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Thread: TV License scam
10/11/2018 19:05:56

I had an email from TV Licencing to tell me they had renewed my licence using the direct debit.

Then it dawned on me ...... I'm now 75 and it should be free.

They don't automatically know your age, and its down to the individual to inform them.

So I have using their online form. Hopefully a refund is on its way, eventually.

Thread: Foamies for beginners?
09/11/2018 20:12:41
Posted by PatMc on 09/11/2018 20:03:25:
Posted by eflightray on 09/11/2018 19:14:57:
Posted by PatMc on 09/11/2018 16:44:52:

This is simply a description of an imagined situation using atypical stereotypes & cliches. It's your personal predjudices dressed up as progressive thinking.

But isn't that also typical of those that think balsa and IC engines are the only true material for models, that models have to be heavy to fly, that beginners should start with a 40 powered trainer, etc etc.

Ray, isn't what "typical of those etc..." ? and who "those" that you are refering to ?

Generalisations & use of stereotypes are indicators of weak unfounded argument.

True in so many ways, as expected.


09/11/2018 19:14:57
Posted by PatMc on 09/11/2018 16:44:52:


This is simply a description of an imagined situation using atypical stereotypes & cliches. It's your personal predjudices dressed up as progressive thinking.

But isn't that also typical of those that think balsa and IC engines are the only true material for models, that models have to be heavy to fly, that beginners should start with a 40 powered trainer, etc etc.

Perhaps I should explain, I'm 75, so no rebellious youngster, been building and flying since I was 11 years old, tried most things, and yet there is still much to try and experience.

I don't often post in this forum as I feel there is something of the 'good old boys' feel about it. My preference is an American forum where everything appears to be more on a friendly and helpful attitude. For those now thinking "perhaps you should stay there", I try to keep an open mind and help where I can, I also feel if I have an opinion, I should be able to express it.

As for beginners, I have helped a few. One of the first thing I usually explain is 'don't try to fly on a windy day, you put your model at too great a risk, wait for a calmer day. I mentioned in a previous post in this thread, the problem could be some models are under powered, not too light. For those that feel a model is too light, why not suggest adding some ballast, as long as the model is capable of taking it.

I'll give up there.




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09/11/2018 15:27:34
Posted by Dave Hess on 09/11/2018 13:28:08:

You've sort of hit the nail on the head. It could or would work here, except that the dinasaurs of the industry and the fun prevention police are trying to force the hobby in the way you suggest. It's not the British being reserved that's holding us back. It's jobsworth luddites! The old guys in the club who train newbs to get their A and B certs force the methods that were used on themselves 30 years ago onto these newbs without ever thinking that there might be different ways. You can see this right here on this forum. RC flying is more accessible than it's ever been. The last thing we should do is restrict it with paradymes from the '70s and '80s.

Yes, I am suggesting lightweight foam planes are a good place to start. They fly better, are generally more robust and they're easier to repair. Beginners don't like to fly when windy period. It's nothing to do with what their planes are made of. Of course if you offer them a chance to buddy-box a club hack, where there's no risk to their pockets or flying career, they'll take it.

I fly lightweight foam planes myself - generally aound 1KG or less. The wind doesn't bother me one iota. If anybody else is flying, so will I. Nobody enjoys flying in gales/ heavy winds, except maybe the slope soarers.

Absolutely spot on. yes


Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
08/11/2018 20:04:53

Did anyone see the BBC prog - The First World War One from Above - shown last Sunday ?

It was a film shot in 1919 from an airship showing the devastation left by the war in France and Belgium.

Many of us have probably seen picture and films of towns and cities ruined, probably to the point where it seems almost natural and expected from a war.

But this film includes aerial shots to the open battle fields, trench lines etc.

To me the most shocking thing was the number of shell craters, thousands and thousands, almost no ground untouched. It really must have been pure hell.

I think the program is still available on the BBC iplayer, should anyone also want to be visually shocked at what they went through.


Thread: Depron Eurofighter
07/11/2018 13:28:17

700mm span is quite small. The HK Glue-N=Go F35 is 960mm span, is a profile build, (not built up body, and the recommended motor is 2208 -2216 1600-2000kv and turning a 6" prop, the APCe 6x5.5 is a good one as you need pitch speed to go fast.

I'm using a 2208 -1800kv motor on 3s, I would probably go for a 2000 -2600kv in the 22.. range motor if you want really fast.


Thread: Build versus flying time
04/11/2018 15:03:17

Ratio of building to flying ???

What about the awful amount of time we spend on this infernal internet talking about it, when we could be building or flying sad


Thread: IC Models-Should we be worried?
03/11/2018 20:21:00
Posted by SIMON CRAGG on 03/11/2018 07:43:39:


How can you possibly replicate four .90fs powered warbirds in formation with the equivalent electric versions?


Simple, fit the modern engine sound generators, you can have all sorts of 'real' engine sound, Merlins, Allisons, radials, even multi-motor sound for those big four engine models that are often a risk to fly with IC engines, (very rare to get one motor stop with electric).

I've nothing against IC engines, (well Ok, two-strokes do sound awful ), I can remember my control line days, (50's) of flying diesels and glows without silencers. But things change, they move on. I use digital servos now, not an escapement or Mighty Midget motor with rubber band biasing.

