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Thread: What do you hate doing on your aircraft?
20/04/2016 10:00:06

I hate painting especially by rattle can as I have no airbrush. I do not fancy buying an airbrush as it looks like a lot of faff with cleaning equipment etc. I recently bought some Flair tinlet paints for my Spit which I hand brushed and I didn't mind that too much and it covered well and looked fine to me. I love construction but hate finishing. I about I'm a bit lazy and always in too much of a rush to try to fly new models.

Thread: World Models Spitfire 60
11/04/2016 12:22:52

Hi Jack. The strip isn't to bad and could support th Spits weight despite rain on Saturday. It's still a bit soft but dries out quite quickly now the spring is here. Yep a shame but could have been worse. I'm pleased it flies ok and am now finishing repairs to the Chipmunk. Will be sensible next flight with Spit and wait for a day with straight on wind!

11/04/2016 11:46:56

Hi all just thought I would update after taking the Spitfire on its maiden flight. I set the rates up just as instructions plus had a low rates spit hot just in case. Anyway the good bit: the model flew very well and it sounded excellent with the beautiful but still relatively quiet noise of the laser 80. Rather than sounding like a petrol strimmer as many of the fashionable 2 stroke petrol engines seem to it had a lovely deep note in the air. The motor hardly vibrates at all . After a bit of trimming I started doing circuits an it was certainly a nice docile plane. I tested the flaps which I had mixed with bit of down elevator and they were about right. I did a number of passes then tried for a landing after about 12 mins flight. Silly me! I had her coming in nicely but didn't adjust properly for the cross wind. That resulted in me yanking the rudder at the last minute and the plane dropping a wing and hitting the ground 😒. I let my nerves get to me and should have just pulled out and come in again . I was too keen to bring her in! Anyway . The damage isn't too bad (just wing boot area and rear fuselage and minor wing damage) and will hopefully get it repaired over the next few weeks. Luckily the runway was soft!

Thread: OS120AX silencer problem
07/04/2016 23:10:31

Hi Graeme. I have the 120 AX in my Wot 4 XL and have run it over a few years now. I actually used the long straight extension which fits it well and hasn't been a problem with nose overs as the Wottie is fairly high . It's a strong silencer anyway . When the engine is new ithe silencer is a bit prone to coming loose as are the bolts of the main silencer can which I later put a dab of epoxy on. I use a bit of red hermatite on the manifold to keep that clean too.

It's a great motor and very powerful with about 15lb thrust on my 16x8 that I use. It took a fair bit of running in and needed a good leaning on the idle adjustment later on. It is now a wonderful engine and ticks over beautifully and on full chat is ballistic. It does drink fuel being a 2 stroke especially on full power. Being so strong I'm happy flying at about half throttle most of the time. One other bit of advice is that being a large 2 stroke with a big crankcase it's easy for fuel to accumulate and corrode the bearings if you don't drain the tank and run the motor dry at the end of the day. I also add after run oil to be safe. In my first year I replaced the rear bearing that had corroded as I hadn't been careful enough to do the above. Now no problems and it runs beautifully. A well made engine that has survived quite a few crashes and still runs like new. Definitely good value.

Thread: World Models Spitfire 60
22/02/2016 22:39:54

Thanks again Jon for the advice. I will be cautious on this then and keep the main travel low. On my chipmunk i have a rates switch giving me much more up elevator for taxiing etc. I also sometimes flick it after touchdown to hold the tail down.

20/02/2016 17:02:58

Thanks for the post Glenn. Sorry for late reply as we have been out for half term holidays. The easy flying is very encouraging and the plane looks very nice. Your field looks in good shape too. I notice you do not use the undercarriage doors. I also decided not to use them as they could easily twist on the runway and foul the retracts, and missing them wouldn't be very noticeable in the air. Our club patch is still a bit waterlogged as we are in Hertfordshire and the soil is full of clay. We will soon have the pits area surfaced with a properly drained gravel layer so that will be a big improvement from wellies and mud.

