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Thread: Graupner mc26 transmitter recall.
27/10/2019 17:26:06

Graupner recalls some of their mc-26 transmitters:

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
05/10/2019 22:39:25

Interesting similarities. I designed mine some 15 years ago and I cannot remember basing it on any particular full size aircraft.


05/10/2019 18:25:41

Successful first flight today, who recognizes it?





Thread: Silhouette vinyl cutter files sharing
04/10/2019 17:00:29

My recent experiment:


It worked well, considering that the stripes are only 1,5 mm wide. I struggled a bit with transferring it. I still have not decided if I need proper transfer film ( I need to buy a 20 m roll!), so after a few experiments regular Scotch tape worked best. I still had to pry the end of some stripes to unstick them from the backing.

Weeding was ok, helped by the fact that I did make some strategic extra cuts (I think), except for the very narrow top and bottom stripes. But I grabbed those in the end.

For those interested, here is my cutting pattern.

cutting pattern.jpg


02/10/2019 11:32:19

Martin, I will try that someday then.

I went to my local plottershop yesterday to get some sticky vinyl, and they had the new Cameo 4 on display so I had a quick look at the new features.

It has a fold away roll holder. Now, I leave my rolls of vinyl resting on the table in front of the plotter, which is no problem, so not interesting for me.

There is an improved cross cutter on the rear. Now that is an improvement, I tried the old one on my Cameo 3 on several occasions, but never managed to get a straight cut. That becomes a problem when you are feeding in that end of a roll again next time. The new crosscutter has better guiding of both the cutter and the material. It is still operated manually though.

The Cameo 4 has cutter pen type recognition. The downside of that is that the new pens are a different size, you need an adapter to hold your old pens. The old auto-adjust pen (the clickertheclick type..) does not fit at all.

The claimed downforce is 5000 g. ! I understood from the shopkeeper that is used with the new "rotating knife", but she did not have that available yet so could not demonstrate.

For my purposes, I do not see a reason to upgrade from my Cameo 3 to a Cameo 4, but hey, you might well be interested, so I thought it useful to report my observations.


26/09/2019 13:46:46
Posted by Martin Gay on 26/09/2019 12:44:29:

I found this method quite useful for layering different colours:



Yes, that could be useful, especially for more complicated multi-coloured items, but it is done by layering different colour vinyl. Something I wanted to avoid, and I doubt if that method is accurate enought to place inset colours that way. And you would still have cutting inaccuracies resulting in the same thing I described.

In case of the roundels, I was wondering if building the rings up from the center would be better than trying to insert some between two others, since you could stretch each one slightly to get a perfect butt joint.


26/09/2019 11:26:36

I made these roundels today:


It proves to be very difficult to assemble the different colours without little gaps and overlaps. In my opinion it is at least partly due to the inaccuracy of the cuts.

I left the white rings on the backing as they were cut, and transferred the red dots and the blue rings and positioned those as best as I could to avoid gaps and overlaps. I had to cut the blue rings at some point as it proved impossible to get them in place without leaving a wrinkle or having to stretch them. And I took great care to butt them up on the inside edge, but it still resulted in an overlap at the outer edge, hardly visible but clearly noticeable as a ridge by rubbing your finger over it.

What I did not do, and probably should have, is to match the orientation in which they were cut in the Silhouette.

Does anyone have a similar experience? As for size indication, the larger roundels are 94 mm in diameter.


Edited By Max Z on 26/09/2019 11:31:05

25/09/2019 10:25:43

I know I sort of started it, but let's concentrate on the Silhouette plotter/cutter in this thread, and not turn it into a "how to" for masking / spray painting techniques, however interesting and useful that may be...smiley



Edited By Max Z on 25/09/2019 10:26:47

24/09/2019 12:39:00

Interesting idea, but I can see a couple of hurdles.

How are you planning to keep the parts of the mask together when you drape the whole sheet over the wing?

You say it is a 3-colour camo pattern, so presumably any two colours will come together at various points. How are you going to spray those colours? the only way I see is to take one part out, spray it, let it dry, put the mask back in place and take out the neighbouring part before you spray that area.


24/09/2019 10:24:03

To show a real result, here are my templates for a new foamy (the "Alix", search the web), cut from 0.25 mm cardboard (discarded tab sheets):


The cutting settings:

silhouette settings.jpg


22/09/2019 19:35:03

Also works well to cut the walls of a H0 scale chalet (near to 40 holes for windows and doors to be cut, and a number of openings for floor beams):


Edited By Max Z on 22/09/2019 19:44:14

22/09/2019 18:04:45

I tend to create the artwork in my CAD software, much easier to manipulate, like scaling, rearranging, sometimes shearing, etc.. Some examples:

classy gassie.jpg


22/09/2019 16:57:17

I have a Silhouette and very happy with it, so I'll be watching this thread and contribute where I can. I found it is also excellent for cutting (thinnish) cardboard, which you then can use as templates to cut parts from Depron sheet or balsa sheet (have not tried the latter).


Thread: Advise Needed On Turnigy TGY-I6 Micro Receiver.
13/09/2019 20:20:24

I have this one. Whichever one you buy, make sure it is compatible with the AFHDS-2A or AFHDS-2 protocol.

Edited By Max Z on 13/09/2019 20:23:24

Thread: Covering with Solarfilm
07/09/2019 15:30:05
Posted by Foxfan on 07/09/2019 11:10:33:

Odd, but strangely attractive,

Odd it may be, but it is a scale model of a full size man carrying plane, see my build blog here.


07/09/2019 10:56:38
Posted by McG 6969 on 07/09/2019 08:57:02:

Way back with my Ballerina, I used some 'HK Bright Silver' for the fuselage. The Bright Silver gives a very good imitation of polished aluminium.

+1 !vd_ready2.jpg

Thread: Hangar One
23/08/2019 08:19:42

RBCkits does a Curare-lookalike.

Edited By Max Z on 23/08/2019 08:20:25

Thread: Turning detective, can you help?
18/07/2019 10:30:33

Ulrich Heimhilger? I can find an Anton with that surname in "Traces of War", but he had nothing with flying anything as far as I can gather.

Thread: Multiplex Dual Receivers
17/07/2019 23:02:43
Posted by Percy Verance on 17/07/2019 19:13:39:

and the vulnerable exposed aerial. I've never broken one yet, but I know those who have.

I have to agree to that. On the older one, to get a better protectionI modified the mounting to swing it back (and fix it) in the same way the 35MHz antenna could . Nothing wrong with the NiMh battery as far as I am concerned, must be nearly a year ago I last had to charge it.

17/07/2019 18:17:54

Might be, but if you want one you can still buy one. And I got the package including the Souffleur a while ago, it's a Multiplex sponsored combi-package (never used it up to now, but hey..).

I would not argue that the Royal is not due for replacement, but it serves my purposes well.smiley And yes, the black 16ch seems to be the only version on offer. I've got the yellow 16 Ch version cheeky

Edited By Max Z on 17/07/2019 18:20:30

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