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Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
27/01/2020 19:53:50
Posted by Peter Christy on 27/01/2020 10:33:33:


If you've been using windows for any length of time, you are clearly not that worried about security...




Er, Peter, unless I've misunderstood you, this is a bit OTT! I've used Windows for yonks and security has always been my watchword. I pay for the best, currently using Kaspersky, and (touch wood) have never experienced any virus infection or other invasion of my system. I know your tech background and clearly it fits well with your Linux expertise - but the very great majority of folk do not share this expertise and would not be at home with Linux and the highly techy steps needed to use and understand it...

Linux is very much for the minority. Windows works well for vast numbers of people - the great majority of whom will never experience security issues, especially if they apply common sense and/or use quality AV software - as opposed to free stuff. You get what you pay for, in software as with everything else.

Flying soon, getting out to the field? Today's little hailstorm was not encouraging, but it would be good to visit the field again. I have a Bixler ready to try out...

Best, Tony

Edited By Tony Harrison 2 on 27/01/2020 19:55:19

25/01/2020 10:54:50
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 25/01/2020 09:41:59:

I also dont seem to understand the stability problems you keep mentioning. w10 seems good at that and 7 was too. 8 was a dogs dinner mind you but not as bad as something like windows Me. i have many memories of trying to nurse that through an install!

Edited By Jon - Laser Engines on 25/01/2020 09:43:10

Agree Jon. IMO life's too short to faff around using a different OS. WinXP Pro was great, so was Win7, avoided Win8 because of its bad rep, Win10 is fine too. Personalising it is easy: though I've used personal computers since the early '80s I'm not a tech geek, just averagely competent. So far as I can see, many/most people's persistent PC difficulties are self-inflicted, and for most folks I really wouldn't advise making life more difficult by using a relatively obscure and non-standard (in terms of domestic, private computing) OS. Those with greater understanding of such things use Linux and are more than happy with it (hi Pete!) but really it's overkill.

rgds Tony

24/01/2020 13:30:19
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 24/01/2020 11:57:10:

"I had a spell using Linux a few years ago..."

Over the years I've seen recommendations for Linux many times, but even among computer-tech types (such as the people who fix our computer problems when those arise, which is rarely) I've met hardly any. Since Windows works well for the great majority of people, nearly all the time, I see no point in undergoing the hassle of learning another system. Someone's reference (above) to PCs crashing through a Win10 update surprised me, never experienced anything like that.

"My advice to anyone using ANY PC is to invest in an external hard disc, ideally a USB unit around 500GB to 1TB, and a USB memory stick..."

Doesn't everyone do this? Surprising, though on reflection it must be quite a few times that friends have mentioned losing everything when the PC crashed - and on being questioned about backups, they admitted to not having done this*... To me it's just baffling that anyone might not back up valuable (or even not so valuable) data, preferably more than once. I've used multiple external HDs for decades, and have enjoyed watching the price come down so that e.g. the 2Tb drives I prefer are cheap as chips.

*Re backups, I'd bet many people don't backup their phones. I've had iPhones for some years, despite my reservations about Apple products, because they work so well - far better than the 'orrible Blackberry. Backing these up requires iTunes (unless there's an alternative I don't know about) and I loathe iTunes! I tried it for my digital music database some years ago, and found it awful, plus Apple puts all sorts of crap on your PC that you need to beware of. So I keep iTunes quarantined on an old but still functional laptop, and backup my phone periodically. Proved handy two years ago when I committed the embarrassing faux pas of ditching my phone in the toilet, slipped out of my shirt pocket while rearranging clothing... Fished the thing out straight away but nothing I did would revive it; bought a new iPhone straight away, plugged it into iTunes, restored all my data.

Thread: T N Avro York
20/01/2020 16:25:12
Posted by Ray Wood 4 on 31/12/2019 19:33:28:

Hi Cliff.

