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Thread: Best interference free 2.4 tx under ?350?
24/09/2020 18:55:05
Posted by Barrie Lever on 24/09/2020 18:40:52:

Multiplex Royal 16, over your budget but not by a mile, you will not regret it. Never ever had anything other than 100% control on 2.4Ghz

+1 !

Thread: Arduino programming for beginners.
26/07/2020 09:57:18

I did initially learn how to program in Arduino from the Arduino website. Most if not all of the information is there, but I have to say navigating to the core tutorial(s) is a bit hard. Probably the best way to start is to upload the ubiquitous "Blink"-sketch and start HERE to learn how it functions. You can then work your way up with the Reference Page to learn about all other functions, variables and structures.

But the main ingredient is and will always be perseverance. You have to enjoy creating stuff in Arduino, do not see it just as a quick way to create a custom piece of electronics to suit your immediate need. And you have to do it often to stay in form, but even then you have to refer to quite basic things now and then (I know I do). In that respect it is the same as designing stuff in 3D cad (one of my other hobbies).

I never felt the need to learn any C-language, my only background is a bit of Basic in the distant past (for my MSX computer). But you have to have a mind for structuring a program, with all the (nested) decision and looping functions. It is not impossible to create that structure in Arduino from scratch, but it often helps to work out the process in a block diagram.

I have to add that I am in no way an expert, my creative work in arduino is pretty basic. And I often use other people's creations to learn from and customize it to suit my preferences. HERE is a nice forum, with an arduino-oriënted section that I visit frequently. A lot of these projects are way over my head in complexity, but there are some that I copied and customized successfully.


Edited By Max Z on 26/07/2020 10:36:32

Thread: Vinyl cutter
27/06/2020 11:18:11

Some more discussions HERE and HERE

Edited By Max Z on 27/06/2020 11:19:35

27/06/2020 09:00:35

Hi Pete,

I am using the Silhouette Cameo 3 for a year or two now, and I am very pleased with it. It always amazes me how it cuts very smal lettering and items with great accuracy (7- 8 mm high lettering).

Contrary to Martin, I did not see the need to go for the premium software. As long as you have a decent 2D cad application that can export .dxf files, you are good to go, I never do any graphics directly in Silhouette Studio, except rearranging and adding an extra cut line.

Nor did I go for the roller attachment, I just leave the roll of vinyl on the table in front of the cutter to unroll itself, no problems.

The Studio software works fine on my Mac, but is a bit slow in picking menu items and tool icons. Once you have saved a design, it will remember the cutting settings. What annoys me a bit is that for every new design you have to change the default material into the actual, I would have liked if it remembered the last used material.



Thread: LI'L CUB
22/05/2020 16:24:03

Found it, June 2019.


Thread: Wiggo
13/05/2020 13:10:02

Hi Shaun,

This is what I wrote in my original construction article:

I’m happy flying my Wiggo with a 9x6 prop on a 1000Kv brushless outrunner. The ensemble pulls about 25 amps static using a 2200mAh 3S Li-Po battery, so aim for about 300 watts of power and an ESC to match.

Your motor-esc combo seems to fit that bill just fine, go for a 8x6 or 9x6 prop.

Enjoy your build,


Thread: Lockdown Models
04/05/2020 15:53:14

I hope I can show my yet-to-be-built model that I have been working on, the design in cad that is. It's a semi scale rendition of the home built full size "Legal Eagle". I am still in two minds about the name, but I am tending to "Eaglet" for obvious reasons. I will probably add the name "Eddy" to my build..........winksmiley



Thread: Wiggo
03/05/2020 08:26:36

Congrats, well done Nigel!

I have a soft spot for NZ, having enjoyed life out there living in Whangarei for a few years back in the 1980's. And flying models with my friends from the WMAC. Shame that it is so far away from here, I would like to visit it more often. Last time was 2013.



Thread: Will we continue to get the magazine (RCM&E)?
14/04/2020 14:07:16

Hi all,

I did receive a message yesterday saying that for the time being all overseas subscribers will not receive their printed copy of RCM&E. Instead, they will be able to read the magazine online without extra charge.

