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Thread: Don Valley mfc Open days 2018
20/07/2018 23:42:51
Posted by john stones 1 on 20/07/2018 23:36:26:

Don't forget to put your postcode in it, never know where it'll end up. mail

With all the new LED's I've added, it'll be visible from outer space.

P.S. for anyone trying to find us - the club postcode is DN6 7BD

20/07/2018 23:24:19
Posted by john stones 1 on 20/07/2018 23:17:06:
Posted by Gary Manuel on 20/07/2018 23:16:00:

4th time lucky? cheeky

Go play with you Bixler. face 1

I will if you get the postcode right

20/07/2018 23:16:00

4th time lucky? cheeky

20/07/2018 22:51:18

Have another go John cheeky

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
20/07/2018 21:34:31
Posted by Erfolg on 20/07/2018 19:48:17:


A response from Baroness Sugg has previously been pasted within a posting on this thread, which did state that an exemption would be undesirable.

I must have missed this. What page is it on?

20/07/2018 21:01:06

OK but I would still suggest being patient and wait to see what happens

Thread: Don Valley mfc Open days 2018
20/07/2018 16:18:27

Ha haa.

Even the King Goblin can't ground me for long.

Bixler lives to fly another day - or should that be another night?

Ready to go again next weekend. I'm looking forward to it.

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
20/07/2018 16:10:37

Hi Matty.

Are you sure that you've attached the correct letter extract?

Nowhere in that letter does it say that an exemption would be undesirable.

In fact it says that an exemption could be granted by the CAA, which is exactly what the BMFA etc are pursuing on our behalf.

I would suggest being patient and wait to see what happens.

Thread: Black Fly a new Flying Car
19/07/2018 16:34:01

There was an article on the BBC news today about the KittyHawk flying car. They also mentioned that Aston Martin and Rolls Royce were getting in on the act. There's obviously commercial interest in it.

THIS article on the BBC website includes details of training for flight - a 90 minute course.

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
19/07/2018 16:23:43
Posted by MattyB on 19/07/2018 15:39:47:
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 19/07/2018 12:19:29:

Guys, its only the 19th, there are 12 days to the end of the month, and keep in mind the end of the month wasn't a promise - CAA/DfT simply said they "saw no reason why" it shouldn't be in place by then. Maybe they see a reason now!

That is exactly the concern. If they are at an impasse and the end of the month passes then flying above 400ft will be illegal even for members of the MFAs. Organisers of slope and thermal comps and potentially power fly-ins etc may have to cancel events at that point because they will not be able to guarantee they can be conducted lawfully.

Good excuse to get yourselves off to Don Valley on 28th / 29th July.

It might be you last chance to legally fly high!

Thread: The Seagull has landed
19/07/2018 16:20:32
Posted by onetenor on 19/07/2018 04:24:58:

Gary Manuel Thicken the carbon tube with a wrap of carbon cloth ( OR glass cloth ) and epoxy resin.. Made initially a fraction oversize then sanded back ( better still lathe turned ) to fit tightly and epoxied in the alloy one. Or find another alloy one to fit ( epoxied) into the existing one Vhat does Alexander say? I would use a slightly flexible epoxy mix. Resin and finely chopped cotton fibre mix would be ideal..but getting any into the tube if the fit is really tight: which it should be, is the problem... Yer pays yer money etc.

Edited By onetenor on 19/07/2018 04:46:59

Presumably, this is answering Bruce's query towards the top of page 6 about fitting a second wing tube snuggly inside the original?

I've gone with the standard wing tube.

19/07/2018 16:04:31
Posted by john s on 18/07/2018 22:53:56:


I got my yellow/black version this morning and like Gary have done a fair amount of research online noting quite a few people having problems finding a good balance point, even those using the correct procedure as Gary described.

I put the fuz on my bench and set it up square using the canopy seat as reference, at this the wing and t/plane incidences are 0 degrees so to me this seems OK, then I move to the eng b/head and find that it has upthrust of 1.5 -2 degrees and around 1 degree of right thrust. So upthrust and very little right side thrust, I'm definately no expert but this seems wrong to me, Upthrust!!! any suggestions ?

Hope I've posted this in the right place.


