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Thread: Petrol Engine for a Toot Sweet
15/09/2019 20:45:17

Martin explains it very well I think. Methanol is a wonderful fuel with a high latent heat of evaporation that helps draw heat from the engine. It also has a very high octane and resists pre ignition much better than petrol and allows us to use higher compression ratios and high rpm . It does require a much richer mix than petrol to burn but that is still an advantage as the fatter mixture extracts more heat . Petrol has a much higher heat or energy value than methanol ( about 10 times as much ) but it requires much more oxygen to burn so needs a far leaner mix . The difference between methanol and petrol mix, is that the petrol mixture requires around twice as much oxygen for a given amount of fuel. For smaller IC engines is very hard to beat glow for simplicity easy handing and performance.

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Thread: Need help with electrics?
15/09/2019 20:32:42

I also have a JP starter panel and charge it through the 12v starter motor sockets. Have done it for years and it’s fine 😊

Thread: West Wings Skylark
12/09/2019 10:34:20

Cheers Ron . I hope all well with you . I built this as a “warm up” for my SLEC Chipmunk , and it had been hanging around for a bit . I will let you know how it goes. Hopefully it will be a nice laid back model for lazy afternoons ... hopefully I can maiden this weekend 😊

12/09/2019 08:52:13

Here it is finished. Now I just need to balance. I fitted a tow hook so cut a section out of the bottom skid which I glued on last . I made the pilot from balsa scrap carved with a stemmed and acrylic paint...that was actually very easy and fun. It’s great on this build not having to paint!!! Just need to program the aileron differential too. 181e41b5-4940-4566-b749-16c335deeae6.jpeg

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12/09/2019 08:48:11

Here is the plane almost finished. I used Deluxe EZE Kote to paint and reinforce the balsa. I also used it to laminate the wing bandage. It is a polymer rather like Ronseal water based floor varnish and dries hard but seems to stick well to film covering with heat . I decided to make the wing one piece using a wing bandage and EZE Kote laminating thin glass cloth. This should save a bit of faff and weight.  I didn’t want to use solvent based products and this seems to have worked well . I had bought EZE Kote a few years ago to laminate a veneered wing but was reluctant to use it then with fear of the water delaminating the wing . I’m sure thinned PVA or thinned Aliphatic would work just as well for finishing the balsa. I did use epoxy and fibreglass on the nose floor section to strengthen it for landing. 79fcd946-bc6e-41c4-936a-f5fd9d7b0203.jpeg

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Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
11/09/2019 11:41:01

638f7192-07ca-46aa-aa61-143a46892ce4.jpegHere is my just finished Westwings Skylark glider . I built it with a tow hook, so it can be launched with piloting by club mates of my Wot 4XL tow plane181e41b5-4940-4566-b749-16c335deeae6.jpeg. The kit instructions were a bit vague on the wing joiner and I decided to build the wing as a one piece and I’m pleased I did as it saves a lot of fiddling around plus I think it might be stronger 😊

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Thread: Brian Winch
26/08/2019 10:51:43

RIP Brian and condolences to his family Like so many other Modellers round the world I have really enjoyed his columns over many years. His entertaining style and resourceful home brew short cuts and advice will be surely missed .

Thread: Wot 4 xl so it's a OS 91 surpass or DLE 20 petrol......Thoughts and advice needed
24/08/2019 14:25:27

Yes my OS 120ax two stroke is definitely a glow guzzler! Especially on full throttle. Most of the time I fly the plane at half throttle so it isn’t too bad .  Another thing I added on this plane are “up flapperons”  as I find it wanting to carry on floating in light wind landings. The flaperons shorten landing and provide some braking plus are a fun feature to use. The tank on the Wot 4 still gives a good 15 min though. It has great idling and good flexibility but a four stroke is definitely preferable. It just that I had the engine for a number of years and it fits . The laser 155 in it or any of the big OS 4 /asp 4 strokes would be nicer plus less thirst. The four strokes also have smaller exhaust cans. The 120ax muffler is huge.