Always have a soft spot for Dan Air since we first flew on one of their 727's for our honeymoon to Ibiza in 1977

My dad flew to Aden in a York in 1944 was shocked at how much the wings flexed up & down !!

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 4 on 31/12/2019 19:59:45

Never looked into the York, except for seeing one on display - was that at Duxford, or is there another example somewhere like Cosford or Hendon? Lovely aircraft - I hadn't realised they were around as early as 1944. It's actually the first aircraft type I ever flew in, but that was in 1953 so I remember nothing about whether the wings flexed or not, or anything else! It was an RAF 'plane, Egypt to UK via Malta (overnight stay, engine trouble my Mum tells me) and Marseilles.

rgds Tony

Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
17/01/2020 11:18:23

Comments on various above, if I may:

Optical drives do seem to be considered obsolescent now, and including one in a laptop requires significant extra space - but I still like the facility, if only for a considerable legacy collection of DVDs... Using an external optical drive is possible but it's another piece of gubbins to cart around.

Storage space - for many years I haven't been bothered about large internal HDs, relying instead on external HDs for data backup, principally image files. A series of 2Tb externals does it for me, and such things are far cheaper than formerly. I like to have a second internal drive for image processing and cache, again doesn't need to be huge.

Currys/PCWorld - agree with Jon, avoid like the plague. Staff have minimal product knowledge and they'll always want to sell you the PC on which they get the biggest commission. Look for a well established independent specialist dealer, show you've done your homework about specs, become a regular customer and get good service, favourable deals.

Apple Macs? Among photographers and other visual-artist types, Macs have always been popular - and their advocates are often very strident! Mac pro laptops are lovely (my son, digital designer, uses one) but shockingly expensive: get the same spec in a PC for far less money. I always used PCs, though of course I gave Macs a whirl - I bought a G4 s/h and tried it for most of a year, grew to hate it! Truly in many ways the worst computer I've owned.

With reference to what kc has just written, "free online storage" is something I've always shunned and always will! This includes "Cloud" stuff - I would never entrust my data/files to someone else's idea of online storage. Use multiple external drives for backup, and keep at least one copy of everything at another site - mine's at my mum's house, 160 miles away!

rgds Tony

Edited By Tony Harrison 2 on 17/01/2020 11:21:24

16/01/2020 12:01:33
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 15/01/2020 20:38:01:


To be honest though, you might just do better with a new machine. This machine here **LINK** would run rings around your old one and would last a good long while. There are cheaper alternatives, but that looks like a really nice machine

I'm struck by your reference to price, Jon: at well under £300 who'd want a "cheaper alternative"? Like other tech, PCs now seem ridiculously cheap. At the risk of seeming like one of the "I remember when..." brigade, our first domestic IBM PC (replacing an Amstrad PCW...) was a Viglen, chiefly to run WordPerfect 5.1, and with - wait for it - a massive 20Mb of memory. That was a decent quality PC with a good spec for the early '90s - and it cost a grand. We continued to spend that kind of money on a new PC every few years, and my first laptops certainly cost that.

I've had good laptops in the past by Toshiba, and Dell - the latter can be good value and well built, but the company is a pain to deal with. The Lenovo to which you link looks pretty decent, thanks for the tip. I'd want 16Gb RAM, and a backlit keyboard, but still. For some years my personal computers for work (entails lots of writing in Word, plus heavy lifting in Photoshop/Bridge for large quantities of big image files) have been custom built by PC Specialist in Wakefield, excellent company to deal with, recommended.

rgds Tony

Thread: HobbyKing Bixler v2 setup
14/01/2020 13:44:00
Posted by Simon Chaddock on 14/01/2020 11:49:41:


Glad you have found a solution but the DUAILAILE option in the Set up list should not make any difference with the Bixler 2 aileron set up.

As both ailerons are connected by a Y lead only the 'Ail' port on the Rx is used. This port operates in exactly the same way regardless as to whether the DUALAILE option is selected or not.

It sounds like something else is also going on.