One question I do have is how much up elevator you use? I have put a bit more than the recommended as i was worried about potential nose-overs on the runway. I put a bit more up elevator on my BH Chipmunk too and thought this may be similar .

11/02/2016 19:48:12

Thanks again John I will try out the back flick!

I will certainly spend the time on the engine to get it well sorted. I'm a keen "piston head" and pride myself on reliable engines & will soon have the tick over dialled in.

It will be nice to finally keep the electric start in the box

11/02/2016 13:24:15

Aha very informative . Thanks John. One thing I noticed is you use a backwards flick to start them? I was flicking clockwise. I'm no expert in 4 strokes and just thought I had to flick them in the direction they run? My OS 120 2 stroke does sometimes run backwards! With the laser I will dial the tick over in as you have shown . I didn't want to do too much in the garden as you said , and was really just checking the tank position was ok. It seems to run very well with it and once I get to the field I will re tune with cowl on then all done and fly😊

07/02/2016 21:25:26

Cheers Ash. Thanks for the encouragement. As an overall view so far i would say that it is a very good value for money kit.
As you mentioned the covering isn't great, but I managed to sort that out with paint, better decals, and a bit of cyano in places. I developed a "new technique" for sheeted areas with loose covering. I made a very small cut in the covering with a scalpel and held the small cut open with a pin whilst dropping a bit of thin cyano it then spreads out with capillary attraction. That seemed to work well and leaves few marks.

Once I give it a fly I will write a report up here. Unfortunately our runway is very boggy at the moment so it might be a couple of months. I will soon be starting a glider build, to be towed by my trusty all weather WOT 4 XL. Happy Flying All .. Best regards Tim

07/02/2016 20:59:38

With such an awful weekend for flying , I managed to finally get it all finished.

I added the 3.5inch metal spinner bought from just engines, moved the U/C battery a bit further forward and epoxied just 30g of weight into the front of the cowl to get the balance spot on. As I had already "front weighted the plane" by reinforcement up front i didn't need to add much weight.

I also ran up the engine. First of all I discovered my first "...up" on this model which was getting the vent and filler lines the wrong way round. After messily filling the tank the fuel all syphoned out. I soon saw what was going on as I had swapped the kit tank when i built the plane with a nicer clear Sullivan one, which was a better shape. I soon swapped the lines round on my brass tubes I had glued in the engine bay, a simple job.

Anyway here comes the good bit!! I also ran up the new Laser 80.
After blowing a bit of fuel into the engine to prime it(a bit of silicone tube on the vent tube used for that) the engine started almost first flick... no electric starter needed! I bought some 5% Laser fuel when I bought the engine . It seems good value at about £15/Gallon.
I have only heard a laser engine once before and the noise is magic!! The tick over is very low and lazy and full throttle very strong. They have a unique sound. IMHO are much quieter than many of the electrics we have at our club, and sound like a "proper plane" rather than an over-powered hair dryer. I did the usual throttling up and down and finally leaned it in a bit. It seemed to run for nearly a half hour on the 12oz tank. The only thing I think I might need to do next is tune in the idle setting as its quite rich. I might leave that until it has been flown. Anyway I can't wait until the spring and the ground firms up and I can get this plane into the air.

Thread: Terry Wogan RIP
31/01/2016 14:47:20

Seemed a nice guy and had a superb mellow style, and was funny without ever being offensive which is a great quality. RIP

Thread: World Models Spitfire 60
30/01/2016 19:06:42

Cheers Chaps. I think I will go for the Ally Spinner Idea as I never like "non functional weight". I will also move the retract battery forward and that might just get me there.

I did go for a fly today with the Wot 4 XL. Was so cold i just managed one flight and was very very muddy. I'm pleased i put the water resistant wing servos in!

