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Thread: Black Fly a new Flying Car
18/07/2018 12:46:41
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 18/07/2018 00:40:05:

I need some convincing that this is real.

Same here. Notice that nowhere in the video you see a person climbing into the craft and taking off with it.


Edited By Max Z on 18/07/2018 12:48:07

Thread: Baby Flea
03/07/2018 16:27:47
Posted by AVC on 03/07/2018 15:43:35:

Will you reinforce the rear strut somehow?

I am not sure what you mean by that, the struts remain as they are now, but I am adding a small block on either side under the "deck", to give the rear strut more glueing surface.


03/07/2018 14:54:36


Frame for the top cowling fitted permanently. Frame of the forward hatch completed (to slide the battery in and out). Wing struts fitted temporarily, I will take these off again and complete the planking of the cowling first, as it will be quite awkward to finish that with the struts in place.



I also had a stab at making the landing gear, I am waiting until I have the ordered correctly sized wheels (87 mm diameter Dave Brown lite wheels) to finish it.


Edited By Max Z on 03/07/2018 14:55:18

01/07/2018 14:04:39

Some pictures to give you an impression of  the build sofar. The one with the flat top is the actual status, I need to place it upside down to add the bottom planking first. The other ones show a mockup of the front top cowling.





Edited By Max Z on 01/07/2018 14:09:08

29/06/2018 16:39:49

Okay, after several years lying dormant in my computer I woke the project up again, and finished the re-design of the larger version in the last couple of weeks (told you scaling up is not that simple...). I send the parts file off to my favourite kit cutter and they arrived this afternoon. So let the build start (when my building shed cools down sufficiently, temperatures here in The Netherlands are soaring over the next few days. No different from the UK I guess).


Edited By Max Z on 29/06/2018 16:44:09

Thread: I/C to Electric power comparison?
28/06/2018 15:46:34

If you are going into electric power beyond RTF/BNF models I think it is well worth investing a few hours on understanding the basics of how electric powertrains work (specifically the relationship between prop size, Kv and current drawn). That that will stand you in good stead whenever you want to optimise or specify a new powertrain.

A good start might be the new series of articles in RCM&E by Dave Burton, "Current Affairs", starting in the July '18 issue.


Thread: Tx modes
24/06/2018 09:13:53
Posted by fly boy3 on 23/06/2018 23:24:32:

With the buddy lead set up, do the transmitters have to be compatible ? Cheers

Until recently, most sets had a PPM pulse input/output that you could use for cross-brand training purpose, all you had to do was buying or making a lead with two matching plugs for each system. Even my latest version of the Multiplex Royal, the SX, has the familiar DIN socket for that purpose, even though it is a fully digital 2.4 gHz transmitter and does not use the PPM signal internally.

There were some issues with signal strength (Futaba springs to mind) and reversed pulse polarity, but these could be resolved with simple adapters.

Nowadays, I am not so sure. I know that the latest MPX transmitters like the Cockpit SX and the ProfiTX are missing the familiar DIN socket, and I don't know if they have a replacement to allow a physical lead to be connected. I also know that they have an option for a wireless training link, named copilot. Other systems may have a similar provision, but these are most likely not compatible, since they use the brand specific transmission protocol.

Edited By Max Z on 24/06/2018 09:16:14

Thread: vinyl cutters
23/06/2018 21:21:48

++1 for the Silhouette Cameo! I printed some 5 mm high text recently, ISO font iirc. Amazing quality!

Your biggest problem will be finding the correct transfer film/tape. I experimented with masking film, scotch tape and regular paper masking tape, all with less than satisfying results. The vinyl does not stick very much to the backing paper (which is how it should be), but the main problem seems to be that the cut sort of pushes it down into the backing paper, and you have to carefully pry some letters loose with a sharp object (I use a #1 modelling knife for that) to make sure the transfer film lifts them without shifting or tearing.

Edited By Max Z on 23/06/2018 21:24:28

Thread: Pics from your free RCME plan build
08/06/2018 09:12:07

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

Looks terrific Trevor! And that pilot (Percy Goodfellow?)!

Nice to see I have a follower.....