The MONITOR function, also in the Set up list, shows what the Tx 'thinks' it is sending. It would be interesting to see if the 'Ail' channel marker still moves without the DUALAILE option being set. If it does that suggest for some reason the Rx is just not 'reading' the Tx aileron command. Not an ideal situation.

The 'Ail' position marker certainly moves normally on both my DX6i with or without the DUALAILE option. wink 2

Simon, thanks for your interesting contribution. Now I'm worried, in case the problem isn't solved after all! I tried repeatedly to get aileron function: swapped leads over, changed polarities, tried a different RX - still no aileron movement at all, just faint intermittent noises. Discovered the dual-aileron option, activated that - Bingo! Ailerons worked. The receiver by the way is a new Spektrum 410. I've just finished the last details, looking forward to trying it in the air when the vile weather subsides.

rgds Tony

14/01/2020 11:12:27
Posted by fly boy3 on 14/01/2020 07:24:21:

Hi, can you explain what the "dual wing servo mode " mentioned by the OP actually does ? Tony,I too can be dim as I am just getting started with 2.4ghz lol. Cheers

FB3, I don't know what TX system you have, but mine's a basic Spektrum Dx6i, and more by luck than judgement in scanning (desperately) the manual for some hint as to why the ailerons wouldn't operate, I found a reference to an option in model-setup for dual servos. The Bixler 1.1v2 uses individual aileron servos in each wing, with the leads running to a Y-connector and thence into the RX. I activated this option and got aileron function - previously, not a peep. Good luck with your own 2.4Ghz progress.


14/01/2020 11:03:26
Posted by David Ovenden on 13/01/2020 21:53:12:


Hope you get the model sorted OK. Will you be taking it out with you to St Jean this year?


Hello David, good to hear from you - never mind the model, I hope you're sorted! But yes, nearly ready to try the Bixler: have abandoned the seemingly impossible task of aligning the provided machine screws through the fuselage/wings, and following advice here I'm going to use a DIY rubber-band retainer system. All dependent on weather too, of course, and right now it's utterly vile! Hope things are better in Gard - where I shall be bringing the Bixler in early April. Angela will be there early Feb for a brief visit, then the two of us on, er, the 8th April. Speaking of which, best to Avril!


Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
13/01/2020 17:08:42
Posted by Maurice Dyer on 13/01/2020 16:36:28:

Upgrading from 7 to 10 ??

You'll be sorrrryyyyyy.......

I wonder why? Most people aren't. WinXP and W7 were good, W10 is better.

rgds Tony

13/01/2020 11:12:22
Posted by Martin_K on 13/01/2020 10:50:47:

Epson are not retrospectively updating Windows drivers for old hardware, no utility will fix that.

Fortunately the Open Source Software community will keep your older kit in operation free of charge, so not unreasonably without providing product support.

To each his own!

Indeed Martin, but my comment was about drivers more generally. I'm aware of Epson problems: I use a Canon these days, for my infrequent printing requirements, but I had an Epson that eventually became unusable for the reasons you mention.

rgds Tony

13/01/2020 10:33:38
Posted by Martin_K on 13/01/2020 10:00:32:

Before upgrading Win 7 to 10 it is worth checking that device drivers are available for your peripherals.

I am a long time user of Debian Linux but have an evaluation copy of MS Windows 10 in a virtual machine so as to run the Spektrum Programmer application. I was surpised to find there are no Windows 10 drivers for my printer, an Epson Stylus Photo. Investigation showed for 'old' hardware this was a common experience, and one unlikely to be fixed.

IME many apparent PC problems are caused by outdated drivers: many/most people might be surprised at how quickly all sorts of important drivers become outdated. A while ago I invested £30 or so on software called Driver Easy, wwhich run regularly automatically checks for outdated drivers then downloads the appropriate update and instals. Works neatly & easily, well worth the cost.

rgds Tony

13/01/2020 10:28:13
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 13/01/2020 08:56:07:

As for problems i find W10 pretty good now....t its driver support is great and its tolerant of things windows 7 was not....Within 3 minutes W10 had detected all the new hardware, downloaded all the new drivers automatically, and reactivated itself on the new system. W7 would have pooped itself at that. W10 is also slightly better for updates as you can choose to just update to the latest version instead of having to download every update in order like in W7.

