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Thread: Cyclists Amongst Us
13/07/2019 09:41:49

Well there are different cycling events to take part in.....and being semi comatose on and electric bike is just another one to tick off the chart now!! Class!

12/07/2019 20:18:37

Impressive riders here and skills building wheels, bikes and saddle sores.....not to mention impressive bikes!

Mainly have bike for triathlon but its been a while now so enjoy the cycle to work this year....pick the dry days!

Have a Planet X Titanium Pro road with Sram force....just have it 2 years and did 1 200km was great, I was not so great!

Have Dolan Carbon 2000 bought from mate in 2005 for 1st half iron distance. Great bike. Semi retired it after stem broke resulting in brown shorts and squeeky bum. Did me 1st ironman on it, Mizen to Malin cycle and me longest spin of 240km, it owes me nothing, Shimano ultegra and dura ace mix.....2000 vintage!!

Dolan TT bike from 2009, a few ironman races and the odd spin to work on a dry day. Got Planet X deep section rims to make it look fast....its actually a very comfy bike. Pity I cannot do it justice!

Trek 6700 mountain bike, just for anywhere i can't take road bike and also for camping.....I am no good off road!!

Feeling guilty now for not cycling today!

Inspirational reading here lads, can only hope to emulate your feats and longevity on 2 wheels.

Thread: Good news thread.
11/07/2019 00:49:30

Flew the Albatross yesterday evening in perfect weather...some dodgey landings but oh well!

On the bike to work in sun this morning......home in heavy rain, was still nice if a bit wet.....good to see Dwain Dibbley enjoyed spin! Have Planet X titanium pro road meself, 2nd hand but fantastic so far! Lets see what weather does tomorrow! If I stay dry on way in or way home its a win!

Thread: Is it now time for cyclists to wear an identifier and pay a tax?
22/06/2019 00:06:36
Posted by Dwain Dibley. on 21/06/2019 23:43:40:
Posted by Alan Thorpe on 21/06/2019 23:30:52:

It would be imposdible really, but in an ideal world if we could be put with a cyclist on a bike, walk with pedestrians, sit in truck for a day, ride in a slow moving tractor, out with a motorbike rider, on horseback for a day each.......we would learn a lot more from each persective and have patience and empathy for all othet road users.

And this would rule out any ideas of imposing extra taxes on road using groups as just a knee-jerk reaction.

This does happen mate, but is not widely publicised, mainly between cycles and Lorries/Wagons. Both parties report benefits.


Aha thats heartening to hear! Fantastic stuff.

It sounds like the way forward!

Dwain Dibley....ah funny stuff, class handle/avatar.....what a show the oul Red Dwarf.........always makes me laugh when I see these fancy expensive American style fridges....called SMEG!!!! hahahahaa!

21/06/2019 23:54:19

Nice one Doc, I think you hit nail on the head there, the selfish 'Why should I' it from a cyclist, driver, walker, runner or any road user that messes everything up and gets everyones backs up.

The answer to 'Why should I?', might be answered if they heard, read or experienced at 1st hand the other persons' point of view.

Funnily enough on my way home cycling from work this week, I met tractors, horseriders, cars, trucks, runners at various stages. And the 1st thought I had was 'What should I do, to keep us all safe?'

Slow down, move in, move out, speed up, wave them on, stop, warn of oncoming traffic, etc.

We are all people and people generally like other people....I wonder if its a bit like back in WW2 when fighter piots just saw enemy bomber, fighter or we might just see a bike, motorbike, car, truck or perambulator?!!

21/06/2019 23:30:52

It would be imposdible really, but in an ideal world if we could be put with a cyclist on a bike, walk with pedestrians, sit in truck for a day, ride in a slow moving tractor, out with a motorbike rider, on horseback for a day each.......we would learn a lot more from each persective and have patience and empathy for all othet road users.

And this would rule out any ideas of imposing extra taxes on road using groups as just a knee-jerk reaction.

21/06/2019 23:20:12

I think playtime222 summed it up there very well, culture and infrastructure.

Here in Ireland things have improved quite a bit culturally since a bike to work scheme was introduced and got lots more people on bikes....result is that more drivers are also cyclists and have empathy for cyclists when they see them from behind the wheel.