The reason given was that due to the present Covid-19 situation a timely receipt cannot be guaranteed

I regret that we did not get the opportunity to choose between late receipt or online reading, I do favour the printed copy. In particular, the absence of the free plans bothers me, I like to study those even when I build only occasionally from them (I have been an occasional contributor myself....).

My first choice would be receipt of the mag in print, even when late, but as compensation I would very much appreciate if these plans can be viewed online in some way, even in a reduced size.




Edit: I see I'm not the only disappointed customer.....

Edited By Max Z on 14/04/2020 14:12:58

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
08/04/2020 19:12:24

My Snow Boot electrified:


Elevons are controlled with RDS, slop-free but a bit springy. Maybe I should have used 2 mm dia. torque rods rather than 1,5 mm.


Thread: RCM&E April 2020 issue chat
13/03/2020 08:46:55

Wrong picture in the "Armattan Tadpole" introduction article (Lee Schofield, page 73) It's the "Amass Connectors" picture duplicated.



Thread: The Whipitteer
10/03/2020 10:54:22

Hi Rich,

Chris seems to have blocked viewing his vid on any other site than YT, so embedding did not quite work. Viewing on YT is not a problem.



Thread: Bit Bewildered
31/01/2020 16:17:13

have a look HERE if you want someone else to do the calcs wink 2 (limited free version)



Edited By Max Z on 31/01/2020 16:17:53

Thread: Bob Wright's HM 18 Flying Flea as modified by Abbott Baynes. 53.5" wingspan.
03/01/2020 17:59:35

The HM18 is not an early model, and is not likely to have pointy LE's. I have built a HM16, and did some research although there is not a lot of reference material, but from what I could detect on the photographs the LE's are not sharp. Look HERE or HERE.

And THIS one of an actual vintage HM18. Looks definitely rounded...

The best known type is the HM14, Bertie Basset is one of those. As far as I know the Carden/Abbott-Baynes models were also modified versions of the HM14, not the HM18. If your model is one of those, it could have pointed LE's.....

Have a look at this article .

Edited By Max Z on 03/01/2020 18:27:20

Thread: Silhouette vinyl cutter files sharing
01/01/2020 14:57:39

Here's a few more designs I did recently. They are all existing letter fonts, with some changes to letters which were not quite to my taste. Like the big "f" in Hol's der Teufel, I cut a large part off the bottom, and still had to scale it down a bit smile o The font of the large letters is "Zapfino", the smaller "Lucida Handwriting":


And another one, the font is "Goudy". The curls are my own design:


If anyone is interested, I can provide the Studio3 files, which include the extra cutting lines to make weeding a bit easier (actually quite many of those).



01/01/2020 09:09:47

Yes thanks for that Steven. It is news for me too, and I will give it a try next time. But first I have to stop messing about with regular tape for transferring and buy some decent transfer film smile o


P.S. to save readers of this topic having to look it up: Reverse Weeding is lifting your design off the backing with transfer film, including all surplus bits, and removing the latter from the transfer tape instead before you stick the design in place..

Edited By Max Z on 01/01/2020 09:16:54

31/12/2019 08:57:41

Cutting narrow lines is fine, but they have a tendency to lift from the backing when prying the surplus bits loose, at least with the vinyl I am using (Hexis). What are you using Chris?


29/12/2019 12:33:09

Not much going on here these days? I thought starting a thread like this (not by me) was a good idea .....


Edited By Max Z on 29/12/2019 12:35:08

Thread: Greetings from the land of Oz
24/12/2019 16:30:05

Hi Ian, you may be interested in this specialized forum:

Edited By Max Z on 24/12/2019 16:31:00

Edited By Max Z on 24/12/2019 16:32:25

Thread: RCM&E "All Write" depron biplanes
21/12/2019 15:31:47

Edited By Max Z on 21/12/2019 15:32:46

Edited By Max Z on 21/12/2019 15:33:11

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