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Thread: Best interference free 2.4 tx under ?350?
24/09/2020 19:05:59
Posted by Bruce Collinson on 24/09/2020 17:47:49:

I watched a series of monitoring flights counting the brown-outs/frame losses etc (?) on Spektrum.

Somebody else who doesn't know what a brownout is.

I have been using Spektrum for over ten years. I can count the number of failsafes (holds in Spektrum speak) that I am aware of on the fingers on one hand. I have models where I don't think that I have ever seen a frame loss, which means that there hasn't even been 22ms when the signal from the transmitter didn't get to the receiver.

Thread: Ofcom trace interference to a lightbulb
24/09/2020 16:34:11
Posted by Martin Harris on 24/09/2020 15:41:28:

"Bulbs? Bulbs is wot you plant in your garden" was indelibly knocked into me by our storemen at work

Your storemen should have been sent for a long wait. It is a glass bulb with an incandescent element.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
23/09/2020 16:18:28
Posted by Peter Christy on 23/09/2020 14:05:13:
Posted by MattyB on 23/09/2020 13:24:47:
"Drones flying within Arrow Drone Zones need no specialist equipment, such as new sensors, to utilise the Zone.”

Erm! So how does this work for us? Telepathy, perhaps? And since when has "drone" been a legal definition?

It's not a legal document. It's a press release.

I believe that they are playing fast and loose with the term 'specialist equipment'. I suspect that 'drones' in the area will need to have cellular links to Guardian UTM. The question for me is, are the CAA going to define the area as the UAV equivalent of a mandatory transponder zone?

22/09/2020 20:48:58

Altitude Angel are proposing a 'Drone Zone' south of Reading.


It doesn't say it in the article, but the only way that I can see that this works if if everything in the zone has a communications link with the Altitude Angel's UTM system which would set a worrying precedent.

Thread: Spektrum Tx and Rx compatability, or binding trouble
19/09/2020 22:09:33
Posted by Tony elkin on 19/09/2020 13:52:26:

However it will not bind, ever, if closer than 2 to 3 M to any rx clone or original.

If this happens when I am binding, I turn around so that my body is between the transmitter and receiver.

Thread: Graupner Repair/Servicing in UK
19/09/2020 19:20:12

Have you contacted the service centre in Germany?


Thread: Which Glue?
19/09/2020 16:31:37
Posted by Jeffrey Cottrell 2 on 19/09/2020 16:23:57:

how about carbon to EPO

Cyano. Thin if it is a tight fit, medium if it isn't. Check on a bit of scrap foam first.

Thread: Electric newbie - ESC BEC question
19/09/2020 12:18:36
Posted by MikeQ on 18/09/2020 23:03:59:

Any recommendation should on Wattmeters and are there such things as inflight wattmeter type loggers?

Does your Spektrum transmitter have telemetry? If so, you would need a TM1000 (available secondhand at reasonable prices) and either Spektrum's (overpriced) current unit or an aftermarket one such as the UniSens that dickw uses. A 'T' receiver would be an alternative to an AR8000 & TM1000.

Spektrum do ESCs that talk to their latest receivers.

Eagle Tree used to do a standalone airborne logger, I don't know if they still do,

19/09/2020 10:08:45
Posted by MikeQ on 19/09/2020 09:58:41:

Would be separate 2S be too much for the Aileron servos (4.8 to 6v)

The problem is that sometimes when manufacturers say 6V they mean 6V and sometimes they mean 5S NiHM which is actually 7V. If it's the latter, 2S LiFePO4 would be a good choice. If it's the former, you would need a UBEC.

19/09/2020 06:42:30
Posted by MikeQ on 18/09/2020 22:22:40:

I'm wondering If I need a separate 2S lipo for Rx and Servos or if the ESC will handle it?

I would suggest using a UBEC or separate battery on a model of this size. The BEC circuits on ESCs tend to be a bit basic and it allows you to power up the receiver without the fan being live.

Thread: Petrol or Glow?
17/09/2020 16:15:36

Posted by Gary Manuel on 17/09/2020 15:42:40:

... I've only recently heard of Pro-Synth fuel from a couple of very satisfied users at our field. I was considering buying some the next time I need fuel...

Could you please clarify what exactly is the problem with Pro-Synth fuel that makes it so bad that it invalidates Laser Engine warranties? Is it a problem with something specific to Laser engines or is it bad for all engines?

Lots of people use Weston fuels and are very happy with them. The only person that I am aware off who says bad things about them is Jon. I have always assumed that it because somebody from Weston kicked his dog or something like that.

Thread: DX6 Battery Drain
17/09/2020 11:19:24
Posted by kc on 17/09/2020 10:26:22:

Lots of models of DX6...


The original DX6 (which wasn't sold for long) was DSM.

DX6 black case with built in wireless buddy system and more memories

There are two variations on the modern DX6. The G2 has a single antenna and the G3 (the current model) has two.

Thread: Petrol or Glow?
17/09/2020 11:16:36
Posted by Brian Cooper on 17/09/2020 11:07:35:

Silencers, especially for two strokes, have always been an issue with engines whether they are glow or petrol . . The ones supplied by manufacturers are rarely adequate for keeping the noise down, and the "silencers" supplied with petrol engines are pathetic.... they are constructed from the thinnest materials possible and behave more like amplifiers.


You have to budget for and make sure that the model will accept a decent silencer if you go the two stroke petrol route.

Silencer manufacturers -

  • JMB (Czech, imported by IAD Model Designs)
  • Zimmermann (German).
  • Krumscheid (German).

Thread: The Alpina is back!
16/09/2020 15:50:03

Very nice.

I am not sure of the wisdom of a carbon canopy (assuming that it is carbon and not a lookalike) even if it is very pretty.

Thread: Is/could this be an expansion of the surveillance state
15/09/2020 20:47:17
Posted by Doc Marten on 15/09/2020 11:40:09:

Sounds like a good idea to me, the public want to see enforcement of law and effective rescue services, we don't have enough police officers, we could never afford it, we will never be able to finance the rescue services to the degree needed for the expectations so using drones seems like the way forward.

The Hermes 900 has a 8 figure price tag...

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
15/09/2020 12:55:27

Posted by MattyB on 15/09/2020 12:04:08:

if it was just a simple GPS sensor that was registered to a pilot (not a model) then I have to admit it wouldn't be too bad.

The Delegated Regulation (2019/945 as amended) only requires the operator registration number.

l've no doubt our esteemed public servants (whichever colour they are by that point) will find a way to make it as expensive/complex/minimally effective as possible once we finally get to the point of implementation...


15/09/2020 11:24:50

Posted by MattyB on 15/09/2020 11:11:24:

IF the beacons are compact enough, have minimal power requirements and can be easily moved from model to model (i.e. we can register a device against our pilot ID, not a specific model) then this could be a workable for flying from public access sites.

9g is the same as an Aerobtec GPS.

15/09/2020 11:17:18

I haven't seen any indication as to which way the UK is going to go with electronic IDs/conspicuity.

The EU/EASA eID standard has slipped to November (the French are doing their own thing although the hardware should be the same). No sign of an ANO amendment. The ATM&UA bill seems to have stalled, the last debate on it was in the Lords in February.

15/09/2020 10:45:03

The French association have sorted out a supplier of electronic IDs for people flying at sites which are not exempt.

9g and 40€.


Thread: Is/could this be an expansion of the surveillance state
15/09/2020 10:33:12

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency have been trialling a Hermes 900 of the Welsh coast.


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