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Thread: Side-thrust and wash-in
15/06/2019 13:14:05

How much wash-in have you got? Unless it is very bad, I doubt that will have too much negative effect given that you have a paralel chord flat bottom wing section and a light wing loading.

I am thinking that maybe you reduced the dihedral too much. The Super 60 is a high wing design, but the Baron is a shoulder wing, so I expect it would need more dihedral. I've once flown a 3ch RET model with too little dihedral and it was pretty horrible, much as you describe, very "tippy". Directiional control with the rudder was poor, due to too little dihedral.

Thread: CAA registration consulation
27/04/2019 18:57:16

Sooooo...... What about cyclists? How many accidents involve bicylces and how much crime is committed by untraceable people on bicycles? Quite a lot more mayhem in total caused by errant cyclists I should think than caused by "drones". But how many cyclists are registered and insured?

Not that I have anything particular against cyclists, as I do ride one myself. The point is surely valid though.

Edited By Jonathan W on 27/04/2019 18:57:57

Thread: Zenoah 38 conundrum
16/04/2019 16:03:59

I've no direct experience of the Zenoah, but looking online at the manual and parts diagram, it appears to be a very basic piston-ported 2 stroke. It doesn't even have a reed valve, so there is very little mechanically to go wrong, apart from general wear and tear. In my youth, I used to service chainsaws etc with similar engines. Once the external bits like carb, exhaust, ingnition had been eliminated, the main cause of poor running was lack of crankcase compression. The starting, idling, throttling would all go to pot. If you could eventually get them started, they would still scream away on full throttle but die as soon as you throttled back.

It has so few moving parts, it's hardly going to take long to strip and inspect. If it's losing compression, either through the crank seals or past the piston, no amount of tweaking the external equipment will help. Of course, it would be a nicer solution if replacing an external item would fix it, so do try to eliminate those first.

Thread: Skyleader Courier FrSky conversion problem.
11/04/2019 13:07:15

Good result! Pleased to assist smiley

10/04/2019 21:01:43

In the Couriers that I have seen, from each control stick pot a fly lead with 3 pin connector plugs onto the encoder board. To reverse that channel, you simpy remove the connector and replace it 180 degrees aound the other way.

However, I am not sure what pulse width range these sets used, so the low throttle on the Courier still might not match the normal low throttle pulse width on a modern set. These used a standard NE5044 encoder chip. By changing external resistors, the set up can be adjusted, if you have the patience and eyesight to trace the circuit on the Courier compared to the NE5044 datasheet

Thread: 35 MHz RX
03/04/2019 19:23:14

They do sell, but usually only for a few £ each. Or you can give them all to me nerd

Thread: Paypal Charges - how are they calculated?
01/04/2019 06:56:51
Posted by Andrew Ray on 31/03/2019 16:58:08:

Hi Gordon, this is the PayPal calculator I use. If you send money to a friend then there are no fees and there is no protection, you can always call anyone your friend for the purposes of selling but at your risk. If you are selling to someone you don't know and want the seller protection then you pay the fees.


Edited By Andrew Ray on 31/03/2019 16:58:47

When I tried to access this paypal calculator, my AVG anti-virus blocked it, due to a phishing risk. Just so you know to be cautious.

3.4% + 20p seems to be the answer to the original question anyway. It's easy enough to find on paypal uk site under selling.

Thread: Merco Engines
19/03/2019 21:00:55

Sad to hear of Bill's passing, though he appears to have had a fine innings which many would envy. Another chapter of model engineering now in the history books.

People sometimes disparage Merco engines, but they were leaders when they first appeared and something for Bill to be proud of. As often seems to be the way with British innovations, they did not ultimately keep pace with development enough compared to the Japanese and German offerings. The 61 in particular will still pull an appropriate model around the sky with decent vigour though.

Thread: Saito r33
18/03/2019 13:44:48

Thing is, if the engines are spark ignition, it's a simple fix for the manufacturer to have a rev limit built into the electronic ignition module.

Thread: 4 max motors
16/03/2019 22:52:37

To put this in another perspective, last Sunday evening I placed an order online with Model Shop Leeds for value approx £50. On Monday morning they emailed to say that one item was out of stock but was expected in 2 or 3 days. Would I mind waiting? I replied to say that so long as I received the items by the next weekend, that would be fine, thank you. On Thursday I received a dispatch notice by email and on Friday all the items arrived as ordered. That is how it should be done.

