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Thread: Plan service wood packs
14/12/2014 16:51:08

I have had a look around, and a browse though this years mags etc. I came across the build artical for the Jocasta (Oct. 2014 RCM&E) I thought looked ok and I already had the plan and a helpful build artical.

Ok upto now. Then I looked at the wood packs and for both I was expected to,pay about £105!! Plus I still had to buy the electric power chain, covering, and all the other bits. Not going to happen.

I can buy a PC 9 Roulette ready built, with servos, beautifully covered for less than that!

Cannot believe the price of those packs. My self build now on back burner. Ah well.

Regards, Glyn.

14/12/2014 13:33:33

Ok thanks, so I'm understanding that you need both packs to complete, correct?. I realise that all hardware and electrics would be extra. As for the model type I like fairly steady models as I am still learning. I can fly my acro wot, but not yet doing hairy stuff with it. I also have a wots wot, not flown as yet as it looks so beautiful I don't want to risk bending it!

I would like a mid wing sport or a electric glider, as I do not have a sailplane of any sort. I will look at the STOL if I can work out what and where it is.

Thank you again for the input,


14/12/2014 12:54:22


I am thinking of having a go at a scratch build using RCM&E plan service.( never done so before, so any suggestions of a nice model to start with (electric plz) much appreciated) But I am somewhat confused about the woodpacks offered. Do I need to buy the CNC and the additional packs, or just either or?

Kind regards,


Thread: Postage Restrictions for Batteries
14/12/2014 12:47:42


It's all very strange! I ordered lipo batteries which arrived via Royal Mail, I needed to return one of them but when I declared the contents in my local post office they refused to take it, as you have found out. I even went back home and then returned with the original packing, with Royal Mail labels all over it, but it made no difference.

You couldn't make it up could you. So what did I do? I took my packet to another PO did not declare it as containing batteries, and off it went, sweet as a nut, and it arrived ok.

PS my replacement arrived also via Royal Mail!!!

Have fun, Glyn.

Thread: Charger upgrade advice
13/11/2014 19:32:13

Well I've looked at loads and think I'm gonna go for this one and then save up for a power pack. Wife's just informed me she has bought two pairs of glasses, over £500, what waste !!!


Looks ok you agree

Regards, Glyn.

12/11/2014 11:28:03

Ok, thank you very much. I am now following up your advise. I have taken both points onboard and am looking for the best deal I can find.

Thanks again,


09/11/2014 18:10:23

Hi everyone,

I have been flying for about 9 months now. I started out with a single plane using a 3s lipo pack. Since then I seem to have acquired another six aircraft. ( I told my wife I have no idea how that happened!)

My original, and only charger will charge only one pack at a time,and only upto 4 cells. I now need to charge 5s batteries, and probably 6s in the future. I can manage with a unit that will only charge singly but multi charging would be a benefit I think.

So I would like advice on what you think would be a suitable and lasting buy, as I do not want to have buy another charger in, say, 12 months or so.

I'm hoping some of you have had this problem at some time past and would give me the benefit of your solutions.

Happy flying,


Thread: How Do You Store Your Models
27/10/2014 12:49:11

Nice and neat, wish my lady would let me drill the wall in the extension!

By the way where did all the wings dissapear too?


Thread: Ripmax ARTF Wots Wot
29/08/2014 07:39:56


Has anyone, like myself, bought the latest Chris Foss wots wot with the electric conversion pack? For the life of me I cannot fathom how to fit the hatch cover supplied in the kit, using the 3 sided ply plate (The one with four magnets at the corners) Can anyone tell me where it goes and how. Driving me mad.

kind regards,


Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 27/10/2014 06:17:01

Thread: Setup quandary
17/08/2014 09:12:26

Hi Chris,

thanks for that. I guessed it was down those lines but did not want to think I had something covered only to find out I had interpreted it incorrectly as I am going to use the Tx for the first time on a new plane, so a bit nervous anyway!

fingers crossed,


16/08/2014 18:33:13

Hi all,

In the Radio set up section there is a header named Sound. Directly below comes "Mode" and the selection options are, Nokey, Alarm, Quiet, All.

For love or money I cannot find any info on these option. Can anyone help me to choose by explaining the differences.

