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Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
09/03/2020 20:08:26

Great work as usual Chris.

I'm still plankingsurprise, hopefully should have the last few strips installed this evening, and then I can start to think about joining both fuselage half's together.

All the best.


08/03/2020 20:05:54

Looking good Chris, really coming along.

Very neat work tooyes.



20/02/2020 14:12:43

Chris, the Sabre Dog's looking fantastic.

You're doing a wonderful job on the construction.

Really looking forward to seeing this take to the air off the Great Orme in June.

All the best,


Thread: Simon's F-86 Sabre of the Patrullia Ascua.
17/02/2020 22:13:36

A bit of a quick update on the build.

So the wing was joined using epoxy, and when set, I added a double thickness bandage around the wing. This was made from a 1" wide strip of 50gm/ sq mtr glass cloth with another layer of the same weight but this time 3" wide, over the top. I used some laminating epoxy and just barely 'wetted' out the cloth. This step was probably unnecessary, but it does give peace of mind, during those high g manoeuvreswink

So just the belly pan and the infill/reinforcement at the TE should see the wing more or less complete, bar the covering. Out of curiosity, I popped the wing and some of the hardware onto the scales to get a rough idea of weights:


Not sure what glass cloth and paint will add, but the wing feels light and stiff for it's size, quite happy with that.

So, next step is the fuselage. Being a couple of steps behind most of the build blogs has allowed me to check out the sequence of construction. I've got to say the basic frame came together very quickly, which can mean only one thing. Planking!!

I re-read Chris Barlow's top ten tips on planking and jumped right in. Only got the first 3 planks on this evening, but it wasn't as bad as expected, probably as these first planks are generally quite easy to line up and glue on. Speaking of which, I decided to try and use a glue combination, of good old balsa cement running along the length of the plank, with Zap-a-gap tacking the plank to the formers. A few 'sharp' pins, held the planks in place relative to their neighbour. Appears to work, as long as the gaps between planks doesn't get too big.








Probably got quite a few hours on this planking now, so I'll post again when it's more of less complete.

Bye for now.


24/01/2020 21:40:21

Good to be back Chris.

Your 'Sabre Dog' is progressing very well indeed. Fantastic woodworking skills, I'm sure she'll be a 'cracker' when completed. If you have any issues regarding torque rods, I'll do my best to help out. I noticed 'The Boss' (Phil) is also using torque rods, on a low winger like this, I still think it might be the most robust method of moving the ailerons. We shall see.



24/01/2020 21:05:08

Well, after a longer break than I'd expected, I've finally managed to put a bit of time in on the Sabre build this last week. Mostly bringing the right wing panel up to the same point as the left.

Next job was to sort out the torque rods. They're quite 'beefy' so I had to remove quite a bit of material from the root trailing edge. I used a combination of permagrit rotary files and needle files. The pictures should show the process:






Next job was to check the movement of the rods by dry fitting the assembly to the wing:




All looking good so far, so onto the next step of attaching the torque rods to the false leading edge with a few drops of superglue. When dry, I then used some Hysol to glue the trailing edges on, with a small amount smeared over the torque tubes that extend into the aileron section:





So, the last job I tackled this evening, was to spot glue the ailerons onto the wing, which allowed me to sand them and the wing to a reasonable level. The wingtips were also laminated with balsa cement, so really need to leave them overnight to fully harden. Hopefully should be able to get the wing glued up over the weekend and finally off the jigyes



Let's hope the next update doesn't take quite so much time.



Thread: Can Superphatic glue go off?
12/01/2020 09:43:04

Hi Mike, yes this has happened to me, with my current bottle of Superphatic. As Peter mentioned, I'm sure that heat has been the reason for the discolouration. I tried the glue on a few test pieces of balsa and to be honest, couldn't really tell if there was any difference in the final bond, felt pretty good to me. Setting times were the same too. So I'm still using the glue on my Sabre build, but mainly using it on low stress components, that need a fast grab, not too keen on using Superglue!! Most of the glue I use these days is either, balsa cement or Titebond, which I find works very well.

Hope this helps.


Thread: PSSA Mass Build weekend attenders
18/12/2019 17:36:16

I'll be there too, really looking forward to meeting everyone and checking out the other Sabre's in the flesh.


Thread: Simon's F-86 Sabre of the Patrullia Ascua.
17/12/2019 17:22:17

Hi Chris, thanks for dropping by. My big resolution next year is to try and manage my free time better.

I find it's very easy, to let yourself get distracted with another aircraft you'd like to build!!

Free time is at a premium now until the New Year, so probably won't get too much done on the Sabre. Still keeping up with everybody else's builds thoughyes.



16/12/2019 17:15:57

Hi Andy, I'll have another look at the foam cores after Christmas, it's really busy here until the New Year!! I was planning on using 3/32" balsa to skin them, with a carbon/foam/carbon spar and maybe a little glass cloth under the skins(?).

