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Thread: The Atom Special
15/10/2014 12:39:56

My Atom is coming along slowly but surely:





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10/10/2014 19:59:48

I am about halfway through building the fuselage, and I made and test-fitted the undercarriage today. Now, the U/C legs are anchored with their hooked ends into the holes through UM1 and the 6 mm balsa B1 behind that. I am finding that this is insufficient for holding the legs in position since they can easily rotate backwards and forwards. I replaced the front end of B1 (same length as UM1) with a piece of 6 mm lite ply (poplar) to give the U/C a better anchoring. I could also have extended the hooked end of the legs some 3 mm and drill the holes right through B2, but alas, I already cut them to size as per the drawing.


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Thread: new post, cursor jumps back.
07/10/2014 21:04:26

Other strange behaviour in the reply-box: when my spelling checker marks a word, I usually right-click to get the correct spelling. If I right-click here, I get an invitation to paste the word into the scrapbook (don't know if that is the right term, I am using a Dutch UI).


07/10/2014 20:57:49

@Chris: Sounds like the same problem, I am also using Safari 7.1

@Pete: I would not know how to clear the cache, I will try to find out.


Edit: found it, did it, no change


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Thread: The Atom Special
07/10/2014 20:51:32

A question about fixing the triangular fiberglass flex-plate: the HK head has two plates which house the bearings, with the flex-plate sandwiched in between. These plates have three flat sides where the original HK flex-plate hinges were.

I am using a regular propellor adapter to keep the rotor on, and I intend to make similarly sized holding plates. Question is, is it important to have the flat sides and fix them towards the blade roots?


Edited By Max Z on 07/10/2014 20:52:00

Thread: new post, cursor jumps back.
07/10/2014 20:27:28

Hi Pete, It does persist, and happens on all the posts I am writing (including this one).

I'm on a Mac, using OSX 10.9.5.


07/10/2014 18:20:56

Every time I write a reply in a thread, and I hit the Enter key, a new line is created but the cursor jumps back to the beginning of the post. Very annoying especially if you don't notice it and just continue typing!


Thread: The Atom Special
07/10/2014 09:33:46

This is the rotor head I made from an old, cutdown, Aeronaut SP400 gearbox:


I abandoned the idea of creating a mix of Atom and Panther. It was mainly brought about by trying to create a Panther style head with separate roll and pitch controls, but the servo placement was upsetting Richards sleek and simple design too much. So I opted for a home-made T-bar head design instead.


05/10/2014 18:28:12

Steve, thanks for the info. Your setup is more or less the same as Richard's, give or take a few degrees, only the down tilt is noticeably more. (but do you ever use it full throw?).


04/10/2014 21:05:22

Very helpful Richard, thank you. That is about 20 deg. either way for roll and 10 deg. up / 5 deg. down for pitch. I will run with that. And yes, I did read the "fit out and set up" part of the article, but that did not give me the information about throws.

Thanks guys!


04/10/2014 17:32:48

Thanks Terry, but I find it difficult to translate those dimensions to a non-mixed setup. I would have to know the mix rates to work it out, i.e. how much of the servo throw is used for pitching and how much for rolling.

But thank you for the reply anyway.


04/10/2014 11:05:07

I am making my own rotor head, and I am trying to work out the leverage of the control arms. I am going for a standard setup, i.e. separate servo's for pitch and roll. Can anyone tell me the required control angles, so I can work out the length of the control arms?


02/10/2014 15:58:30

I found a source for FG sheet at Hobbyplastic/MacGregor industries, and I have 0.8 mm sheet on order.

Regarding the HK motor/prop installation suggested in the RCM&E article: I checked the specs at the HK site, and was surprised to find the current is limited to 10 Amps, with a max. loading of 96 Watt!

Richard claims a full bore power consumption of 170 Watt, which is way over that. To tell you the truth I do not trust the HK specs as the weight of 44 g seems rather small (and is shown as 113 g in the SK3 type listings).

As a fixed wing flyer I have to say that I find a 10x7 prop on a 920 kV motor at 3s rather hefty, I am flying a 1m20 biplane on a 10x4 with a similar setup with lots of power to spare. But I guess that shows how much I know about autogyro's.............


02/10/2014 10:54:55

The 0.8 mm FG sheet for the rotor mounting plate is difficult to source around here, would 1 mm thick material do? Do I have to alter the shape/size to allow for more flexibility? I am happy to alter things mechanical to my taste, but I don't like to tinker with anything tried and tested like this if it was not necessary. (and yes, I know you can order the ready made item from Coolwind ).


01/10/2014 21:12:32

Hi all,

I am new to this forum. I have built some twin-rotor Autogyro's, one FF model a long long time ago (Dave Brown? in Aeromodeller), and one recently: Al Foot's Twirl.

I also tried a Benson-style pusher AG with a helicopter swashplate head, but had to abort that.

Now the spark lighted again with the Panther and Atom designs published in RCM&E. I am thinking of creating a mix of the two, with the size and the twin-tail design od the Atom, and the mast and rotor head Panther style.

I have a question regarding the hinge lines. I see that the HK head has the pitch hinge above the roll hinge, but the Panther head has the pitch hinge below the roll hinge. Are there any advantages/disadvantages with each type?

Greetings from Boskoop, The Netherlands,


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