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Thread: Hitec servo.
07/08/2019 20:21:25

I never knew M2.6 thread size even existed!

Google also says they are the same pitch (0.45mm) as M2.5 thread, so they'll both fit but M2.6 will be a tighter fit. I'll wager that there are thousands of M2.5 bolts fitted to servos across the land and sky.

Thread: Interesting reply from email to Richard Moriarty, CAA
31/07/2019 21:39:28
Posted by cymaz on 31/07/2019 20:38:01:

A hahahahahaha......finally its not our fault. Thankfully no children were injured.


I smell a rat.

The cause and remedial actions are all based on failure of the emergency parachute system. No mention of why drones were allowed to fly above a crowded area in the first place or why the emergency parachute system was deployed. Looks like the interested parties are diverting attention away from the real questions.

If I was to have a cynical guess at what happened, I'd guess that a motor was still running when the emergency system was deployed and a propeller cut through the parachute wire.

Bottom line is that it's not a good idea to fly drones above people. The more people that understand this, the safer our hobby will be.

31/07/2019 18:36:01

I can think of a few MP's that ought to be on a buddy box cheeky

Thread: Aldi again
26/07/2019 12:23:28
Posted by FlyinFlynn on 26/07/2019 09:59:38:

I think you may be over-thinking it Gary....0.6x0.6x22cm makes them 6mm diameter.

Yes - it was a long day blush

26/07/2019 01:31:13

If they are these drinking straws, or these they sound like the sort of thing that no serious model builder should be without. I suspect that 0.6mm is the wall thickness. It would be nice to know what the overall diameter is.

Edited By Gary Manuel on 26/07/2019 01:53:38

Thread: Moon landing
23/07/2019 10:47:02
Posted by Peter Miller on 23/07/2019 08:45:38:

The is one very convincing fact that proves that the moon landings were real.

They brought back moon rocks. These were given to many institutes including Russia.

Now can you imagine Russia (Or the USSR in those days) Studying the rocks and not screaming fake?

And, just in case anyone thinks you can't tell where they came from answer me on question.

They keep finding pieces of meteorite in the Antarctic which they can identify as coming from MARS. Don't ask me how but they do.

I'm no expect but I have an interest in life, the universe and everything.

The Russians have also collected their own moon rock samples (Luna project) which they have no doubt compared in great detail with the sample given to them by the U.S.

I understand that meteors that have fallen through an atmosphere (Earth's for example) display completely different crystal structures to those that don't (the moon for example) due to the heat generated on entry.

Mars is made from different materials than the Earth or the Moon, which share the same materials as it is thought that the moon and Earth were briefly one structure which were torn apart then eventually settled into the two structures we have now.

23/07/2019 10:17:51

Yep. It doesn't really make sense without the "a" as otherwise "man" and "mankind" have the same meaning in the context of the full quote.

I think we can forgive him for not pronouncing that one word clearly - he may have been a bit nervous and preoccupied at the time.

Edited By Gary Manuel on 23/07/2019 10:26:19

21/07/2019 14:07:40

I personally think that the lunar landings were man's greatest achievement for the very reason that JFK quoted as the reason for going there - because it was so damned difficult with the technology that wasn't even available at the time. We didn't even own a television at the time so spent the night at my uncle's house so we could watch it happening. I look back at those years with immense pride at what humans can achieve when they put their minds to it (and I'm no great fan of America).

I do not believe however, that mankind will ever surpass this achievement. I'm sure that we will return to the moon and even find our way to other planets. We may even eventually populate them. To me though, this will be a lesser achievement than the first moon landings that were done within a decade of first going into space, using technology that can be judged by looking at the cars of that era. If we do go to other planets, it won't be because we choose to go. It will because we need to go - because we have drained our own planet of resources or even made it incapable of supporting life. That's not what I call a great achievement.

Apologies for the negative summary. I hope I will be proved wrong, but I fear not.

20/07/2019 21:20:45
Posted by brokenenglish on 20/07/2019 21:11:32:

While agreeing entirely with Geoff's post, there's another point that always amuses me.

