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Thread: Take one Dynam Spitfire...
06/03/2015 21:09:40

Boy, I bet you even go round with a duster wink

On the American forum, they love to show their basement workshops, (what I would call a small industrial unit), but they always look spotless as though they don't actually do anything in them.

I still manage to build a few biggies, last was a 98" span Lanc, the Sunderland is 80", and I once built a 132" span flying wing, (three piece wing admittedly). As they say, "it's not how big it is, it's what you do with it that counts".

But damn, I'm still envious cheeky


Thread: Am I being cynical ?
04/03/2015 15:52:00

After reading another thread, why would someone want to become a BMFA Director ?

For the same possible reasons as above ?

04/03/2015 15:34:57

So why would someone want to become a politician ?, is it because -

They want to help as many people as possible ?

They want power over others ?, and get well paid for it.

They want to force their political views on all those who disagree with them ?, and get well paid for it.

They want to get on what appears to be a potential gravy train ?, and get well paid for it.

They want a job with great benefits, and potential early pension ?, and get well paid for it.

They want just to be loved.

Thread: Take one Dynam Spitfire...
03/03/2015 20:23:46

Steve, a workshop ?, sadthat is not a 'man cave', that's a 'man cavern'. (there isn't an icon for 'green with envy'.

I build in a box-room off a single bed tipped on its side, with a piece of conti-board laid on top.


storage (6).jpg


storage (7).jpg


The Spit fuselage is my version of the Tony Nijhuis 72" Spitfire, (the free plan), but built in Depron foam, (half the expected balsa version weight).



Edited By eflightray neath on 03/03/2015 20:24:44

Thread: Front or back mounted?
02/03/2015 19:20:54
Posted by Rob Tothill on 02/03/2015 18:02:17:
I know very little about electric motors, but thought it was in runners and outrunners. I could be confused though!

Yes, that was a very good age based brain fade wink, unless someone wanted the prop stationary and the wings to rotate.

Still waiting for nursie to bring my medicine.

That's better.

It looks like the Dynam 3720 600kv already come suitable for mounting on the back of a firewall/bulkhead with the shaft poking through.

Thread: Self repairing models.....
02/03/2015 19:07:13
Posted by Spice Cat on 02/03/2015 18:45:36:

Just been listening to a very interesting programme on a Radio 4 podcast where the innovation of self repairing substances was investigated. Anything from concrete to paint. And there is more to come.

Think of it; crash one day, leave it in the shed and by morning the model is fixed!!!!

Can't wait.

Now that's what I call damn clever mice.

Thread: ARC Carosel C of G
01/03/2015 18:12:19

Maybe safer to use a CG Calculator to check.

I have never liked the 'use 1/3rd chord' as a general rule, maybe start at 1/4+ and work back from there during flight testing.

CG Calculator -- **LINK**

Thread: Front or back mounted?
28/02/2015 14:07:57

If you mean the 'X' shaped motor mount, that usually only fits on one end of the motor.

You could use the same fixing holes to directly mount the motor to a bulkhead/firewall if there are no screw holes at both ends of the motor.

If you want the shaft sticking out that same end if you intend mounting it using the 'X' mount, it can sometimes mean turning the shaft round, 'shaft reversing', sometime the shaft will push through once the locking screws are loosened.

There are often videos on Youtube on 'brushless motor shaft reversing', some will also name a specific motor of range.

The only 3720 600kv motor to pop up in a search was the Dynam, which looks like it may have screw fixings at both ends.

Thread: Easy To Use CAD For Beginners
27/02/2015 20:10:51
Posted by bert baker on 27/02/2015 19:50:08:

Well that's the point for me, I have two Denford Orac CNC lathes a CNC micro mill a denford Micro router.

All of no use as I need to be able to draw stuff first, I have tried Sketchup I did manage a few basic parts but wanted to go the CAD route proper and Turbocad is going to be a learning curve.

I use SketchUp, for scaling a 3-view, a roll of wallpaper, pencils, and straight edges for some lines, (not really a plan), and a scalpel knife.

Works for me as I don't want to produce loads of kits.

