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Thread: Hurricane Building Tips and Plan/Woodpack queries
25/08/2018 22:07:51

Hi Peter,

I couldn't get my decals from Pyramid but I did find some roundels etc from "Your Final Vinyl."

They have assorted roundels in loads of sizes etc Its worth a look.


Thread: 2018 PSSA Mass Build - The Completed Model Thread
07/08/2018 15:29:52

I thought I'd finished my Hurricane but just discovered I haven't glued the aileron hinges in either the wing or the ailerons! I'll have to juggle WD40 on the pivots whilst carefully dropping superglue in the right places.

My ready to fly weight is 1.56kg, that's 55oz in the old money or 3lb 7oz, .

I reckon that landings are going to be fun - as soon as the radiator touches down all the extra lead fitted in the battery box will cause the air-frame to roll forward and to do a nose stand! I think it best to postpone my maiden flight till the Great Orme event in September.



Thread: Hurricane Building Tips and Plan/Woodpack queries
03/07/2018 19:27:03

Peter, thank you for letting me see your blog. I can see clearly how to fit the fairings. I can also see the pit falls in making the radiator before finishing the wing to enable it to clear the wing bolt plate - hadn't spotted that one.

Hope to see you in September although I have a lot of hurricane to build yet.

03/07/2018 17:14:33

Thanks Phil, that clears that up for me. I think I'll stick with balsa and thin ply as per your earlier post - at least I'll now have the fairing attached to the correct structure. I can see that it will be much less prone to damage when attached to the fuselage.

03/07/2018 16:43:56

Help Phil and/or Peter

I've just been looking at your wing fairing posts, they are very helpful and I'm about ready to make mine.

This may sound like a stupid question, but I've never fitted wing fairings before. So, do you bolt the wing on the fuselage and then build the fairing glued to the wing and get a good close fit against the fuselage? OR is the fairing glued to the fuselage and just resting on the top wing skin?
Either way it looks quite a vulnerable structure for a heavy landing to wipe out!

Any help would be appreciated.


13/04/2018 19:55:23

Hi Phil

Thanks for the feedback and picture of your servo. Mine must be taller although it is exactly the same size as the one one in the side elevation on the plan and I've re-measured it and it is 5mm above the inside of the skin not 7 or 8mm, sorry, but still too tall. Anyway I have ordered smaller servos and cut the servo plates to suit. Lucky there is loads of spare light ply on the laser cut sheets.

12/04/2018 21:52:48

Hi guys, I have being working on the fuz and just got the part where you dry fit the snakes and fit the servo plates for elevator (and rudder in my case). I pushed a standard servo through the servo mounting plate as shown on the plan and offered it it up on top of the 1/2" x 1/8" fuz stringer. The servo is going to stick out by about 7 or 8mm above where the side skin will be bent over between F3 & F4. The servo plate can't be moved nearer the fuz centre because it will stop the battery from being able to slide into the battery box. If you lower the ply servo plate to below the stringer then the snake alignment is way out of line.

My solution is to use smaller servos eg Hitec HS-82MG and make some new ply servo plates.

Thread: An Introduction to the PSSA 2018 Mass Build Project
01/03/2018 12:09:55

My Hurricane kit has has just been delivered. Can't get started till 12th March, but at least I'll have no excuse for starting after that point.

Looking forward to seeing Phil's aditional wood list etc in due course.

Thread: PSS A-4 Skyhawk - The completed model thread
08/08/2016 09:41:17

Hi Phil, it was a very blustery and gusting day when we flight tested, wind 20mph gusts up to 30+, not ideal but we knew the bracken was long and fairly soft. I set the CG exactly as per plan requiring the battery fully forward and a 1/2oz car-wheel weight on the front of the battery to get a balance, 2lb 5oz all up. Launch was good required 2 or 3 clicks of up and then she was flying. It handled the blow quite well but when I turned down wind and headed towards the slope and then turned across the slope the nose dropped viciously and took a lot of elevator to dig it out. I did this several times with the same result and Brian Boucher's A4 did the same thing when he flew 10 minutes later. I guess it was something to do with the amount of side area all above the CG and presented to the strong wind as she turned. Scary the fist time but then you are ready the next time. Rolls were lightening fast and elevator response was just right. I didn't fly very long and landed in the bracken with a very wide grin knowing I could take the A4 to the Orme without any re-building!

07/08/2016 22:47:12

Finished my A4 at the end of July and managed to get the maiden done with Brian Boucher on 3rd August, see Brian's posts.

Will be at the September event, guess I'm going to save the next flight till then.

Here's a couple of static pictures.



Thread: Covering tip tanks with Solarfilm
12/05/2014 23:21:02

Hi Phil, you've made an excellent job of your tip tanks.

I have managed to cover 1 of my tanks tonight using 3 strips of solarfilm with my iron set at 123 degC. I couldn't cope with iron in a vice but I managed by wearing a pair of shorts so that I could grip the tank between my knees and hold it firmly enough for me to iron with one hand and stretch the film with my other.

I've got nowhere near your standard of finish but I am happy with my result - it will look fine in the air, which is where I like my models to be.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to help me through.

See you all on June 1st.


12/05/2014 13:30:31

Thank you Malcolm Blake for suggesting the paint. I'm going to try with film tonight using the advice above. It that fails my skills I'll think about the paint.

12/05/2014 13:26:29

Thanks, I am using solar film. I will give it a shot with 4 pieces and the brilliant idea of putting the iron in a vice - that might be the answer to the extra hand that I haven't got!!

12/05/2014 09:18:59

Thank you all for your suggestions. I think that as you say, I need another pair of hands to help or a spigot to fix the tip tank whilst I work.

I'll try 2 pieces of film too and just try harder!!

Thank you.

12/05/2014 00:01:57

Hi BEB thanks for your reply. My tips are not mounted on the wings. Do you think I should try covering them using 2 pieces - like top and bottom? rather than a single wrap around piece of film.


11/05/2014 22:49:21

Hello fellow JP builders. I am nearing completion of my JP, but have a problem. I am trying to Solarfilm the tip tanks. They are so small and all compound curves and they have defeated me so far!.

Does anybody have any tips? Do I use a single piece of film? 2 pieces of film or a load of strips? I've been trying to use a single piece of film with a temperature controlled filming iron but just burn my fingers and get a creased mess and then have to tear the film off and start again.


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