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Thread: Thinking aloud about Spits...
14/09/2019 19:15:32

Foxfan. I have always built wings flat, easier to build and see if there are any warps, twists etc.

The stall tend to be in the low end speed range, (unless you consider high speed stalls, never managed to go that fast and pull a tight turn). The heavier the model, the the greater the wing loading, the higher the stall speed, so I have always built light, plus there's the advantage of needing less power.

To me, adding wash-out where you don't think it's useful, is similar to reducing the wing area and lift capability. If the outer part of the wing isn't adding to the lift it just seems a waste.

Now if someone built a really heavy model, high wing loading, and needed to fly fairly slowish to land owing to a short runway etc, then adding wash-out may add a slight safety margin, then do it by all means.

I have never been a follower of build strong, (heavy), to survive crashes, or add a bigger engine to make it fly. I build to survive flying, not crashing.

Seems to have worked for me for many many years, both IC power, (30+ years), and electric power, again about 30 years since giving up IC, plus some experience in free flight, it all comes in useful.

But that's just me, many fliers have different ideas that work for them. The thing to do is always try something different to learn and gain experience of what suits you.


Edited By eflightray on 14/09/2019 19:16:09

14/09/2019 13:28:36

Alternative would perhaps be, -

don't add wash-out so the whole wing is lifting better, (you are not wasting the outer wing area and making flying inverted riskier), and most of all, learn to build lighter, wink , and don't fly near the stall speed.

Seems logical to me.

Ray, (72" Spitfire with no wash-out) smiley

But I should add, I don't make 'scale' models either.

Edited By eflightray on 14/09/2019 13:29:50

12/09/2019 20:49:48

My 72" Depron Spitfire came in at 7Lbs - 2oz flying. No worries about stall speed and tip stalling.


12/09/2019 10:54:30

I built the Tony Nijhuis 72" Mk V Spitfire from the free plan, but used Depron and electric power.

Still my favorite plane to fly after 7 years of use. It does fit in a normal size hatchback, (wing removable, and easy assembly).

To me bigger planes are so much more enjoyable to fly, (and easier to see), don't necessarily right off going bigger.


It would have landed slower, if I had remembered to lower the flaps blush

Thread: Possibly going all electric, which motors should I use?
25/08/2019 14:45:21

Just my opinion, but don't bother converting IC power models to electric. You end up with a compromise.

Go straight for models designed for electric power only, and if you're a builder, consider some of the many fun, and profile scale models, designed and built using Depron foam, (it's also much cheaper than balsa).

Forget the, "It has to be oily, noisy, and made with balsa" stuck in the past club members. Show them what can be achieved with electric power.

Ray. smiley

(60+ years of building and flying, 30 with IC, 30 with electric, I wouldn't go back to IC) cheeky

Edited By eflightray on 25/08/2019 14:46:01

Thread: Hands free mobile calls
23/08/2019 14:36:35

One of my pet hates is watching the driver in front of me talk to the passenger by always turning their head to took at the passenger when talking.

One of my late wife's pet hates was TV presenters who can't talk without waving their hands about. I hate to think what they are like when driving and talking.

It's a good job most all of us are perfect drivers wink


Thread: Sennybridge jamming trial
22/08/2019 09:59:05

Best way to prove the jamming works is loads of complaints from people who didn't know about the tests wink


21/08/2019 21:25:43

Thanks Steve. I will have to put my tinfoil hat on after all.



21/08/2019 20:09:12

Has anyone tried entering the coordinates into a map ?

I have, and it's nowhere near Sennybridge, unless I have it wrong. Used Bing maps.

52 21.12N, 00 45.975W

52 21.12N, 00 25.925W

51 44.05N, 00 25.925W

51 44.05N, 00 45975W



Thread: Prop size and efficiency
19/08/2019 20:07:56

Many many years ago, (nicads and brushed motor), I did some thrust testing for I think it was my first electric model, found and used a prop that gave the best thrust.

The plane wouldn't fly much beyond a sinking powered glide.

Eventually it dawned on me, (Please excuse the the following, I'm not singing it).

'Thrust - It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing ....'. for swing read rpm, for rpm read pitch speed.

