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Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
01/07/2020 20:19:23

Hi everyone,

Not an very fast progress I must admit, but at least the wing sheeting glue was very well cured. angel

After cutting the ‘overhang’ bits of the top sheeting away, I had some secure sanding of the LE, TE and R13 tip ribs.

Especially to try to cure Dwain’s “withdrawal symptoms”, here are some pics of the result... wink




Thanks again to Gordon & Martin for that splendid wing jig provision. I still don’t know how I could have managed it without…

Hakuna matata & keep safe, gents


BRU - BE / CTR Dibley Manor Control

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
01/07/2020 10:18:17

Thanks John P for being back with us.

@ John S > it seems like you're starting a Vendetta GP instead of a Fantasy one... wink

'Bonne chance' to all & keep safe.



Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
01/07/2020 10:09:39

Thanks for your motivating comment, Martian.

My pace has been on the slow side lately, but weather allowing it might get up to increased speed soon. At least, let"s hope for that.

Cheers and stay safe as well, young man


30/06/2020 21:43:56

Hi again,

Not another lazy day at all, but stupidly enough, I forgot the cam in La Grotte. frown

Honest, I will try to compensate tomorrow... angel

Apologies to Dwain, the QC Managers, et all... blush

Cheers & stay safe, gents


Thread: Fokker DV111
30/06/2020 08:02:36

Great build again, Dwain.

... but then, the main question remains: what's next now??? ...

... what about a Guillows DC3? ...



Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
29/06/2020 18:17:14

Hi there,

A lazy WE followed by... a lazy Monday... blush

At least at La Grotte, I took a lot of measures from the wing and fuse last week which enabled me to have a decent start today at the technical stencils for the Dog.

As there are really too many of them, I decided to reproduce only the most 'visually' important ones.

... and still a few (many?) hours left in Publisher to get those I want to keep, created at 1:10 scale...

On a side note, looking at the total absence of PMs, nobody seems interested in having that piece of 'Convert' software. So it be... wink

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR App Control

27/06/2020 19:58:36

... oops... being a bit uneducated - but officially I'll blame the heat wave - I forgot to mention that if somebody is interested in the 'Converter'-software, just send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll forward the app...



27/06/2020 11:50:18

Many thanks to all of you for commenting, gents.

Regarding those “questions”, the ‘hard’ part has still to come, Steve. Wait till I start asking them concerning the aileron rods... Poor Phil…

No worries, Martin. Regularly, I don’t have the required dimensions at hand in the shed, but I love to laminate wooden bits together. Besides by laminating, the end piece gets a lot stronger for nearly no weight penalty.

Replacing 4,76mm by 3/16” for the dowel plate wouldn’t be very helpful in this case for the simple reason that Imperial sizes are unavailable here in BE…

Yep, there is a conversion table on Gordon’s drawing but I also have a simple standalone - no install needed - piece of software with a myriad of units for conversion. I transfer it from ol’ PCs to new ones since about twenty years now… Fantastic little tool. Here’s a screenshot of it:

Aviabox Converter

Nearly the same here in Zaventem, Dirk. We had 30°C in La Grotte yesterday.

It’s a tiny bit less today, but Iris convinced me to have a break as, being a toy-hobby, it must at least remain ‘enjoyable’.

Cheers and stay cool, gents


26/06/2020 20:21:28

Hi out there,

As it was ‘beach weather’ again, too warm really but with the forthcoming forecast of heavy ‘cooling’ thunderstorms in the afternoon, I foolishly decided to go on at La Grotte.

With the ambient temp there, I decided to have the ‘lightest’ progress whatsoever… frown

The wing sheeting overhangs were removed all around leaving just one mm to sand later.

As I don’t have 9,5mm LE at hand to follow Martin's plan, I decided to taper and laminate a couple of 5mm stock together.

I’m also a bit wondering who has some 4,76mm ply around here in the EU… indecision

Again, I laminated a rectangle of 3,5mm thick birch ply with 1,5mm Finnish aero birch ply to obtain very probably the most expensive dowel ply plate around… or in the Northern Hemisphere…

Sorry Dwain, no pics… angel

No cooling thunderstorms at the horizon, the weather gods aren’t definitely not with those poor Belgian modellers…

Hakuna matata & stay cool if you can, gents


BRU - BE / CTR Thunderstorm Control

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
26/06/2020 10:20:51

... everything OK at this end with the connection, Iqon.

