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Thread: BMFA Membership Card
20/02/2020 13:27:09

I wonder how small and what they will weigh ..... the *black box*- (radio data link back to the CAA 'police' , that we will all have to fit next as proof we never flew, in the 'wrong' place, near any buildings, people, animals, how high we flew, how fast we flew, (sure to be speed limits introduced next).

Will planes have to have annual MOT type checks at registered CAA test centres ?, will pilots also have to have health certificates to prove they are fit to operate a transmitter ?

Yet I believe there are over half a million car/van/truck drivers that don't hold a driving licence or insurance, or even undergo a sight test.

I remember when it was a hobby, and we had fun, ....... sad


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Thread: Scratch built foam/depron indoor models, lets see them.
09/02/2020 14:31:34

Some people like the slightly bigger indoor models going by some of the videos on Youtube I came across, and no, not helium filled models either.

I suppose it come down to just how big you 'indoors' is.

8 ft span B-17

10 ft span C-47

7 ft span B-36


Thread: returning to bungee flying, big smiles
05/02/2020 14:25:08

For a bit of near constant bungee fun many years ago, I built from a free plan the Holland Gnat catapult launch glider, (If I remember right there was 3 models on the plan, the Gnat, EE Lightning, and one other).

Span was in the region of 18" . Just two channel, elevator and ailerons. All balsa sheet construction.

A shortish rubber bungee was used, (with no line), to send the Gnat as fast as possible horizontally, then in to a vertical climb as high as possible. A few turns, dives and loops, rolls, and it was all over in a few seconds, but great fun and near continuous flights.

You tried to land close to where the bungee ring was, walk back stretching the rubber as much as you dare, then off again.

Not exactly 'thermalling', but a great break from hunting thermals.


Thread: Medium vs Hard Balsa
04/02/2020 14:45:36
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 03/02/2020 14:37:19:

Hi Peter,

It was a TN Spitfire and I decided to try the precut pack. It presumably came from SLEC and you would not believe how awful it was. The fus is made from several pieces and one was so hard that I could not bend it by hand to join at the rear. I have put this on my build blog for the model already. The so called light ply ribs were from splintery old tea chests and weighed a ton. I decided to go ahead anyway and and that was the weight it ended up as, but it still flies well. Most other versions of this which I have heard of are between 16 and 18lbs. Landing has to be very gentle or it is yet another retract rebuild.

I dispensed with all of the 1/4" birch ply parts on the new one and hand picked the wood from BC.

Now over powered with a Laser 180 so down sized to a 155 which is just right.


Nigel, you may wish to look at my build blog on the Ohmen to supplement Peter`s instructions.

Now I built the TN 72" span Spitfire Mk V, (free plan 2010) specifically for electric power, minimum of balsa, (used light weight), with Depron sheet in place of much of the balsa.

Mine flies at 7 lbs - 2 oz, (that includes, flaps, retracts, and a 6s Lipo).

I know some people like heavy models for IC power, I just like lighter builds when it comes to electric power.

Luckily I have a model shop not too far away where I can select balsa. I have found by weighing some sheets, a good lightweight sheet ( 4" x 36" ) , can weigh the same as a medium/hard sheet of half the thickness. Selection is well worthwhile if you are a weight conscious builder.

The model is nearly 8 years old, still flies great, and my favorite flier. Building light is just another technique.


Edited By eflightray on 04/02/2020 14:46:56

Thread: Have I enough power?
29/01/2020 10:17:34

Some people love and trust calculations/calculators, personally I don't.

I tend to rely on experience, a wattmeter, and importantly, a tacho.

A wattmeter will protect the system from too high an amps draw, whether you are using a prop or a flywheel. Watts don't fly a model, likewise a flywheel don't tend to help the model fly wink .

But a tacho showing what rpm the prop is achieving is a very good starting point, add some experience, (keeping records), will give a much better idea of what will fly a model fly well.