Empathy is catching also....see it all the time, 1st car in a line of 3 or 4 overtakes and gives huuuge amount of room, 4 wheels acrosd other side of road....then the following 3 cars do exactly the same.

Our infrastructure is $hite still compared to Denmark or Holland....but at least the culture change has begun.

We also had a law proposed whereby it was required to give at least 1.5m clearance when overtaking any failed to pass, but at least it got us talking about it and 90% of traffic really make the effort to give a lot of space. The other 10% give varying amounts!

I always wave to say thanks when they give huuuge space really has improved here over the last 10 years.

Been on the bike since 1991 and it was abysmal back then. Better now!

I try and help traffic on twisty roads and if I can see its clear ahead, give the car behind a signal to overtake......only if its 100% clear for a long way ahead, more than needed for slow overtake.......again a culture thing to show empathy back to the driver. I hope if they see me speed up, crane me neck to see if clear then it reduces road rage to know I acknowledge them behind and am trying to help them out.

A mile in someone elses it car driver, truck driver, motorbike rider, pedestrian, horse rider or opens eyes to previously unconsidered positions and breeds empathy and sympathy.

21/06/2019 13:53:39

Hey Doc,

I guess it worked in China for years before middle classes began buying cars. But a mix of more bikes on the roads with reduced cars with 1 driver and 0 pssengers......a bike has a much smaller footprint that a 4 seat motor.

Anyway we are still human so everything ends in a disaster whatever we do!



21/06/2019 13:29:50

No way.

As Ernie says, I pay my tax for car, motorbike, income, tv, diesel, and soon for the air I breathe.

Bike has got to be the best invention, what a way to travel anll under your own propulsion too!

It is great, even on a bad day, you rarely have to suffer traffic jams as you sail past gridlocked cars, it definitely needs to be encouraged and everyone wins as it takes cars off the road in rush hour.

Thread: Fugly build/kit review
19/06/2019 23:16:11

Hey Ian,

Cheers for the heads up, I managed to get a sheet of ply to fit the slots in the ribs and marked out rib positions from leading edge part. Just completing the wing now happily all going well so far. Would have been impossible without the ply so thanks again!

Have some big bush wheels for this fugly hoping to use them to good effect!



03/06/2019 18:18:39

Hi Ian,

Thank you very much indeed, ok so that is important! Well great I will try source thin ply to do the job. Thank you!!



03/06/2019 16:23:56

Just the instructions and diagram of the spar web and the leading edge to reference location of each rib.

Theres a little slot in each rib to insert the spar web into. Pretty thin balsa, think about 1mm or so.

03/06/2019 16:21:00


03/06/2019 16:20:36


03/06/2019 16:11:23

Just in middle of putting this kit together, went to start the wing today but alas, the Spar web is not in the kit. I am thinking of trying to make it from stock balsa by using another piece, the False LE, to mark out the slots where the ribs slot onto the Spar web. Theres 8 ribs to fit to it.

Anyway, just wondering if this is feasible or will I order a replacement part for the Spar Web?

Thread: Daks Over Normandy
03/06/2019 08:36:18

From a few years ago but Aer Lingus had them back in the day and had one painted up, think it lives in Germany was originally South Africa.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
03/06/2019 08:20:17

Spitfire looks fantastic! What did you use to paint the foamboard, is it airbrushed or handpainted? They are out of stock of these, but I want one! Have the racer from flitetest need to start the build now!!

Thread: Cambria Slingsby Eagle Restoration
22/05/2019 10:34:55

Well done on a great restoration, it looks perfect in that scheme.

Videos are fantastic, great to see the restoration and slope soaring film so well.

Nice one!

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
21/05/2019 11:51:47

Stuphedd that looks amazing, the understated paint job set it off so well, great looking model and fantastic photos!

Martian your sturmovick looks unreal, some amazing scale details, is the maiden soon??

Thread: Spring is here. Who is flying?
02/05/2019 11:09:48

Great looking models the Rocket and the Baron!

Too many nice models all over this site actually, its fantastic.

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