Agreed. W10 is very slick, and although initially you need to change a lot of privacy options manually, that's no hardship. I do not understand the urge by some to spend time looking for ways to get a free copy of important software, or fiddle the system: the cost of W10 for example is far less than a great many model aircraft, even in kit form - it often staggers me how much money some will pay for a 'plane... Admittedly I'm a professional user of such software as Windows, MS Word, Adobe CC, but IMO it makes sense to pay for the software one needs since it just makes life simpler.


Thread: HobbyKing Bixler v2 setup
12/01/2020 15:53:47

Thanks again to those who offered helpful advice. Here's the answer for those as dim as I am: more by luck than anything else, in scanning the TX manual I found reference to a special setting for dual wing servos, that has to be activated. Did that, and the ailerons work...

Now I just have to find a way of superimposing the wing & fuselage mounting holes in line so that I can insert the retaining bolts! Ought to be amazingly straightforward but so far it's defeated me, and with these squashy foamed-plastic things one can't use too much force, or grip things too strongly...

rgds Tony

Thread: Electric Flair SE5a
11/01/2020 22:34:00
Posted by G1940 on 06/12/2019 15:11:52:

...Both my DB Moths (58" ws) are on 4S 4AH LiPos with Emax motors.


I have one of those part-built, to be completed (I hope!) some time in the next couple of years. Interested in what you say. I wonder if you've posted here in the past about your DB Moths? I could use some tips.

rgds Tony

Thread: Tufcote / Furniglass
04/01/2020 11:42:22
Posted by Doc Marten on 04/01/2020 11:22:22:

Have you looked at Conoflex blanks Tony?

I used to use slow setting epoxy on the bindings and waft a lighter flame around them to expel the bubbles.

Hello Doc - hadn't heard the name "Conoflex" in years but I see they're still going (someone needs to modernise and edit their website, badly!). In the 70s & 80s they were known for very good beach/surf rods, but they never made the sort of short (six or seven foot) high-grade carbon blanks on which I build casting rods. Never used your lighter-flame trick but I'll keep it in mind.

rgds Tony

04/01/2020 09:44:00
Posted by Bruce Collinson on 03/01/2020 21:03:17:


Pacer comes in small quantities, down to 2 fl ozs and is well stocked in many model shops, and I think I’ve seen it in tackle shops too. Zap by another name.

Don has a point. If hypothetically you mixed a batch (using the Redding scales, I trust), used half of it either thinned (I use meths but now I’m circumspect) or heated a little to make it runnier, you could soak it into the wraps, let it go off which it will a little quicker having been warmed, fridge the other half, warm it to room temp and use it full strength as the gloss coat. Worth a try?

My scales are PACT. Had them for maybe 25 yrs plus. The first set arrived completely inert. I spoke to their customer services who said, what the hell has your postal service done to my scales? but replaced them without quibble. Back in my club level competitive days I was loading 300 .38 wadcutters a week and came to rely on them absolutely. I did check calibration quite regularly but found a Dillon 4 stage press to be very accurate even at a rate of knots. When the state took my pistols away (but we’re all much safer ...) and I started rifle shooting, I weighed every charge which was hardly a chore with the PACT scales.

Back to the thread, as it were, Z Poxy (Pacer) finishing resin would do it, I’m sure. I assume you use an electric rotating device whilst applying and drying? At the Hardy Bros factory 30 years ago, when rods were still made in Alnwick including the blanks, we saw racks of 30 odd rods being coated up on one large rotating rack.

Anyway, good luck with it.

