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Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
17/02/2019 15:14:25

Own design, first flights today:



Thread: Arduino project - Servo Exerciser - RCM&E Dec 2018
02/02/2019 18:11:22

I did a sketch for a friend who needed to delay the middle position of a 3-pos. switch operating a pneumatic landing gear and -doors. The idea was to hold a fixed mid-position for 4 seconds, irrespective of the switch position, to avoid a collision of the doors with the retracting wheel. The end positions of the door servo were to be left as received from the Tx/Rx for trimming purposes. I used the standard PWM read and write code, but found the output unstable, jumping about 20-30 microseconds about every second. I eventually resorted to using fixed endpoints as well, leaving the trimming to be done mechanically or by altering the PWM values.


Thread: KLM PH - LKJ (Walker's Westway Models Limited)
12/01/2019 10:06:00

Get in touch with the Aviodrome museum in the Netherlands ( and see if they are interested or have information. They have a full size Constellation on display.....


Thread: Oracover Brushed Aluminium Film
07/01/2019 19:30:26

FWIIW I have not had any problems with the HK covering, applied on top & bottom with the rx aerial tucked inside.

07/01/2019 10:34:59

I had good results with Hobbyking "Bright Silver" film, which has a brushed appearance:


Edited By Max Z on 07/01/2019 10:38:00

Thread: Retractable SLS Systems
08/12/2018 18:19:45

Another option, probably not cheap either, but combining the retractable prop with the advantage of a positive contribution to get the CofG at the right spot.

Edited By Max Z on 08/12/2018 18:20:28

Thread: What can I fly on a 2S battery?
07/12/2018 19:13:00

Richard's Snap Dragon maybe? You could drop the U/C...

Edited By Max Z on 07/12/2018 19:14:24

Thread: Do you weigh your lipos (I think you should!)
01/12/2018 11:48:30

I cannot make out the C-value of the Zippy, but usually the higher the C-value (discharge rate), the higher the weight.

The Overlander and the Ripmax both seem to be 30C, hence the weights are comparable.

29/11/2018 16:26:35
Posted by John Duncker on 29/11/2018 15:42:09:

and you have a nose wheel steer servo which needs to be deactivated when the gear is up.

I am wondering how this applies to S.Bus, if at all possible this is usually done in the transmitter programming, or possibly in the receiver setup.

Thread: Snap Dragon
15/11/2018 15:33:04

Hi Rich,

I think part of its charm is its small size. My only reason to go a bit bigger would be that I have a spare outrunner weighing 50+ grams, which is quite a bit heavier than the one you used, and some spare Hextronic500 servos weighing 7-8 grams each. I was thinking 20% larger.


Thread: lipo battery charger
14/11/2018 16:01:16
Posted by Dave Hess on 14/11/2018 15:13:10:

I have all sorts of chargers from very cheap to very expensive, but I now use these because they're so convenient.. They're cheap, convenient, reliable and easy to use, and good for any 2S or 3S battery in the range 750mAh to 3000mAh. Take my advice and forget about the iMax type that require you to connect both the balance and power leads. It's so much messing about and they sometimes take ages to balance. These ones charge the cells individually, so no problem balancing:


Edited By Dave Hess on 14/11/2018 15:14:19

800 mA to charge a 3000 mAh will take almost 4 hours to charge! I am happy with my 60W Pichler charger, I usually charge at 1C, so a full charge takes 1 hour (up to about 5000 mAh)

14/11/2018 12:13:37

And do you want to buy one with an integrated 230V power supply, or are you going to use a separate 12V source? (Most 230V units can also be powered from a 12V source)

Thread: Comper CLA-7 Swift
10/11/2018 16:53:27
Posted by Bernd Lewerenz on 10/11/2018 15:33:01:

nice picture. It gives me the idea to instal a radial engine dummy. So it would not be necessary, to built a cowling.

But it would have to be a proper dummy engine of a Pobjoy Bernd, with a reduction gear box and an offset propellor shaft.devil

Thread: Snap Dragon
01/11/2018 11:46:18
Posted by Richard Harris on 01/11/2018 10:01:06:

A friend in Australia has a target on his cap that he looks through which is aligned to the centre of his recording screen, works very well.

I tried that too, but it did not work for me, cannot remember exactly why not, I think because you had to set the cap-target on your head in the correct position, and look at your model with one eye only...sad

Around 2000 I had my first digital camera, and tried to make flying shots with that, but the screen I had to use as viewfinder was hard to see and updated too slow in any case. So i made myself a "gunsight" type of aiming device, with ring and bead. Worked very well, but ofcourse I could not use it when flying at the same time.


Edited By Max Z on 01/11/2018 12:09:12

01/11/2018 08:41:26

Hi Rich,

I like your little Dragon very much! I am still waiting for the November issue, but it stands a good chance that I will be building it.

Your video is of superb quality, I am very impressed, what did you use to produce it? I have been experimenting to get just such a result with a Mobius 2 cam mounted on my cap, but with the standard lens everything got way too small and difficult to see. After mounting an aftermarket lens with a longer focus length this got better, but I did not manage to keep the subject in view all the time.



Thread: Eachine E013 FPV MR binding problem
06/10/2018 16:54:58

Hi Geoff,

I made an attempt to read the instructions (very crummy english) that Banggood links to, if I interpret chapter 5.0 correctly, you have to switch on the Rx first (by placing the battery) which will have the taillight flashing, then switch  the Tx on. The Tx emits a "click" sound, then a "beep" and the "power on" light will come on. The Tx and Rx should then have completed the binding procedure, indicated by the taillight being on permanently. Only then should you open the throttle.

I figured you could benefit maybe from the interpretation of the Chenglish by a non-native english speaker wink.


Tell us how you fare, I could be talked into buying too.....


Edited By Max Z on 06/10/2018 17:01:13

Thread: Multiplex Cockpit Sx 9
26/09/2018 10:28:43

As Andy says, go to the Multiplex Technikforum

The guys there include Multiplex crew and individual users, most of them happy to answer questions in English.

(I think I have seen Frank Skilbeck hovering around there too...Frank S?)

25/09/2018 19:12:57

I don't want to sound pedantic, but then again I don't know how big your "gap in understanding" is, do you realise that your Evo 7 should have been converted to M-Link (2.4 gHz)?

Edited By Max Z on 25/09/2018 19:13:59

Thread: Baby Flea
15/09/2018 16:48:14

Two more flights today, with (very) marginal improvement. I did move the motor forward by 10 mm, and also bent some toe-in into the undercarriage to assist in running straight during takeoff. Both measures improved things slightly, but it still flies tail down. On the second flight we stuffed some extra lead on top of the battery, and again there was some improvement, clearly pointing to the way to go.

As I said before, the problem will be where to put the extra weight to have the best effect. I probably have to do some surgery to the forward-bottom to get to the void beneath the battery support.

The main thing is that with very carefully moving the sticks flying and landing can be managed, and it is still undamaged.


Thread: Can anyone help me ID this twin?
14/09/2018 14:18:05

The original Do-28 was piston engine powered, this one looks like the G92 turbine variant. The one inside the museum is one of the early A/B/C series, much smaller (6 passengers versus 13).

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