I've also experienced good service from 4-Max, so the hiccup on this occasion for a significant value order does not appear to be typical.

There must be times as a single father that you are overloaded and cannot get everything done perfect. Maybe 4-Max was overloaded and consequently dropped the ball on this occasion.Hopefully after some reflection you will give them another chance in future.

14/03/2019 15:19:13

Matt, maybe he can send you the items in stock and refund you for the others. What are the out of stock items? Then we could suggest to you an alternative source.

Thread: Awaiting UK Customs Clearance
08/03/2019 16:03:53

Shipping from US and Japan to UK, a week held up at LHR customs is typical, but I have known 2 weeks. Fully tracked "priority" courier service is usually slower than normal postage service, perhaps because they have more tracking hoops to jump through. I have also known it take a week for the UK Post Office to get around to sending out the duty paymemt request once it has arrived at the local depot.

In short, it varies, but you are at the top end of my experience now.

Thread: Field mower question
15/02/2019 13:09:45
Posted by Tim Kearsley on 15/02/2019 12:48:12

Sorry, I didn't make it clear in the initial post - I am a committee member, since the AGM in December 2017.


Ooops, my apologies for that Tim!! Looks like we have many options that would do the job and it's just a matter of opinion as to what the club prefers.


Edited By Jonathan W on 15/02/2019 13:11:17

15/02/2019 12:02:42

Neither I nor Tim are on the committee. I'm sure they have looked into various repair options and have considered the hydraulic pump problem in all aspects. The outcome was that the repair was not economic.

The question reallly is about the replacement mower and what type/budget is typical of other clubs. Another club I was in had a ride on rotary mower that cost about £3k. We can all google search, so I suppose on this forum we were looking for specific recommendations based on other clubs' actual experience.

14/02/2019 21:58:14
Posted by stu knowles on 14/02/2019 21:14:40:

The current mower is beyond economic repair, due to a hydraulic pump which needs replacing, we were informed.

A new pump is around £500 and is fitted in an hour by anyone with a set of spanners. Most commercial mowers can be repaired ad infinitum

The committee say that a new pump is £2k + labour + VAT. That's all I know. I've found new ride on mowers (twin rotary cutters) by google search for about £2k with 5 years guarantee.

It would be interesting to know what is the typical club spend for a ride on mower, anybody??

14/02/2019 20:06:41

I am in the same club as Tim and know that the mower needs replacing. However, I was not aware of any disagreement within the management. The current mower is beyond economic repair, due to a hydraulic pump which needs replacing, we were informed. The flying patch is very flat, but I would also cast doubt on the need for 1/4" grass, unless we wanted to play snooker on it or something.

The current 84" mower is something of a behemoth, but on the other hand it gets the job done quite quickly, whereas it would take hours with walk-along type mowers.

The management have suggested an £8000 budget for a new mower. What kind of monster could we purchse with that budget? Is that an extravagant spend, or par for the course? We have quite secure garaging on site, so there is no need for a club member to ferry it back & forth.

Thread: Super tigre carb part
17/01/2019 20:07:33

Firstly, that is the older type ST carb with a different design of needle and spraybar assembly which is not compatible with trebor's carb..

Secondly, it's me who has already placed a bid!

Thread: ASP 61FS Just Stopped !!
13/01/2019 21:59:31

You can also get HSS drill blanks in pretty much any size. I'm not sure if HSS is suitable for the cyclic loading experienced by a crank pin, but maybe worth a shot. Try a local engineer's supplies, or the usual online search.

Try these guys:

Edited By Jonathan W on 13/01/2019 22:01:31

Edited By Jonathan W on 13/01/2019 22:02:11

Thread: Super Tigre 20cc - 30cc engine parts
11/11/2018 11:04:45

Roger, I have a brand new prop driver & collet available. I have sent you a message, should be in your inbox.

Thread: Rick Wakeman - Piano Portraits
18/10/2018 13:59:16

Not forgetting Journey to the Centre of the Earth which he revived a few years ago and played some wonderful concerts.

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