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Thread: 62 inch WS RCME plan Spitfire
15/06/2020 19:50:33

My 72" Spitfire ( 7 Lb - 2 oz), uses an Emax 4030 385kv on 6s, flown with 14 x 7, 15 x 8, and 16 x 10 during testing. Chose the 15 x 8 as a good compromise of power and duration.



Thread: Minor irritation
15/06/2020 19:42:17

When you click on 'Login' and the 'Remember Me' box doesn't appear, click on your browser page refresh/update and it should appear. At least it does using Chrome.


Thread: Drone delivery service, the shape of things to come?
31/05/2020 14:39:41

Southampton University has recently flown a UAV from Southampton to The Isle of Wight for transporting medical supplies.

It's rather large, (like enormous, though couldn't find any dimensions),

has a range of 1000km (620 miles) and can carry a payload of up to 100kg in a hold around the size of an estate car boot. --


Edited By eflightray on 31/05/2020 14:40:18

Thread: Where are the Watts?
29/05/2020 13:28:47

Dare I say, .... the propeller.

You could draw enough amps to achieve say 500 watts with a flywheel, a too big a prop, a too coarse pitch prop, or even the right prop but on back to front.

Why not select the prop you want for the type of flying you want, possible prop rpm, (for pitch speed), then select a motor and battery combination to achieve it.


Thread: Seeking knowledge
24/05/2020 18:55:35

Number 28 -- Ford Mercury V8 engine ?

Perhaps they should have used the engine for propulsion.


Thread: Who is building what?
15/05/2020 18:52:12

Just finished building, (I hope), a replacement for my last Lancaster that was attacked by a hawthorn hedge.

103" span, difficult to photo all in one shot, very small bedroom. -

lanc iizj.jpg

lanc iizk.jpg

lanc iizl.jpg

lanc iizm.jpg


Thread: Four Engine electric setup
12/05/2020 10:36:16

Another Ray's models, mine -- my model web site

Ray, (Neath).

11/05/2020 14:32:17

It could be one of those, it depends, questions.

What sort of set up is required, how many batteries, where are the batteries in relation to the ESCs, using BEC or Nimh for the Rx, etc.

I currently have a B-17, Lancaster, and Sunderland, all also have differential throttle, (which will depend on the Tx having mixers). It's handy on the Sunderland as flying boats tend to weathercock easily when turning down and across wind.

sunderland w2 (2).jpg

Ray. (Neath).

Thread: Power consumption on multi engined model
03/05/2020 14:30:01

I'm just finishing my fourth four motor model, all have the batteries and ESCs in the fuselage, (don't forget to ensure suitable cooling where ever you mount them).

The motor are as already mentioned are, one channel and battery to inner pair, another channel and battery for the outer pair. Using two mixed receiver channels also allows differential throttle if fancied.

I prefer to do a 'set throttle range' on each ESC separately, it also allows me to do an individual check of amps drawn and prop rpm.

Having the 'power' inside the fuselage does mean multiple connections if using plug-in-wings, (which I prefer for easier transport), but it's something I accept and not a problem.


Thread: Fleet Display
29/04/2020 18:45:43

I don't have enough room for a single photo, (not bosting, just a small garden full of plants), so my web site --

eflightrays' models home page


Thread: Converting Fleet Analogue Servos to Futaba
27/04/2020 19:42:33

Found this thread on Fleet gear, similar question --

Fleet Control Systems


Thread: CAD operator needed please
23/04/2020 19:52:26

From Youtube -

23/04/2020 19:38:40

Outerzone do a plan for free flight rubber power model -



Edited By eflightray on 23/04/2020 19:40:33

23/04/2020 13:45:28

Found a thread on RCG may be of interest --

Steve Wittman's Bonzo


Thread: Question
17/04/2020 19:55:22

Just had a play, this may or may not work. Using a Google search ---

Enter in the search box ........ were ...... is the picture name, e.g. (made up) xyz10.jpg

When I tried this, (on a correct picture name, one of mine), it found the picture, click on the picture and it may show a link to a thread.


Thread: Vibration absorbing engine mounting
31/03/2020 10:17:07

Go electric, problem(s) solved wink

But then you are already partly electric, electric starter cheeky



Thread: Scratch Build Twin
27/03/2020 20:06:50

Do you also have a robot that will build and fly the model for you wink

How things have changed from a single sided razor blade and a piece of sandpaper.


Thread: Wing and C of G
23/03/2020 18:58:11

Here's a CG calculator that also takes into account the tail area and the distance between the wing and tail --



Thread: Home viewing - Avaition Treats from 20th March 2020 onwards
22/03/2020 15:32:59

The Smithsonian Channel, (Freeview channel 57), has some interesting programs on aircraft occasionally, the 'Air Warriors' is quite a good one, check the listings/guide.


Thread: Drone crashes are now investigated by the AAIB
15/03/2020 16:03:44

Until you have personally flown RC models, who would believe that tree branches can move and grab a model, hedged can physically jump up to stop a passing model clearing them, bushes can transplant themselves instantly into the path of a model.

I'm sure any accident investigation team would deny it happens, but we know it does happen.


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