I didn't measure mine John but I will do it once I get the cowl off later.

19/07/2018 16:01:31
Posted by Bruce Collinson on 18/07/2018 22:30:20:

Hi Gary,

Latest issue, i cant find any cowl fixing points/pinpricks to start setting out the cowl fitting process. Were yours marked? Am wondering if i have a variant, or a Friday afternoon product!

Also,I haven’t fitted the tail braces (nor the tail, till the cowl is finished) yet. Would you do them differently? I made up two carbon tube struts, adjustable by clevises, for the Mentor on the basis that they would work equally well in tension and compression and would leave the underside a little cleaner; the tail hasn’t failed yet!



I wouldn't worry too much about the missing pinprick holes. From what's been said in one of the earlier posts, it's not unknown for them to be in the wrong place anyway. My advice would be to look at the internal construction to find out where the strong bits are and then mark the position yourself.

Regarding the tail braces, I don't think that there is anything wrong with the supplied ones or that they are anything to do with the warping. If I was building again though, I would probably make some changes here.

Thread: No Hosepipe Then?
18/07/2018 21:18:26

I'm with Percy on this one.

Wettest part of the country with the Penines with all those reservoirs to the East. The sun hardly ever shines over there, so they can't blame evaporation. I'm not sure whether the leakage problem lies with United Utilities or whether the private sector inherited it after privatisation. Either way, they've had plenty of time to get the leaks sorted.

I'd be angry if I was supplied by United Utilities.

Thread: Account deletion
18/07/2018 19:20:53


Before you get Beth to delete your posts etc, please be aware that it could affect the flow of any threads you have contributed towards. Unless there is a particular reason for wanting to delete your posts, I would urge you to reconsider for the sake of other readers.

Thread: im now an X10 owner
17/07/2018 19:08:27

Good choice - you won't regret it.

Plenty of info on here.


Edited By Gary Manuel on 17/07/2018 19:10:45

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
17/07/2018 10:50:09
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 17/07/2018 10:33:59:

It all swings on what they interpret as being "within an appropriate club or association environment". Literally within a club, or more generally simply a member of an association? I fear it might well be the former.

The former would allow club locations to be marked as a no fly zone on aviation route planning maps in the future, in a similar way to airports etc. It would not be so easy (or possible) to avoid conflict for those flying outside of defined club locations.


Edited By Gary Manuel on 17/07/2018 10:52:33

Thread: The Seagull has landed
16/07/2018 14:17:36
Posted by john stones 1 on 16/07/2018 14:11:42:

It owt to do with the braces ?

No. The braces were slack (neither pulling nor pushing) when I assembled the model and after the warp was noticed.

Edit - I did think whilst building and still think that it would be better with braces top and bottom, rather than just underneath, to allow both sides to be tightened till under slight tension. It would also allow the pushrods to be replaced by wires.

Edited By Gary Manuel on 16/07/2018 14:20:57

Thread: Binding two transmitters
16/07/2018 14:15:09
Posted by John Laird on 16/07/2018 13:33:06:

leaving a battery in a model not flying is an unsafe practise.

My club mate would be the first to agree, and wouldn't normally do this. We were flying at a public gala and he was swamped by members of the public when he landed. I suspect that this interfered with his normal post flight routine. Both models were fenced off from the public with the props pointing away. The only person who was in any danger was him.

Thread: Holding Your Nose
16/07/2018 12:59:20
Posted by The Wright Stuff on 16/07/2018 12:56:08:
Posted by gangster on 16/07/2018 12:25:34:

Do you need to hold the nose up on electric models? Also should electric models be balanced with a fully charged battery?

Absolutely. If the model climbs, the electrons have to go uphill, so the power drops. If anything, the nose up test is even more important than with I.C.

And it's also very important, as gangster says, to balance with a fully charged battery, since the weight will decrease as the power leaves the battery (amps are surprisingly heavy if you catch one and hold it in your hand).

Of course, if the battery becomes accidentally reverse charged, then its weight actually becomes negative. In extreme cases, such batteries have been known to actually escape the earth's gravity altogether. If this happens, you run a risk of collision with a black hole, which could destroy the observable universe...


Good answer.

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