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Thread: Magnum Open rocker 4 stroke engines
20/01/2017 12:49:57

Lovely looker! Hmm we might have to persuade Laser to have an anodised option? 😉

Thread: Acro Wot ARTF (balsa) chat
20/01/2017 11:53:36

Nice plane too Daniel. Rather than flex exhaust etc, I would just turn the exhaust round and point it down running out through bottom of cowl. That's what I m doing in my laser powered wot4 and already do in my laser powered Wots Wot XL. Connecting extra pipeoutside the plane might be a bit messy and cause drag.

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20/01/2017 11:43:20

Sorry to  see that too Jonathan. I have the Kit Balsa not ARTF Acrowot with an OS80(the one in my header!). I have had it about 2 yrs and it is flown a lot. It's a bit heavier than the ARTF but flies very well. The reason I built the kit version is that I could strengthen it properly especially the undercarriage. It's much easier when you have full interior access while in construction. I have seen loads of the ARTFs rip undercarriage. Mine as no problem if I have to put it down in the adjacent ploughed field 😳. By the way I don't believe dead sticks are a good reason to choose electric, I have seen plenty of electric planes having to make forced landings too😊, but that's another discussion. I'm a committed IC fan especially for this model. ( I do enjoy foamies and electric helps occasionally). I like the Acrowot so much I'm considering another for a spare. I'm actually now half way through my Wot4 kit which will be a great winter hack and great fun with its air brakes. If I build another Acrowot I might put them on that too and increase aelieron depth to compensate 😊

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Thread: Who wants a Warbird Replics Hurricane?
11/01/2017 13:32:46

Nice one Jon , but please remember to put the choke back in after takeoff once the engine is warm . I can see your black smoke from the exhaust stacks has sooted the plane down the sides😉

Thread: LMA v BMFA insurance
10/01/2017 16:23:42

I second that . I am also a member of Cycling U.K. for exactly the same reason. We need one major representative of our hobby to liaise with those in authority. They will not be interested in talking to a number of smaller groups.

Thread: OS Engine price variance
06/01/2017 08:52:48

Surprised at your post Justin. The original post was about price divergence as you said, and I made a perfectly relevant reply that a locally sourced and made product was cheaper and indeed better in my opinion. I did state that the alternative mass manufacturers product was good as I am an owner of quite a few. Maybe you have an alternative angle that we are not aware about on here? with your "excellent" alternatives? It was through this forum that I discovered Laser and I am thankful. Up until just over a year ago I had not even heard of them as they do not seem to advertise and none of my club members New them . Your post sounds to me like you have some outside interest we are not aware of.

Thread: Wots Wot XL
05/01/2017 09:35:29

Well done Rich . Pleased You enjoyed it ! I replaced all the cleats with better quality bits. I hope the vibration issue gets sorted Graham. I did spend a lot of time beefing up the airframe with wood fillets and fibre glass epoxy to try to make it more durable when I started assembly.

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Thread: OS Engine price variance
04/01/2017 22:18:43

I'm surprised you went for that too when the Laser 70 is cheaper and you can call Jon up above who makes them . I think OS are perfectly OK and I do own a few of them but in installations where it's possible I would prefer Laser engines every time. I'm just about to buy my second Laser 80 for my Wot 4 when it's completed. I have an OS fsa 80 too. I think Lasers are better quality and easier handling, plus spares if ever needed won't take months to arrive!

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Thread: top flite P40 E
04/01/2017 12:37:42

Hmm that Seagull p47 looks nice . Luckily we don't have any at our club 😊.plus good value at £260 approx . It has Oleos included and 2 servo mechanical retracts which I guess should be simple too. Weighs it says 10lb maybe a Laser 120 in it? Sounds a nice new spring project plus not too expensive

Thread: Laser 150 petrol conversion
04/01/2017 09:44:35

Although adding the high nitro does have some cooling properties it does add to the mass of fuel being burnt . That creates heat. If the engine is not timed properly for high nitro it will not add to rpm but may knock / detonate if there is too much compression . A lot of racing 2s engines such as Rossis come with extra head shims for high very high nitro (above 20%). These engines are timed for high rpm and do not idle at low rpm with their high exhaust port. I certainly remember seeing quite a few "burnt out'" engines when racing boats on 20% nitro. The nitro wasn't used to cool them but enabled them to reach higher rpm by burning more fuel , so more work and more heat, but faster.

