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Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
24/09/2020 19:43:10

Hello again,

Glad to be able to confirm that the ‘dowel center pins’ were - nearly - worth the investment. wink

Piece of cake to get a correct ‘inprint’ with the wing sitting perfectly on both F14 ply guides, a bit of drilling and later on installing/gluing both dowels.

1558_dowels installed_900.jpg

With my attention drawn to that area, I started wondering about a way to keep the cells pack at the front of the battery box. They're not supposed to travel around, are they?

After a bit of online checking, the different build blogs didn’t propose a ready-to-go solution. Everybody seems to keep it as a ‘Classified’ secret… frown

Not having Sidewinders to build as a ‘mojo therapy’, I decided to have a small door keeping a foam block pressed against the battery cells at the front.



Two carbon mini rods and a small latch is all it needed. The junk lite ply - from a French Pyrenean Goat cheese tray - has been covered with some off-cuts of glass cloth, hence the slightly darker colour.

Hakuna matata & stay careful all


BRU - BE / CTR French Cheese Control

Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
24/09/2020 07:46:16
Posted by leccyflyer on 24/09/2020 07:34:22:

Good point about the capabilty to grow balsa anywhere with suitable soil and climate. I can confirm that the UK isn't suitable. I've been planting balsa for many years and it doesn't seem to matter how deep I bury the aeroplane,I never seem to get the cuttings to take.

... +1 on trying to create your own balsa farm. yes

You could give it another attempt, but just remove the covering first...

Cheers & stay 'covered'


Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
23/09/2020 11:56:33

Thanks for commenting, gents.

As you wrote, Dirk. Visitors should try to understand that their comment, now and then, can give that boost we need when we feel getting into a 'dip'...

Fine that you could repair your warped nose, David. Do you mean that building some Sidewinders is a therapeutic solution against some loss of mojo??? ...

Iris is quite busy at the moment but she's fine, John. Regarding Gaston, he's still in Costa Rica. The 'little fella' is considering a career switch with the plan to start a plantation of 'Ochroma pyramidale' aka balsa tree... Not really a daft idea though...

Cheers & stay cool all


Thread: Sackys FJ3 Fury
23/09/2020 10:47:59

Hi David,

Don't tell me about redesigning a nose for a model... frown

Glad for you that you managed to have your warped one fixed. yes

Keep going & stay safe, young man


Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
22/09/2020 20:01:33

Hi to all still out there,

I guess I’m getting into those small bits that take an eternity to measure, cut and assemble without very much to show here.

Of course, my previous glassing part of sub-assemblies is very repetitive and far from ‘spectacular’…

But - exception made for our Chief who is in his finalizing stage and the (lucky) builders who finalized their model already - where are the entertaining blogs of all the others?

With 70+ short kits dispatched for a more than ‘certain while’ now, I’m just feeling a bit disappointed, in regard to the idea of a ‘mass build’.

Now, this could be the C-19 just creeping in on my side of things…

Hakuna matata & stay cool all


BRU - BE / CTR Build Blog Control

Thread: Colinís Spanish Fury
21/09/2020 21:30:01

Glad to have you back at your Fury, Colin.

... and still following, young man.

Cheers & keep safe


Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
21/09/2020 19:41:19

Hi again,

Last weekend has been dedicated to Iris as her terrace was in need of some attention and wood protection for the coming winter months.

Among other things, I also looked for some modelling aids while in the DIY supermarket.

I earlier realized that I made a serious ‘hick-up’ when fully planking up my bottom fuselage. Access to the wing dowel holes seems seriously compromised now. Either a drastic surgery or finding another solution with ‘dowel center pins’. At least, if that word exists… wink

I had some 8mm handy but in this case, I was looking for the 6mm ones.

Visiting Gamma, Wickes and Brico, finally I could find some 6mm ones from Stanley. Rather expensive at €3,75 for 4 of them, but at least I was supporting the British economy… until, at home, the packaging showed "made in … China". surprise Nice try, at least…



Perfect fit and it looks very promising so far.

Thanks again for your help, Martin. I guess I'll have a better sleep from now on.

Hakuna matata & stay safe


BRU - BE / CTR Support UK Control

Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
21/09/2020 17:30:21

... really envious of your paint jig, Phil.

Shame you had to hide your pink Sauce though... sad

Did you use your airbrush or rattle cans for your primer?



Thread: Future balsa supplies in UK
20/09/2020 21:00:50


It's really not about being 'relaxed about this news' or not.

The point simply is 'YOU CAN'T HAVE AN INFLUENCE' on this matter.

So, no point of having 'sad' or 'worried' feelings/concerns about it right now.

SLEC, the boss, their staff and Tina know a lot better what are their possible actions than you even after 40 years of buying wood and building toy models... please... wait for their actions/decisions to be communicated...



20/09/2020 20:20:57
Posted by Alan Gorham_ on 20/09/2020 19:54:02:

Not sure you fully appreciate the significance here Mcg....

