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Thread: Futaba 14SG chat
14/07/2019 13:59:37

I tried to be “clever” and bought a 6ch R7006sb receiver a while back for my IC Acrowot plane to save £20 or so over my usual £100 R7008sb . However I now think it was a mistake . I want to use flapperons and the menu on the 14SG transmitter with the new receiver does not have the camber function I normally use. The plane has two elevator servos. Are flapperons possible using the R7006 receiver paired to a 14SG, or is there something I’m missing? Any help much appreciated!

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Thread: Cyclists Amongst Us
14/07/2019 13:44:06

I mainly mountain bike (started late 80s)as I find road riding in the UK rather less attractive with the careless attitude of many motorists. I also far prefer mountain biking with it’s far more dynamic riding style and different terrain/obstacles etc. Here is my fleet.


Santa Cruz Nomad

Santa Cruz 5010

On-One 456-ti

On-One Inbred steel


Specialized Roubaix

Thread: West Wings Skylark
14/07/2019 12:13:17

I’m building this plane for aerotow so will be adding the hook beneath after covering . I’m not putting in a servo tow release in this due to weight considerations, but my tow plane has a servo tow release.

this is the Wing with leading edge added for gluing. The elastic band “clamps” were also extremely useful for sheeting.just make sure you have a supply of fresh bands😉


14/07/2019 12:08:14

I will add a few photos as this thread has gone a bit cold

After almost complying one wing I think I might make this a single piece wing and join the wings with glass cloth. The wingspan isn’t that big at 72” and a single piece wing might be more rigid an practical.

To start off here is my fuselage


Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
14/07/2019 11:57:18

Hi Chaps. I’m afraid I’m up in Scotland from 19th to 27th July so I’m afraid I won’t be able to join then .

Hopefully we can get a day next month at short notice . I can also do a day in the week if that suits . I’m very happy for you guys to come to my patch then . Here is our website for info **LINK**

Our very long main runway runs East /West and we do have a cross runway running NE/SW, but for Warbirds the main runway is way better

Thread: Waterproof glue
08/07/2019 08:57:07

Gorilla glue is very good for any hollow spaces on boats . Cheers Percy I have been looking at that website. On my IC boats I would normally fill them with polyurethane foam. (DIY foam filler used normally to fill door spaces) . As said water gets in or in the case of a crash or rollover it’s important! I paint internal exposed areas with epoxy but in the old days we used polyester resin(smelly!). Boat building is much more DIY than planes with fewer ARTFs. The good thing is that boats last for life and weight far less critical than aircraft so they can be built far more durable. Many /most boaters buy hulls made of glass/epoxy or cheaper polyester then build their own superstructure. Exhaust manifolds are also often DIY although Weston make some nice water cooled manifolds. I really recommend Prestwich models drive hardware.

07/07/2019 22:27:30

Nice boat Percy . I really recommend “International Waters” model boat forum too as in the USA model power boating is very popular. Sadly here there are much fewer power boat clubs these days . I find Prestwich Models in the UK a very good source of parts and advice too. I’m a bit of a Hydroplane fan too as I like fast boats . A few years ago I built a JAE21 outrigger 3 point Hydroplane from Zipp Kits in USA . I bought a Novarossi 29 for it from Germany too. It is rather fast (very very fast!) and only turns right but corners hard on its sharp turn fin but still needs a big lake due to its speed ( capable of 75mph plus). I also love driving my 45 powered 1970s cabin cruiser which I converted to surface drive a few years ago.

Thread: Soldering Stations
07/07/2019 19:13:37

Yes many seem to confuse electrical “non lead” silver solder with the >50% silver brazing rods. To use them its done with a proper blow torch . I used my MAP gas torch and silver brazing rod and flux to make exhaust manifolds it’s way harder and stronger than low temperature solder that melts with electric irons. Silver solder works well on stainless steel and I used that to attach the brass exhaust outlet and cylinder pipe to my stainless “bendy” exhaust pipe. You can buy low temp aluminium brazing rods too which contain a percentage of zinc to lower the melting point,but they still require a torch .

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
06/07/2019 22:11:13

Mine is almost ready to go , but just needs a bit of foam padding under the wings as the fit is slightly uneven but that’s a 5 minute job at the field, I’m away next week so can’t do immediately.

06/07/2019 10:14:28

Well done I’m pleased it was successful. 😊 . You definitely don’t want to run out of elevator as I discovered in my crash . The fact that even an accomplished pilot like Jon still has nose overs etc with the very mushy low speed handling shows this Warbird certainly is no easy plane to set up and land. We went through 3wooden props and the canopy with my Hurricane. The set up seems critical. I flew my Seagull P47 yesterday with its Laser 100. That is a very friendly Warbird in complete contrast to the Hurricane. Still the challenge of taming the Hurricane is exciting and I’m sure It will be all sorted soon.