Thread: 36" Tomboy Motor, Esc & Prop Selection
22/05/2018 17:52:02

I have an electrified Tomboy, and I am running it on a 2s 850 mAh lipo and a 7x4 prop. Gets me up to limit of visibility many times. Unfortunately I have lost the specs of the motor, so those stats will not mean much to you. Do plan the lipo right up against the motor to get the CofG in the correct spot, mine is standing upright ahead of the windshield. Iirc I did lengthen the nose by a small amount.

I also have a plane of similar size (see the picture below), in which I intended to use the same setup with THIS 1450 kv motor. A bit too weighty maybe, but I need the weight up front anyway since the nose is so short. As it turned out, I needed much more weight up front, so I swapped the 2s for a 1Ah 3s lipo, and reduced the propeller size to 6x5. And even then I needed about 50 g of lead in the nose, bringing the total flying weight to 465 g.

To give you an idea of the consumption, the original 2s - 1450kv - 7x4 combination drew 7A static. So allowing for some load reduction when flying, say to 6A, on a 1Ah lipo you are getting max. 10 minutes motor run. That will give you more than 1.5 hours of flying/gliding enjoyment (getting it up to the limit of visibility will need some 20 seconds), so you could reduce the size of your lipo if you do not need the weight.

Best of luck with your Tomboy,




Edited By Max Z on 22/05/2018 17:58:22

Thread: Sonny 1500 retro glider RCME April 2016
20/05/2018 18:56:48

yes Always glad to hear that Geoff!

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
16/05/2018 19:19:48

Radio-assist free flight model for an upcoming "Dutch Old Warden" event:



It is a 150% version of Walter Musciano's PeeWee Pal from the '60s, suitably adapted to RC and sporting some design alterations of my preference.

Thread: Sonny 1500 retro glider RCME April 2016
16/05/2018 09:47:01

Hi Geoff,

Have you fixed the empennage permanently in position already? If not you could try to slit the 4x7 top and bottom members of the tail from rear to front with a sharp knife, up to where the fuselage fairing begins, bend them outwards a little to add some pva glue, and carefully reglue and clamp the straightened tail until set. If you have fixed the tail feathers permanently, you could endeavour to cut the tail at a shallow angle just in front of those (i.e. at the lowest loaded spot), slit and reglue the remaining bit of tail as above, and graft the end bit back on.


Edited By Max Z on 16/05/2018 09:49:12

Thread: Oracover(profilm), solarfilm & HK Film
12/05/2018 09:09:00

HK film "Bright Silver" is a very plausible bare alu imitation.


Edited By Max Z on 12/05/2018 09:10:00

Thread: Blohm & Voss
07/05/2018 17:59:52

P212 kit HERE.

Thread: Across the Channel in 80 minutes......
18/04/2018 08:42:27

@KiwiKid: Thanks, don't know where I went wrong embedding the vid.

@Cymaz: No, no special modifications, the Futaba PCM receiver worked perfectly. In fact we were quite amazed by the fact that we had good control on the beach (engine off) from one of our pilots who at that moment was on board the Calais-Dover ferry, still in dock some 2-2.5 km away, with all sorts of port installations and buildings between us. All with relatively ancient gear that we scraped together for the occasion! Mind you, the regular service agent in The Netherlands and Belgium for Robbe/Futaba, Multiplex and Graupner, Jan van Mouwerik (see his post above), is part of our greater team, and has checked all our gear.


Edited By Max Z on 18/04/2018 08:52:07

17/04/2018 22:25:45

I compiled our pictures and videos into this short YT video:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>


10/04/2018 11:13:27

Actually, on the return trip the flying time would have been about 80 minutes with the boat at full throttle most of the time, had we made it to the landing spot.

Here is a picture of the landing location in the UK, with Ernst, the pilot, and the support team from The Bloobirds, Tony, Paul and mr.X (sorry, did not get the name):

017 landingsteam deel 2.jpg

Picture by Bruno, the other half of our landing team (who did not get to fly it like we had planned it.....sad He still got his reward though.....):

027 lunch at the costguard engelse friet best lekker.jpg

Edited By Max Z on 10/04/2018 11:34:56

09/04/2018 20:52:11

It seems I have some of the facts not quite correct. You see, I was a member of the starting team in France, and arrived in the UK after the landing there had taken place (we had contact by mobile/whatsapp), so we went straight to the meeting point, the Coastguard-on-the-bay pub at St Margaret's Bay (not St. Mary at the bay thinking). And the ditching took place 2.5 km from the landing point, even closer..........sad

And the intended landing spot in the UK was not the Bloobirds field, since we did not have enough teams and time to relay it up to there. We had to pick a suitable spot that could be reached by the "cliff team". Credit goes to that club for the support they gave us though, thank you guys.