The "doubters" (for want of a better word that would be accepted by the mods) are always only considering a few things that they don't understand from the actual moon sequence...

BUT, what about the preparation, the actual launch, and the flight out and back and the arrival back on earth, which we all followed.
How do our intellectuals think all that was done?
Where did the crew and the vessel just fly around for a week or more, between the launch and the splashdown?

... and the fact that the Americans fierce competitor - the Russians (plus us at Jodrell Bank) were tracking their every move. I think they may have had something to say if there was any foul play.

Thread: Giving up
10/07/2019 11:37:03

Love it Brian.

Even made the missus chuckle when I read it to her.

Thread: Electric Cars.
08/07/2019 17:15:19

Wake me up in five years time. I might have another think about electric cars then.

08/07/2019 14:22:24

Yes Percy, I did know about the heavy discounts that are currently available for charge point installation. I've no intention of going electric yet. I was just curious about the feasibility of having a fast charger at home as my instinct was that charging to 80% capacity in 30 minutes was not possible. It isn't and never will be, but as you say, most of the time it will be a quick topup to cover the few miles you've done.

I'd probably manage OK with a 13A plug in charger for the mileage I cover, but a 7kW charging point makes a lot of sense. Main problem is that with everyone getting home from work at around the same time, the 7kW's from every house on the street (in the country) is going to add up.

P.S. I've just become aware of "rapid chargers" and the different range of connectors that are available. I think I'll stick to model aeroplanes. Far simpler.

08/07/2019 11:50:05

40 miles range doesn't sound like a lot Andy, but to be honest would cover most of my dog walking / model flying / shopping journeys.

You then have the advantage of the Petrol Hybrid system which takes away all the worry of getting stuck. I agree that the PHEV is the most sensible way forward, but that is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about pure electrics, which is the long term planned future of cars.

08/07/2019 11:02:35

I know very little about electric cars, but out of growing interest, I had a look at what having a charger installation actually involves as I live in a 1930's house with a power supply that probably isn't up to the job - especially as the demand for electric cars grows.

The best that is possible from a single phase supply is a dedicated 7kW charger (the equivalent of an electric shower) that can charge at about 30 Miles per hour or roughly 10 hours for a full charge (assuming 300 miles range cars are soon available). If you resort to using a 13A socket, the charge rate is about 8 Miles per hour or roughly 37 hours for a full charge!!!!

The super fast charge rates seen in manufacturers waffle that only need something like 30 minutes to charge to 80% capacity are only available from a dedicated 3-phase power supply charger. These will never be available to domestic consumers. I suspect that the few low cost (free?) to use fast chargers that are currently available are there as an incentive to encourage people to switch to electric. If the future is for more of these to be fitted at petrol stations for example, I suspect that the price of usage will be more on a par with the cost of filling up with petrol.

Thread: Dusty Crophopper Semi Scale
03/07/2019 17:19:33
Posted by Ian Shaw on 03/07/2019 12:06:06:

BTW where did you get those decals from?

I created them using (free) and got a friend with a vinyl cutter to make the stickers. The jpg images are on page 9 of my thread, which might be of use to you. Can't find the original files.

03/07/2019 10:51:45


I built a "Dusty" some time ago from a Traplet Farmhand 90 kit.

He still makes the occasional flying visit to our field. Build log HERE.

Thread: The Seagull has landed
02/07/2019 22:28:46

Can't remember whether I used Cyno or UHU Por. Either would work.

Thread: D****s - again!
02/07/2019 18:29:50

I got the distinct impression that he missed on purpose to suit the purpose of the report but couldn't resist "having one more try", partly to make the edit more exciting and partly for his own ego.

Thread: The Seagull has landed
02/07/2019 18:24:08

Thanks Martin.

I'll bear that in mind.

Edited By Gary Manuel on 02/07/2019 18:25:38

02/07/2019 16:55:20


Engine baffling material is Darice 6mm Craft Foam. It's solid foam, fairly dense but easily cut and glued. Not easy to get hold of the original Darice brand at a decent price in the UK though. There are other brands but I'm not sure how good they are e.g. Staples stuff was card coated foam - not really the same thing. The 2 links are click-able.

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