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Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
06/06/2020 18:59:20

I used pull pull on the rudder and elevator, with the servos near the bottom wing hold down block. Didn't use real diagonals between the interplane struts because I set up my struts to fold against the bottom of the top wing. but I did tie some elastic thread between them. Lasted about one season.

For all strut and wire attachments, I used Dubro steel clevises and .03" brass sheet fittings. that way I only have to unsnap 3 strut clevises on each side and 2 flying wire clevises on each side after bolting on the wings.

here is my build thread at the page with most of the fitting pics. (along with the compartment holding the 5000 mah A123 pack)

Build thread

24/05/2020 02:28:38

I think the 150 would pull it fine.

At 16 lbs. the Saito 120 flew it fine, but our field is a clearing about 800' wide and 2000' long, edged with 100' pines and sometimes on climbout the Stampe got kinda close to the tree tops.

I've now switched to the 180 and she climbs out smartly with an 18/6 prop.

I imagine the 150 would be good with a 17/6.

There's a link marked shakedown on page 158, four from the bottom that shows mine with the 180.


18/05/2020 21:12:45

It was! Pinned to the top by my thumb.nerd

Interestingly, my first Stampe's maiden flight was 20 minutes long because the throttle servo failed.

Looks to be a good season despite current events.

The wind was blowing the electric beer coolers around a good bit but Dorothy didn't seem to notice.

She was a little out of trim, but 3 clicks of up cured it.

17/05/2020 20:54:07

very Nice vid, especially for a maiden.

We just dragged the old girl out for her 5th summer shakedown flight to test the solder joints and fittings with some full throttle Gs. Unlike last year, they all stayed together. Maybe I'm finally getting halfway decent at soldering. The Saito 180 ran without a hitch. Didn't even have to adjust the needle valve.

Here's a vid if anyone is curious. Shakedown

14/04/2020 18:42:42

I don't know if I've posted this before, but in keeping with the last post, here's a link to a vid of when I flamed out at about 50' inverted.


Edited By Nick Santovito on 14/04/2020 18:43:58

10/03/2020 17:50:07
Posted by Nick Somerville on 10/03/2020 08:15:20:am awaiting an electric starter I ordered to arrive, as with the cowl in place I can't prime for hand starting.

Here's a few pics of how I solved the choke problem.

Of course this is for the Saito 180.

I put a hatch in last year on the top to stick my thumb on the carb for choking.

Already had one on the side for adjusting idle mix.

On my upper wing bolts, don't have a good pic because I inset the bolt so that the head is hidden in the balsa. I epoxied a metal washer to the plywood after cutting a hole in the balsa to clear it.

10/03/2020 00:43:33
Posted by Nick Somerville on 26/02/2020 16:51:38:

So I put it on the scales and the AUW is a shade under 15lbs. At the moment it balances dead level with my fingers under the rear wing bolts... Also those nylon bolts really are a devil to screw in what with the cabana struts in the way and the general friction of them. Any tips on how to make that part of rigging easier much appreciated too.

Hi Nick.

Mine weighs near 15 lbs. (may have gained a little weight in the last 6 years.

Has always balanced at the rear bolts on the top wing and flies very well.

I used 1/4 x 20 hex head bolts with blind nuts so I could use a socket with an extension to tighten easily.

Have been very happy with it.

You're too far along for blind nuts but you could replace the nylon with metal.

Hope to see some vids soon.

The other Nick cool

11/12/2019 19:28:11

I guess I was lucky, my cabane struts came out straight. I didn't line up the cross-bracing until I had lined up the bottom and top wings. Then I wrapped the cross-bracing to the struts with heavy copper wire and silver soldered it. even with all that I still have to resolder some of the joints occasionally.

I wish they made a big wheel collar with four lugs 2 clamp all the struts together instead of soldering

11/12/2019 18:14:10


I had a Saito 120 glo on mine, but at 15 lbs. It wasn't enough.

Here is a link to a vid of the Stamps with a Saito 180 glow, bought used, with a MAS 18/6 on 15 percent nitro.

10/08/2019 15:05:47

Was digging thru the old photos and found a couple that might be helpful for those who want to add rigging.

I used brass strips - about 1/64" - bent and drilled to accept Dubro clevises on one end as the plans show but with one extra hole for the wire clevis, and 1/2" servo screws on the other and just screwed them to the interplane strut mounts but sideways to the plans view , then soldered the uppers to the cabane struts. Finally recessed the lower wing saddle for the lower point and epoxied it in. I know I'm a hacker but I believe you could pretty this up a good bit.