As they say, nostalgia isn't what it used to be.


Thread: Electric Cars.
01/11/2018 19:44:47

Regarding vehicle crash testing and electric vehicle battery weight, are IC powered vehicles crash tested with a full fuel tank ?

I don't know what the average fuel tank carries, or how much it adds to a vehicles weight when full, but I could easy imaging it's a fair percentage of a battery pack.

Whether a serious crash in an electric or IC powered vehicle is more dangerous, (possible electrocution, or a petrol fire), probably wont have true data available for many years.

My hybrid Iconiq lease contract ends early next year, been looking and looking for what to get next, it will probably be another one.


Thread: Problems I'm having
01/11/2018 19:15:59
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 01/11/2018 17:56:32:

We have a hedge and a couple of trees at our "real" site and they are often visited, so depth perception isn't just limited to flight simulators wink

Try to spend more time at your 'real' site watching others fly, try judging whether they are flying where you think they are and whether you would have flown the same line.

Sims can be fun and teach a little thumb/finger control memory, but as you say they are not what you see in a 'real' world.

Get out flying smiley


Thread: Am I missing something....??
01/11/2018 10:54:31

A Google search on UKRCC comes back with --

First and only UK based charity dedicated to Ragdoll Cats. Ragdoll rehoming and rescue, On line magazine, Breed information, the story of the Ragdoll cats ..

Perhaps there's a conflict..

Edited By eflightray on 01/11/2018 10:55:36

Thread: Ooops!
31/10/2018 18:25:29

'..fears they could fall out the sky'

Well at least it's a change from people fearing the sky will fall down, ..... if we leave you know what. wink


Thread: EDF efficiency
28/10/2018 14:29:42

Back in the days of IC powered ducted fans, I remember many used 'flow straighteners' after the fan to improve the fans 'efficiency'.

Though 'efficiency' is a strange word, as propeller on model plane are generally still more 'efficient' than ducted fans.

What with getting the best inlet shape, 'bell mouth', and the rear duct shape and outlet size, 'percent of the swept area etc', add to that high current consumed compared to an exposed prop, it make me wonder why bother. Perhaps jet model looks comes before efficiency. (Flameproof suit already on).

But then I have always preferred props wink. Even my Vulcan uses props.

But have tried EDP, P=as in props, without worrying too much about the gap. They did the job I required of them.


Thread: Majestic Major (electric) build.
27/10/2018 14:01:50

I was quite happy with mine.



Thread: Building, when does it become too expensive to fly
24/10/2018 19:38:29

I would have no problem with the first flight of any model I built, but if someone asked me to test fly their new model .......errrr , 'I have a headache', 'just broke my arm', 'I've brought the wrong glasses', 'Oh is that the time, have to go' ...

I dread being asked to fly someone else's plane. The worst is when they have it all ready to go, and then hand you the Tx, "Could you do the first flight for me". They don't expect you to want to first check everything over.


Thread: Majestic Major (electric) build.
24/10/2018 19:05:23

Snake flexing ?

On my now defunct Lancaster, I used snakes, but taped them to a long strip of balsa as it was a straight run.


24/10/2018 15:07:40

At least you didn't make the mistake I did.

Place a servo at the tail frown

Luckily I found out early on that the amount of lead needed in the nose to compensate wouldn't leave room for the motor. The elevator servo got move forward to the more logical place, next to the rudder servo that used pull-pull wires. The elevator used a balsa pushrod , (doubled up 1/4" square if I remember right.

Keep the tail end light, or better still even lighter.



Not here.

Thread: Building, when does it become too expensive to fly
24/10/2018 14:47:56

For me, two things.

I don't build unless I have a reasonable confidence it will fly. I build to fly.

I don't fly if the wind strength will put the model at too greater risk. I fly for my pleasure, repairs are not a pleasure.

Actually, a third.

I don't spend hours and hours creating immaculate scale models with loads of detail that can't be seen when flying. I build to fly them.

There are a number of videos on the web of high quality scale models being flown, and crashing/ damage on landing), in wind conditions that I'm sure the builder would prefer not to fly in. But often peer pressure, being at a competition, fly-in, or even a club do etc, tends to pressure people to fly when they wish they didn't.


Thread: Electric Cars.
23/10/2018 19:09:41

Many here seem to be only considering battery power for electric vehicles.

Personally I see a greater use for fuel cell power.

If petrol can be distributed to just about every city, town, village, and road sites, why not hydrogen stations, or perhaps an alternative material that a fuel cell could used, (metanol has been used in fuel cells).

Lots of negatives here, can you really see 10 -20 years ahead that nothing gets done. ?

The future is electric, it just doesn't have to be with todays technology.

21/10/2018 18:40:58

Remember when many model flier said, "electric powered models will never catch on", (some probably still do ) .

Yet given the past 20 odd years, things have improved to the point that they can match just about any IC powered model, even better some.

All it needs is time to for the electric powered car, and power distribution, to improve to the point where it could be good enough to make the ICE redundant. Especially when car manufacturers and suppliers realise it's the next big market.

Hopefully it wont take another asteroid to take care of the current 'dinosaurs'. wink


Edited By eflightray on 21/10/2018 18:41:43

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