It may well be that business ends up not being viable for SLEC and Balsa Cabin. You may have a relaxed attitude to that fact in Belgium but I for one am not full of confidence tonight.


I'm a very regular overseas customer of SLEC and I always receive very fast answers from Tina regarding my daft enquiries...

Regarding your "not full of confidence TONIGHT", I fully agree and that's why I wrote "to wait" before installing some kind of 'panic situation' as we all had not farther than a few months ago for very different and a lot more important reasons.

Cheers, young man


20/09/2020 19:45:46

... another 'toilet rolls hoarding' syndrome here??? ...

Just be patient and wait for the market to stabilize.

... and if balsa wood gets 150% more expensive, so it be.

You're not supposed to take your assets with you when you're crossing The River, are you?

Cheers, but stay safe all


Thread: Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread
20/09/2020 18:39:13

... just amazing, Phil.

Your jigs are just as 'immaculate' as the other parts of your Sabre. surprise

I might have to copy this one as well then... blush

Cheers & stay alert, Chief


Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
20/09/2020 18:26:24

Thanks again for posting, Martin.

All the balsa I used for the Dog was a 'perfect copy' of your 'Packing List' (a SLEC order).

The 48" sheets, the grade of wood, the ailerons stock... all of it.

I use glue (Deluxe Aliphatic) as sparingly as you do with the wood. wink Cfr the small short haired stiff brush and water glass present on a lot of my built pics.

So, we'll just have to see what the final results become...

Cheers & stay safe


19/09/2020 17:06:23

Thanks a lot for the info, Martin. yes

I'm afraid I will never be able to keep my wing down to 550gr as I still have to build the belly pan, a few layers of Sauce, two servos + rods and the final paint job...

But if I can stay somewhere between your two weights, I'll be a happy bunny. smiley

It's indeed amazing that you managed to gain 100gr just with your balsa selection.

Cheers & stay alert, young man


17/09/2020 18:20:50

Hi there,

Still busy preparing the bits to join the wing to the fuselage.

I still needed some ‘pointed’ screws to mark the position of the wing retaining holes and both ply parts to bring on top & bottom of the wing.

I also sanded the glass cloth down of both wing sides to help with the adhesion of the Sauce later on.

I thought it was the right moment to weight the glassed wing.


Including the ailerons, the total weight so far is just under 444gr.

Unfortunately, there aren’t lots of figures available to compare with, except Phil’s but he has some drop tanks mechanics built in. I just hope I’m still in the acceptable figures.

On a side note, this was the 300th picture of the Sabre Dog thread… surprise

Hakuna matata & stay careful all


BRU - BE / CTR Weight Control

Thread: Antonov AN124 Ruslan
16/09/2020 08:35:34

... you did it again, Simon...

Simply superb, Congrats... yes



Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
15/09/2020 19:55:56

Hello again,

This ‘Indian Summer’ is really great here in BE at the moment. Just hope it is the same in the UK?

Not that much to write as the top wing glassing is done.

It just needed some general clean-up which is also finalized now…




Next will be ‘connecting’ the wing to the fuse. Not really looking forward to that though… frown

Hakuna matata & stay safe


BRU - BE / CTR Connecting Control

Thread: The Dark Nights Fix-up 2020
15/09/2020 18:39:32

I guess it's a great idea as well, Matty.

In my personal case, being a apprentice, I don't have any previously flown models, unfortunately... blush

On the other hand, I was given an - old/crashed Graupner - e-glider from the nineties. It seems to be a challenge with just the missing parts.

Does that count?

Cheers & keep safe


Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
14/09/2020 21:38:09

Thanks for your visit and your comments, Phil.

I'm not that "fast catching" at all, if you remember I still have the wing attachment and the wing seat to resolve... frown

I did the same as you having a glassing start with the smaller bits trying to build up some confidence with them.

Regarding the Sauce, IMHO, it's better to keep a final thin layer of it instead of sanding it back to the wave of the glass. As your weighting process showed, it's a very negligible addition to the total weight of the parts.

Your decision to add some extra layer(s) of Sauce is the right one as layers of primer or high build primer are definitely a lot heavier.

Cheers & keep alert, young man


13/09/2020 18:04:59

Hi out there,

As promised, here are a few pics after the glassing and cleaning of the wing bottom.



As I had to add some resin to the pigmented initial batch, I decided this time to skip adding some pigment to obtain a more translucent mixture. cool

Not that bad at all as a test - of course it shows the not pigmented layers in the centre section - but it still helps to obtain the opportunity to see when the glass tissue is sufficiently saturated…


Above is the glassing result of the radome nose.

With some magnets in its base, a small jar with a steel lid was all I needed to keep it in place during glassing/cleaning. Easy job really... smiley

Hakuna matata & stay prudent


BRU - BE / CTR Mixture Control

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