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Thread: JSDAF Blue impulse F-86
23/08/2019 13:17:26

J.H.Rood and all. F86 was flown by many countries and for decades. So, for us modelers from Western world willing to build big? flying toys, whose in middle age or a tad older, has a story or two to tell about this plane. This time, I gotta build and fly her.

22/08/2019 14:07:47

Martin, Yes! the two packages arrived in good shape today. Even my dog, Cocoa seems comfortable because she knows that I will be home while building from the box contents.  Thank you for adding the tail linkage part.  Greatly appreciated.

Edited By Toshiro Saruwatari on 22/08/2019 14:08:22

22/08/2019 14:05:51

Two brown boxes arrived, flying across the Dover Channel and the Eurasian Continent. Am I happy. You betcha.



18/08/2019 10:00:12


Next time your orchestra decides to cross the Eurasian continent, let me know.

Toshrio Saruwatari

14/08/2019 03:04:52

da_ad02_01b.jpgI have just sent my yen for the short kit and canopy. Hope to get them soon.

In 1964, a squadron of JASDF F-86s drew the Olympic symbol over the skies of Tokyo, during the opening ceremony of the Olympic games. I was born then, but not old enough to remeber seeing it. Time passes, and I was fortunate and old enough, I guess, to see the final demostration flight of the JASDF Blue Impulse using F-86 at Iruma AFB Tokyo. I might be able to dig up some old photos stashed up someplace. So, my theme is set, white and blue Blue Impulse.

Edited By Toshiro Saruwatari on 14/08/2019 03:09:02

Thread: An Introduction to the PSSA 2020 Mass Build Project
28/07/2019 10:50:37

Count me in! This time, I really want to build and fly. F86, THE plane that made the Olympic symbol over Tokyo in 1964 during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic games. We will be hosting another Olympic in 2020, so what more fitting plane is there for me to build.

Toshiro in Tokyo.

Thread: An Introduction to the PSSA 2018 Mass Build Project
11/03/2018 03:28:50

rather large box arrived at the door today, despite the fact that its a Sunday here. Much thanks to JPS, Japan Postal Service. 1,200yen in tariff was a bummer, but the big boy of the house is, ofcourse, happy.


Cocoa and Rum are showing great interest. They seem to share my joy and enthusiasm.


Canopy and spinner arrived intact. In the past, Jet Provost canopy arrived crushed, so I had requested Sarik Hobbies to pack well, and they obliged, did a good job. Dont think I can get started ASAP, but this time, I'll get her done and flying. Yes, there are two short kits here. Wider one is belated A4. Decided to make the best use of coupon offer and offset the cost of EXPENSIVE S&H by ordering two kits.

Thread: Hurricane colours, photos, video & scale references
07/03/2018 14:13:44


My short kit is on its way. While I wait for it to arrive, I bought a copy of Hurricane book available here. By coincidence, it came out only a few weeks ago. Lots of informative info and photos. Made a good and interesting reading. Was a bit of a surprise to learn that Hawker Hurricane was the only figher which fought throughout WWI from 1939 to August 1945I, in active service.

Thread: An Introduction to the PSSA 2018 Mass Build Project
05/03/2018 02:53:11

Ordered myshort kit set and am waiting for shipping quote.

Toshiro in Tokyo

Thread: A-4 Skyhawk colours, photos, scale references
09/03/2016 13:16:33

I hope all you will find the book a useful source of scale info. As with my own build, made copies of the plan with parts outline. Thats it so far.

Toshiro in Tokyo

Thread: An introduction to the 2016 PSSA Mass Build - A4 Skyhawk
20/02/2016 03:55:39


No, I didnt order a canopy. One reason for that was, Provost canopy arrived damaged. A reason why mine was not completed. Sending it back to Traplet for replacement was, cost wise, unacceptable. I will have to carve the canopy out from balsa anyway, so might as well pull my own.

Edited By Toshiro Saruwatari on 20/02/2016 03:56:30

19/02/2016 04:45:48

My plan arrived. Am studying them and having fun doing so. Will start cutting wood after my current project is completed.

14/02/2016 09:16:20


JSDF never adopted A4, so will have to make something up. Fun fun, fun.

14/02/2016 02:39:27

Ordered my plan few days ago. Due to high cost of S&H to Tokyo, Japan, decided to cut my own parts. Time consuming, but will have more fun doing so.

