batt port, and with a good servo in the throttle channel make sure the servo moves OK when the throttle stick is operated.

Now put the ESC back into the throttle channel and run the ESC calibratiion procedure described earlier i.e.

Start with ESC battery unplugged and the prop removed. Turn radio on, set full throttle, plug battery into ESC, when you hear beeps pull throttle stick back to off.

Let us know what happens.


12/03/2020 10:41:51
Posted by kc on 12/03/2020 10:29:16:

....or you could try the calibration instructions for another make which could be similar.

Edited By kc on 12/03/2020 10:29:54

Most ESCs seem to be calibrated to the radio as follows (motor needs to be connected to ESC with the prop removed):-

Turn on radio. Set throttle at full on. Conect battery to ESC. When ESC beeps move throttle back to off.

Job done - should work normally after that.

Might be worth trying that method with your ESC if all else fails.


Thread: Geoff's Jet Provost - Build Log
09/03/2020 20:27:46
Posted by Geoff Gardiner on 09/03/2020 17:08:48:

Hi Steve.

It was me whom produced the decals.

I printed them on some A4 sheets of vinyl that I got from eBay here.

Printed at photo quality, I was pleasantly surprised with the print quality.

I also purchased some transparent vinyl but I haven't tried that yet.


I also used the same vinyl and printed on my inkjet at high quality and was very pleased with the result.

I used white vinyl where the roundels needed to be white over the red wing, but the black numbers I printed on clear vinyl and stuck them as a block over whatever the base was - works OK.

One thing I did was to spray the printed sheets with a clear lacquer before cutting out the shape, just to give some protection to the ink in case of bad weather!



Thread: TN Folland Gnat
09/03/2020 15:08:36
Posted by Graham Stanley 3 on 09/03/2020 12:17:43:


For the finishing.. Clearly film covering a small, curved model when built is a pain, and paint (to a decent standard) adds rather a lot of weight. What do you recommend? The current weight RTS but no covering or paint is 610g.

I can't help you with the weight of film, but tissue covering (to hide the wood grain) followed by paint added a total of 56.5gm to mine. The vinyl decals added another 4gm. There is a photo of it (without decals) on the other TN Gnat thread.

Mine also uses 4 servos and the all up weight ready to fly with a 4s 2200 Lipo is now 680gm.


Thread: Nano Tech Cels
08/03/2020 17:18:20

I bought some HK Graphenes for my competition models and they were great, so about a year later I bought some more.The second batch performed great as well for a while and then cells started to pack up.

The second batch I bought were all scrapped within 6 months, but the first batch are still reasonable.

I now use a different brand.


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