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Thread: Propeller alternative chart
08/01/2020 14:39:18

You can’t beat measuring what’s actually happening. Just get a clip-on ammeter and try different props. If you can multiply measured current by the battery voltage you don’t need a wattmeter.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
06/11/2019 13:45:47

Dammit! I just had a quick look at the CAA test while waiting for lunch, and found myself with an operator number and a flyer number. Five minutes, maybe ten if you need to look at the crib.

Thread: NEW POLL - do you use a throttle kill switch?
26/10/2019 12:45:57

I use a 3-position switch. Up - motor stopped, Mid - throttle range is from off to fast tickover, Down - full range. Obviously the mid position is for i/c only. The reduced throttle range is handy while carrying an I/c model to the takeoff point.

Thread: Plouf
07/10/2019 22:55:02

I’d be interested too. Made one many years ago and would like to make another.

Thread: Cap1763
16/08/2019 18:11:29

The online testing etc comes at a bad time of year for many clubs, being close to the annual renewal date. When we moved to a new patch a good proportion of members didn't renew - they were probably occasional flyers getting on in years but still valuable contributors to the club's finances.

I can see something similar happening this winter, though I hope I'm wrong.


PS - Maybe July1st would be a better renewal date for club subs - but that's another matter.

Thread: Is epoxy the same as mustard?
06/08/2018 17:32:25

Even worse is the stuff that goes off in the tube/pot. Cyano does eventually, as does some polyurethane glue.

Thread: Geoffrey Wellum
20/07/2018 08:59:34

He wrote “First Light”, an excellent account of his flying life, full of detail and highly readable.

Thread: How to retain surface wires to foamy planes
20/07/2018 08:53:20

For holding the ESC, either tie it to the fus with zip-ties or if you prefer to stick it, use Uhu Por as a contact adhesive. The zip-ties can allow more cooling.

Thread: Engine test stands
02/06/2018 11:08:50
Posted by kc on 25/05/2018 11:49:02:

The engine stand in that video did not seem to fail - it was the cramp that appeared to slip off or vibrate loose. Obviously it is necessary to retain the engine stands with bolts etc. And it would also seem to be important to make sure the bench etc does not have a chance to move either. A big engine might move a 'Workmate' etc along the ground unless well weighted down.

A 30cc petrol motor can easily tip an unballasted Workmate over, as I have discovered.

Thread: Your Transmitter History
09/04/2018 10:09:52

Macgregor 27 Mhz single channel

(Time passes)

Futaba FF6, pre-expo model. Various makes of Rx

Mulitplex Evo 9 - an early one with rub-off lettering, but a grownup Tx. And several makes of Rx.

Mpx 3030 - bought at a good price. Very solid. Used later with a Mpx rubber ducky aerial when I was using 35 and 2.4, to avoid forgetting to extend a 35 telescopic aerial (once bitten...)

Mpx dragging their heels over 2.4, so bought a Frsky module for the Evo

Spektrum DX6i - to get into 2.4 - kept for buddying.

Hitec Aurora 9 - bought partly for its novelty, but a really good system. Sold when Hitec lost interest.

Frsky Taranis, early one. Later a Plus, now my main Tx.

Thread: Hanger 9 P47 Thunderbolt 60
07/04/2018 20:48:56

My P47 is the bubble canopy H9 model. A Laser 80 powers it adequately and although more power might be nice I can’t be bothered to change it - it does sound good. Standard retracts have been OK with landing nose-overs usually preventable with more pilot care. Landings are surprisingly floaty.

Thread: Nose First
01/04/2018 10:15:06

Telemetry has been mentioned already. It’s been available for several years (I first saw it proposed by Multiplex while they were wobbling about embracing 2.4). Even my old Hitec Aurora would monitor voltage and warn if it was low. I’m surprised the BMFA Handbook doesn’t recommend it.

Thread: End for Maplins?
03/03/2018 09:42:44

Posted by Geoff Sleath on 02/03/2018 16:28:02:

It's an institution in Derby. Are there similar shops elsewhere?

There’s Gee’s in Cambridge **LINK**

Thread: What Happens Next
13/02/2018 12:16:12

If I hadn’t had my mobile phone with me while walking alone along a local track a month ago I wouldn’t be writing this (or anything else) now. My aorta, or at least its lining, went pop without warning. I phoned my wife who then was able to tell the ambulance people exactly how to reach me. An operation at Papworth followed soon after, and I’m still here.

Thread: 4.8 v or 6 v receiver battery
10/02/2018 22:45:19

To clear up any doubts about Rx battery voltage in flight, surely it makes sense to log the voltage and apply suitable voice warnings.

And for Hitec users, take a direct line from the Rx battery to the SPC socket (if that’s its name) on the Rx. And set a low voltage alarm too.

Thread: Good Stands for the Club
06/02/2018 09:43:06

Just remember that a good 90 or 120 can easily pull a Workmate over. Quite scary at the time!

Thread: Hitec anyone else thinking of jumping ship
24/01/2018 20:22:13

Dismayed by Multiplex’s pricing policy I went to 24GHz with Hitec Aurora, liking the clever way of getting LiPo voltage onto the Tx screen for free. But development stopped and the only sound was a beep. And Hitec decided not to provide a measure of signal strength - crazy.

So back to the Mpx Evo with a Jeti module, v nice, just waiting for Jeti’s Tx to be announced - How Much?!!!

Found a home with Frsky, it even had similarities to Mpx.

Thread: Lipo storage, slight swell
28/12/2017 08:01:21

Thank you, good advice, I will replace the connectors, I also prefer not to have to tighten screws before every single flight, even then, there's nothing to say they won't work loose in flight.

I’m probably missing something here, but what are the screws?

Thread: Wish to use 12v dc charger for lipos and Nimh at home on mains supply
08/12/2017 17:16:56

If you use a car charger remember that car batteries don't care about voltage ripple.

08/12/2017 17:09:27

As well as the converted server supply I've been using a Junsi P350 for several years - Junsi make chargers too so you know it's suitable. Not cheap but well made.

Experience* suggests it's important to get a smooth voltage input to your charger, otherwise the all-important cutoff point could be missed.

* If using an ATX PC power supply be sure to check that.


Edited By Brian Spearing on 08/12/2017 17:14:41

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