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Thread: Channel problems
31/12/2016 11:20:32

Most of the afore posts have centered on the advice not to attempt to fly an EDF jet as your first rc plane, which I fully support. But the original question was to which channel the 2nd aileron servo should be connected to get it to work correctly. I know it has been answered by just using channel 1 and connect both aileron servos with an Y-lead, but if I were Ryan I would like to know anyhow. I have always liked to know my rc systems inside and out (maybe with the helicopter features as an exception), even though I realize that I will most likely not use all features of it in this lifetime. Mind you, when I started in the mid 70's it was easy enough, the Tx transmitted 4 or 6 channels each operated by a single control input, and that was it. But after I bought my first programmable system it got interesting, at least for me.

So Ryan, if you would like to tell me what Tx-Rx system you are using, I will see what I can dig up.


Edited By Max Z on 31/12/2016 11:21:20

Thread: How do fairy lights work?
27/12/2016 08:38:52

Posted by Stephen Jones on 27/12/2016 01:22:26:

and wired it to my 8 bit printer port of my Sinclair computer

Wow, that IS many years ago Steve!cheeky


Thread: Verhees Delta
19/12/2016 20:04:03

No secrets here Tobias! I did not notice your post, that is all.

The repair work to my Verhees Delta is almost complete, I am finishing the cowling right now, and then I have to balance it again. The airfoil is an MH-92 with (quite some) liberties taken aft of the aileron hinge line and a fair bit of twist towards the tip. I established the the CG graphically, using the area's of the plan view, both with and without the ailerons.


More test flying will be next, but as I said before the behavior so far is promising, the crash was entirely my own fault.

And yes, somewhere in the future there will be an RCM&E plan (if it will be accepted by mr. Ashby and crew).


Thread: Wiggo
19/12/2016 11:53:18

Posted by H�kan Fogelin on 18/12/2016 19:55:46:

Something I cannot see on the plan is if there is any opening in the fuselage to let warm air out.

Hi Håkan,

Nice to see so many Wiggo's being built all over the world. I don't think you have to worry about letting the warm air out of the fuselage. If I remember correctly I put a note on the drawing saying that you should cut some holes in the underside of the cowling for better motor cooling, but I am not even sure that is necessary. The other thing that generates heat is the ESC, but modern ESC's are very efficient and produce little heat. If you don't fly for a prolonged time there is nothing to worry about. The ESC in my Wiggo only becomes lukewarm after about 5 minutes of flying. If you want to be on the safe side, you can cut a hole in the hatch, between the pilot and the windscreen.


Edited By Max Z on 19/12/2016 11:55:53

Thread: Introducing 3D Printing
30/11/2016 16:19:40
Posted by Ian Jones on 29/11/2016 16:46:52:

... "there is more than one way of skinning a cat" as it was put to me.

I wrote that in a PM to Ian, but I regret it. I love cats, and the thought of skinning one makes me shiver.......

Thread: Show Us Your 3D Prints
24/11/2016 11:37:36

Impressive stuff Andy!yes


Thread: 3D Jargon Buster
23/11/2016 11:41:06

Hello Ian,

As we are talking jargon here, it might be a good idea to clarify somewhere that there are more 3D printing processes than the filament style printer. I am getting the impression now that "3D printing/printer" is used as the generic name for this style of printer, while there are other processes about, like for instance laser sintering. I admit that these are probably too costly to be used by us amateurs, but there are companies about who will print your creation for a modest fee.

I have successfully made use of a company named Shapeways for such parts as landing gear components that I designed myself.

Maybe this should even be explained in the thread "Introducing 3D Printing" that you started.


Edited By Max Z on 23/11/2016 11:43:45

Thread: Introducing 3D Printing
22/11/2016 19:29:20

Posted by Max Z on 22/11/2016 09:35:42:

With this as the end result, a bit rough still, waiting for final machining:


And here it is in its final guise. I am guessing that Henk will replace the bolts with more period specific ones:


Edited By Max Z on 22/11/2016 19:30:09

22/11/2016 09:35:42

Recently I took part in an interesting project involving 3D printing as an intermediate step, combining modern and ancient techniques to produce a part. I am a member of "The First Aviators", a group of enthousiasts who club together to build, maintain and fly models of the earliest planes. This group is mostly Dutch, with members residing in all parts of The Netherlands, but also include members in Germany and Belgium. We communicate with each other in a private section of

One of the achievements so far is flying a half scale model of a Blériot across the Alps, see **LINK** The same guy, Henk (our fearless leader), who built that Blériot is now building an even bigger version at 75%, and required a part to be cast in aluminium. This is the real thing in a full size museum display:


For that, he needed a master scaled down to the appropriate size, so he set the challenge of designing and printing one in 3D. Knowing a little about 3D printing (just the basics, no experience) and virtually nothing about casting metals, I took up the design part. Henk provided the design requirements and commented on my initial attempts until this was the final result:


The .stl file was the sent to another member of the group, who printed the parts (two halves were required). This is his slicer picture, where you can see it took almost all of the available space in his printer:


After 11 hours of printing, this was the first result:


The second part was printed, and the lot was sent to Henk, who set about making the moulds:


With this as the end result, a bit rough still, waiting for final machining:


I hope this is of interest when answering the question "What do I need a 3D printer for", at least it shows that modern and age-old techniques can live together very well.


