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Thread: Local club attendance
03/07/2019 21:48:11

How many forum member actually go online and post, probably similar to how many model club members turn up and fly. It's generally 'the usual bunch'.

The same names, (or people at the field) keep appearing. There are those that do, and those that don't.

Often they don't because they have other, possibly more important things ?, to do. To some, flying and club activities are important, to someone else's, their private life style is more important, (wife, kids, jobs, dogs, etc ).

Yes, I'm one of them, I rarely post in this forum, I don't go flying as often as I did, I actually find other things to do.

One point about the '28 days only', isn't cutting the grass and digging holes, (crashing) classed as year round agricultural work wink

Ray, club of one, it suits me and my life style. smiley

Thread: 35 MHz RX
04/04/2019 20:18:02

Just looked on the shelf above my computer -

Futaba FP-T5N Tx Challenger 35 MHz

Spektrum Dx7 Tx (an early one) 2.4 GHz

JR x-347 Tx (with Corona 2.4 GHz module)

Twister Hawk Tx 35 MHz (that counter rotating blade helicopter, somewhere)

Top Ranking Tx 27 MHz (Fly Dragonfly helicopter, somewhere)

Shouldn't have moved that last one, dust everywhere.

27 MHz is probably fairly interference free now there's no CB radio,


Thread: Taping Aileron and Elevator
04/04/2019 10:40:55

A picture --



Thread: Supermarine Swift: All sheet pusher prop.
28/03/2019 13:20:12

Lovely nostalgia, the Swift, Scimitar, Hunter, Javelin, Gnat ........ when kids could recognise and name planes.


Thread: Who uses blue or pink foam?
27/03/2019 10:22:27

A quick look on the web found ---

Panel System, Sheffield.

They do 'Floormate', also if you scroll down their page to the 'Full Product Listing - Modelling Foam' they do a 'Blue Craft Foam'.

Still not exactly cheap.



Edited By eflightray on 27/03/2019 10:23:26

Thread: Fuse
22/03/2019 18:50:05

This is a google images search on hlg glider plans (HLG = Hand Launch Gliders,) -

HLG glider plans

(hopefully it will work), there are loads and loads of model plans free to download off the web, many are in .pdf format and can be scaled to whatever size you require.


22/03/2019 14:27:52

There are a few 'different' gliders.

Are you looking for a free flight glider or radio controlled ?

Do you have a flat field to fly or are there hills and slopes ?

Do you want a hand launch, (just throw), tow line, or catapult launch ?

There can be differences in the design, and how you would like it to fly, they could influence an suggestions. Not trying to be awkward, just trying to get an idea of what you want to give you the best chance of a success, and a good introduction to modelling if this is your first model.


Thread: Does your club prohibit the use of after-market receivers?
20/03/2019 19:19:53

One more reason why I'm glad to be a genuine country member,with my own 'club', and can set any rules, regulations I feel are suitable.

So far there is only one rule - Fly sensibly, and enjoy it.

Thread: Which brushless motor and prop for WW Orion-E
20/03/2019 14:11:35

Though for a moment someone might be resurrecting the old original Orion smiley


Sadly not. But it was a looooong time ago.


Thread: How many planes can you join together by their wing tips??
17/03/2019 14:31:45
Posted by David Mellor on 17/03/2019 08:57:41:


But it doesn't seem to be attracting much interest on this forum full of aeromodellers! Why is that?

Probably because it's on RCGroups in the VTOLs forum, where Ran does most of his experimental work.

He also did a large vtol 'Ring Wing', large enough to fly another model through.


Thread: Scratch building a replacement Lancaster
16/03/2019 19:02:52

Newspaper covering ?

Yes and no.

Yes, - as it does increase the surface strength from hangar rash, it's cheap, (my favorite word).

No, - as it does add a little weight, the depron needs to be really 'clean' if using thinned PVA/white glue to stick the paper on, newspaper can shrink and you need to be careful and match sides to reduce any twisting on thin sections .