Oh yeah, they're not for a Sabrewink.



13/12/2019 17:29:24

Hi Andy, 7!! Thought I was pushing it a bit at 2 laugh. My problem is finishing off a project, always seem to jump onto the next one a little early:


Original mass build JP, constructed this year, not 2014!! I will get it finished next year, honest!!

Do you think it's worth continuing with the 'bitty' foam? I have used it before on a constant chord wing, almost Wot 4 thickness, and it was okay. I'm not 100% on this new wing, due to the airfoil/wing taper. Shouldn't be any problem to cut a new set in a more robust foam(?)



12/12/2019 23:05:58

Managed to get a little more done to the left wing panel this morning, also started work on the right one.


Bonded the top skin to the left panel and made a start on the webs for the right panel.


Pulled the left wing panel off the jig this evening and I've got to say it felt very light and very rigid. No doubt due to a great design and construction method from Martin and co. Excellent smiley.

I started another project, rather stupidly, just before the mass build start date. It's going to be a PSS, but progress won't continue until I've got the Sabre somewhere near completed. Thought you might like to see a couple of pics, as the wing shape, thickness and taper are very similar to the Sabre, with just a slightly longer span. It's getting a balsa skinned foam wing, so I'll be able to compare weights once completed:







12/12/2019 15:03:50

Hi Chris and Alan, thanks for dropping by.

Alan's spot on regarding the stress on the wing towards the tips. Especially this type of wing. I have to confess that my initial thought was to omit these outer webs, but in the end, I bonded on some medium grade 1/16" balsa onto the rear of the spars. It shouldn't be necessary, however the 'weight' penalty is pretty small. Guess I was getting a bit paranoid about wing flutter!!p1050476.jpg

Hinge reinforcements added, as well as a small amount of balsa at the root TE, to allow the torque rods to notch into the wing without weakening it too much. Also managed to get the servo mounting plate bonded in:



The plate is an off-cut from a previous build and is made up of 2 pieces of 1/16" ply, with 400gm carbon cloth sandwiched in the middle, all glued up with ZAP laminating epoxy.

Cheers guys.



11/12/2019 20:36:58

Well, progress has been a little slower than anticipated, but I have managed to find the odd 5 minutes here and there. The false LE was added to the left panel, followed by the webs, in my case some very hard 1/8" balsa between the spars:


The webs were levelled using a Permagrit spar slotter before the top spar was bonded in place:



Next job I tackled was making up some torque rods for the ailerons. I saw on another post a discussion on the merits of wing mounted servo's vs. a centrally mounted servo using torque rods.

My own take on it, is that a lot of the time, it depends on the model and the type of performance you're after. When I used to fly aerobatics in the late 90's, the accepted method for aileron's seemed to be wing mounted servo's. I know this method is really popular today, with cheap, high powered servo's, not to mention the speed of construction in the ARTF world. A friend of mine just recently finished an own design pattern ship and he's opted for torque rods. As far as I can tell, his reasoning is to remove as much weight from the wing structure as possible.

So when I first looked at the plan, my initial thought was to go with a single, centrally mounted servo. After a bit of cogitating, I opted for 2 centrally mounted servo's. The other plus, is that there's no control horns/rods hanging out of the bottom of a low wing fighter aircraft, that's hopefully going to fly off the Great Orme!!

Here's the torque rods being made-up:






I've used some pretty heavy gauge wire for the torque rods and used some pretty hefty ball links, as there is rather a lot of sweep on the wing panels. You can see from the above pics, the amount of twist the ball links have to accommodate and I'm pleased to say, they are smooth running and slop freeyes.

I'm a little further on from this stage, but I'll update again when there's some more tangible progress.

Bye for now.


Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
10/12/2019 21:02:23

Thanks for posting that Chris, very helpful indeed.

Good to see the 'mods' taking shape on your build.

All the best.


05/12/2019 16:51:51

Hello Chris, I'm watching with a great deal of interest. Not had too much building time on my model just recently, but I am keeping up with everybody else's.

Really looking forward to seeing your progress.

All the best.


Thread: Sabre Aerobatic Teams
13/11/2019 19:50:23

Here we go Mark, I flipped the picture, hope this is okay(?)


The only other pic I've got of this scheme facing left is this one:

sabre ascua spangdahlen 20-05-1962 dw nebard via carlos de la cruz.jpg

Only problem is the wheels are down.



13/11/2019 18:22:44

Hi Mark, always going in the wrong direction!!

Just cooking tea at the minute, but I’ll get onto it ASAP.



13/11/2019 17:42:16

Here's mine chaps:


Might end up with a few more wearing this scheme too.


Thread: Dave's F-86 build
12/11/2019 22:17:30

Hi David, sorry I've only just seen your post.

Would be great if you were to model an aircraft of the Patrullia Ascua, after all they were an aerobatic team.

I think it could be cool to have 2 rather 'flashy' looking aircraft on the slope thumbs up.



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