... but then we're still in semi-confinement, of course.

... did you wash your hands properly? ... angel



26/06/2020 08:00:41

... well, Fantasy GP is fully functional now it seems. yes

Don't forget your predictions, gents...



Thread: Couple try parachuting. What could possibly go wrong?
25/06/2020 19:45:40

... "well, how about... social distancing" ... angel



Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
25/06/2020 18:41:38

Hello again,

Wing Sheeting > Day Two

Local Temp > 32°C at La Grotte

Job Report > Warm, Hot… but the port wing went as smooth as the first one with the glue just out of the refrigerator at the last moment.

Many ways of course to skin a Dog, but totally happy the way it went… yes


Project > Just in need of an ice-cold apéro now… cocktail

Kind note to John S, Member of the QC Staff > if you have a look at the top left of my pic, the ‘Max V’s fan club’ orange lid of the little glue bottle has been replaced by a more appropriate Cretan blue one… angel

Hakuna matata & stay ‘cool’ again, gents


BRU - BE / CTR Skinning a Dog Control

24/06/2020 20:26:22

Hi everybody,

This was the long expected ‘sheeting day’ for me.

With 30°C in La Grotte, I was really pleased with my Aliphatic ‘cooling’ recipe.

First, I prepared the sheeting with the cut-outs for the aileron servo bearers and applied some glue to all the wing parts where necessary.

After talking nicely to the wood and giving it a soft massage, I started to pin it to the wing frame. angel

I just copied Phil’s system the best I could with some weights at the TE, some pins into the main spar and a pinned baton at the LE.


All went really well, but due to the temperature, I took the wise decision to postpone the port sheeting and massage to another session. wink

Hakuna matata & stay ‘cool’, gents


BRU - BE / CTR Massage Control

Thread: Is the hobby dying/dead
24/06/2020 14:19:36

+1 for Doc.

... and even 'Nostalgia isn't like it was anymore'...

Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
24/06/2020 10:23:13

Thank you, Phil.

I will ask my questions on here then, the answers then possibly helping other newbies on the go.

If I really feel my questions are getting too 'stupid', I will hide them in a PM... blush angel

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Cheers & keep safe


Thread: Sabre made in Belgium
24/06/2020 07:51:09

... superb, Dirk. smiley

... are you really planning to eject that artwork??? ...



Thread: Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog
23/06/2020 18:25:04

Thank you all for your motivating comments, gents.

It looks like I have my very own Quality Controllers keeping an eye on my build progress then… surprise

@ Phil > The SLEC torque rods are already “digged out” as I’m writing. wink

I will have a lot of ‘daft’ questions regarding the rods and ailerons, if you don’t mind. blush

Do you prefer me asking them here on the Dog threat or should I send you a PM, please?

The last bits of fine sanding - I nearly forgot the spars and shear webs - were done today.

My very ‘cool' bain-marie for the glue as well - it was already 28°C in La Grotte - and tomorrow will mean some first ‘stressy’ moments of sheeting…

Hakuna matata & stay safe, guys


BRU - BE / CTR QC Passed Control

22/06/2020 19:28:32

Hello to those still out there,

Next was to get the wings further prepared for the top sheeting.

I beveled the false leading edge making use of the old masking tape trick… cool


Simply sticking the tape to the adjacent ribs and start sanding carefully until you start ‘touching’ the masking. Job’s done... smiley

Repeat the same operation for the TE but it takes a slightly bit more effort as it includes all those hinge blocks.


Obviously the starboard wing half requires the same handling. angel.

In fact, I’m wondering why I'm writing all this down as it has been already demonstrated a hundred times by now…

Hakuna matata & keep safe, all


BRU - BE / CTR Repeat Control

21/06/2020 19:10:22

Hi again,

I decided, despite not feeling that great, to have a short session at La Grotte today.

I finalized and glued the already prepared bits like dowel blocks and all the hinge blocks.

Sitting down comfortably, gave me the opportunity to attack sanding the ribs down to install the bearers for the torque rod servos. cool


I also added some 3mm scrap balsa to the outside of R2 to give some support for the future top sheeting.

All in all, a more productive session than expected. smiley

Hakuna matata & stay clear, gents


BRU - BE / CTR Session Control

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