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Thread: Equivalence between 3 and 2 bladed propellers
27/01/2015 18:27:40

[QUOTE]My other consideration is to cut down these props, to achieve higher revs and hence pull more watts.[/QUOTE]


Cut down a prop and it will be less load on the motor, (as against its original size), so lower amps/watts draw, though the rpm may go up.

Planes don't fly just on watts, (You could get all the watts available with a flywheel), they fly best on the right right prop turning the right rpm.

For the same watts. If you want loads of initial acceleration and thrust, (but at the expense of reduced top speed), go bigger diameter lower pitch.

If you want speed, (but at the expense of acceleration), go smaller diameter and higher pitch.

The prop needs to match the flight requirement.

27/01/2015 15:56:06

The more you load a motor, (bigger prop, more blades, higher pitch), the greater the amps and watts.

Personally I would say 100W/Lb is way over the top for a trainer. That's in the aerobatic, fast scale job area.

When you consider that the model will probably glide quite well on 0W/Lb, (power off), all you are looking for with a trainer is a reasonable climb. Depending on the model, weight, (wing loading), and how you want it to fly, that can be very low watts.

Thread: Depron 134" Lancaster.
27/01/2015 15:47:23

Very nice build.

I went a little smaller at 98" span, still a pain to get in my car.

Scratch built, Depron with some balsa.

lanc (40).jpg

Thread: Equivalence between 3 and 2 bladed propellers
27/01/2015 15:27:20

This chart doesn't start until 10" diameter --


27/01/2015 15:24:05

Assuming you mean electric power, a three blade prop of the same diameter and pitch will draw more current. I could depend if it's the same make and blade shape.

For bigger diameter props 9" and upwards, the rough guide is to drop 1" on diameter if adding a blade, for a 7" it may not be necessary.

Check with a wattmeter.

Thread: Sometimes I am in despair with folks
06/01/2015 20:23:55
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 06/01/2015 15:15:23:

I wonder how much "flying" things on Playstations and flight simulators (not specifcally RC ones) has created a sense of over confidence with people who have never flown? A sort of Clarksonesque "How hard can it be" syndrome

That isnt meant as a critisism of decent flight sims they do help, at least I find it does, but no matter how good they are they are not the real thing

Playstations can easily make a first time car driver in to a racing car expert. Also Youtube makes flying a model look so easy, especially EDF jets to a beginner. Then these grumpy old men tell you what you really want is box with a wing on top called a 'trainer', (isn't that for babies) surprise

For every different beginner, there are generally as many different experienced flier with 'their' teaching method.

Same as the forums. A beginner asks a question, and they get answers from the very simplistic, (probably what they wanted), to so complex they think it's the start of a degree in aeronautical engineering.

Then along comes an answer disagreeing with the 'degree' explanation, and the thread wanders off, along with the original poster, (who probably goes and buys a RTF, and tries to learn on their own.

People. They differ as much a models do, some simple but work well, some complex that no one feels happy with.

Trouble is there isn't a good guide on people like there is on models. wink

Thread: Balsa to depron
02/01/2015 20:40:56

I went a bit bigger and scratch built a 98" Lancaster from Depron, (the bigger the better).

May not be a lot of help, but here's a thread on it --


Thread: Charging nano quad batteries
28/12/2014 15:10:43

Usually there is a small charging interface between the supply, (5v, computer USB, etc), that ensures the correct current and correct voltage cut-off.

I would not connect any Lipo to a 5v or USB output without some monitoring device.

Thread: If I won the Euro Lottery.....
28/12/2014 15:05:26

I did win the Euro Lottery.

Well a share of it.

Winnings = £3-10p

Cost = £6-00p

Thread: Twist'n'turn retracts for a 60 size Corsair
18/12/2014 14:02:00

Check out the Turnigy and other retracts at Hobby King.

I use a pair of their cheaper servoless retracts, (comes as a pack of three), used on a 10Lb Lancaster, they did let me down on a couple of landings, but now sorted, (I chose some rated 3.5Kg, model is over 4Kg). They came with the fittings to make them twist and turn.

Thread: plans to depron
08/12/2014 13:19:17

Also the pin method.

You place the plan over the Depron and use a pin to prick through the paper into the foam, then 'joint the dots' with a pen. You only need to prick through at strategic places, also a set of plastic curves and/or a flexy curve can be handy.

