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Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
25/08/2014 18:21:49

Still working on her, but I decided I needed a piccy of her,

98" span scratch built Lanc, (Depron with electric power), probably a couple of weeks away from first flight.

lanc (33).jpg

Thread: Here be aerodynamic monster
22/08/2014 20:37:51

A pain to hand launch, so I fitted retracts to mine, (now sold), but they made all the difference.

ripmax spit.jpg

Thread: National Model Flying Centre
10/08/2014 21:13:47

Goosedale was quite good, (museum and flying site), if you lived in fairly easy reach of it.

But I would guess people only tended to visit if there was a show/event on that related to their modeling interest.

The big national events obviously get a few more people willing to travel fair distances. The same goes for those who are competition minded. But who would visit a model museum on a general weekday, probably only those on holiday nearby. Once you have walked around a museum, how many more times would you want to do it again ?.

As for getting younger people interested in the hobby, they might if there is a very local club who was willing to help, (some clubs may not like beginners or have restrictions on the number of members). Otherwise it's down to a parent driving them to a club/flying site. Much easier to fly in a local park or field if they do want to try.

Tell some kid that he will need to pay out as much for club fees and BMFA membership as the plane he bought, just to fly with the 'grownups', and you probably wont see him again.

Wasn't the 'Sports Council' supposedly involved with modeling ?, I vaguely remember some mention that the BMFA and model flying was recognised by the Sports Council. If so, what have the SC actually done for the hobby ?

National Model Flying Centre ?, central to who ?

Thread: How To Make A Spitfire With A 2 Pence Piece
09/08/2014 18:36:12
Posted by kc on 09/08/2014 18:18:10:

It's illegal to deface British coins isn't it?

Trouble is, foreign coins never flew as good as the Spitfire. wink

Thread: Another Nijhuis 72" Spitfire
09/08/2014 18:11:06

26cc ?

Would you believe an electric version of TN's 72" Spit, not only that but in Depron foam, and flying at 7Lb - 2oz, (including batteries).

A brilliant plane, love it.


Thread: Twin electrics question
02/08/2014 19:31:17

If you're going to fly off water, i can certainly recommend setting the motors up for differential throttle mixed with rudder. Preferable switchable, I only use it when on the water.

It can make a big difference if it's a bit windy, ( when isn't it ?), when trying to circle back down wind. Flying boats tend to weather-vane back into wind very easy.

Thread: Ideas for articles in RCM&E
29/07/2014 13:32:09

How about less pictures of the same model. They just seem to be used as space fillers.

Or even pictures on the same page that the text refers to them.

Thread: Help with a Lipo for a Storm Launcher Mini
26/07/2014 19:46:18

Here's a big thread on the Mini Storm Launcher that may give some tips, ideas, on how to improve it.


26/07/2014 19:42:22

From what I could find out it seems to be a single cell Lipo.

You could have a look through these 1s Lipos at HobbyKing --


I doubt you will find the exact match, but if you go for the same weight cell, (preferably not heavier), and maybe make a simple connector, you could buy a few, (they are cheap), and plug a fresh battery rather than have to recharge in situ.

Thread: What's next up from a 9 x 7.5 SloFly?
21/07/2014 19:48:54

Great plane the Lazy Bee, I built a 43" span version. Flew really well, until it caught fire.

Used an Emax 2812 turning a GWS 7x4 HD on a 3s pack.


21/07/2014 15:45:30

Do you just want 100w static, or do you want a specific type of flight ?

More pitch, or more diameter will give you 100w but the flight could be totally different.

A 10 x 4.7 should give more thrust and better acceleration, over the 9 x 7.5, which will give a higher top speed.

Swings and roundabouts.

The only way, (in my opinion), to choose a prop, is to fly it. You can get 100w with a flywheel.

Thread: Odd servo movement
18/07/2014 13:34:48

An occasional problem with servos at power up can be where the Rx was bound, and then the model set-up, servo reversing, end points, rates, differential, altered etc.

Always best to bind again after the model is finally set-up.