Duirng the Cold War era, JSDF(Japan Self Defense Force) adopted Lockheed F104 Starfighter as interceptor fighter. Which surprised many tax payers here at the time, because, according to press, Douglas A4 Skyhawk was said to be the plane of choice due to its versatlitiy. But, a SUDDEN change was made at the very last minute of the selection process. Time flew, and it so turns out that a huge political scandal called the Lockheed Scandal erupted in mid-70s forcing the PM at the time to resign. P3C Orions, another player in this scandal is still flying here today. This little trivia should give a clue to the markings and scheme I will be finishing my A4 in.wink

Toshiro in Tokyo

Thread: Jet Provost build in Tokyo Japan.
17/08/2014 04:12:01

I havent given up yet. After reading about all the fun you have all had at the event, yes, I was stalled. As you all know, and have probably been there and done it yourselves, it really takes far more energy to get a stalled project going again. I was hoping to get some buildign done during the summer vacation, which ends today, but got no where. Too much requests (ORDERS!) from the boss of the house to do repairs and chores around the house. Repairing a broken sink, toilet pipe(Aghhaa), trimming black berries, attaching opening and closing mosquito netting to the door, etc.etc.

Maybe I can CA some ribs tonight. Hope so.

15/06/2014 11:15:33

Thanks Phil. Any additional info with helmet diameter? I know that a PingPong ball's too big for her.

A littile progress over the weekend.


This is from last week. Used toothpicks as reinforcment fot the rudder and elevator.

And today, made some progress with the left wing panel.

Sanding jig from scrap balsa for R1.


Turns out spar slots dont line up. Duh. Well, thats an easy fix.


Slow, yes. But making progress.

12/06/2014 00:11:59

Thank you all very much for your encouraging comments. My build is chugging along, but at a slow pace.

I have a question, rather a request for help. Can someone provide me with rough dimentions, like shoulder width and depth, head(helmet) diameter of the pilot figures used. I will use thouse numbers as a starting point to buld mine. Just couldnt find a right pilot for my JP.

02/06/2014 15:29:28

A little progress. Cut out the parts for the tail feathers. I didnt have any 5 mm balsa, so decided to use two sheets of 2.5 mm. Cut the parts out so that the grain direction of two sheets will not be completely pararell. Hope this will add some strength.


For the fin and rudder, I cut the parts out so parts joint will be at different locations.


01/06/2014 11:37:19

While all of you are having fun at the slope, I am stuck with family obligations. This weekend, I

1,Took apart the decking floor of my balcony.

2,A trip to the local Ikea with my wife and bought some decking tiles.

3,Used a high pressure cleaner to clean tbe balcony foor and then, gave it a primer and top coat. Silicone caulking added to joints as well.

4, Decked teh balcony with tiles, built a bech, and after takign a refresshing shower, BEER!

No progress with the build, but this should keep the most ipinionated individual of the house happy for a while, so she shouldnt complain about me making balsa dust inside the house.

Hope you all have a good time at the slope event. Lift!

27/05/2014 15:09:00

After flicking through the pages of Q&EFI May issue, PSSA's Jet Provost Mass build article caught my eye. Liked the idea of a mass build, as well as building and flying a side by side two seater jet, read chubby, jet trainer. So, contacted Phil immediately and registered as a member of PSSA and ordered my copy of the plan and a canopy to Traplet. Turns out I am the first member of PSSA in Japan. Yes!!!!

At first, I had thought about ordering the wood pack as well, but shipping and handling fee was not reasoble enough to justify it. Spending close to 20,000 yen on a short kit. No, too expensive.

I was hoping to get started cutting and buildin in late April or early May, during the Golden Week vacataion season, but the wonderfully charming brown box did not arrive at the door until May 8. After studying the plans, decided on my build plan and got to work.


Bulkheads cut and ready to start building. Dont you just love your band saw? Wonderful tool.


Simple tool like odd piece of aluminium angles work wonders as well.


Fuse as it is today. 25mm triangles just cannot be found in Tokyo. So decided to improvise and came up with an alternate build method.


Bottom planking ready. I extended the rib outline and other major lines of the wing on the plan to use as reference for copying the plan to the balsa sheet. Old kits had these lines printed in them. Those were the days.

There was no way I will be attending the event, even with frequent flyer miles, but was hoping to maiden her on June 1st at my favorite slope here. But that also wont happen, So, until today, I wanted to invest all my free time into building her, but decided to spend some time to post my progress.

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