Ta very much, Glyn44

Thread: IC to electric conversion
05/08/2014 20:30:15

Thanks guys,

I'm working on your most helpful ideas. I have the original motor mount, which if a type of two prong fork. I have cut a circular disk of ply, with two cutouts for the two forks. I am fixing the new moter to this. Nothing is fixed as yet. So I can slide the disc olong the forks and fix with bolts when a balence point is found. Of course I will put battery on out side with elastic bands first. So thanks guys, I will press on, and wil update later.

I think the weight is around 6lbs.

thanks for the replies and your time.


02/08/2014 18:37:27

A kwik fly 3 has come into my possession. I would like to convert it to electric power. Has anyone done this, or would be kind enough to give me some pointers, as I am not an accomplished builder. I really need help on motor and battery mounting and access.

regards, Glyn.

Thread: Companion9x and Mac
28/07/2014 11:39:28

Hi Kevin

thank you for that info, Im reading through it now

Kind regards,


26/07/2014 07:52:10


As anyone managed to install successfully companion on a Mac? I can get version .56 to work then find it impossible to update to any of the later versions.

They either quit immediately I open them, or I cannot download them at all. I get file not found, or permission denied, and I can find no solutions via the net.

Also I am sure that when I first played with my Tx I came across a screen with a load of model names, guess they were templates, now that I wish to use a couple I cannot find that screen anywhere. The model folder on the SD card appears to be empty. Can I restore them?

Any help would be very helpful, thankyou.


Thread: EFLR310013
18/07/2014 09:07:05


Yesterday I was flying my eflite apprentice s. I had a couple of flights without any problems. Had 30 min break and prepared to take off again. My pre flight tests were ok. Then as I stepped away from the model to take off I noticed that ALL the control surfaces were very slowly (5secs in each direction say) moving from one limit to the other, without any input from the Tx! I switched aircraft system off and then back on, everything centred in the the normal fashion, and all seemed to be ok again.

This phased me somewhat and I decided not to fly it again. I could see nothing amiss in on board radio gear. I'm hoping someone can suggest a reason and what my next step should be. As the Rx (EFLR310013) is about £85 I am reluctant just to go get another.

your advice will be much appreciated.

Have fun, Glyn.

Thread: Servo Advice, and my new Taranis
11/07/2014 11:50:18

Hello Pete,

Ok thank-you. I guess I was somewhat dubious that the manufacturers install something they can get away with, and that maybe I should take the opportunity to change them.

thank you,


10/07/2014 12:01:37

Hi everyone,

I would like to purchase a pair of servos for my eflite Apprentice. I have obtained a spare fuselage. The originals are a EFLR 7150, and an EFLR 7155.

I have no problems with them really, but they do chatter a lot! I wondered if someone would recommend two suitable replacements of better quality. I, myself, don't really have a clue as I am still on a learning curve, ( usually towards the ground at speed! )

As a bye the bye I have just received my Taranis as I needed to buy a better Tx and decided that was the way forward for me. Had hours of fun trying to work it out, all,seems ok. It connects with my Mac, no problems. It talks to my Apprentice with the supplied Rx. And I have got it to play "Learning to fly - Tom Petty" at the flick of a switch. All I gotta do is fly with it. Let you know.

Thanks in anticipation,


Thread: Upgrade for PKZ4421 clevis
09/06/2014 15:24:27

Hi everyone,

I am a very newcomer to rc flying, but progressing slowly.

I have had a couple of problems with the supplied clevis's on my eflite apprentice.

One showing stress marks, and one the locating peg was broken off, ( seen before flight!!, must have been beginners luck!)

I would like to fit better quality replacements soonest. I have looked at the vast array on offer, but as a newbie I am unsure which will fit, as no details seem to be given on threads, & sizes etc.

So your expert advice would be very welcome. Thank you.

Hoping for calm dry days,

Kind regards, Glyn.

Thread: Beginners help!!!
27/05/2014 22:00:29

A big thanks to all of you.

I will try out the suggestions. I think I will also buy some medium CA. I am using thin, and even the smallest drop I can apply tends to be excessive sometimes and can run onto my build mat. So I will press on and see how I progress.

i have not noticed any adverse effects from fumes, but I am only using a small amount. In fact I have adhered less than 10 joints so far. I'm in no rush! I will post pics when I have something to show.

thanks again,


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