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Thread: SLEC Chipmunk build blog
13/11/2019 09:39:02

I have started sheeting the fuselage now. While the glue was drying I painted the very good latex model pilot bought from Nexus models for about £11 . They delivered fast . It seems to be one of the few decent sport pilots available in 1:5 scale. I hope he has done is “A” Cert 😉 His reg number will be put on his overalls 😉😉😊. I’m starting to think about covering and the dreaded painting. If I film cover I’m still going to end up having to match painted areas on wing fairings and cowl. After speaking to Jon yesterday I think I might consider glassing this fuselage and using Solartex/glass on the tail , but possibly just use the film and Solartex on the wings. I will probably try Halfords car spray paint as it should be fairly easy to match film . Will have to cross my fingers for fuel proofer compatibility too. d9771541-c091-481b-8f55-0ed2b14da8fd.jpeg

Edited By Tim Flyer on 13/11/2019 09:42:10

11/11/2019 12:31:32

Hi Applewood good to hear you are also building one and thank you for your encouragement . I have now fitted the stringers on the fuselage and sheeted the engine bay which I will epoxy tonight . Next main job is fuselage sheeting. I am going to keep the wing as 2 piece as I think it will be strong enough like that . I do have a small gap in the underside edge when the wings are joined. I was thinking of possibly eliminating it via car filler covered with cling film when joining. That will make a flush fit.
Regarding my carb level the carb centre is a tiny bit below the middle of the tank when the plane is horizontal , but once it’s on the ground and angled by the undercarriage the spray bar will be above the top of the tank( so it won’t siphon) . I have never found the 180 , or other Laser engines over sensitive to tank position unless it’s much too high ( e.g bottom of tank in line with carb). If you have middle of carb in line with middle of tank when horizontal that will be fine. By the way I lowered the tank by lowering the bottom of former 2 as described above also moving it back slightly away from the air outlet slope on the firewall which would have lifted the front. My tank is a nice relatively compact Sullivan 16oz tank ( just 5 3/4 inches long) 

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Thread: Autumn is been flying ?
10/11/2019 22:28:02

Three great fun flights with my Wot4 Mk 3 today. I was pleased I had the air brake with almost totally calm conditions. Our grass is getting long and ground soft but the Wot powered through it with its trusty laser 80.

Edited By Tim Flyer on 10/11/2019 22:28:37

Thread: SLEC Chipmunk build blog
10/11/2019 21:47:22

Here is a picture 24a8ce9b-0b90-4144-acad-f80d77fdc4e4.jpegof my tank bay and engine mounting ( the blind nuts will be put in after the bay is glassed and epoxied inside. In order to lower the 16 oz Sullivan tank to the correct height for the laser 180 I cut down the level of the former F2 . I then internally reinforced the lower half by laminating a birch ply cutout on the lower half and a spruce beam from side to side on the bottom edge of F2. I’m now happy with the yak height , To hold the tank down i epoxied two bolts as an anchor for a zip tie which will be added later . I will add the tank bay floor before epoxying the whole area,

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
08/11/2019 19:18:02

I must say . Putting an operator number inside a model seems a rather simple task to me . It couldn’t be much clearer.

Thread: The "drooling" stage?
08/11/2019 13:11:38

To be honest I actually like flying my Warbirds but agree conditions do need to be right, so you have good reason to be careful. It’s easy to be over eager to fly a new plane and get it in the air too early. I have had to resort to very unwieldy ways of starting my P47 takeoff run in longer grass a couple of months ago . Many Warbirds are prone to nose over in soft ground and long grass, particularly if they are heavy. My La 7 is very heavy and I only fly it if there is at least a 10mph wind down the runway’. Otherwise take of us hard and landing quite fast . My Seagull Hurricane needs flying but I will have to wait for good conditions as that particular model seems to be a handful on landings. I think choosing the right conditions helps model longevity, in bad weather I just fly my Wot models. There is nothing wrong with admiring your handiwork 😊

Thread: SLEC Chipmunk build blog
07/11/2019 17:51:11

I’m a little further on now. I have completed the wing bolt to fuselage fixing and the wing dowl fixings. I replaced the soft liteply dowl caps with my own stronger Birch ply caps . The fuselage is coming on a bit . All the lower formers are fitted and the shell for the air and exhaust outlet. I was wondering to keep the fuel bay access hatch which the instructions describe via the air exhaust. I probably will as it might be useful both for building and servicing. I fitted the supplied heavy duty M3 push rods and glued in the sleeves . Final assembly will be after covering.

Thread: Phoenix Flight Sim
03/11/2019 18:58:43

Thank You Dennis. I will check that 😊

Thread: Laser Appreciation Society
03/11/2019 18:32:27

An old laser 60 previously owned by Jon sprang to life today in a nice little Black Horse Spitfire 40 owned and flown by my clubmate Nick . I must say the engine flew the model really well . Nick a few really great flights and perfect landings with it today despite our soft and quite long winter grass. The plane has fixed UC but moving the wire angles well forward allowed lovely take offs and landing with no nose overs despite the soft conditions. It was great to see the lovely laser 60 go so well. Nick was using an 11x8 prop but maybe a 12x7 should be better ?