Just from my own records, - 4Kg model, (63" Sparrow Hawk) - 14" x 7" APCe - 8300 rpm - flew the model really well, with plenty of aerobatics.

So to me I know what the prop rpm needs to be. The watts drawn, (amps), is almost unimportant, it's just a safety feature.

Sorry if I have stepped on a few toes, but the right prop turning the right rpm is what flies the model well.


Edited By eflightray on 29/01/2020 10:18:46

Thread: Custom wiring
27/01/2020 18:56:49

It might not be what you are looking for, but on one of my models with plug in wings it has three servo type connectors per wing.

I used suitable length extension leads and mounted the ends on strips of thin ply using a hot glue gun.

The picture may help.





Thread: 6 Turning 4 Burning
22/01/2020 19:13:24

Have you got 6 G-26 engines ?

Thread: Dog harassment while flying!
10/01/2020 18:53:42

Try shaking the dog off your leg, though there is a risk it could make things worse.



Thread: Members Map
28/12/2019 19:04:12
Posted by robert chamberlain on 17/12/2019 07:12:33:

is someone working on one for the US?

Try this one --

**LINK**  (RCGroups)


Edited By eflightray on 28/12/2019 19:05:07

Thread: Torque rods vs wing servos
04/12/2019 18:59:14

Twin servos do allow for 'flaperons', should you want to try them.

It is probably years since I last used torque rods.


Thread: Is it Just my impession?
28/11/2019 19:22:55

One of my old photos from way back in '56 or '57, (I started work at 15 in '58), when even a school, was interested in model building.


Like already said, there were quite a few shops that sold modeling equipment back then, even a hardware shop near my school.

Other than fishing, there were few hobbies to get involved in back then. New and amazing aircraft (usually military), were constant being developed and reported on, so youngsters back then were constantly aware of aircraft, (remember the Eagle comic and it's centre page on new technology).

What is currently being paid out on mobile/smartphones by youngsters is probably way beyond what is required to take up modelling. I'm sure the money is out there to get involved, but youngsters just don't seem interested unless it's something trendy, like 'drones'.


Addition: Note my C/L flying wing, the 'crescent wing' was all the talk at the time.

Edited By eflightray on 28/11/2019 19:25:59

28/11/2019 14:08:28

I could get a lot of Depron compared to balsa prices, that's what initially converted me to Depron. Sadly the original white Depron is no longer available, the 'new' grey Depron just isn't the same.

I too have a few ARF models, but scratch building was what kept my interest.

From an ARF buyers point of view, you get almost everything in one package, no having to order hinges, horns, pushrods, links, piano wire, wheels, even screws etc, etc. Then there are the postage costs, as people may not know all the things they need to buy in one order, and the interminable wait for things to arrive, does make ARFs seem a reasonable way to go. Add to that getting a nice scale looking molded and detailed foam ARF model, against making your own 'box with a wing on it', must appeal to a lot of beginners, and probably some long term fliers.

Then there is that big 'need' for the latest model that just came out that seems to affect some people, regardless of the cost. You only have to see threads on, 'how many models do you have', to know there are still people who will spend regardless.

What does surprise me regarding cost, is what some people try to sell their used models for in the classified, do they really sell them at those prices ?

Next year I will probably be selling everything, (and I do mean everything, models, radios, and spares etc), but would ask a sensible price, probably less than some of the individual models advertised. Time for a change.


Thread: Scroll Saw
24/11/2019 13:34:37

I have one from Machine Mart, the blades supplied with it were a waste of time. I found they always cut in a curve, on inspection I found the blade teeth appeared to be 'punched' from one side only. Get some good quality blades.


Thread: Plane storage ?
20/11/2019 21:46:59

My models have been stored in a shed and garage (unheated) for years with no problems other than the dreaded surface mold, and that only attacks one model. Must the something in the finish, (acrylic artists paint).

Those in the garage also share the space with a wet car quite often, (this is Wales).

