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Thread: SBach 300 - Repairs and modifications
29/03/2020 10:23:53

It looks like the can is going to be in contact with the walls of the tunnel. I would suggest having a 5-10mm air gap.

Thread: DLE exhaust
28/03/2020 10:53:31
Posted by SR 71 on 28/03/2020 09:57:04:

Well that thread started off fine but very soon deteriorated into a fight

What fight? Those of us who have been through getting the noise of two stroke petrols down to acceptable levels are saying that you need to be looking a fitting a can. You may also need to look at prop tip speed and airframe resonance.

28/03/2020 08:01:08

You can play games with the Pitts style exhausts to get them down by a few dB, but you really should be fitting a decent canister. Personally I would be looking at Zimmerman or JMB.

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
24/03/2020 16:30:05
Posted by Nigel R on 24/03/2020 12:49:40:

I didn't realise they had internal transmissions again.

WHO sitreps.

24/03/2020 12:13:37
Posted by Nigel R on 24/03/2020 11:07:10:

First, what transpires in the wider PRC when Wuhan restrictions are lifted. Presently the new cases in China are imported, with the slight relaxation of international transport restrictions.

The WHO are showing the PRC as having "Local Transmission" and I don't have a lot of faith in the numbers coming out of the PRC.

It also appears that you can't compare the death rates in European countries. According to reports that I have seen, in some countries, if you die with covid-19, you go down as a covid-19 death, in others, if you had an underlying problem, you go down as that.

Thread: Covid 19
24/03/2020 09:56:39
Posted by Don Fry on 24/03/2020 09:48:02:

But accepting they messed up the start of this, who knew anything at that time, but since have demonstrated how to suppress it.

I am not convinced that it has been suppressed in the PRC. I would not be at all surprised if they are simply classifying the cases as something else in order to get their economy moving again.

24/03/2020 09:38:41
Posted by Tim Kearsley on 24/03/2020 09:01:45:

I really hope I'm wrong in this, but I can't see any quick-fixes.

I agree with your analysis. There are no good solutions. The choice seems to be between having of the order of a hundred thousand deaths over the spring and summer or shutting down the economy and having a few less deaths over a longer period.

Thread: UK leaving EASA!
20/03/2020 08:31:06

Debate on this subject in the Lords yesterday.


Thread: 35 MHz crystals
18/03/2020 21:05:50

Phoenix Model Products are showing stock of Futaba 61 SC.


Thread: Throttle Cut & Failsafe, Spectrum DX9 Black
18/03/2020 15:59:09

Disable the throttle trim (trim step = 0).

Set the throttle output to +/-100%.

Set the throttle cut to -100%.

Power up the model.

If the ESC does not arm, reduce the low throttle range until it does.



Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
17/03/2020 18:13:13
Posted by Gary Manuel on 17/03/2020 17:18:26:

I don't get the logic of keeping the schools open either David. My guess is that they have judged that the disruption of closing them and having parents off work or grandparent looking after the kids outweighs the risk of cross infection via school.

Covid-19 is not a big risk to the under 20's so the argument for closing schools would be to protect teachers and parents.

If you close schools now, what is going to be the criteria for reopening them?

Thread: Replacement Charger?
14/03/2020 10:45:36
Posted by Neil67 on 12/03/2020 20:06:53:

Any advice welcomed.

Before binning it, I would take it apart, check the power input wiring, clean the circuit board and give it a once over for anything obvious.

I use a iCharger 106B for LiPo and LiFe batteries and would happily recommend it.

Thread: Drone crashes are now investigated by the AAIB
14/03/2020 08:45:27

The AAIB were investigating commercial SUA incidents before last July. They looked at one at Hinkley Point in mid-2017.

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
13/03/2020 13:13:54
Posted by Stephen Smith 14 on 13/03/2020 12:53:07:

this is flu which has always killed people.

It is not influenza. Coronaviruses are not even in the same phylum as influenza viruses.

as will mine

If you are saying that you intend to ignore all government advice regarding covid-19, then I think that you are irresponsible.

13/03/2020 10:41:05
Posted by Dai Fledermaus on 12/03/2020 18:20:10:

Our Club has just decided to close the field until Easter in view of the Corona virus outbreak.

What are you going to do after Easter when covid-19 rates are higher than they were when you made this decision?

Thread: DSX9
11/03/2020 21:46:47
Posted by Jeff Langley on 11/03/2020 20:22:03:

Could I re-assign the redundant aileron out put (joystick) to a "switch", & use it as a flap output? Be pleased to have any thoughts.

Use Mix1 to stop the aileron stick moving the aileron channel -

AILE->AILE; point-0 = +100; point-6 = -100; SW ON

Use Mix2 to have something else move the aileron channel -

LLVR->AILE; point-0 = -100; point-6 = +100; SW ON

Thread: UK leaving EASA!
10/03/2020 12:12:22
Posted by andyh on 09/03/2020 15:06:43:

EASA "Easy Access Rules for Unmanned Aircraft Systems" document

EASA appear to have merged the two regulations and the two guidance/means of compliance documents that were issued last year into one document. I've had a quick scan through it and it doesn't seem to include anything new.

08/03/2020 21:49:43

I don't understand why it appears to be a surprise to some people that the UK will cease to be an EASA member at the end of the year.

EASA is an EU agency. EASA members are members of the EU or EFTA. The UK has left the EU and isn't a member of EFTA. Barnier's TF50 published a document over two years ago that said that the UK would leave EASA at the end of the transition period.

08/03/2020 20:55:37
Posted by Don Fry on 08/03/2020 20:41:59:

I will assume therefore, that the UK Government will dictate the outcome of those agreements.

The EU and UK will negotiate the agreements. See the published negotiating documents from the UK and EU.

08/03/2020 20:26:19

Aviation safety. The clue is in the name .

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