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Thread: Help me solve my dilemma....
07/06/2017 16:16:36

Havent owned either of these (by all accounts both are well respected) but many similar models and have my B cert, my gut feel is the 48" Edge... purely ( and more of a personal situation and approach to flying) because I know I would fly it more, as it will probably fit in my car assembled, less setup etc, get more practice in, and it is half the price if any mishaps occur, and as such I would be more tempted to push things further..

Thread: What kv?
24/05/2017 17:24:26

Good advice from Dick.. I would be looking at the application in that if you are aiming for performance or something to get your glider up there.. taking a 7x5 prop, I guess you would be aiming for 10,000-15,000 rpm??, dependent upon what performance you want??. (hot performance would be higher still, but I am ruling that out based on my impression of what you are saying). then what I do with decent results is say take the average of 12500 rpm, and divide by the volts (8.4) and it gives 1400 kv ish.. As dick says you never get 100% as the KV is pretty much rated without the prop, 80% with the prop in my experience would be very good, it is usually for me anyway slightly lower, so a 1600-1800 is where I would be aiming to try..

Thread: KK Southerner
17/05/2017 21:40:10

mite 1.jpg

17/05/2017 21:39:05

mite 2.jpgJust waiting for the weather to maiden my radio annoyance mite

Thread: Electric Fuel Pump
12/05/2017 16:29:27

Been considering a lithium based glow start Percy, any recommendations??

Thread: 65% pitts challenger has flown
08/05/2017 10:04:13

Yes, thanks for sharing Robbie and the best of luck.. guys, we all like to see new entries on this forum, from the likes of Robbie and Dom.. and sometimes I wonder why they bother sharing, with some of the feedback they get..

It is tricky as forums are for opinions, but we need something to have opinions about, and contributors simply wont bother if they get bashed..

Thread: BMFA Buckminster opens Monday 8th May.
05/05/2017 11:21:57

Thats very positive news Andy. I hope the offer is taken up, and it builds momentum. Fingers crossed for the people who have invested time and effort in getting this off the ground..

Thread: Women say the funniest things!
04/05/2017 18:40:19

My Mrs hates her sat nav... because it never takes her the way she wants to go!!!!... errrrrrrrrrrrrr

Thread: Aeromodellers or model flyers?
03/05/2017 15:42:43

Lots of interesting points, to me, our hobby is one which we enjoy, but does carry a degree of risk to those in the vicinity, therefore anyone who commits models into the air has the responsibility of making sure they have done all that is necessary to mitigate risks. I have seen scratch built models with dubious setups and fittings, suspect CG, throws etc, I have seen PnP models where owners havent checked anything on them.. but I have seen visa versa..I dont care whether you have built or bought it.. I only care about whether you can check it and maintain it, to prevent accidents. I think the OP is airing on the side that flyers dont have the knowledge to safely maintain but modellers do perhaps.. I can kind of see that and wouldnt argue against, but by all means isnt a hard and fast rule IMO.. let us all enjoy the hobby, ....but safely..

Thread: Steve Carr's 65% scale Fokker DR.I Triplane
02/05/2017 09:34:20

whilst not my cup of tea, I do appreciate the endeavour and efforts of the guy... fair play. It is people with this attitude which often develop things which we all benefit from.. BUT.. why the shows are full of this type of stuff, inter scattered with jets prowling up and down is beyond me, as I am not wow'ed... there are lots of variety out there which I feel would benefit with being mixed in with the giants like this..IMO

Thread: Re: Peter Miller's Don't Bin It, Fix It Article
27/04/2017 16:02:15

Ssssssshhuusshhh... most of mine and my old fella's fleet are cast off's or bin recoveries... they call him skip rat!!..

Thread: Caption competition!
31/03/2017 21:32:27

'Introducing the health and safety visibility conscious dare devil of RC launching....Mr Chuck Planes'

28/03/2017 17:29:07

"your hearing aid needs new batteries... we said, when you take off, make sure risks are averted!!"

Thread: Micro, scale EDF EE Lightning 12'' span, Habu UMX gear
21/03/2017 21:13:38

Superb, got to see some flying shots!!.. looks beautiful, hope it goes well

Thread: Do you keep a log (book) ??
03/03/2017 11:43:34

started a log in excel a few years back, just so I could see when the last time I flew a particular model was, as my fleet had grown past 20 odd.

Over the time I have extended it via worksheets to document, lists of equipment, models and content, so I know where receivers, engines and servos are etc... quite useful from time to time.

The most useful element of my log is it basically tells me that I should be investing all my funds in a bright orange Wot4!!!!.. (the only model I have never owned)... in that the weather is always windy, wet, and grey a grab and go hack is most suitable for our climate..... My mind boggles with all the advertising of lightweight top draw models which you can only fly on about 2 weekends of the year!!!... but we still keep buying um!!!..

Thread: Keil Kraft Factory Tour
16/02/2017 13:36:50

I missed the assembly and covering stages of the production line.... errr what... you mean, it was a box of wood and you had to build it !!!..surprise

Thread: new home for paw
05/02/2017 21:33:10

I think you are being a bit harsh here lads. It looks like any other used PAW diesel, we've all been caught out with a polished example to find its well worn internally. Take a look on the well known auction site, I think you will be very surprised, not many go for less than £25-£30, if a box is there £40.. live and let live..and yeah fuel is no probs

Thread: BMFA Nationals notice
03/02/2017 12:56:22

Do you know what.. last years cancellation and the aftermath had most people with head in hands... the BMFA have now secured a national flying centre, and the return of the NATS...

However hard I try... I cant knock that effort... 10 out of 10, and a very big thank you to all involved..

Thread: Inverted Mills 0.75
31/01/2017 16:15:15

It seems to be alot more positive than I was expecting, as I was led to believe curry mills were to be avoided, but certainly you guys are more balanced, and especially brokenenglishs view.. I'm quite excited. The port holes I noticed (from a photographic memory point of view when I refitted the carb the other night), appeared to be two very clean little well lined up squares, as opposed to the italic number 8 holes. I might be going mad, so I will recheck.. from what you fellas are saying, I am convincing myself I had gone too far in, or not nipped up the lock nut.. I am being extremely careful as to not over tighten as the ally looks quite soft..

Thanks again

31/01/2017 11:15:17

yep, all things point to a curry mills, but it does not appear to be as "rough" as I was led to believe.. Some of the guys at the club have told me, they are good for about 3 runs usually... but this one has been run a lot over the last few weeks and behaves really very nicely, so fingers crossed, that with your advice I can get it going as well inverted.. I probably wont get chance again until the weekend, but I will persevere and hopefully get a result... thanks again

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