Thread: Phoenix Flight Sim
03/11/2019 13:16:55

Sounds a sensible explanation Chris. I used to have an early Phoenix sim but it would not work on windows 10 . A few months back we bought a REal Flight 8 sim by Horizon instead . I don’t think it’s quite as good in terms of plane choice than Phoenix but it does have the cordless dongle which is nice and it is stable on Windows 10.

Thread: SLEC Chipmunk build blog
02/11/2019 15:44:46

Well horrible weather this week! I did manage to do some flying on Thursday though. I have started on the fuselage now. I’m not posting photos of the flat side as that would be dull. I think it is definitely worth doing a dry run on the fuselage assembly. The triangular balsa edging needs to be very carefully placed too. I initially tacked the two sides together via the radio tray with the help of thin cyano and activator. That makes the clamping less critical. Luckily my fuselage does seem to be fairly straight. I also epoxied the firewall in today . The kit provides a triangular firewall square made of liteply to check the firewall is square. What seems a little silly to me is that the triangle is totally square but the firewall is designed to have an offset to provide right thrust! This means that if the firewall is correctly fitted it will not meet the fuselage sides at perfect right angles . Anyway that’s just me being picky . Maybe the square is just used to prove it’s not at right angles and is left offset? Anyway my firewall is stuck down now and it wasn’t particularly difficult.
Today I ordered some more bits , a 16oz Sullivan flexi fuel tank which is 5 3/4 in long and should fit well at the bottom of the tank bay. The flexi tanks by Sullivan are really good and can easily be softened to fit into awkward spaces. I also ordered a metal 3 inch Aluminium Spinner which I will need later on.


Edited By Tim Flyer on 02/11/2019 15:53:12

30/10/2019 13:43:01

Wow that’s superb David ! You have a right to feel very proud of that .

30/10/2019 10:41:31

I have now decided just to mark the adjusted centre line on the firewall. I’m going to drill later like Jon suggested and just as I have done one on a number of other planes and do the drilling once the fuselage is built and I can check the cowl fit . That gives more time to decide optimal position. Possibly a 7 o’clock mounting might work well here and give the possibility for a more elevated fuel tank position , as long as my baffling is ok. 7 O ‘clock also allows easy needle valve access. Anyway all that will be finalised much later . Next the fuselage sides !

30/10/2019 10:06:49

Agreed I would love to do a real scale build if I had the time. If I did it would probably be an SE5a or similar. The Chipmunk is such a great everyday flyer I’m concentrating on making it a durable and practical flyer that can handle lots of flying and car journeys,

30/10/2019 08:02:56

That looks really nice Chris and an excellent finish . I’m not going for scale either, but rather “stand off” / “sport scale” , so I don’t think I will be putting on rivets panelling etc although I agree that the look really good ,

Thread: Acrowot XL safety issue
29/10/2019 18:08:36

The easy spot on the naff OED clevises is that they don’t have and thread size marking stamped on the side . The far better after market ones I buy are stamped “M2’” or M3” and that helps prevent we accidentally using the rubbish kit ones if they accidentally get mixed up whilst assembling.

Edited By Tim Flyer on 29/10/2019 18:09:08

Thread: SLEC Chipmunk build blog
29/10/2019 17:42:03

Hi Jon . Yes I can see why you do that . Certainly if I had blindly followed instructions on this bit it would have been a pain moving the engine sideways later on in order to get the spinner in the right place. 😉

29/10/2019 15:41:55

After a bit of checking I have found what I think is a small error in the kit. The locating hole in the firewall I believe to be drilled in the wrong place . It is actually in the centre but it should be located 3.2mm to the left to allow the prop to centre with the built in side thrust . The right fuselage side is a bit shorter than the left which tilts the firewall to build in side thrust. The instructions say the hole is already offset but it is in the centre according to my measurements.

Edited By Tim Flyer on 29/10/2019 16:01:48

29/10/2019 13:27:31

I started preparing for the fuselage build this morning . Firstly I cleared the excess after run oil out of my Laser 180 before it spills all over the plan ! I then prepared the engine spacers . The width you need is clearly stated on the plan making it quite simple. I found a very useful short cut by using spacers I salvaged from an older wreck . Salvaging and reusing bits saves lots of time plus reduces waste! Dismantling of epoxy glued bits is incredibly easy using a heat gun! It saved me cutting and laminating new ply blocks. After a few minutes sanding I am left with two 22mm spacer blocks as required. The ply firewall is marked with an adjusted centre mark so measuring up will be easy. The engine will be mounted inverted but I will probably move it to around 4:30 to 5 o’clock so the fins are in line with the cowl intake. At this stage I’m also thinking about what exhaust I will use. Either stock laser or I might well fabricate a bendy pipe one which will give more choice on exit. There is a cooling outlet on the bottom of the firewall so I Will also consider the through flow of air out of that after entering through the front of the cowl . c24bb436-4801-4733-ab6d-0604e59f615d.jpeg

29/10/2019 09:54:19

Thank you for your kind words Chris.😊 Finishing your scratch build seems a great idea. It’s hard not to get waylaid into other projects. I suppose my restricted size workshop prevents me starting too many projects, and this one almost fills it ! A Chipmunk is such a nice flyer and so much of a “practical scale “ plane that it really makes sense to “keep one in the fleet”.

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