Oh, and the flight duration was 105 minutes, not 80.......(can someone correct the title of this thread?)



Edited By Max Z on 09/04/2018 20:56:55

Edited By Max Z on 09/04/2018 20:58:20

09/04/2018 19:07:05

Hi everybody,

I would like to tell you about the event I took a part in on Sunday April 8th. A group of model pilots from the Netherlands who call themselves "The First Aviators" specialise in re-enacting famous early aviation events. I reported earlier on our flight across the Simplon Pass in the Swiss Alps, this time we attempted a crossing of the English Channel, in training for the next 10-yearly celebration of Louis Blériot's famous Channel crossing in 1909 which will be held next year.

Although next year we may use the 50% scale model built by our fearless leader, Henk van Hoorn, this time we used an old converted free flight power model which we call "Olson". In the same fashion as the Swiss adventure, we planned to control Olson in relay fashion, i.e. teams of pilots would switch their transmitters on and off (Futaba 35 MHz PCM gear), coordinated by portable radio contact.

We planned to follow the plane over water with a hired sports fishing boat and skipper, carrying 3-4 pilots, and two 2-men teams on the starting and landing locations who would start the plane, relay control to the boat and land it on the other side in the same way. The whole operation had to be planned around the sailings of the Calais-Dover ferries, since it required the landing team to be on location in time, and on the other hand to give the starting team time to get to the ferry and get across as well to meet up in England, change functions to give all participants a chance to fly the plane, and do the same thing in reverse to get back to France. The whole thing had to be balanced with the endurance of the plane (which had a large tank installed with a calculated endurance of up to two hours, or so we thought...). Because of the timing constraints, the actual flying time had to be longer than would have been possible by the attainable speed of boat and plane, so the boat had to throttle way back, and the plane had to been flown in circles around the boat.

We started Olson at 10:15 on the beach of Sangatte/Blériot Plage, close to Calais. Boat and crew were waiting some 300 metres offshore, and took over the plane in minutes, after which the starting team rushed to the ferry terminal. Conditions were quite foggy, but very light winds and a calm sea. The fog caused the first hairy moment, as one of the pilots flew into a denser area and momentarily lost sight on the plane. With the help of the other pilots, one of whom immediately took over, the model came back into view and control was regained. The visibility improved steadily during the rest of the crossing, soon the English coast came into sight, and contact was made with landing team. When the boat was again some 200-300 metres off the coastline, control was handed over. We had previously made contact with the local flying club, the "MFC The Bloobirds", intending to use their field for the landing. It was not to be, as almost at the moment the plane was overhead of the landing team, the engine quit of fuel starvation (as we later found out). The ensuing forced landing was again hairy, but did only result in some minor damage to the landing gear. All in all, the first leg of the mission had been accomplished. Landing time was 11:35 approx., a duration of about 80 minutes.

As I mentioned, the plan was to complete the mission with the return flight to France. With the help of two Bloobirds members, who transported the boat crews from the boat to the meeting point (St Mary at the Bay)and back with their cars, the teams were swapped, and the plane started successfully. Control was handed to the boat team, and in the meantime the landing team was already on board the ferry back to France. All went well in excellent conditions. However, through an as yet unknown cause, the engine decided to quit, and the pilot on duty had to ditch the plane, By chance this was the same guy who landed the plane in England, and he was able to make a textbook landing right next to the boat, which by that time had been stopped. Within 5 minutes the plane was fished out of the sea and had been hauled on board. The incident happened about 1 kilometre from the coast, and about 3.5 kilometers before the landing spot would have been reached. We were nearly there.......!

Even though we were not able to complete the entire mission, we were all happy with the partial result, and celebrated a fine adventure.

A bit of video taken during the approach of the English coast:


Edited By Max Z on 09/04/2018 19:15:40

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