But if the model was Ok previously, just a longish down time, ....... not sure. But I would probably unplug and re-plug all the connectors, (Rx and any 'Y' leads), just in case of a 'dirty' or poor connection causing a problem, and re-bind.




Edited By eflightray neath on 18/07/2014 13:35:37

Thread: Does your club allow members to fly by themselves?
17/07/2014 14:34:20

Does your club allow members to fly by themselves?

Yes . It's my club and I'm the only club member.

It's great, no moaning, no winging, no waiting my turn, no pain in the butt flyers,

But, I wouldn't say I was totally on my own, it's a sports field and the grounds men are often there, occasional dog walker, also occasional passing divers see a model and stop to watch.

I think many of us have done more harm to ourselves building models than we ever get at the field. Plus the risk of driving to and from the field on my own has greater potential for a disaster, (models may get damaged if I crash).

Safety is very important, I probably think more about that while flying than at any other time, (even driving ? wink .

Thread: And now for something completely Depron
04/07/2014 20:45:42

Just to show what an awkward sort of modeler I am, I don't do EDF, but EDP is interesting, (and uses a lot less power).

EDPropeller ?, Ok so you need a bigger plane.

mug (15).jpg

mug (20).jpg

mug (30).jpg

Sorry for taking up space in this thread, but props still work even when hidden.

You just need a darn sight bigger Harrier.


04/07/2014 20:25:43

Neth ?, who's that.

First, it's actually eflightray in Neath, (that's near Swansea) wink, I screwed up when signing in. crying. Not a problem some Americans even called me Tray. Doh!.

Second, please excuse me for pointing to another forum, but if you want more information on Vtols, this one has a load of info on all type of Vtols.


For specific threads on EDFs, use the Search this Forum, (upper right), and type EDF, make sure it also has Show Threads set.

Ray in Neath, who does eflight.

04/07/2014 14:09:44

Have you seen this one, -- EDF Vtol F35 design 3 bearing swivel duct --

Thread: 86" W/S Depron MkIX Spitfire
01/07/2014 12:46:32

I'm another 72"er. Again based on the TN plan and built in Depron.

Spit's always look so fantastic in the air.

May there be more 86"ers.

Thread: "NO ARTFS for me. I build real models" Sticker
01/07/2014 12:39:01
Posted by kc on 01/07/2014 10:51:22:

I suggest " Real Aeromodellers Build Their Own Aircraft" as a sticker, and maybe the title for Peter's book.

Edited By kc on 01/07/2014 10:51:49

So you see all those others as not 'real aeromodellers'.

Perhaps you still make your own radio gear ?, servos ?, engines ?, or perhaps your not a 'real engineer', just a toy builder. cheeky

Why not just, "Easy ways to build your own model planes", if a book needs a title. (But who needs an out of date book, (eventually), when you have the Internet).


01/07/2014 10:15:04

My personal view.

Yes I would love more people to get involved in model planes in general, if getting them into the hobby involves them buying RTF or ARF models, great. They at least started down the slippery slope, they can always build later.

But to criticise any part of the hobby, (I know it's tongue in cheek, I hope), could put someone new to the hobby off. I have heard of clubs turning away potential new members if they fly a cheap electric model.

The IC v electric, balsa v foam, ARF v building, should be though about perhaps a little more seriously as in my opinion it doesn't matter what you use as long as you enjoy the hobby.

If you don't like ARF models, Ok by me. But would you go to one of the big model shows and criticise those flying the large 30cc, 50cc, for having basically a ARF model.

By the way, all my models are scratch built except for two, why I bought them ?, even I wonder, but I wouldn't criticise the market that supplies them or the buyers that buy them.

For a start they are helping keep the prices of all the radio gear etc down.



Edited By eflightray neath on 01/07/2014 10:16:59

30/06/2014 20:08:44

What about,

"No foam for me, I only use balsa"

"No electric for me, I like noise"

"No IC engines for me, I kept my flying site"

"No CNC cut kits for me, I prefer to cut myself"

The list could probably go on and on, with posters adding their own particular biased view.

Yes, I even have my biased views about tasteless stickers as well wink

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