And finally, on a trip to my son in Los Angeles, I had a .45 and 100 reloads and was hitting a half size pig silhouette at 45 yards, once I worked out how far off the sights were. The sand bed backstop helped. Like riding a bike ....


Thanks Bruce - I'll look at Pacer again. Your suggestion about double coating is worth trying, too. I know the PACT brand, recall it's well known for handloading scales. Re presses, I never owned a progressive, only ever had two RCBS single-stage presses even for loading lots of .45ACP when I used to shoot Practical Pistol. You don't say what breed of .45 you used in LA - Long Colt, ACP... I had four 1911s in succession, best was a Series 70, miss them dearly. As you say, we are of course far safer now, no gun crime whatsoever, no knife crime either... Yes, I have a very simple but effective rod-rotating setup bought on Ebay from a guy in the US who makes them - works perfectly well. You mention blanks - 30-40 years ago one could find a limited selection of decent shortish blanks suitable for (bait)casting rods, which are what I build, but now I have to buy abroad - latest purchase is a CTS 6' blank from NZ, excellent quality.

rgds Tony - I'll try Z-Poxy.

03/01/2020 21:08:04
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 03/01/2020 20:45:33:


You can buy it in 1l cans and by weight is much cheaper than Tufkote was. You could maybe share it out between mates. It is the stuff used for public house bar tops I am told so that these could be used very soon after application.

The other thing I use a lot these days on scale models is Dulux Diamond Glaze in satin. Water down 5% and it brushes on quite well. Not totally fuel proof but two or three coats will cope with 5% nitro just about.

OK Martin, but even one litre is a huge quantity considering my requirements. I looked up Dulux Diamond Glaze, and on the Dulux website it lists the smallest at one litre - "from £34..." Prepared to pay rather less than half that, for something very high quality which meets my requirements exactly. Still, I'll see if any chums need some Sadolin.

rgds Tony

03/01/2020 11:47:47
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 03/01/2020 10:57:33:

Mick Reeves sells epoxy coating but only in minute jars. It made a good job of my Stampe cowl when sprayed on but would cost an arm and a leg to do a whole model. It is thinned with cellulose.

Anyway, what`s wrong with the Sadolin product I suggested above?

Martin, thanks for the tip - will check the Mick Reeves site. I did look up Sadolin PV67 but since it's designed to be used for floors, it seems to be sold only in large volumes - far too much for me to get through in years, and expensive!

rgds Tony

02/01/2020 21:40:53
Posted by Bruce Collinson on 02/01/2020 20:33:26:


Have you tried epoxy resin at an appropriate viscosity? Good quality, e.g. Pacer, accurately mixed with cheapo digital scales and probably diluted a little using alcohol? I recalled that traditionally, guide whippings were two-coated anyway, a thinner coat for the mechanical fixing/soaking the thread, then a second coat for gloss/cosmetics. Long tome since I had to do one however.


Thanks Bruce - no, haven't had any common or garden epoxy resin since I built a canoe years ago. I'd have assumed it was available only in fairly large volumes such as I bought for my canoe - and I wouldn't have relied on it to stay wholly clear without discolouration. But it's an interesting idea - by "alcohol" do you mean perhaps isopropyl? Yes, I generally use a colour preserver (thin stuff) even on top of NCP type thread, just to tack it all together, prior to a top coat of hard gloss epoxy/polymer. Looked around and found Rustin's, a 250ml pack on Amazon for under £11 - considerably cheaper than one can pay for a very much smaller quantity of special coating stuff sold for guide wraps! Might go for that, though not until I've looked at the Pacer stuff you mention.

rgds Tony

ps On the "Epoxy" thread I see you mention digital scales again - for handloading ammo. I've loaded many thousands of rounds in various handgun and rifle chamberings, tried some good digital scales - and found them unreliable, a bit flaky. I went back to a really good manual balance scale, a Redding custom-tuned by a guy in the US.

Edited By Tony Harrison 2 on 02/01/2020 21:46:44

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