You end up with a slightly perforated plan, but it's still in one piece.

Thread: Motor Selection
30/11/2014 15:30:02

Doing a search I found some videos on Youtube on building an Aquarius.

Galaxy Models Aquarius Build - Part 1 to 8

This one Part 7 mentions the motor used --

Thread: I.c. or electric/silent - what do you mainly fly?
25/11/2014 15:03:16

From about the mid 50's to the mid 80's I flew IC power, and then converted over to electric only.

Some scale model with the right sounding IC engine do sound good, (but not a 2 stroke screaming in warbird). With electric you can add a sound system for a fairly reasonable scale sound, (have one in my Dauntless), but then as already said, some electric models can sound awful.

My current favorites to build and fly are the multi motor models, B-17, B-25, Sunderland, Lancaster, all so easy with electric power.

Would I go back to IC ?, maybe, but only with a good 4 stroke petrol, and probably a move to a better flying site.

(Oh, and probably a divorce wink  . )

Edited By eflightray neath on 25/11/2014 15:04:46

Thread: So long and thanks for all the fish.
17/11/2014 15:05:50
Posted by malcolm woodcock 1 on 17/11/2014 09:18:54:

Belgium, Tony, just Belgium.

Isn't that somewhere foreign ?

Thread: Depron sports model.
12/11/2014 20:08:47

Not trying to teach granny to suck eggs. Whatever that horrible expression means frown, but have you seen this method for constructing Depron fuselages ?

To me, the advantage is you then have a box ready made to put all the radio gear, battery etc in. ---


Thread: Coverting the fleet from nitro
12/11/2014 19:52:43

You may not like this option but I still feel like saying it.

Don't convert IC models to electric.

Sell them as going concerns, and buy or build models specifically for electric power.

My logic ?, you will have much better flying models as they will be lighter, need less power, require a lighter motor and battery pack. All a saving in weight, energy, and cost.

If you believe heavier planes fly better, stick with IC power. wink


P.S. I've been flying electric power for the past 30+ years, and model building for near 60 years, I do not know everything, but have enough experience to find lighter planes fly better.


Edited By eflightray neath on 12/11/2014 19:55:47

Thread: Mercury Aeronca Sedan
02/11/2014 15:11:14

I also remember the Mercury Aeronca Sedan. I had a free flight one given to me many years ago, into which I fitted my single channel gear, motor was a very worn K&B Torpedo.

She flew a treat for a couple of minutes, until a wing strut gave way, the piano wire retainer broke and allowed one wing to reach up in a final salute.

The remains were basically un-repairable after nose diving into Church Lawford runway, (as always the motor decided to peak during the dive).

The radio gear was home made and drove a Mighty Midget geared motor for pulsed rudder.

Strange how the name of a plane can bring back all the memories.

Thread: Rip Off Or The Real Deal?
27/10/2014 20:52:51

Any 'beware' comment I have seen about manufacturers usually refers to the quality of the radio equipment fitted, servos etc, and I think that was mainly just one American distributor.

Any manufacturer/supplier can occasionally produce a 'lemon', but for every, 'don't buy a ....', there are always replies of, 'mine flies great'.

Too many people who crash a model like to blame, the model, the manufacturer, the supplier, the weather, the post office, mother-in-law, the dog, etc etc. wink

The Chinese 'rip offs', are probably more the electronics, radios, servos, ESCs. And even some of those actually perform as good, (better ?), as the originals.

Quality doesn't always come with a high price.

Edited By eflightray neath on 27/10/2014 20:54:08

Thread: How do you transport your models?
17/10/2014 15:07:19
Posted by cymaz on 16/10/2014 20:43:36:

I think there is a Wot 4 (if). Dual Ace and Club trainer. Fuel, tools, Tx, pack lunch and club packed

Not just the 'screw driver', but look at the size of that toilet roll. surprise

Perhaps that's why I don't fly IC power any more. wink

Thread: bad news for this club
16/10/2014 19:50:54

Looking at it from another view, what is the club doing to reduce the complaints ?

No point in moaning about the neighbour if, (just a guess), the club is now flying bigger noisier models and closer to the neighbour.

Too may club members I have come across in the past see it as 'their right' to do whatever they want, fly where they want and what they want. The attitude of 'we were here first' doesn't work with lawyers, unless you are newt, bat, or some other protected species.

Not saying the club is at fault, but as already said, why after four years ?, what changed.

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