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Thread: Looking for a camera with a head set
23/04/2015 19:53:47

Some one called, and he appears wink

The Keychain 808 #16 is what I use, (a few videos on Youtube under 'eflightray', not all with the #16, (HD), some are the #5 and #11, not so good)

And here my rig --




Simple, the rig and me smiley

Thread: Power selection ?
23/04/2015 13:24:46

I did a search and the Combat Model A-10 seems to be rather an old model going by any web links, /forum threads.

If this is the same one, you may need a bit more than 4s Lipo packs --

**LINK** - RCGroups forum

I cheated with a scratch built A-10 and went tractor mounted props.

Thread: BIG Twin turbine powered F-14 with in-flight WING SWEEP
22/04/2015 19:49:34

Not another ARF model wink, doesn't anyone build from scratch anymore cheeky

Very impressive, but ......

Thread: speed 600 motor with 2.8:1 gear replacement?
20/04/2015 21:05:21

They are still available, just do a Google on Graupner Speed 600 motor, you should find a few places still selling them. Don't forget the voltage, as there was a range available.

I would imagine most 'long term' electric fliers still have a box full of brushed motors, I do, and gear boxes, belt drives, all just gathering dust somewhere in the workshop.

Though you will get a lot of, "convert it to brushless and Lipo", but then you also would need a brushless ESC, and possibly a charger suitable for Lipos, if still using just a Nicad/Nimh charger.

Thread: New type of opto ESCs?
18/04/2015 20:33:47

If modeler finds their ESC has no BEC, what do they often do ?,

Usually, they connect an SBEC across the same flight battery.

That eliminating the true signal 'isolation' because they have linked the ground, (and probably positive), to both sides of the ESCs optical isolator. Under these circumstances the 'red' lead probably can be disconnected.

Not many fliers want to carry two batteries to get true isolation, (possible weight and room problem), plus the system still works fine without isolation.

Edited By eflightray neath on 18/04/2015 20:34:11

Thread: This Is How To Put Out A Fire
15/04/2015 15:41:53

Wow!, what a great idea for a car wash, every modeler would drive for miles to have their car cleaned. wink

Thread: Fairey Battle - A question of scale, opinions sought
15/04/2015 10:15:00
Posted by Jon Harper on 14/04/2015 23:02:52:

In response to eflightray, plug in wings are the spawn of satan. I hate them with a fiery passion! Personal preference of course, but they really irk me

We can't all afford large vehicles for our models cheeky

Here's another one for you to hate, but at 93" span and it had to fit a Fiat Punto at the time of build, (20+ years ago), something drastic had to happen. And I still fly it.

b-25july12 (1).jpg

b-25july12 (2).jpg

b-25july12 (3).jpg

(or perhaps you only play with little ones wink .

14/04/2015 20:12:41

Whatever size, just design it for plug-in wings.


Only 67" span, but no reason why you can't go bigger.

Thread: Spring is here!!! Who has been out flying??
14/04/2015 19:40:18

First time out this year, (to day), and two great flights with my Sunderland, (off grass).

I had been seriously thinking of selling up this year, but a couple of really good flights, gets that 'itch' going again. for a while at least.




Edited By eflightray neath on 14/04/2015 19:41:28

Thread: A Simple Incidence Meter
08/04/2015 13:23:22

My version. Slide anywhere along a wing to check twist/washout, also adjustable for different chords.

Made from Depron, but could be balsa, cardboard, etc.

incidence1 (1).jpg

incidence1 (2).jpg

incidence1 (3).jpg

Thread: Big Mig. From catapult launch to hand launch.
05/04/2015 15:38:55

Perhaps not so much fortunate, it was designed and built to be very light and use little power.

That's why I never build the usual 'brick-out-house' models that require as much power as possible to fly, that so many still seem to love. wink

05/04/2015 14:56:14

The specs-

64" span

74" long

4lb -10oz flying

two BL2208-14 motors

two 6 x 4 props, slightly cut down

3s Lipo 4400mAh

44A 500Watts, total, (not each motor). wink



Edited By eflightray neath on 05/04/2015 14:56:34

05/04/2015 14:51:31

Originally catapult launched, I had a feeling it could be hand launched.

But as the keychain camera fell off the side of my glasses the first time running, (waddling), I tried a standing still 'chuck'.

Thread: Converting spring-air retracts to electric
03/04/2015 15:13:27

Is there anything at GiantShark regarding air retracts you can use -

Air Supply and Valves --



Edited By eflightray neath on 03/04/2015 15:14:43

Thread: What did you want to do as a kid, when you grew up, what would you chose in hindsight ?
02/04/2015 15:08:10

As a kid I wanted to be a Sheriff, I already had a double barreled pop-gun, it would shoot both barrels full of gravel, (buckshot), about 2 ft..

Not having a lot of choice when I started work, (at 15), I went into engineering. Progressed through a few engineering companies, electrical and electronic.

Would I have changed anything ?, probably not, I would have missed some interesting things, and could be just as easily considerably worse off than better off by now, (retired).

Enjoy what you've got while you've got it, but protect your health as you may actually reach old age, and it's more important than you may think while young.


Edited By eflightray neath on 02/04/2015 15:09:14

Thread: How long does it takes to complete a typical ARTF?
31/03/2015 11:05:05

Depends on the ARF model.

But for someone completely new to RC flying without any help, I would guess a ratio of about 100:1, build time to crash time. Maybe even 1000:1 if they pick totally the wrong model.

In roughly 60 years of model flying and building I have never logged the number of hours a build took.

Now at least with the digital cameras that log the date, I can at least get an idea of when I started a build, (as long as I remember to take photographs of the build blush .

Thread: A different use for 'drones'
30/03/2015 20:22:56

Why not, they use full size helicopters in a few 'big' countries.

Now if only they made drones that smell like wet sheepdogs, perhaps they wouldn't be so popular wink

Thread: Design & Build Short Stirling
16/03/2015 20:45:58

Regarding canopies, turrets, blisters etc, always keep an eye out for any clear plastic packaging, it's amazing what just happens to be suitable.

I recently scratch built a Lancaster, and just about all my 'glassware' came from salvaged and modified clear packaging or plastic bottles.

You may have already decided, but I run the inner motors to one battery, outers to another, in the hopes that it will stop any asymmetrical power problems.

My 'fours', a Lancaster, Sunderland, and B-17.

Nice build, don't loose faith, I regularly had to walk away from a build for a while, but always got back, eventually. That first flight always makes it worth the heartache. wink


Thread: Kite Flyer
07/03/2015 20:43:39

There are also quite a few powered RC kites, great for those calmer days and make for very compact models.


Thread: Andy Meade's ME-262 at the Bwlch
07/03/2015 20:37:11

One of these days .........

Well the Bwlch is only about 20 minutes up the road from me, ....... take the props off and ........

One of these days .......


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