I'ts the right prop turning the right speed (pitch speed), that flies the model how you want, not just how much static thrust it measures.


Thread: Electric Cars.
14/08/2019 15:17:08

Makes you wonder how many people will jump in their electric car in the morning, and try to drive away with the charge lead still attached.

Recent tv program showed a few people try driving away from petrol pumps with the hose still attached to their car.


Thread: Prop failure
14/08/2019 15:10:32

Prop damage happened to me quite a while back, the frightening thing was the spinner was actually hiding it.

Electric power, APCe 15" x 8" prop, plastic spinner. The prop clipped the grass during take-off, the sort of prop ground strike that can happen when taking off with a tail dragger.

The only reason I checked the prop was because it sustained slight tip damage.

It was not until I took the spinner off I could see what had really happened, the split was on both blades.


prop strike (8).jpg

Thread: Hi from Penderyn, South Wales
01/08/2019 19:47:31

Penderyn, I'm not too far away down the A465 in Neath, fly electric.

There is a model shop across the A465 in Skewen, Neath Abbey, called Fish 'N' Things.


Thread: Electric Cars.
21/07/2019 20:05:51

My criteria were,

does it look good to me ? (I don't care what other think, plus I need to sit low to the pedals)

can I live with the interior, dashboard, controls, infotainment ?

do I enjoy driving it ? (I love it, in sports mode it's real fun)

most importantly, can my models, including the big ones, fit in the rear with the rear seats down ?

is the price acceptable ? (actually it had a £1000 off if you had a test drive, total just under £22 Gs)

will I help saving the planet ? (don't really give a darn, if the whole of the UK changed it would still be infinitesimal affect on the world).

My answers were yes. So I bought a Hyundai Ioniq hybrid. I get 56 mpg with a fair amount of lead foot driving, I don't have to even think about range.



Edited By eflightray on 21/07/2019 20:15:01

Thread: Local club attendance
03/07/2019 21:48:11

How many forum member actually go online and post, probably similar to how many model club members turn up and fly. It's generally 'the usual bunch'.

The same names, (or people at the field) keep appearing. There are those that do, and those that don't.

Often they don't because they have other, possibly more important things ?, to do. To some, flying and club activities are important, to someone else's, their private life style is more important, (wife, kids, jobs, dogs, etc ).

Yes, I'm one of them, I rarely post in this forum, I don't go flying as often as I did, I actually find other things to do.

One point about the '28 days only', isn't cutting the grass and digging holes, (crashing) classed as year round agricultural work wink

Ray, club of one, it suits me and my life style. smiley

Thread: 35 MHz RX
04/04/2019 20:18:02

Just looked on the shelf above my computer -

Futaba FP-T5N Tx Challenger 35 MHz

Spektrum Dx7 Tx (an early one) 2.4 GHz

JR x-347 Tx (with Corona 2.4 GHz module)

Twister Hawk Tx 35 MHz (that counter rotating blade helicopter, somewhere)

Top Ranking Tx 27 MHz (Fly Dragonfly helicopter, somewhere)

Shouldn't have moved that last one, dust everywhere.

27 MHz is probably fairly interference free now there's no CB radio,


Thread: Taping Aileron and Elevator
04/04/2019 10:40:55

A picture --



Thread: Supermarine Swift: All sheet pusher prop.
28/03/2019 13:20:12

Lovely nostalgia, the Swift, Scimitar, Hunter, Javelin, Gnat ........ when kids could recognise and name planes.


Thread: Who uses blue or pink foam?
27/03/2019 10:22:27

A quick look on the web found ---

Panel System, Sheffield.

They do 'Floormate', also if you scroll down their page to the 'Full Product Listing - Modelling Foam' they do a 'Blue Craft Foam'.

Still not exactly cheap.



Edited By eflightray on 27/03/2019 10:23:26

Thread: Fuse
22/03/2019 18:50:05

This is a google images search on hlg glider plans (HLG = Hand Launch Gliders,) -

HLG glider plans

(hopefully it will work), there are loads and loads of model plans free to download off the web, many are in .pdf format and can be scaled to whatever size you require.


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