Edited By Max Z on 22/11/2016 10:02:36

Thread: Swingee Hinges
18/11/2016 13:22:01

Posted by Stephen O'Neill on 18/11/2016 11:48:47:

I tried twice to contact RBC Kits by email but unfortunately nobody is answering.

Stephen, I happen to know that Rob is out of the office for a couple of days, he'll be back on monday.

Thread: Verhees Delta
10/11/2016 08:28:38

Posted by Stephen Jones on 09/11/2016 23:20:47:

You have Done a Cracking job on the Verhees Delta BT


In more than one way by now, I am afraid Steve. Nothing to do with the flying qualities of the model, they are just fine. But a combination of a low autumn sun and my not so great agility on the sticks was too much, I flew right through it, was temporarily blinded and when I regained sight it was pointing straight down at low altitude crook

It hit a soft bank of the ditch that runs along the length of our field, so it is not a total loss, the motor and firewall have broken away and there is damage on several points along the leading edge. But it requires stripping the covering from large areas (and I hate that). I am working on it.........sad

But thanks for the compliments. Yes I can see the resemblance with the Lippisch P13a. And if you are looking for the origin of the expression "Jet Jockey", that is it right there!


Edited By Max Z on 10/11/2016 08:32:55

Thread: Wiggo
08/11/2016 16:43:49

Looking good! And in the colors of my namesake's racing team.....


Thread: Multiplex Royal evo 12
05/11/2016 19:10:35

Max.Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 05/11/2016 08:44:40:

Max, if a change has been made in the mixer definition menu, i.e. to make the spoiler input to flaps switched those changes will carry through to every model which uses that mixer template (if you don't want that to happen make new mixer and give it a different name and then assign that to the output), so although the mixer values are model specific the switches and curves are global for that mixer. Also all the 4Flap Glider template does is load the required mixers (aileron+ etc), but if the mixer has been changed in the mixer definition menu on one model that will carry over to all models that use that mixer.

Frank, I know all that, but as far as I know it is not possible to introduce new default values for the mixer parts that would carry over when creating a new model from a template that uses that mixer. So all parts will be off except the main one, like Flap in Flap+, Aileron in Aileron+, Elevator in Elevator+, etc. But I did not test it myself, so maybe you have a point there.

Thread: Verhees Delta
30/10/2016 08:20:35

Some pictures of the Delta in its finished livery:





I made two flights yesterday, the last one ending with a rather hard landing. My fault entirely, I came in in a rather steep glide, and forgot to get a bit of power back on to flare it. Some repairs were in order, but most of it has been done already. Minor woodwork required to glue it all back in position. The nose gear was bent and knocked out of position, so I had to dismantle that and take the retract unit apart to straighten the leg. One thing it proved is that those 3D-printed parts are very strong!

I have attempted to make a better video, alas, again not worth looking at. Still trying.


Edited By Max Z on 30/10/2016 08:21:28

Thread: Multiplex Royal evo 12
25/10/2016 17:48:08
Posted by Max Z on 11/10/2016 18:01:23: The only one that could have an offset as default is the 4Flap glider (Don't know if that name is correct, I work with a German menu and manual), the manual is not very clear on that.

I have checked on my RoyalPro, Offset is not active on installing a new model with the 4Flap Glider as template. Has the mystery been solved?


Thread: Help mounting a motor
18/10/2016 22:34:59

Liam, check that the stub axle on the rear does not protrude beyond the mounting face, otherwise make a recess (or a hole) in the firewall.


Thread: Wiggo
17/10/2016 16:00:19

Looking good Steve! Familiar colors.....

Am I mistaken or is that nose longer than the one I drew? I take it the center of gravity is in the right spot regardless.


Edited By Max Z on 17/10/2016 16:03:32

Thread: Verhees Delta
12/10/2016 20:46:33

Sorry guys, not much to look at, but here is the first ever take off of my delta. The rest is not worth looking at, too far away. I guess I was too nervous to fly it low and close..face 8


I guess I overcontrolled it a bit in the first turn......



Edited By Max Z on 12/10/2016 20:52:45

Thread: Multiplex Royal evo 12
11/10/2016 18:01:23

It looks like you guys were right and I was on the wrong track, it is the input to the mixer Aileron+ which has an offset.

Mixer Aileron+ (bottom picture) is part of the standard installation for Glider and Acro, for Basic the ailerons are controlled by the stick without mixing as shown in the top picture.

I checked the manual, when you install the mixer as part of the configuration of a new model as Quaddra did, the parts for spoiler and flap (and elevator) are supposed to be switched off. The only one that could have an offset as default is the 4Flap glider (Don't know if that name is correct, I work with a German menu and manual), the manual is not very clear on that.

Posted by Broken Prop on 11/10/2016 16:52:23:

Mixers on the Evo are global for the selected template. It may well be that the spoiler input on another plane using the same template is affecting your new model if the spoiler input was set via a mixer.......

Pete, the mixer configuration is global, but the settings are model specific. And as i said, the default setting for Spoiler is off



Edited By Max Z on 11/10/2016 18:15:30

09/10/2016 19:24:56

Ah yes, you could read it that way... Let's wait for some pictures.

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