Thread: Second Hand Piper Cub Dilemma
25/02/2015 18:26:03

Here's a Google Images search on - Top Gun Piper Cub 80" - shows a double strut.


Thread: Easy To Use CAD For Beginners
25/02/2015 18:19:11

Google SketchUp, it's free, has a load of modelers already using it, so there are plenty of standard components already in libraries, such as servos, Rxs, etc, plus loads of Youtube tricks and techniques videos by modelers.

Thread: Total redundancy
20/02/2015 19:44:11

Assuming you are in the UK and will be flying in the UK, surely the LMA has all the required information and recommendations regarding system safety.

Again assuming the model will be over 20Kg, there will be regulations and inspections required for the model, (Over 20Kg CAA Scheme).

Thread: What's the largest Model You've Been Able To Get Into Your Smallest Car?
17/02/2015 19:07:36

All my bigger models are designed and built to be disassembled easy for transporting.

Just a couple, 90" B-25 and 72" Spitfire, (car a 5 seat Ford C-Max) -

b25july12 (6).jpg

Thread: How worthwhile is aileron differential?
15/02/2015 19:03:12
Posted by Andrew Ray on 15/02/2015 18:57:25:
Posted by eflightray neath on 15/02/2015 18:46:16:

I would also add, the lack of differential aileron is probably the main reason for many of the, 'down wind turn, fall out the sky' problem.

Some flier reduce speed too much on the down wind landing leg, start the bank, and the adverse yaw drag slows the plane even more. Crunch.

Nothing to do with anything other than flying too slow. By the way the aeroplane doesn't know it's flying downwind as the only speed reference it has is airspeed. The ground is only important when the aeroplane is transitioning to or from flight.

So you disagree that adding aileron could slow a model, and that adverse yaw can cause additional drag ?

And yes, I do understand about wind and a models air/ground speed, I have been flying models long enough, (around 60 years), to have grasped that.

Thread: Maths and English
15/02/2015 18:56:53

English ?

Think yourselves lucky you don't live in this road, (thankfully neither do I).

road name.jpg

Thread: How worthwhile is aileron differential?
15/02/2015 18:46:16

I would also add, the lack of differential aileron is probably the main reason for many of the, 'down wind turn, fall out the sky' problem.

Some flier reduce speed too much on the down wind landing leg, start the bank, and the adverse yaw drag slows the plane even more. Crunch.

Also I have quite a few planes where I will hold a little aileron in a turn. I don't normally - 'apply left aileron and the plane starts to roll. When it is at the desired angle of bank, we neutralise the ailerons to stop it rolling further'

I dislike 'bank and yank' turns.

Thread: Pusher prop required
14/02/2015 19:31:43

Had to look up a Go Discover, an FPV pusher wing.

Did you originally use a folding prop ?, as I know from my experience with a folder at the rear a blade must not be allowed to fold 'past centre', i.e. one blade drop past the centre line, otherwise it can stay there instead of being thrown out by centrifugal force, and all hell breaks lose on throttle up.

I had to add a shaped washer under the nut to keep the blades in line when folded.

Thread: Brown paper primer
12/02/2015 18:17:13
Posted by FWAL on 12/02/2015 16:54:14:

I wouldn't crash if I were you. There's not a lot to read in the South Wales Evening Post smiley

Agreed, so I covered it in paint --

lanc (33).jpg

12/02/2015 14:55:41

I tried newspaper on my last model, thought it might give me something to read if I ever crashed it wink

lanc (14).jpg

Thread: Increasing Wing Span?
12/02/2015 14:50:00

I had a look at the Graduate, (your link), and a rough guess worked at at under 14oz/sq.ft., which means the model should be capable of reasonably slow flight.

Have you tried to fly it as slow as possible ?. The trick is to raise the nose slightly using elevator trim, (maybe 2 or 3 clicks), to create more drag, then use the throttle to control height, and the elevator to control speed.

Just watch you don't slow too much and stall the model, best to start finding how slow the model can fly a couple of mistakes high.

I would also assume the model can glide quite well. try slowing the glide with a little up elevator until it starts to look like it is near the stall, then open the throttle slowly to increase speed. All good practice to find just what the models capabilities are.

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