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Thread: as3x looking for spmrx.sax ver 1.42 for aircraft
23/04/2019 12:19:38

I a pretty sure that the sax files for these are keyed to the receiver serial number (they definitely are for the 'T' receivers) so you will have to register your receiver at and download the update.


Thread: Holding screws in
22/04/2019 08:49:54

Assuming that you have steel machine screws into t-nuts, Loctite 248.


Thread: Understanding the numbers....
21/04/2019 09:24:37
Posted by brokenenglish on 21/04/2019 09:05:15:

Maybe it depends on the type of plane you fly but, for me, telemetry is technological overkill, particularly just to do a range check!!!

If your model only has a single receiving circuit then what you say is true. If you have two or more circuits in a model then if you do not look at the telemetry you will not know if an antenna is badly placed. I generally have telemetry installed for the first few flights of a model in order to verify the installation.


21/04/2019 08:37:27

Setup voice alarms for 1+ holds, 10+frame losses, loss of telemetry and go fly.


PS The 6600T isn't one of Spektrum's better offerings, do not fly without the remote and expect to see more fades on the main unit (A) than the remote (B).

Thread: Gatwick drone incident
15/04/2019 17:17:36

Panorama, The Gatwick Drone Attack, BBC1 20:30 tonight.



Thread: New Drone/Aerodrome Regulations - Is your club at risk?
09/04/2019 10:44:02
Posted by Martin Harris on 09/04/2019 00:08:10:

I think this is fairly encouraging?

I think that it is yet another example of the word 'drone' being used by different people to mean different things. I really do wish that the DfT, CAA, NATS and the Airprox board would stop using the word.


09/04/2019 10:35:04
Posted by Martin Harris on 24/03/2019 11:04:17:

I suspect there may have been a recent update to the ANO

The change that you refer to is what we have been discussing on this thread since AN(A)O 2019 was published.


Thread: 300 sized brushed motors and 400 motors+gearboxes
07/04/2019 10:01:35
Posted by Thomas Gooderham on 07/04/2019 01:11:19:

a manufacturer/supplier of 300/400 sized brushed motors

If you really want to go brushed, then I would suggest trying model boat suppliers, e.g. Cornwall Model Boats.


Thread: Lightweight Filler
06/04/2019 13:03:28

Polyfilla One Fill.


Thread: New Drone/Aerodrome Regulations - Is your club at risk?
13/03/2019 22:32:51

Langar isn't a protected aerodrome.


13/03/2019 14:50:40
Posted by GrahamC on 13/03/2019 14:35:36:

I have politely corresponded with those responsible for UAS policy at the CAA, and they did do me the courtesy of replying and assuring me that they sympathise and that they "recognise that aero modellers are a conscientious and law-abiding group" but couldn't offer any help in dealing with the local ATC.

Have you looked at the guidance documents that the BMFA have issued (documents section on azolve)?

There is some stuff in the memorandum that was issued alongside AN(A) 2019 that may be of use, e.g. -

"The Department for Transport will work with aerodrome operators, and others whose permission is required, to ensure airports put in place efficient and easily usable processes for SUA users to obtain permission."


13/03/2019 10:28:09

The BMFA are reporting that the CAA have issued an exemption for control line...



13/03/2019 09:50:07

I wonder if not putting the aerodrome operator in article 94A(3)(b) was intentional or an oversight. It does seem strange that you need both the permission of both the operator and CAA to go above 400ft if the protected aerodrome doesn't have an ATC or FIS unit. It also seems a bit strange to have a protected aerodrome that doesn't have a ATC or FIS unit.


Thread: Servo /RX incompatibility?
05/03/2019 09:44:59
Posted by Mr.B. on 04/03/2019 18:35:07:

I had analogue servo twitching issue with an AR9030, updating the firmware fixed it.

That would be the Spektrum 'T' receiver 11ms bug which meant that the affected receivers always had a servo frame rate of 11ms which is a problem for some analog servos.


Edited By Steve J on 05/03/2019 09:45:47

03/03/2019 16:37:24

The AR610 only puts our 3.3V on it's signal line. I don't know about the others. It may be that the C341 needs more than that.


Thread: Death of a Fun-Fly.
25/02/2019 09:55:00
Posted by David Davis on 25/02/2019 05:52:36:

I will certainly take to labelling my batteries with their purchase date from now on but any advice to prevent a re-occurrence of this incident will be appreciated.

Cycle nickel batteries regularly with a decent charger. I do conventional NiMHs every three months and Eneloops at the start of the season.


Thread: New Drone/Aerodrome Regulations - Is your club at risk?
23/02/2019 13:39:02

BMFA article.

Some quotes from the SI's explanatory memorandum.

"7.20 The Department for Transport will work with aerodrome operators, and others whose permission is required, to ensure airports put in place efficient and easily usable processes for SUA users to obtain permission."

"10.2 As part of this consultation, flight restrictions at aerodromes were covered. Feedback from the consultation was varied in relation to restrictions around aerodromes. There was, however, strong consensus from airports and airlines that a larger restriction zone around aerodromes is necessary to ensure SUA do not come into unsafe proximity with manned aircraft, particularly in take-off and landing paths. After consideration, the Government therefore decided to extend the flight restriction zone."

"14.2 The Department for Transport has also instructed the CAA to carry out a review of the effectiveness of restrictions around aerodromes (see paragraph 13.3 above). As part of this review, the CAA will examine the number of permission requests received by ATCUs and FISUs, what percentage were granted, and the reasons for refusals. The CAA also has power under article 266 of the ANO 2016 to create exemptions from any of its provisions, including those amended by this instrument, subject to any conditions it considers appropriate. The review will consider whether there are any areas (such as public parks) near aerodromes where SUAs may be used safely, and which could be granted an exemption. More generally the review will assess the impacts of restrictions, and consider other relevant safety and risk questions, which may result in further amendment of the ANO 2016."


Thread: YAD (Yet Another Drone) and its idiot
22/02/2019 08:50:39
Posted by Daithi O Buitigh on 22/02/2019 00:49:40:

I doubt if the Aer Corps has the funds (or the manpower).

It the airport that will have to spend the money and the airport ATC unit/police who would have to operate it.

Incidentally, this incident shows how effective exclusion zones around airports and systems for registering UAVs are in stopping people flying 'drones' near airports.


22/02/2019 08:44:46
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 22/02/2019 01:45:30:

I saw somewhere that the Gatwick drone was thought to have been operated by a disgruntled airport worker who knew where to hide.

The Times earlier this week.


21/02/2019 22:22:17

Yet another airport that hasn't invested in systems to detect and track small UAVs in it's ATZ and therefore has to shutdown when somebody sees a 'drone'.


Edited By Steve J on 21/02/2019 22:22:37

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