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Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
07/01/2015 21:54:26

Hi Danny,

Brilliant suggestion. Their website says in stock, hope it's true. I have had two "sorry website error" emails today blaming web errors.

Thanks any way, let u know.

Kind regards ...

07/01/2015 21:23:34

Thanks for reply but yep found all of those and more. They are all out of stock and have been for months. No idea if they can get any sock either, I rang two of them.

Has the EU banned them, seems like it.


07/01/2015 20:42:17

does any one know why it is impossible to buy a razor plane from anywhere in the UK? No stock at all.

I can get one fro US, Oz, NZ Hong Kong etc. but not here. Problem then is postage 3 times the price of the plane.

If you can source one plz let me know.



06/01/2015 14:21:11

6.jpg5.jpgPictures of the fitted strips:


All seems ok, thinking about what to make the next step.

06/01/2015 14:21:09

6.jpg5.jpgPictures of the fitted strips:


All seems ok, thinking about what to make the next step.

06/01/2015 08:59:58

Hi Ton,

Thanks for the information. I have cut and fitted the strips now, so will be pressing on with the sheeting next. I am supposing that it will be best to fit the motor before sheeting front bottom and top of fuse.

Regards, Glyn

05/01/2015 17:35:01

These are the balsa strips that double the thickness, ate the surfaces at the top and bottom of the fusalage sides. I think their purpose is to give a wider depth of surface to give a larger area for glueing on the sheeting top and bottom of the fusalage body.

I have emailed Rob Bulk at the Dutch woodpack supply company, this is his reply:

" sorry to hear that, we have sold many Red Eagle packs, and you are the first to mention this. this item is NOT included in the pack. You have to cut cut from some spare balsa. It is not my design, I only sell what I am told. "

So there we have it. You probably will have to make it yourselves, as I could not find any 3mm x 4mm strip anywhere.

I had a wood pack , not for a model, so I did just that. Would be nice if it could be added though, I think.

Am I right in thinking that all parts ie vertical, horizontal tail sections wing panels and dihedrals etc. are covered before being mated together and fixed onto adjoining bits.

Anyway things going ok I think, I'm learning a lot, Going to remove all the glue from my fingers now!!!

Keep it up, Glyn.

05/01/2015 14:13:39

Think I have a small problem. I don't appear to have been sent any 3mm x 4 mm balsa strip in my full woodpack.

Anyone else found this?

Problem is there isn't a shop within 20 miles of me that would sell it.

05/01/2015 07:48:07

Quick word of warning, if you buy the kit that comes with a full size plan, all the notations are in Dutch!

So you may need to buy a plan from RCM&E as well. I think the plan alone is £12, so why not buy a back copy of the magazine, it's cheaper and comes with a plan. Just a thought.


04/01/2015 21:22:30

Oh I know that scenario too well. My kit came inside 5 days, but I made myself finish off all my various projects before I could even open the box. It spurred me on to great things! Finished a new build, a wots wot, 2 ic to electric conversions ( kwik fly 3 and a spacewalker) and a repair to pc9 roulette, yep I crashed it.

Then I started the Eagle, see it can be done, though not seen the wife for 11 days!

Get to it.


04/01/2015 20:44:20

Hello, welcome,

Are you a novice like me, or is this your second build, making you a real expert in my eyes!

I'll let u know any pitfalls I find on this blog, keep tuned. A small criticism of the kit, none of the components are notated on the wooden parts, so it takes some sorting out if you a newbie builder, and therefore not to expert at reading the plan. As Mike says above, very steady is the way forward.

Have fun and keep us posted.

Kind regards, Glyn.

04/01/2015 19:20:41

Ive no idea why these have been inverted, sorry(above pics previous post


04/01/2015 19:19:32

Ok Mike, got the idea. Show me a pic of your wings if possible. I'll check on washout but am assuming it's taken care of in the plan, yes?

Sun 4th Jan

Progress so far, not much today as it was freezing in workroom, and I went to watch the Tigers pm.



Thread: Ipad cursor position
03/01/2015 21:01:33

Yea it's only a niggle, I won't worry any more, just wait for a fix

Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
03/01/2015 19:42:02

Good point Mike, I will just push them into the wood. Most of the pics explain a stage,ok. I agree that some times they leave me somewhat puzzled as to what is being shown, but atterbury looking at the parts plan I have got there upto now. I'm a bit worried that I will glue something to early and be unable to do something later on. So,taking it steady. I guess there's no harm in that though.

Perhaps you would explain the D box to me.

Regards, Glyn.

Thread: Ipad cursor position
03/01/2015 19:28:06

Ah well, I think it's down to poor beta testing then.

At least it's not just me. These forums are usually a server side script, so the hosting company should fix it. I'm not buying an Andoid, I'll just DIY it.

Have fun,


03/01/2015 18:00:48

When writing text in the forum text boxes on my iPad, when I press return, to create a new line, the cursor always returns to top most left hand corner. (Above the first line of text) then I manually have to touch the screen at the start of the new line to get it into the correct place.

Any ideas.


Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
03/01/2015 17:53:03

Hi Mike,

Yea thankyou for that. I have now realised that the short length of the hinge pin can be inserted and then glued into the wood. Easy when you know how eh?

I've started on the fusy now. Assembled but not glued. Trying to work out what piece goes in the nose(ie firewall)

Press on tomorrow.

Thanks Glyn.

03/01/2015 11:20:00

Hi All,

Time to ask advice. In the supplied wood pack are 8 hinges. It does not appear to show, on the plan, how these are utilised. Is it two per elevator section (4) thus leaving four for the rudder. This seems a little excessive, four hinges on a rudder, so I'm guessing three each side of the elevator,and then two for rudder.

Secondly the two halves of a hinge are joined together using a push in piece of metal wire, that is cranked at 90 degrees at one end. I have not seen or used this type before. Do I need to fix the pins in place, using adhesive, or are these pins incapable of falling out of the hinge whilst in flight?

Build going steadily so far.

Kind regards, Glyn.

02/01/2015 14:33:55

All best wishes to all of you for 2015.

I have had toothache, trapped nerve in my shoulder, and a fall requiring 5 stitches above my eyebrow, now sitting with a black eye. Oh tooth removed last Monday, so I had a great festive week! Ah well.

Anyway today I have started my build, all well so far. Will post pics when have made enough progress.

Have fun,


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