Use 125lb clear nylon coated fishing leader for the wires.

It's held up for the last five years of rather bad flying. angry



I wish I had thought of mounting the gear on the bottom while building. I have my fuel tank exiting between the top of the forward struts and the bottom of the firewall extension. Could have mounted a bigger tank.


Edited By Nick Santovito on 10/08/2019 15:07:06

10/08/2019 00:13:12
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 09/08/2019 15:08:47:

Whilst people are digging out their plans I would greatly appreciate it if someone would measure the incidence between, say, the tail and the top wing. I have heard that some versions of the plan show the wrong tail incidence, and guess which one I built. My elevator has to droop by some 20deg. but does not seem to affect the flying. Nothing I can do about it now but it would just be nice to know since with each side built from 1/4sq. spruce over the plan it would be difficult to get it wrong.

Hi Martin.

I measured my plans with a protractor during the build and came up with the following:

With the fuselage thrust line at 0....
Top wing 4 degrees positive.
Bottom wing 5 degrees positive.
Stab. 5 degrees positive.
CG: balances at the rear bolt of the top wing, I've flown as far back as the TE of the center section, but sometimes it takes 3 or 4 turns to come out of a spin.

Hope this helps.


02/07/2019 01:31:49
Posted by Richard Acland on 30/06/2019 12:36:08:

Built mine 20 years ago and it is still flying.A bit rough around the edges now but nothing better on a nice calm day for floating around and nice low passes.

Powered by an SC 90 four stroke which some consider small, but why race something like this around at a non scale speed

Looks really nice for her age. You must build a lot lighter than me, my heavy old bird (15lbs) barely clears the trees with a 120


17/03/2019 00:02:23

Mine came out at 15 lbs. Just a bit more and the Saito120 probably wouldn't haul it.

I also use the nylon coated fishing leader wire (125 lbs).

Very strong and as an added bonus, after you crimp you can hold a match underneath and the nylon melts together for a slip proof connection. The mfgr. claims that for fishing, you don't even need a crimp. Just hold the wire ends together and melt for a strong loop.

22/11/2018 02:40:54

Well done all of you!

Look at any one of my vids and you'll all feel your landings were fine in such a wind.

That runway wasn't very long, but it was plenty wide. cool

I don't have a competing vid (yet) but Mine's been doing well, with a nice straight rollout when I land in the grass and a sharp turn to the wind when landing on the asphalt. (I've had to replace the duct tape on the bottom wing tips)

Loved seeing all of the Stampes going at once!


20/09/2018 17:20:55

Repairs done and shakedown flight successful.

The new Sullivan Skylight wheels, 4.5", have eliminated the nose over tendency of the old Dubros, but they're much bouncier.

Here's a shot of the repaird Stampe just before takeoff.




Edited By Nick Santovito on 20/09/2018 17:21:56

08/09/2018 19:59:19

08/09/2018 19:55:20

Not much damage, I have already pulled the engine, and should have all repairs finished by Sunday.

Funny thing about the wind, The forecast was for 4 mph E and it was just that for previous flights.

The Wind started misbehaving about 30 seconds after the take off, Then it started bouncing and swirling for about half an hour. Then all was calm again.

I try not to fly above five or six mph but sometimes it sneeks up on you.

It's been a good record tho, we started building four years ago and this is the first time we've damaged anything.

(not counting solder joints needing reheating)



Edited By Nick Santovito on 08/09/2018 19:56:12

08/09/2018 01:05:03

The vid is wrong it's been 2 years.

Air was bumpy but the Stampe was cruising thru the bumps like a champ.

The new wheels greatly reduced the nose over tendency on take off.

After a marvelous flight she was settling down to a nice landing, a little fast to better handle the gusts.

Then out of left field she was hit with a sharp gust from the west, if you watch the slomo, you'll see it all happened so fast that it was already on it's nose before I could hit up elevator.

Damage seems marginal, just need to glue the firewall back on and add bracing, and put a new threaded rod on the interplane strut. A couple of solder joints need to be re heated.


07/09/2018 02:21:13

Well, here's a teaser for you.

After 2 years of health issues, the Stampe found her way back to the field and had a marvelous flight... until the landing.

Stay tuned for the vid, complete with slomo.

Edit: I was just looking at the youtube button.... we no longer have to resize the vid?


Edited By Nick Santovito on 07/09/2018 02:24:29

24/06/2018 22:34:01

Nice showing guys.

Nice to see 5 stampes and a Tiger together, even if it is vicariously.

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