Thread: Pics from your free RCME plan build
04/01/2017 09:19:09

Agreed that Hangar Monkey looks lovely. Perfect colour scheme too. I love the classic lines

Thread: OS FS81-a Alpha destruction
03/01/2017 11:49:06

Thanks Engine doc. I think I will have to tap the backplate as the oil will not easily seep past the followers as you say and it's the easiest place to fit it.  Hopefully the SKF decent quality bearing I put in will buy me time. Regarding running the engine dry I certainly ALWAYS have done that. Plus I am very careful to drain the tank. What I should not of done with this motor was to run it when I knew it was on its way out. That exacerbated the damage and was totally my decision . It is strange that the bearings last such a short time these days. My Webra Speed 40 boat engine I bought in 1979 is still on its first bearings and I can guarantee it has don't far more hours at much higher RPM than this OS 81😉

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01/01/2017 21:55:31

I think Subalib's idea for the breather is good and as saiid it can easily have a stopper on if when the engine is in use. As the rocker cover is exposed on my Acrowot I decided that  i can add after run oil via the rocker cover for the moment as it runs down the rods into the crankcase. I think I will do the tap though at some stage . Thanks again Jon for your great advice😊. I had Three near 20minute flights on Saturday and it runs as good as new😊😊


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30/12/2016 18:33:12

A Happy update. Managed to get back early tonight and did the test run. The engine started swiftly and ran beautifully with very little vibration. Dare I say as good as new😉. I'm a very happy chap now. Thanks all for the encouragement. Next time I will be much quicker to change the bearings. One solution to this engines lack of crank breather problem would be to tap the back plate and put in a pipe so I could get the after run oil in . However I don't think I will bother 😊. I'm just going to enjoy flying it and watch it carefully.

Thread: Middle Phase 2
30/12/2016 18:25:42

Interesting Thread . I .would love to see build photos. I am considering one as a tow glider

Thread: OS FS81-a Alpha destruction
30/12/2016 13:14:20

Thank you Martin for the encouragement. It does seem the aluminium is quite soft on the conrod and crankcase so hopefully not brittle. It was easier than i had expected with a small bit of wet and dry paper to smooth over the marks an looks like I will still have plenty of thickness. If the crank an cam interface had broken which I had suspected before strip down I think the story would have been different. The engine was side mounted in an Acrowot. I did also use after run oil. However as mentioned by others this engine doesn't have a crank breather so not much oil gets into the crank case via the head. The only thing I did not do was remove the valves and springs for a clean. I didn't have any of the small spring retaining clips and didn't want to risk reusing the old ones, given that the valve coking isn't too bad. I might try using 2 stroke oil as after run oil instead as I was still a bit surprised that there is carbon on the valve. My use of this engine is quite relaxed and I won't be thrashing it as it is going back into the Acrowot if tomorrow's test is successful 😊

30/12/2016 11:54:23

Yes cheers Peter good advice again. I ordered them Tuesday night and they were dispatched first thing Wednesday and with me Thursday. Despite the holidays 😊

Thread: Asp 160 twin
30/12/2016 11:20:36

Good for you Steve. I think it is a very interesting project. The aero prop hydros are capable of great speed if you can get them to unstick and remain in control. I guess as modellers we are all in a minority hobby, but following the masses isn't for everyone. Speed is all relative. I'm no spring chicken either but it's definitely true that speed perception of models changes with experience of each particular type. When I last ran my hydro an experienced flyer who was helping me, found it a bit too fast and quickly handed back the TX after I launched it ( it has to go out at half/three quarter throttle and be gently thrown , otherwise it will fill with water 😉. For me I'm definitely not a great pilot but just am used to the boat.

Thread: OS FS81-a Alpha destruction
30/12/2016 11:01:52

Unfortunately it fell while trying to insert it during an " I must be careful moment". I have a few magnetic parts trays full of old bike bits😳 What I need is a clear out . When it fell it bounced on the hard Lino floor rather than hitting the soft mat. I think another mat would be good . I can't wait to test the engine on Saturday.

29/12/2016 21:57:47


Hi guys I had a good look at the engine and the con rod wasn't that bad and the inside of the crank case although scored certainly isn't a write off. I managed to get the bearings incredibly fast from Simply bearings mail order (36hrs!!), as i want to try to fly this weekend . I got them last time from model fixings too(they are excellent)but the ones needed weren't listed this time and i didn't want to wait with the Christmas period holidays..

I used some fine wet and dry and tidied up inside the crank case and con rod, plus cleaned out the oil holes in it. Aluminium had managed to wedge inside them! The soft aluminium tidied up well and the back plate is ok. I did the rebuild this evening with cleaning and a good re lube. Test Run on Saturday! If it Explodes I'm going straight to Laser... I already have an 80 on order for my Wot 4

The WORST bit was dropping the tiny little prop driver metal wedge on my shed floor. Finally managed to locate it about 40min later with a magnetic rod. It had found its way under the edge of a box!



Edited By Timothy Harris 1 on 29/12/2016 22:00:54

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