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Thread: The big question, WHEN
07/05/2020 21:24:40

IMHO, the most useful graphs are the excess deaths ones that the FT is publishing.

Edited By Steve J on 07/05/2020 21:25:45

07/05/2020 21:18:47
Posted by Gary Manuel on 07/05/2020 21:06:29:

I notice from today's official statistics that there appears to be an upward trend in new confirmed cases. Is this the start of a second wave?

They are doing a lot more testing so they are finding more cases. 30k deaths means millions of cases.

07/05/2020 09:33:09

ORS4 1375 "General Exemption which allows a more flexible, but controlled, use of a small unmanned aircraft in support of the Police response while enforcing the Government restrictions resulting from the COVID19 pandemic."

was withdrawn yesterday

"This general exemption has been revoked following assessment of its use, and in anticipation of increased General Aviation and other airspace user activity over the coming days and weeks."

03/05/2020 13:47:43
Posted by Paul C. on 03/05/2020 13:30:07:

No idea if it's genuine or some sort of fake Internet posting.

It appears to be Irish.

03/05/2020 12:50:51

Posted by Bob Cotsford on 03/05/2020 12:47:28:

Well, if that's not politics what is it? It certainly well of track for this thread!

Ending the lockdown and allowing us to play with our toys is a political decision.

03/05/2020 12:49:19
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 03/05/2020 12:22:53:
Posted by Steve J on 03/05/2020 11:18:04:

The question is how much do you spend preparing for a 50 year event? Do you have mothballed wings in hospitals? Do you pay over market rates to keep PPE production in the UK? If you spend a few billion a year on pandemic preparation, how does this impact deaths from other causes?

I think the issue is that we had a few weeks warning over other countries and didn't start preparations when we could have.

The problem is that what the government could do was limited by decisions made over the last twenty years.

Is one of the reasons Germany has fared better than UK due to the fact they spend a higher proportion of their GDP on health care compared to the UK?

If you proposed a German style health care system in the UK, you probably wouldn't get elected.

03/05/2020 11:57:24
Posted by Michael Ramsay-Fraser on 03/05/2020 11:36:37:

The simple fact is, as pointed out above, other governments around the world have been better prepared in terms of PPE and ventilators (along with support services) than we have.

Most countries seem to be in a similar position to the UK. Some learnt from SARS etc (or were ready for a biowarfare attack), most didn't. Some governments have decided to minimise short term deaths, some have decided to keep their economies going and some have decided to have a balanced response. We will not know who was 'right' until the end of the year at the earliest.

03/05/2020 11:18:04
Posted by Michael Ramsay-Fraser on 03/05/2020 10:45:56:

Ventilators, PPE shortages and NHS overwhelmed within days was the outcome. Recommendations were made. Did the government take action? Watch the death figures rise and guess the answer.

The question is how much do you spend preparing for a 50 year event? Do you have mothballed wings in hospitals? Do you pay over market rates to keep PPE production in the UK? If you spend a few billion a year on pandemic preparation, how does this impact deaths from other causes?

03/05/2020 10:26:41
Posted by tigerman on 29/04/2020 09:36:03:

Right or wrong the Government surly will have to easy the lock down soon

The problem is that, for a variety of reasons going back decades, the UK NHS's and public health bodies were not prepared for a pandemic, so when the government saw the Imperial study and what was happening in Italy they panicked, closed schools, detained large numbers of people without due process and caused enormous amounts of damage to the economy. They are now faced with the problem of lifting the lockdown in a way that doesn't allow the opposition to claim that they are allowing tens of thousands of people to die and without admitting that they overreacted at the end of March.

Thread: Spektrum DX9 Question
02/05/2020 17:47:26

Select the two aileron, two flap wing type. Go into servo setup and set the end points and middle (subtrim) for each flap servo.

Thread: First "Drone" deliveries next week
01/05/2020 16:24:54

Temporary Danger Area Solent Corridor

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
29/04/2020 20:42:50
Posted by Gary Manuel on 29/04/2020 19:46:14:
Posted by Steve J on 29/04/2020 15:08:13:

Looks like electronic IDs will be required from the 1st January 2022.

Any chance you could point me to the part that says that?

The section entitled 'Remote identification' on page 13.

29/04/2020 15:08:13

Looks like electronic IDs will be required from the 1st January 2022.

From annex C -

"13. What are the separation requirements from uninvolved people in the A3 subcategory?

"There should not be any uninvolved persons “endangered within the range where the UA is flown during the entire time of the UAS operation”. This means that there should not be anyone that is not part of the flight in any part of the area that the aircraft is planned to be flown, and people should be at least 50m away from the ‘boundary’ of the flying area. If an uninvolved person ‘strays’ into the flying area, then the aircraft must be moved away from that uninvolved person immediately. The 1:1 rule (see Q 14 below) allows remote pilots to make a quick and simple assessment of the relative risk. However, if the person stays in the operating area (as opposed to just ‘passing through' ), then the flight would need to be stopped."

Edited By Steve J on 29/04/2020 15:09:31

29/04/2020 14:47:49

CAP 1789 has been revised.


Thread: First "Drone" deliveries next week
27/04/2020 10:51:42
Posted by John Bisset on 27/04/2020 10:18:52:

This is playing to the gallery.

This is part of UAV / UTM / U-Space development work being done in that area.

25/04/2020 16:04:41

I just read the BBC article on this. For me the important bit is at the end of the article, this is related to UTM / "future transport zone" development in that area.

25/04/2020 15:12:08
Posted by Capt Kremen on 25/04/2020 14:46:54:

Southampton airport ...

I am under the impression that one of the drivers behind this sort of thing is being able to do direct hospital to hospital (or lab, GP practice etc) transfers. If you have to put the stuff in a van, drive to a strip, load a UAV which then flies to another strip where the stuff is put in another van then a lot of the benefits go.

25/04/2020 14:25:12

There has been talk of medical delivery UAVs in the Southampton/IoW area for over two years. The interesting thing about this trial is the size of the UAV and the fact that it looks like it requires some sort of runway.

Thread: Model transfer via SD card & binding
24/04/2020 10:40:56

I have a 8GB SD card in my DX9 for collecting telemetry.

If you have problems with an SD card, it is worth downloading the formatter from the SD Association.

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
13/04/2020 18:52:09
Posted by Andy Stephenson on 13/04/2020 16:48:31:

Does anyone think this is a problem we should be aware of.


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