I probably wont use the same method on this one. Most of the other Depron builds are sanded, primed with thinned matt ceiling emulsion with a little talc powder added, light sanding and then painted. But they can suffer with minor scuffing etc. But, it does make them easier to repair if needed. Paper or glass cloth covering can make repairs a little trickier.

My whole aim is to build to fly, not build to survive, usually with as little power as possible, so keeping them light is just part of the design and build, but then my models are a good few years old and still seem to survive well.


16/03/2019 14:00:36

Thank you blush, but I don't see it a superb craftsmanship, more like very lucky bodging wink.

I'm just willing to have a go and see what comes out, usually the final result looks Ok, and flies just fine.

Each new build is a another technique gained, usually because I forgot what I did before and don't draw plans.

But it's enjoyable.

Ray. Some of my builds and models. (It may say 'Not Secure', but they do allow me on a long chain these days laugh )

Thread: 104 inch B-17 Identification
15/03/2019 15:37:57

Build light. they fly much better.

Sorry the video is so poor, I forgot to check and clean the lens.

82" span, 8Lb - 15oz flying, under 600 watts total.

Thread: Scratch building a replacement Lancaster
14/03/2019 13:33:50

A couple of additional photos.

The spars are now glued in, makes the wing section very strong considering it's 1/8" balsa spars.

Lower bottom sheeting 3mm Depron added to define tailing edge. A test shows using 3mm sheet wrapped around the L.E. will work quite well.


lanc iio.jpg

lanc iip.jpg


Thread: 104 inch B-17 Identification
14/03/2019 13:21:01

Nice model the B-17

My scratch built, (no plans), 100" span, foam core wing covered in brown paper, the rest is balsa. Plug in wings, and horizontal stabs for easy transport.

Electric power. The video was shot when she still had brushed motors, Olympus belt drives, and Nimh cells. She was eventually upgraded to brushless and Lipo, and shaved 2Lbs of the weight.

Current flying weight is 10Lbs - 2oz, Still fly her occasionally.


12/03/2019 20:03:16

Just spotted this thread -- Aerotech B-17


12/03/2019 20:00:58

Aerotech used to do a 1/12 (104" span) scale B-17 kit, but it was a while ago.


Thread: Consolidated Catalina from an unknown plan.
11/03/2019 19:17:11

Also check out the Youtube videos, there are a few on retracts, search on - rc pby retracts - and - rc pby undercarriage -


11/03/2019 13:09:42

Here's a handy set of undercarriage animations, the last picture in post #7 shows a Cat's undercarriage - (just click on the picture to see it moving). -- Animate undercarriage

I though about adding retracts at one time, but finding some was the problem, the front double 'A' frame off a model car seems to be a very good starting point for the mains. The RC cars ones even have shocks and springs.

Good luck with the build.


Thread: Scratch building a replacement Lancaster
10/03/2019 20:54:44

This could be a long term project.

After the demise of my previous Lanc last year, ( attack of the killer hedge ), the salvaged parts, everything except the body, wings, tail, kept staring at me, pleading me to make them a new home.

I started drawing up an A20 Boston/Havoc, then realised it looked too much like my B-25 but with only one fin, and uses only two of the motors. To use up those four motor it just had to be another Lanc. Well they do look ....... special.

So, another scratch build, and genuinely starting from scratch as there were no usable drawings of my original, but then that's the fun of making it up as I go along. Though I may later regret using the word 'fun'.

I don't do detailed build threads, just a few pictures occasionally, the rest of the 'design' is still in my head.

So here she is so far. And yes, it's electric and in mostly Depron foam.

Check the tail feathers will fit, Just held in place. (Photo rotated by system). -

lanc iib.jpg

Fuselage getting its skins. -

lanc iie.jpg

Wings will be plug-in. Wing box using carbon arrow shafts. -

lanc iij.jpg

A load of ribs hand cut, and these are just for the centre section. -

lanc iik.jpg

Mocked up to check fit of ribs and inner engine locations. -

lanc iim.jpg

Will be a slow build, so don't expect many updates.

She should be about 102" span, (last one way 98" span).

Ray, (as mad as ever, but in a nice way wink ).

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