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Thread: Running before walking
05/02/2015 20:53:27
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 05/02/2015 20:35:58:
Posted by eflightray neath on 05/02/2015 20:14:06:

Model planes are strange things.

When we flew free flight model they rarely crashed.

You speak for yourself......... angry

mine usually did! laugh

I had a good free flight teacher, it's all about trimming and knowing what and how to. Which also helped considerably when I moved on to single channel RC, (no trims on the Tx back then). Sadly I doubt many of to days RC fliers will ever try free flight, and learn about how to trim a model.

Thread: I'm thinking of trying this "Depron" malarkey?
05/02/2015 20:42:23

If you have built models with balsa, then Depron is similar to a soft balsa sheet.

I currently only build using Depron as the major material, I have the following scratch built using Depron with some balsa -

59" span Eagle, (the bird variety)

50" span DH Mosquito, (profile build)

67" span Douglas Dauntless, (very near scale)

59" A-10 Thunderbolt, (near scale)

90" Short Sunderland, (flown of water and grass)

64" span Mig 1.44, (look alike with ducted props)

72" span Spitfire, (based on TN's plan, but half the weight)

98" span Avro Lancaster, (near scale)

So I guess you could say I like Depron, (mainly because I hate the price balsa wood has become, and I'm a cheapskate wink .

Thread: Running before walking
05/02/2015 20:14:06

Model planes are strange things.

When we flew free flight model they rarely crashed.

Add radio and give us control, and we can crash them without even thinking, or knowing why they crash.

There must be some relationship between radio and people. Maybe it's that, 'we are superior, they are only toys' thinking that keeps letting us down. wink

Give someone more controls are they can achieve chaos sooner. (Sorry, I might be thinking of politicians there ).

Edited By eflightray neath on 05/02/2015 20:14:33

Thread: thrust difference between 24x6 and 24x12?
30/01/2015 19:55:37

You wont know until you fly the plane.

The 6" will give better acceleration, but lower top speed.

The 12" will give lower acceleration, but a higher, (eventually) top speed. But will take/need more power.

A static thrust test may give odd results as the 12" could be stalled.

Thread: Sanity Check! Wash Out in Depron Plate Wings
29/01/2015 19:07:46

Or don't build any wash-out or wash-in, (just flat and straight), and keep away from the models stall speed, which I would guess will be pretty slow.

I don't build any wash-out into models, but I do make sure the wing is continually checked for any twist or warps during the build and finishing.


lanc (12).jpg

Thread: Depron 134" Lancaster.
28/01/2015 15:39:31
Posted by Ian101 on 27/01/2015 22:18:02:

Evening everybody.

I am a bit surprised by the interest in this project!

Ray, I have seen your Lancaster and it flies beautifully, as does your Spitfire. When I saw how well your Spitfire flew, I had to have one. I did It a different way, but what a model it is to fly. Have you got a video of your Sunderland? I have looked everywhere and can't find one.


You should find some videos, (good and bad), on Youtube, do a search on - eflightray sunderland - or just eflightray if you like boredom. wink


Edited By eflightray neath on 28/01/2015 15:40:38

Thread: Equivalence between 3 and 2 bladed propellers
28/01/2015 11:23:17

Ref the motor link.

Go to that HK page, scroll to the bottom and click on the - ' here to see all reviews'

Some users are using 8x4 props.

As I posted earlier, actual users information is more valuable than any calculation.

27/01/2015 19:49:36

I take it the 164W with a 7x4 is manufacturers 'technical' information, or real world ?

I have never trusted manufacturers data, (I bit like believing a car manufacturers mpg figures in their brochure).

The only way to determine real world information is with a wattmeter and tacho, (often worth while buying if flying electric).

It's impossible for a larger prop to draw lower amps/watts than a smaller prop, (for the same voltage).

If the motor is on the Hobby King site, there is often good user information down in the REVIEWS tab.

Perhaps you should ask an 'Electrical Engineer', (Gerhard ?), I have only been flying electric for the past 30 years.

27/01/2015 18:27:40

[QUOTE]My other consideration is to cut down these props, to achieve higher revs and hence pull more watts.[/QUOTE]


Cut down a prop and it will be less load on the motor, (as against its original size), so lower amps/watts draw, though the rpm may go up.

