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Thread: Stabilisation
18/08/2018 10:17:37

I have CC3D flight controllers (six outputs, a little over £10 each) in a Parkzone Mosquito and a Multiplex Solius. More hassle to get going than an AS3X would be, but they work well.

The CC3D in the Mossie runs in rate mode and makes it feel like a bigger model.

The installation in the Solius was done out of curiosity as I had the Solius, an AR7700 and a CC3D doing nothing. One handed launches and hands free landings...


Thread: Drone consultation
13/08/2018 17:22:34

Section 4 of the consultation (, which has a nice open question at the end "Do you have any other proposals for solutions to minimise the impacts on safe model aircraft flying that we could consider?"


Edited By Steve J on 13/08/2018 17:23:35

13/08/2018 16:41:26

It was discussed a bit at the end of Gonzo's 'New Drone Laws' topic.


There is a short article on the BMFA website.


The emphasis is different to what I was expecting, more enforcement than enabling U-Space.

Hopefully more than 213 aeromodellers will respond this time.


Thread: EU. LBT
11/08/2018 12:07:38
Posted by Mike Blandford on 11/08/2018 09:33:10:

Does anyone know if DSMX does LBT, and if it doesn't, what does it do to be legal in the EU?

I can't find the reference, but I have a feeling that DSMX has a 6% duty cycle, i.e. it's not a bandwidth hog that has to listen before talking.


09/08/2018 08:58:13
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 09/08/2018 08:29:08:

New Spectrum Transmitters are only allowed to transmit on DSMX in the EU as they are LBT compliant.

DSMX is EN 300 328 1.8.1 compliant. I believer that DSMX transmitters do not have to Listen Before Talk as the duty cycle of DSMX is below the threshold above which LBT is required.


09/08/2018 07:27:20
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 09/08/2018 06:57:55:

I was under the impression (probably mistakenly) that LBT only applied to Transmitters. The clue here being in the name 'Listen before transmit', which is wot transmitters should do wink 2. I know that non LBT JR and Spektrum DMS2 receivers were still available post 2015.

Spektrum receivers transmit during bind, but at low power (< 10mW). As I understand it, most, if not all, current Spektrum receivers will work in DSM2 mode.


Thread: DLE 30cc info sought
28/07/2018 14:28:36
Posted by alex nicol on 28/07/2018 13:24:27:

the intended home is the Phoenix Models PC21 (1.20/30cc version)

That has a nose wheel so it is difficult to see how you are going to be able to fit anything other than a Pitts type silencer. Gashanger used to do a decent one with piccolo tubes, don't know if he still does.


28/07/2018 14:20:29
Posted by alex nicol on 28/07/2018 13:24:27:

Just one thing, have you tried it on a 3 blade prop by any chance and if so what size did you use.

#1 has a Mejzlik 18x10 two blade prop and a Toni Clarke mini-pipe (originally used on a ZG26).

#2 has a Mejzlik 16x11 three blade prop and a Zimmermann canister (30-45cc, 60mm diameter).


28/07/2018 13:15:09

I have two. One has 55 hours running and the other 30. If I needed another 30cc petrol, I would probably buy a 3rd.

Unless you fly at a very noise insensitive site, you will need to buy a decent silencer and manifold for it which could easily add £100 to the cost of the installation.


Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
27/07/2018 08:54:09
Posted by Gordon Whitehead 1 on 26/07/2018 06:39:08:

Somewhere within these 38 pages Geoff is a reference in the official documents defining ground level as just that, ignoring buildings, trees etc.

It's in CAP1687.


27/07/2018 08:51:57

From the impact assessment published yesterday -


Steve, keyboard warrior

Thread: RAF Scampton to be sold
24/07/2018 12:04:06
Posted by Engine Doctor on 24/07/2018 11:16:55:

I can't remember who said it but " if you desire peace be prepared for war" .

"Si vis pacem, para bellum".


Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
22/07/2018 15:03:16
Posted by David Mellor on 22/07/2018 14:29:22:

The idea that we will all be required to fit altitude recording to our planes is wrong, I think.

Recording? Perhaps not. Transmitting identity, latitude, longitude, altitude and a few other bits and pieces? Not too far away I suspect.


22/07/2018 12:24:43

Piers, Another datapoint for you. Have a look at the tables and figures at the end of SESAR's ATM roadmap for drones. You will see an estimated €200M being required to retrofit 70k VFR aircraft to accommodate drones in the late 2020's.



22/07/2018 11:08:05

Posted by Piers Bowlan on 22/07/2018 07:49:23:

That isn't going to happen when full sized light aircraft are not mandated to carry them

IMHO electronic conspicuity for all manned aircraft isn't that far away. Have a look at CAP1690.


19/07/2018 18:36:15

Posted by MattyB on 19/07/2018 15:39:47:

Organisers of slope and thermal comps and potentially power fly-ins etc may have to cancel events at that point because they will not be able to guarantee they can be conducted lawfully.

If I was organising such an event in August, I would be downloading SRG1308, marking it up (the CAA haven't got around to updating it yet), filling it in and sending it to the CAA.


It's getting silly now. The DfT/CAA should have published an agreed exemption on the 30th May at the same time as they published AN(A)O 2018.


19/07/2018 12:18:22
Posted by Gordon Whitehead 1 on 18/07/2018 21:12:26:

Has anyone else out there got similar experience?

Altitude telemetry from my 30cc MX2. Mostly below 400ft, but it looks like I'm going to have to give up my flat spins and be careful with the stall turns .



18/07/2018 21:23:52
Posted by ChrisB on 18/07/2018 20:02:16:

The BMFA,SAA, FPVUK and LMA have issued a statement regarding an exemption agreed by the CAA, DFT and the associations, which will be in place on or by 30th July.

The statement published on the BMFA website on the 15th June (which I am assuming is the one that you are referring to) does not say that an exemption has been agreed. It says that it was agreed that the associations will apply for an exemption.

At the moment, there is no exemption and it will not be 'business as usual' on the 30th July for people who like to fly above 400ft.


18/07/2018 15:05:36
Posted by Howard Winwood on 18/07/2018 13:52:31:

(short of regulations forcing models to carry telemetery equipment to monitor height and I doubt that will happen.)

It's happening in France this year for models which are flown other than at the sites listed in section ENR 5.5 of the French AIP.


18/07/2018 15:02:15
Posted by Paul C. on 18/07/2018 13:47:37:

I have a spektrum dx8 with a telemetry module ( never used it though) does the altitude measure the height from the model to the transmitter or from the model to the ground beneath it, this I believe is what would be required.

The Spektrum altimeter and vario measure the height above the power up point (with the latest transmitter firmware, I believe that you can reset it).

The Spektrum GPS will give you either altitude above MSL or height above power up/reset point and horizontal distance from power up/reset point.


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