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Thread: Hands free mobile calls
23/08/2019 21:48:48

I have always had some issue with “emergency driver police chase training “ as sadly the pedestrians or other road users who walk out or accidentally move out in front of vehicles traveling at excessive speeds will not have had the training. It’s sad but a ridiculous situation we endure primarily due to cost and political expediency. It would be easy for the government to regulate that vehicles must have ignition kill devices fitted which could then be accessed by our emergency services. That would negate the need for high speed police chases on our public roads. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be politically acceptable and as a society we are happier to sacrifice more lives than have our “freedom “ curtailed.

Thread: Wot 4 xl so it's a OS 91 surpass or DLE 20 petrol......Thoughts and advice needed
23/08/2019 17:49:35

Agree with Martin. On this sized model I think glow engines offer a far easier solution. My Wot4xl is powered by a 2stroke OS 120ax which is quiet and very powerful, so it’s a great tow plane. I used the add on Ripmax servo operated wing tow attachment. I also reinforced the wing joining for extra security with two additional wooden dowels in the wing as the standard two wing bolt and single front tab can lead to damage to the leading edge as the wing vibrates in its slot. I think a good four stroke 120-155 glow in this plane would be ideal . My two stroke OS 120ax is very strong and quiet but the alternative four stroke engines use less fuel and vibration is probably lower.

Thread: Engine projects
11/08/2019 22:24:44

Very impressed with your work Jeff 😊. Well done !

Thread: Hospitalised, my own fault - but ?
11/08/2019 21:18:33

Great to hear Colin I think the sleeve protector Is a good idea and it should be quick and easy to put them on for a launch. Many sports and pass-times require it as sadly our flesh is about as vulnerable as a cucumber! and almost any fabric over it reduces injuries. When I mountain bike my “summer jersey” has 3/4 length sleeves with tough nylon fabric on the top side of the sleeves just to prevent thorns and nettles damaging the arms on overgrown trails. The right clothing makes a massive difference to enjoyment!

09/08/2019 14:16:11

Sorry to hear about that Colin and I wish you a speedy recovery . I do wonder whether designers could consider some sort of load based clutch on electric motors rather like we use on drills. I guess that still wouldn’t stop nasty flesh injuries such as this though. Maybe a protective arm sleeve or having a coat on might make it a bit safer? Certainly there are fabrics that protect quite well from sharp cuts ( e.g. chainsaw trousers) . I guess an arm “ Launching sleeve “ wouldn’t need to be too cumbersome?

Thread: Keil Kraft Ladybird
26/07/2019 18:45:34

Sorry to hear that Paul . I must say that does make a really amusing story which you relate really well , definitely one for the tea huts. The idea of cycling a long way to fly and having to get the plain in the air no matter what also shows great youthful enthusiasm that we all had and often still have !!😉I also like your grassfibre pun. Must admit some of my planes have had a bit of grassfiber in after I have repaired the cowl with glue and noticed some errant grass inside.

Thread: Slec/Apache Chipmunk kit advice.
22/07/2019 21:06:10

My Chipmunk will have my Laser 180 . I’m sure lots more than needed but as I gave it spare it’s going in . I probably want be able to make a start until later in August though . I used to have the smaller Blackhorse Chipmunk which I loved flying so this is my replacement (upgrade ! )😊

21/07/2019 16:57:02

I will be interested to hear about this too as I bought the RAF trainer version from SLEC last month and it’s my next project after I finish my smaller Slingsby Swallow glider .

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
21/07/2019 16:53:18

Great to hear you sorted it out, well done! Certainly doesn’t seem to be a “ lazy day flier” .

Thread: Futaba 14SG chat
14/07/2019 21:38:53

Yes I certainly do it’s a great book and as you probably realise I’m no technical expert! But your book has cleared up lots of every day questions I had that were not covered in the manual in plain English. It certainly makes me use and understand a lot more of the Futaba functionality...

Its also really kind that you also take the time to answer questions on here.

14/07/2019 20:48:32

Aha😊. Now I realise . I should have done 2 aileron! By the way thanks again for your very useful book. I have it in kindle 😊

14/07/2019 20:46:23

Thank You Malcolm . The wing type is “Normal 1Aileron”

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