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Member postings for extra slim

Here is a list of all the postings extra slim has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
22/09/2020 18:18:59

What a machine Trevor, love it. Great accomplishment

Thread: Ebay sellers...
22/09/2020 10:35:08

good grief.. he'll have the feds on him for shipping a "suspect" package!!.. looks like its been in a crash, hazard or what?..crazy

Thread: Sky writing
24/07/2020 14:20:02

thats very impressive john.. did you stick an outline on the inside of your glasses??

Thread: Carb tuning
23/07/2020 10:20:43

back in the day when I had a MDS 40.. it would only run on a 10x6.. any other prop it just wouldnt behave. Strangest engine I have ever had. Interestingly, many years later chatting to a club member, he had exactly the same issue. Was noisey and not very powerful, but behaved very well on said prop.

Thread: Essential RC's videos
22/07/2020 10:19:19

Dom, you invest your time for others enjoyment and cover a broad range of models so there is something for everyone, the very aspect which makes this hobby so enjoyable.. keep calm and carry on as they say, a lot of us really appreciate your efforts.

Thread: Fly aways
21/07/2020 10:55:59

way back when a kid, I recall a member hand launching his model.. then after about 100 yards, putting his transmitter on the floor and running after it!!.. I turns out he hadnt turned his tx on and in a panic took flight towards coventry.. after about 10 mins, we heard the sound of a plane, and YES, it was heading over the backside of the field about 300ft.. a gent, wondered out to the patch, picked up the tx, turned it on, and landed it. It was placed at the boot of the guys car... after about 40mins.. he returned looking glum, but the look on his face when he saw it at the back of his car!!!...

Thread: Tissue over Doculam covering for undercambered wings
20/07/2020 11:43:59

cover the undercamber first, then from the uncovered top, run glue along all touchpoints

Thread: Anyone with experience with ProBuild YS servicing?
08/07/2020 12:38:46

Hi All, Just an update. and for information really for anyone else with a YS

I decided to send my 63s back to the factory after a very prompt response from Mr Yamada himself .. Cost about £15 to send it and due to covid, it took nearly 3 weeks but I was in no rush.

A further 2 weeks later, Mr Yamada issued me an invoice for a far reaching range of items, showing it was worn, new head (no liner in them), piston, ring, conrod, disc valve, O rings etc.. which I was kind of expecting, to the tune of approx £115 (which I was kind of expecting)

Postage back from Japan, was super expensive at £30, but took just a few days... so all up, about £160.. but what other option did I have?.. The price alone in the UK for the same parts were £188!... so I was satisfied I had made the right decision.

Anyway, upon running it up, I still had problems!!.. (I know right!).. I turned the air blue, contacted Mr YS who said sorry and to send it back as he had bench tested it.

It became hardly worth it given the cost of postage, and I was convinced it was the regulator... Mr YS very kindly offered to send a complete replacement regulator, so with that in mind, against all advice on the web, saying you need to be a NASA professor to understand and take to bits the reg, and you need 'special' cleaning agents and a laboratory.. I took it apart and found a spec of crud in there... removed it, and it seems to be running as expected now...


A bit of hassle, no argument with YS, as it ran up on return to me for a couple of minutes before the problems started again, so it is how you respond to issues which is more important as things happen..

Just thought this may be useful for anyone else, thinking about options with YS's

Thread: A model aircraft for Magnum GP 15
07/07/2020 21:17:39

Model tech mini magic extra. One on popular auction site.. ends saturday

Thread: Need some help please
07/07/2020 15:39:04

I would give these folk a call Gildings model engine auction

Thread: Diesel anybody?
06/07/2020 09:43:53

In the spirit of variety, I have a couple of diesels amongst my fleet .. really good fun.. PAW 1.5 powered 2 channelfile-17.jpeg

Thread: Hanger Rash
26/06/2020 13:04:57

I find solarfim has always relaxed in the sun, and havent used it for years. Oracover, profilm and HK film I dont find does it at all really..

Thread: Repair help please!
26/06/2020 13:02:28

glass the front, use something which doesnt attack the foam..

Thread: SK3 Quandry
17/06/2020 17:12:22

Numbers look wrong to me.. Given W=V*A.. then the top set of figures have the voltage at around 13.8 or 13.9V.. which divided by 4 puts the lipo at 3.4V!!!!.. Your figures gives 15.8V which under the load is much more like it... There is probably a wrong setting in the eCalc

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
04/06/2020 22:39:25

That’s a super little model, and diesel.. lovely

Thread: Weston Capiche 140 Refurb
01/06/2020 17:01:25

wow, even after that, I would be tempted to drill a hole and put a carbon rod/arrow shaft running all the way through the middle of the ribs, as behind the hinge line will be impaired by the hinges...

Thread: Mini Cat by H Gilks
01/06/2020 15:51:02

Harry flew mode 1.. Stup was saying "One...blah.. and 2 blah"..

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
26/05/2020 10:52:48

excelsior 150 looks lovely.. I have mine ready to cover with a rossi 53 up front.. what is the AUW?, and a brief flight report.

Thread: Anyone with experience with ProBuild YS servicing?
21/05/2020 11:06:09

thanks all for feedback.. I think it will be heading off, back to the land of the rising sun for a refurb.

20/05/2020 16:54:59

Japan is a good shout, the world is a smaller place these days, nothing like a factory service .. I'll see if I can contact them.

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