Hopefully will fire up the Laser next week when the pint has hardened

30/01/2016 14:13:12

Weight is 8.5lbs so far and I'm going to need a bit of extra nose weight (about 50g I think).

30/01/2016 13:57:33

Here is the front view . I used the kits own standard cockpit and pilot. Slightly cheapo, but not bad, and will look ok in the air i think.img_1460.jpg

Edited By Timothy Harris 1 on 30/01/2016 14:00:51

30/01/2016 13:55:01

Here is a picture on it now. I am very very pleased I spent the extra on buying top quality decals from
I still have not painted the matt fuelproof varnish on as i'm waiting for the yellow leading edge paint to dry, but I thought I would post an update.img_1459.jpg

29/01/2016 21:45:51

Cheers Jon thank you again for all the advice . Buying an engine from you guys was a great experience. i can't think of any other product we can buy these days where the manufacturer directly helps us.

Edited By Timothy Harris 1 on 29/01/2016 21:46:48

29/01/2016 18:44:16

Hi Jack good to hear from you and hope all well.

The Spitfire is moving along ok thanks. I have finished the invasion stripes, for which i used flair spectra paint on applied by brush, and must say i am happy with the result. I used blue 'high performance" masking tape from Home base and that worked well. I made sure I sanded the covering first for which i used a foam sanding sponge to get into the dips in the covering.

As in the post above I found the decals were rubbish to be honest and are just toy stickers which were non symmetrical and not even accurate in patterns. I bought a set of proper decals from and they arrived today. Way way better quality! They arrived promptly and were absolutely perfect.

This weekend looks stormy so i will hopefully put them on the plane and then coat it in mat fuel proofer varnish (Spectra again) and post some pictures up here.

I can't wait to start the new Laser engine!

24/01/2016 22:56:58

Welcome Mr Braddock.
Hopefully i will soon have the painting done and post photos. I have ordered new decalls from . These are 1:8 scale and this model is 1;7th hopefully they won't be too far out. At least they look the correct type. One downside on this model is that the covering is very glossy and the decals incorrect. I am rectifying that with the Flair matt varnish and painting the invasion stripes too. That should help orientation. The wing stripes included in the kit are not very nice in my opinion, but are easily removed. Ash and Glenn mentioned the covering coming unstuck in posts above, I have also had to stick down a number of edges.

Thread: Hobbystores
24/01/2016 16:54:07

Internet certainly is the way of the future, but it will never totally replace high street shops.

Advanced modellers are fine with internet only and buying wholesale. Less advanced and beginners need "hands on help" to avert disaster or having a big disappointment,

Funnily enough I have seen the same thing happen over the years in my other hobby cycling. However now the sport has suddenly picked up there are loads of high street shops opening. Cycle shops now make most of there money servicing bikes, rather than selling them! A lot of people buy bikes on the internet or from large multiple stores , but then go to the smaller local shop for better servicing. There has to be room for a business with a large internet presence and a small high street one with instruction and servicing etc. They just need a way of monetising the value added from the store.

Visiting Hobbystores over the years I saw loads of very useful advice handed out to customers who otherwise would have probably got things very wrong and not enjoyed modelling and given up. The problem is trying to make money out of high street retail is hard. Maybe some sort of model where the high street store(or back street warehouse shop) is a service centre for the mail order business might work?

Edited By Timothy Harris 1 on 24/01/2016 17:00:34

Edited By Timothy Harris 1 on 24/01/2016 17:03:12

Thread: World Models Spitfire 60
24/01/2016 16:37:49

img_1455.jpg Oh dear it looks like its winking at me!! Can you spot the dodgy roundel!
I think I will have to source alternative decals. I don't want to make them myself. Just easy stick on ones hopefully. I have spent a few hours painting on the invasion stripes with flair paint via a brush and am nearly complete. The idea with this model is to be a practical flyer rather than a scale masterpiece(I'm not up to building one that well anyway!)

Edited By Timothy Harris 1 on 24/01/2016 16:38:52

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