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Thread: Dual Ailerons
13/08/2018 17:13:55

By the position of the servos - have the servos facing in opposite directions

Left hand wing with the output arm facing the tip and the right hand wing one also facing the tip

Use the Y lead and they will work as an opposed pair

Thread: Sound Test Certificate.
22/07/2018 22:12:28

Why not just have the club officials have an on-line spreadsheet (google docs for instance) where you record the Owner, the model and the engine, test date and results

Update it with each test and it can be accessed at the field via a smart phone and not a tree needs to die

Thread: Looping Hercules
20/07/2018 20:19:10

Dont encourage them!!!!

Someone in Crab Air will see this and try it with a full load of "Self Loading Freight"

Thread: Your favourite 3 songs
13/07/2018 21:57:52

Changes by the hour but.....

Lets Dance - Bowie

Rockin the Casbah - Clash

Theres a lot of clever ********** - Ian Dury

Thread: Maths was never my strong point!
11/07/2018 07:43:46

An "800watt 790kv" motor will draw X current depending on the prop load you fit, bigger the prop the higher the current

What you need to do is set the motor and prop up on a test rig and measure the current it draws turning your chosen prop

Once you know the current draw from the bench test you can divide the battery mAH capacity by the current draw to give you a decent idea of the duration

If you find you are drawing 20Amps at cruising speed then

A 4000 mAH will give 4 Amps for an Hour, 20/4 = 5, 1 Hour /. 5 = 12 mins

Estimated Current Draw / Battery Capacity = X

1 Hour / X = Duraction

Thread: expo for beginners yes or no ?
02/07/2018 19:54:50

I think you might be confusing EXPO and RATES....

Rates limits the total movement of the Servo from end to end, which limits the control surface movement

Expo alters the sensitivity of the servo in the centre stick area but does not alter the total movement

Rates are highly suitable for learners who tend to over control - setting rates reduced the violence of a full stick movement (though do try to treat the stick like a womans t.. not a Gorilla's throat)

Expo can land learners in trouble as it tends to encourage over control as "nothing seems to happen when i move the stick a bit"

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
01/07/2018 06:47:51
Posted by Jon Laughton on 26/06/2018 06:01:15:

Dave is this another of your Depron wonders or is it mixed media?

Hi Jon

No its all old fashioned Balsa!!!!

Thread: Three to Two blade prop?
27/06/2018 19:17:53
Posted by SIMON CRAGG on 27/06/2018 17:45:54:
Its a BH3720A-KV500 shich means nothing to me!. Do I just make sure I do not exceed the 40amps, or do I have to worry about amps and volts etc? Many thanks for your help so far!

If this is the correct motor (its BM not BH) **LINK**

Then its rated for 3 to 4 Cell Lipos

With a max current of 35a continious 49a burst

Thread: World Cup 2018
27/06/2018 19:10:27
Posted by john stones 1 on 27/06/2018 18:27:27:

Willie Messerschmitt, Kaiser Wilhelm, Irving Berlin wink Your boys took a hell of a beating. teeth 2

How will I ever get over the mighty boche being knocked out........

Oh wait, I have,............. Fritz your plane leaves in 20 mins gate 4 see ya.....

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
25/06/2018 21:37:53
Posted by Chris Walby on 25/06/2018 21:19:40:

DH, Nice photo

Could you post details of the model please

Its from the "Flying Scale Models" plan by Paul Tupker

44" Semi-Scale Gloster Meteor IV

2 x 70mm EDF running on a 4S 5000mah Lipo

Seems to be fully aerobatic (though I am nervous of the wing joiners between the inner and out wing panels where the fan ducts are!)

Aileron, throttle and Elevator controls only

I deviated from the plan in a couple of ways...

1) Elevator Servo is a thin wing servo embedded in the horizontal stabiliser 

2) I had two or three goes at the wing - the plan says to build a centre section and two outer panels then join them with the Fan formers as dihedral braces - of course this means you cant set the wing up on a flat surface as the lower portion of the fan former hold it up in the air!

In the end I gave up that idea and just built the wing in two halves (ignoring the fan formers) - set the wing up, then added the formers afterwards and cut away the portion of the wing structure afterwards

Edited By Dave Hopkin on 25/06/2018 21:43:09

25/06/2018 20:39:34

Finally got it trimmed and a decent flying shot.....


flying meteor.jpg

Edited By Dave Hopkin on 25/06/2018 20:40:15

Thread: Rotary Couplers
15/06/2018 07:51:23

Do you mean these RDS Adaptors?


Thread: Another banking scam
03/05/2018 13:43:07

I work in the Finance Industry and NO UK Bank will EVER send you a link to click on to enter your on line bank application - Any text or email you may receive that includes a clickable link is a SCAM Never ever open it

What it will do in 99% of the cases is collect your security details and transmit them to a (criminal) 3rd Party

If you get an email that makes you want to check your accounts go to google and enter the on-line baking system from google NEVER from an email

Thread: Richard Osborn-Brooks
05/04/2018 09:55:02

Not sure why you felt livid - the law is clear you may use reasonable force to defend yourself

But there is a dead body that certainly didnt die from natural causes so the police are duty bound to investigate the circumstances and make a recommendation to the CPS who will make the decision to prosecute or not

If the police and the CPS believe "reasonable force" was used no charges should be brought against him

So getting livid at the moment is a little premature - wait until the CPS make a decision

Thread: Useless tools
04/04/2018 17:44:17

Cheap screwdrivers with moulded plastic handles

Either the blade just deforms and twists or the plastic handles shatters...

Thread: Making a spinner by "spinning"
31/03/2018 15:01:35

Nice to see an almost lost art alive and well

Thread: Ebay sellers...
30/03/2018 12:47:37
Posted by John Lee on 30/03/2018 12:12:39:

Fancy an anti-gravity machine?

Does it come with a free tin foil hat?

Thread: crash/emotions
27/03/2018 17:44:15

Its not so much the crashing that gets to me, its the way time seems to stand still while its in the process of transitioning from "fully controlled flight" to "making a hole in the ground" and you are utterly helpless

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
26/03/2018 21:58:22

You can tell a lot by the kind of paper people buy...

If they buy the Mail they are right wing reactionaries

If they buy the Guardian they are left wing liberals

If they buy sandpaper they are Australian Cricketers......

Thread: Scam
26/03/2018 20:47:24
Posted by Paul Marsh on 26/03/2018 20:30:10:

Tip: Never reply to suspected emails, even for fun, do not reply at all and delete/block!

Sound advice, working in a financial institution we have to go through mandatory training in this (even though I dint deal with the public or accounts but the regulator cant be refused!) these courses show how the scams work but also the value to the scammer of a reply from a potential victim (even if its an invitation to "go away"

They buy/share lists of email addressed that may or may not be real people so they cost about $0.01 per name, if they get any sort of reply the resale value of the email name jumps to about $0.5 - they then sell these one to other scammers and the cycle continues

Resist the temptation to play with them or invite them to depart - you are just indirectly giving them money

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