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Thread: Sticky casing on Watt meter
23/08/2020 20:40:23

A late suggestion.

Strip it down. Put the sticky plastic bits in a bowl with some diluted general purpose household cleaner. Leave for a while and then scrub with an old toothbrush. Dry. Reassemble.

I just did this with an old USB flash drive that had got sticky and it is now as good as new.

Edited By Steve J on 23/08/2020 20:40:37

Thread: Electro mechanical retracts control board
23/08/2020 09:05:23
Posted by Steve J on 08/08/2020 14:34:02:

... you could do this with an Arduino and an H-bridge motor driver board.

That was difficult .


(The £3 L298 module arrived yesterday. The telemetry link back to the DX9 is effectively being used to give the Arduino a display.)

Thread: Banggood Delivery Times
22/08/2020 17:06:34

I placed an order for a few small items with Banggood on the 14th. They arrived today. I'm pretty sure that is the fastest that I have had anything from them.

Thread: Your Hacked charger PSU's.
22/08/2020 09:33:17

HP Proliant power supply covers lots of different PSUs. The classic for conversion is the DPS-600PB.

A good source for information on conversions is this topic on RCG. I would suggest picking a supply that takes a standard mains lead and doesn't need too much work on the outputs.

I would happily recommend the Dell AA23300. Easy and lots of information available. The only downside is that it is a bit noisy.


Edited By Steve J on 22/08/2020 09:36:06

Thread: Can't change frame rate on a DX8 G2
20/08/2020 17:50:38

DX9, Airware 2.03, SPM4649T.




Edited By Steve J on 20/08/2020 17:55:04

Thread: Retro fitting a towhook to a Cliff Charlesworth K8e?
18/08/2020 21:43:57

Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 18/08/2020 21:13:49:

a tail end connection like the full size is a big no no.

I tried towing from the scale position once. It was horrible. Luckily it was my Panic towing a small glider so I had lots of control authority.

There is a discussion of towing geometry over on scalesoaring.

Thread: Foaming tank
18/08/2020 10:44:59

You can buy fuel with an anti-foaming agent.

I usually install felt clunks. For some reason, the only glow model that I have that doesn't have a felt clunk is my helicopter.

Thread: Ar636 sport
18/08/2020 09:47:34

Posted by Nigel R on 18/08/2020 09:10:09:

The short range flyby telemetry is not so bad for power flying where you are usually within somewhat close range for the whole flight.

All they give you is signal quality and receiver voltage. Worth a glance after the flight, but that is about it.

Spektrum really should have provided a way to disable the short range telemetry.

A few of my TM1000's (I have nine) were bought secondhand unused for £20-£25. If memory serves, they shipped with the DX8G1 and lots of people never bothered using them.

Radian setups that make sense to me 1) AR6610T, 2) AR610 + TM1000 + vario.

18/08/2020 07:07:07

I was assuming that the lack of a T meant that the 636 doesn't have integral telemetry (I have the 635), but I've done a bit of digging and it appears to have short range telemetry which will give you the FlightLog data when you are close (IMHO this is useless except for range checking).

Discussion over on RCG.

If you plug a TM1000 in (which you would need to do to make use of external sensors), the 636 and 1000 will conflict at short ranges, at longer distances the transmitter will no longer see the signal from the 636.

I would suggest going the 6610T or 637T route if you want full range telemetry.


Edited By Steve J on 18/08/2020 07:11:50

Thread: GPS jamming trials
18/08/2020 06:24:02

All I know is what it says on Skywise, part of which I quote above. I assume that it is the military playing electronic warfare games. I recall that there were similar trials at Sennybridge and Spadeadam around this time last year.

I'm sure that the CAA would say that people who use GPS should always have a plan for what to do if it fails, unlike the DJI M600 Pro pilot last December.

Thread: NiMh Rx pack check report! ( And a warning?)
17/08/2020 20:22:52

Servoshop list a battery load tester that sounds like it has a 10 ohm resistor. I have something similar somewhere with a Ripmax badge on it that has a 6 ohm resistor.

17/08/2020 16:57:40
Posted by Peter Christy on 17/08/2020 16:51:50:

NiMhs have a very shallow voltage drop after the peak. Many older chargers fail to detect this properly, though most modern chargers should be fine. Charging at 0.5 - 1 C helps, as the higher charge rate leads to an increased drop for the charger to detect.

Indeed. People who delta peak at 0.25C worry me.

aaa charge.jpg

(Ansmann AAA 1100mAh)

17/08/2020 16:52:43

Posted by Steve J on 17/08/2020 16:32:10:

I never trickle charge my NiMHs.

I forgot about my PCM9XII and DSX9. The NiMHs in those get trickle charged.

Thread: GPS jamming trials
17/08/2020 16:35:13

I would like to think that the BFMA and LMA subscribe to Skywise, but I wouldn't be surprised either way.

Thread: NiMh Rx pack check report! ( And a warning?)
17/08/2020 16:32:10
Posted by Nigel R on 17/08/2020 13:38:24:

A trickle charger is always the cast iron method, 1/10th C rate overnight, job done.

Some interesting views in this thread.

I never trickle charge my NiMHs. Conventional NiMHs get cycled every 3-4 months with the charge being at around .75C. Eneloops get cycled before their first flight of year, again with the charge at .75C. Any battery that acts up when cycled gets another couple of cycles to get its act together. If it is still false peaking after that it is off to recycling.

All my models with receiver batteries have either telemetry or £2 voltmeters somewhere visible.

Thread: GPS jamming trials
17/08/2020 15:49:52

Two GPS jamming trials are coming up.

"Jamming activity will take place 8 September 2020, affecting airspace in and around Gore Cross (SN10).

"The activity may affect GNSS based navigation and timing devices, electronic situational awareness devices (including FLARM) and UAV control. Jamming may impact systems up to 40,000FT AMSL within a radius of 7NM of N51° 15’ 29”, W001° 57’ 48” (COTEC)."

"Jamming activity will take place 17 – 28 August 2020, affecting airspace above Wales and the SW of England.

"The activity may affect GNSS navigation and precision timing devices including electronic situational awareness devices and UAV’s (drones). Jamming may impact GNSS signals up to 40,000FT AMSL within 62NM of N52° 00’ 53”, W003° 38’ 31” (Sennybridge)."

Thread: Ar636 sport
16/08/2020 15:18:13

A TM1000.

Or replace the 636 with a 637T.

Thread: The Alpina is back!
16/08/2020 08:43:38
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 16/08/2020 08:31:01:

The Antaris looks like a larger moulded version of the Heron. So a Heron with better performance and energy retention, very tempting yes

That is precisely what I am thinking.

15/08/2020 14:09:40

Matt's Christmas present to Matt? Or aren't you going to be able to wait that long?

Thread: Your Hacked charger PSU's.
14/08/2020 14:41:38

Posted by Doc Marten on 14/08/2020 13:49:42:

£10 for a top quality, ultra safe CPU!

Or even a PSU. Actually, I was going to hang a little CPU and a display off its I2C interface, but there is go little data available, it's not worth it.

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