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Thread: Can a drone fly at 10000ft?
15/12/2018 20:55:50

Fantastic eyesight pilots have. Even recognising types, colour, and manufacturer.



15/12/2018 20:17:32

It would be interesting to know what pilots can actually describe when they say they saw a 'drone'.

Many people will probably instantly think and imagine a quadcopter (multi-copter) type vehicle.

Back in the 50's, 60's it would have probably been called a 'UFO', but I imagine that pilots do not report a 'UFO' any more, just in case they get sent for psychological evaluation, and it goes on their record.

Not saying it wasn't a 'drone' that these pilot see and report, but it does seem to be 'the thing to report' if something is seen that seems 'different' from a bird.

Same as a 'UFO' instantly seems to relate to a flying saucer, space ship, etc.

Same a my B-25 being called a Lancaster, because it has twin fins.

It's often a guess, and the imagination that enhances the partial image.

It will be interesting when some facts appear, (if you can actually trust 'facts' wink ).


Thread: What can I fly on a 2S battery?
07/12/2018 21:00:58

If you have a surfeit of 2s Lipos, you could always connect them in series to get, -- 4s, 6s, 8s etc

All my 6s models use 2x 3s packs.


Thread: which is cheaper,IC or ELECTRIC?
06/12/2018 15:35:18

Can you tell us how much the motors, ESCs, motor mounts and batteries in those two planes cost so that we can compare?

Not easily as the Dauntless was built 10 years ago, the Spitfire 6 years ago, (and both are still flying).

Dauntless - Emax 4020 - 520kv motor, Zippy 4000mAh 40C 3s battery x1 (current battery, have used others)

Spitfire - Emax 4030 - 385kv motor, Zippy, as above, 3s x2 (6s power).

Most electric motor come complete with a mount, ('X' mount), and prop driver.

The Zippy batteries, I have 6 3s packs, (plus some older ones still usable).

I would add that cost is probably not that easily compared, I have no clue how much the electricity cost charging them.


Edited By eflightray on 06/12/2018 15:37:46

06/12/2018 15:05:30

To throw in another odd-ball,. What IC engine would be needed to turn a 17" x 8" prop ?

I fly a scratch built Douglas SBD Dauntless using a 17" x 8" prop, on 3s at 340 watts. It's 67.5" span and flying weight is 4 Lbs - 12.5 oz, and that includes retracts.

It flies quite scale like, obviously not a pylon racer.

For scale model, an electric motor can swing a much bigger prop for its weight, plus if you want to you can build quite light for electric.

I built the TN 70" Spitfire, (free plan in RCME Autom Special 2010, mine actually ended up at 72" span). But I used Depron and a small amount of balsa. Still used the TN molded exhaust stacks, lower cowl and cockpit. The plans quote a expected flying weight of 15 Lbs for the original build and IC engine power. Mine is 7 Lb 2 oz flying, on 6s, turning a 15" x 8", (originally a 16" x 10" but still flies as well on less amps).

I'm not arguing whether IC or electric is cheaper or better, but that it's just different, if you want it to be.


30/11/2018 19:08:09
Posted by Don Fry on 30/11/2018 17:29:55:
Posted by Ron Gray on 30/11/2018 11:10:58:

Well the same would apply to edf for smaller jets.

But isn't this getting away from the question in the OP and, as predicted, degenerating into a 'what's better, IC or electric' discussion?

Not degenerating, merely diverging.

The original question was which is cheaper.

But this sort of question often turns into which is better. The same usually happens between using balsa or foam.

The only 'better' is in people's minds.


29/11/2018 13:25:10

The sound of an IC engine is often what make a scale model that bit more interesting, especially if it's the 'right' sound.

Admittedly not a very good example, there are better sound systems.

But then different people also like listening to different music, it's all a personal taste.
28/11/2018 20:19:50

IC fliers often still need the help of electric power, ...... to start their engines for them. smiley

I was always a 'flicker', back in the day.


28/11/2018 20:10:27

Cost wise, and if you are interested in building your own models, I found Depron so much cheaper than balsa, plus with electric you don't need to worry about fuel proofing.

I also like multi-motor models, so for me electric power just seems easier.

With 30 years of IC power and the last 30 years with electric power, both had their good and not so good points.

But shouldn't you be asking your wife/girlfriend ?, (or even both wink  )



Edited By eflightray on 28/11/2018 20:11:35

27/11/2018 21:08:32

If cost is a major factor, fly gliders.

Plus you don't have wipe the fuel, or used electrons off it. wink

Thread: Setting a status
26/11/2018 20:38:40

Just change mine from 'set a status' to 'Itch, then scratch build.'

Just click on and type.


Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
23/11/2018 19:48:51

To save posting pictures, here's a link to my crude model site --- **LINK**

If you click on a picture of the Spitfire it should take you to some more via the link at the bottom of the page, and then a 'mouse over' the smaller pics should enlarge them..

It's a bit of a mish-mash site, (I'm not a programmer), and some of the links may not work, I don't update it very often.

The Dauntless is a very similar construction.

Hope it helps, as I also don't take regular build photos, or draw plans, I just build and sort of make it up as I go. (Though 60+ years of modelling may help a little).


23/11/2018 14:40:32

Just to show it did and still does fly well on only 800 watts.

22/11/2018 20:49:54

No. There are a few 1/4" square balsa longerons, the rest is mostly Depron.



Thread: Aldi 3d printer
22/11/2018 19:51:50

I have a Prusa 3D printer.

Have a really good think about why, and what you would use one for. You will also need to a fair amount of 3D CAD design work before you can print, or download other peoples files and print them.

Printing takes time, a lot of time. Parts for a plane, part fuselage or wing can run into hours.

Most of the time mine is collecting dust, I often find I can make the object by hand much quicker that I can create it in CAD.

That said, they can be an interesting hobby in their own right, but there is a lot to learn.

Just giving a heads up from my point of view. Many already CAD users will probably have a slightly different view. Though I was a CAD engineer before retiring.


Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
22/11/2018 19:37:38
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 09/11/2018 19:31:41:

Don`t know if anyone is still interested in this model, and mine is still going strong, but probably due to the high (18lbs) weight, nothing to do with my landings of course, but I am getting sick of straightening out the soft steel u/c pins.


Edited By Martin McIntosh on 09/11/2018 19:36:32

Have you every considered electric power and Depron foam wink

My Spitfire was built form the free plan in 2012 RCM&E for the TN 70" span version, but re-engineered to use Depron foam, some balsa, and electric power, and actually same out at 72" span.

She also has flaps and retracts, the TN cockpit, lower cowl, and exhaust stacks, flies really great, (my favorite plane), and weighs ..... 7Lb 2oz flying.

Always add only more lightness.



It actually

Thread: Prop Life?
20/11/2018 20:06:28

Warning on prop ground strikes surprise

What initially seemed like a minor prop ground strike when taking off, turned into a rather flightning horror story.

Pictures show the prop tip, when magnified looks worse than actual.

Prop was a 15" x 8" APCe the spinner a 4" plastic, the model, my 72" span Spitfire.

The frightening part came when the spinner was removed.

The prop had obviously moves in relationship to the spinner, and the spinner had 'cut' into the prop. Frightening part was the damage wasn't visible until the spinner was removed.

Check your props regularly.

prop strike (3).jpg

prop strike (5).jpg

prop strike (8).jpg

The damage was basically the same to both blades.


Thread: Foamies for beginners?
18/11/2018 21:05:12

Quite a lot of 3D printed planes already available, (as printer files), the concept is probably not so well covered in the UK.

Do a Youtube search on - 3D printed plane - to see some videos.

Almost any ultra light model is generally flyable, but only in calm conditions for a beginner.


Addition : also try a Youtube search on - Mini Vapor flown outdoor - to see an ultra light flown.


Edited By eflightray on 18/11/2018 21:11:28

Edited By eflightray on 18/11/2018 21:17:26

Thread: Fixed or steerable tail wheel
11/11/2018 15:01:46

What about a free castoring tail wheel ?, no problems of the fixed one, and no problems of adding steering.

Thread: Foamies for beginners?
10/11/2018 19:24:34
Posted by PatMc on 09/11/2018 21:07:47:
Posted by eflightray on 09/11/2018 20:12:41:
Posted by PatMc on 09/11/2018 20:03:25:
Posted by eflightray on 09/11/2018 19:14:57:
Posted by PatMc on 09/11/2018 16:44:52:

This is simply a description of an imagined situation using atypical stereotypes & cliches. It's your personal predjudices dressed up as progressive thinking.

But isn't that also typical of those that think balsa and IC engines are the only true material for models, that models have to be heavy to fly, that beginners should start with a 40 powered trainer, etc etc.

Ray, isn't what "typical of those etc..." ? and who "those" that you are refering to ?

Generalisations & use of stereotypes are indicators of weak unfounded argument.

True in so many ways, as expected.


Sorry Ray, I'm at a loss to understand your point.

In a previous post you agree with Dave's opinion, now you seem to agree with my view that finds no merit in his post.

I still agree with Dave's opinion, but I also felt your comment -- Generalisations & use of stereotypes are indicators of weak unfounded argument. - was true in so many ways. and that that sort of post, (yes, another generalisation), was typical and expected. wink


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