Transmitters and flight batteries are kept indoors, (small bedroom/workplace), the Lipos are stored in ice cream tubs, have used that method also for years).

Corner of my plastic shed 8ft x 6ft .

shed (2).jpg


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Edited By eflightray on 20/11/2019 21:48:53

Thread: spoilers and all moving tailplane
20/11/2019 21:33:16

I would suggest going to Youtube and doing a search on - STOL

They show some record breaking STOLs, - how about landing in 9ft 5in, and that's full size, not a model.


Thread: BMFA numbers. Is this true, or a gross exaggeration?
14/11/2019 12:35:01
Posted by john stones 1 on 13/11/2019 21:38:45:

I don't have the answer.

Fishing, you need a car, there's rules aplenty, it ain't on your doorstep, club fishings a big thing, it's expensive, trust me, you're out in all weathers, more traveling than modelling, you have to work at it to be successful.

Our hobbies not unique in having drawbacks, so what are our positives ?

Sorry, I can only think of more negatives.

With fishing, often there are canals, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds etc nearby, where a youngster can see what is happening and there will probably be a local fishing club, or even schoolmates who go fishing. I used to cycle to my local angling sites as a teenager, even cycled to my local flying site, (recreation ground/sports/school field). It was probably 6 years of modeling before I got a car.

But where does a youngster see model aircraft ? Do many clubs really want "young kids with their toy electric planes", as that's how I could imagine some club member feel, hopefully I'm wrong.

Perhaps the answer is, stop worrying about the hobbies future, those that want to join in will, it will carry on as before, at least as long as governments and councils tolerate it.

The hobby survived the loss of all those old airfields and runways we used for free flight. The only people likely to kill the hobby and flying field are the end users annoying other people.


13/11/2019 21:20:18

Perhaps step back and take the position of a non-modeler.

Why would I want to take up a hobby I rarely or never see anywhere, not on TV, other than maybe on 'You've been framed' occasionally of crashes.

That schools never mention or have inter-school competitions, (Heavy lift ?, what's that ?). That probably many air cadets don't even get involved with.

That needs special places to fly as councils class it as a 'health and safety risk', probably the same for schools, 'not covered by our insurance'.

That needs a car to get to. That is often controlled by weather conditions. That a club wants to charge me quite a lot of money to join, then tells me there are loads of rules restricting what I want to do, and when.

Unless people see models flying, how will they even know it exists as a hobby ?. So where are most clubs ?, out in the countryside down a back road, out of the way.

It makes you wonder if the hobby actually wants more people to get involved.

Just my opinions and thoughts.


12/11/2019 19:37:40

I will be honest and say this is probably my last year of building and flying. A combination of various, probably minor things, has led to my decision, the CAA/registration is probably one more of the minor nails in the coffin.

After 60+ years of modeling, with a few minor breaks, I realise the hobby was tending to control my spare time.

But the weather is now tending to control my flying more than ever before. I think I flew twice his year. Remember long calm summer evenings ?, trouble is they are just memories. The problems of good weather and no spare time, or spare time and poor weather conditions just add to the decision and frustrations.

I will probably renew my BMFA membership, ( I remember joining the SMAE), but sometime next year, will sell everything, (and I do mean everything), a total break.


Thread: Cremation, or Composting ?
11/11/2019 14:58:18

But you need to understand that the green fanatics expect the UK to be protected by us getting rid of anything that may affect 'our' environment, a sort of 'bubble mentality'.

We may have to build our future dwellings from things like old models. Mud huts will be banned as it could affect the muds biodiversity. sarcastic

I will probably be banned from the country for using plastic materials, (foam). Good job I'm too old to worry about it. wink


Thread: Catapult Build for Ducted Fan Models
11/11/2019 14:46:30

I used a bungee launch originally, then realised it wasn't actually necessary.

Perhaps it was something to do with the models wing loading wink

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