Planes don't fly just on watts, (You could get all the watts available with a flywheel), they fly best on the right right prop turning the right rpm.

For the same watts. If you want loads of initial acceleration and thrust, (but at the expense of reduced top speed), go bigger diameter lower pitch.

If you want speed, (but at the expense of acceleration), go smaller diameter and higher pitch.

The prop needs to match the flight requirement.

27/01/2015 15:56:06

The more you load a motor, (bigger prop, more blades, higher pitch), the greater the amps and watts.

Personally I would say 100W/Lb is way over the top for a trainer. That's in the aerobatic, fast scale job area.

When you consider that the model will probably glide quite well on 0W/Lb, (power off), all you are looking for with a trainer is a reasonable climb. Depending on the model, weight, (wing loading), and how you want it to fly, that can be very low watts.

Thread: Depron 134" Lancaster.
27/01/2015 15:47:23

Very nice build.

I went a little smaller at 98" span, still a pain to get in my car.

Scratch built, Depron with some balsa.

lanc (40).jpg

Thread: Equivalence between 3 and 2 bladed propellers
27/01/2015 15:27:20

This chart doesn't start until 10" diameter --


27/01/2015 15:24:05

Assuming you mean electric power, a three blade prop of the same diameter and pitch will draw more current. I could depend if it's the same make and blade shape.

For bigger diameter props 9" and upwards, the rough guide is to drop 1" on diameter if adding a blade, for a 7" it may not be necessary.

Check with a wattmeter.

Thread: Sometimes I am in despair with folks
06/01/2015 20:23:55
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 06/01/2015 15:15:23:

I wonder how much "flying" things on Playstations and flight simulators (not specifcally RC ones) has created a sense of over confidence with people who have never flown? A sort of Clarksonesque "How hard can it be" syndrome

That isnt meant as a critisism of decent flight sims they do help, at least I find it does, but no matter how good they are they are not the real thing

Playstations can easily make a first time car driver in to a racing car expert. Also Youtube makes flying a model look so easy, especially EDF jets to a beginner. Then these grumpy old men tell you what you really want is box with a wing on top called a 'trainer', (isn't that for babies) surprise

For every different beginner, there are generally as many different experienced flier with 'their' teaching method.

Same as the forums. A beginner asks a question, and they get answers from the very simplistic, (probably what they wanted), to so complex they think it's the start of a degree in aeronautical engineering.

Then along comes an answer disagreeing with the 'degree' explanation, and the thread wanders off, along with the original poster, (who probably goes and buys a RTF, and tries to learn on their own.

People. They differ as much a models do, some simple but work well, some complex that no one feels happy with.

Trouble is there isn't a good guide on people like there is on models. wink

Thread: Balsa to depron
02/01/2015 20:40:56

I went a bit bigger and scratch built a 98" Lancaster from Depron, (the bigger the better).

May not be a lot of help, but here's a thread on it --


Thread: Charging nano quad batteries
28/12/2014 15:10:43

Usually there is a small charging interface between the supply, (5v, computer USB, etc), that ensures the correct current and correct voltage cut-off.

I would not connect any Lipo to a 5v or USB output without some monitoring device.

Thread: If I won the Euro Lottery.....
28/12/2014 15:05:26

I did win the Euro Lottery.

Well a share of it.

Winnings = £3-10p

Cost = £6-00p

Thread: Twist'n'turn retracts for a 60 size Corsair
18/12/2014 14:02:00

Check out the Turnigy and other retracts at Hobby King.

I use a pair of their cheaper servoless retracts, (comes as a pack of three), used on a 10Lb Lancaster, they did let me down on a couple of landings, but now sorted, (I chose some rated 3.5Kg, model is over 4Kg). They came with the fittings to make them twist and turn.

Thread: plans to depron
08/12/2014 13:19:17

Also the pin method.

You place the plan over the Depron and use a pin to prick through the paper into the foam, then 'joint the dots' with a pen. You only need to prick through at strategic places, also a set of plastic curves and/or a flexy curve can be handy.

You end up with a slightly perforated plan, but it's still in one piece.

Thread: Motor Selection
30/11/2014 15:30:02

Doing a search I found some videos on Youtube on building an Aquarius.

Galaxy Models Aquarius Build - Part 1 to 8

This one Part 7 mentions the motor used --

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