Thread: West Wings Skylark
04/07/2019 17:06:45

I’m also building a skylark at the moment . I wondered if anyone has and good ideas on wing joining for a two piece wing. There doesn’t seem to be any specific instructions for making it two piece although it does have a dihedral . I think a specific arrangement would be quite possible. I was thinking of using wire joiners. Would be interested to see what others have done

Thread: Wings and Wheels 2019
03/07/2019 14:54:20

The Pyrotechnics in Saturday’s WW2 show were really great . Good size explosion and plenty of flame it was a great opportunity for photographers there to take some good shots . Was great seeing the planes dodging in and out of it 😊. We had six of our club members attending ..they all enjoyed it . Four of the six bought planes there and all bought accessories so the commercial non display side is seen as just as important as the displays.

02/07/2019 15:05:44

Wow David your Chipmunk on page 2 of this thread looks great . Thanks for information. I’m mine turns out half as nice I will be happy. I will start a build log when I start it 😊

02/07/2019 09:12:33

Cheers Ash I’m looking forward to starting the Chipmunk. I’m going to give it RAF colours. One thing I noticed is that it has wire u/c rather than Oleos I think I will source some oleos for I t to help with the bumpy runway😉.

Regarding the show on Saturday May clubmates and I really enjoyed it . It’s nice to see models beyond what we fly ourselves as it inspires us. One jet was so mad fast it seemed more like a missile than a model... very very exciting to watch but no way would I ever want to fly it 😳. I think the main reason we go is the privilege of physical shopping in an Internet world . The bring and buy is also very important. One thing I noted this year was the absence of Ripmax and some of the big trade stands but the usual stalwarts of our hobby were all there with some amazing bargains making it a very useful shopping day. One improvement that could be made would be healthy food or at least a variety. It seemed to just be burgers or bacon butties! The bar was appreciated though!

30/06/2019 19:46:29

Really enjoyed it on Saturday too . Well done and thanks to all the pilots who had to cope with tough cross wind plus a lot of heat. The retailers too were being frazzled in the tent shops but were cheery and helpful as always. I really enjoyed watching the flying plus did some “serious shopping” too. I bought a 80in RAF Chipmunk kit from SLEC amongst a number of other “ bits and pieces” purchases . Given the lack of high street model shops it’s so useful being able to see physical product . It’s also a great place to go and buy model fuel which I always do. I go every year .

Edited By Tim Flyer on 30/06/2019 19:47:30

Thread: How does a BMFA Country Member get an A Certificate?
29/06/2019 18:56:29

Thanks Peter I was not aware of our area BMFA coordinator. A number of our club members are interested in the achievement scheme. Last year another member and myself attended a BMFA examiners workshop for the A & B schemes. It was the Eastern region but I think we come under London region so would need a different instructor to attend . Anyway I will contact BMFA directly and see what they suggest.

Thread: Wings and Wheels 2019
28/06/2019 23:07:09

See you tomorrow. This year a good number of my club mates are on holiday at RC Hotel in Corfu, but I will be flying our flag there along with clubmate Nick and a few others

Thread: How does a BMFA Country Member get an A Certificate?
28/06/2019 21:54:04

The I will have a chat with the BMFA guys at Wings and Wheels tomorrow. I do find the so called “non commercial “ attitude to testing strange. If they seriously want to get more people involved they need to compensate examiners and that not only would give them more enthusiasm plus ability to do more , as well as increasing availability for people who want to take the tests. In many other pastimes we see much more structured and available courses. For instance RYA sailing courses offer a huge syllabus and many different courses. Our flying courses are a very poor cousin. I hardly think sailing is so much more complicated than flying. Sailing and many other activities’ sporting/associations offer acommercially run courses that help maintain standards as well as pay the bills😊

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28/06/2019 15:34:53

As I said my test was a quite a few years ago and I passed it . The most difficult thing was arranging the test and getting tested . I had thought about doing the B test last year but didn’t as we don’t have a club examiner . Regarding “ the circles” I had forgotten that the first turn is away from the pilot. That seems sensible as I never fly my models directly towards me (or pilot box which I would be standing in!) . Generally I think the BMFA achievement schemes are good but they do not seem to that well supported. It would be good if people were allowed to arrange to go to the national testing centre to take them under an official programme . I also see BMFA has also ruled out private testing. It doesn’t make sense to me in terms of promoting achievement schemes. I guess commercial reality will catch up with them some time.

27/06/2019 22:11:24

I agree that figure of 8 the test is difficult. I remember when I did my A a few years ago the examiner described the “two circles “ rather than a proper number 8 . Doing the double circle does seem a bit strange to me as it involves the pilot aiming the plane at himself in the centre. To me that’s not a natural thing to do . In my “ regular “ sport flying I always avoid flying straight towards the pilot box as I believe it increases risk and can intimidate other pilots.

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