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Thread: Super Kaos build
29/07/2016 10:16:26

Nice facilities!... not surprised it motored along!!.. looks a tad tight on prop clearance... might be worth coming down an inch and up an inch on pitch, quieten down the supersonic tip howl...although it is quite a cool sound. I always find it hard to resist the temptation to chuck these models about as they fly so well, and make a conscious effort to reduce the rates right down to fly them smoothly... I'm quite jealous... good on ya..

26/07/2016 18:22:06

That's mega...nice to will go like stink on a 91... Let us know how you get on.. I must get my DSM excelsior 150 done..

Thread: Le Tour de France...2016
22/07/2016 19:58:17

Squeaky bum time for Froome today, but a brilliant recovery on Thomas' bike!!. Great stage. For me however, Froome has been awesome BUT I'm blown away with Wout Poels!!.. He for me has been THE rider of this years tour. On hand again today to take Froome back, been a diesel launchpad for Chris all the way through..simply...brilliant

Thread: rc plane crash - 68% pitts challenger robbie skipton at raf cosford
21/07/2016 13:45:25

here here...Peter, well put... although I tried to say the same but was "told off".... Modellers are under enough pressure without shooting ourselves in the foot ...

absolutely.. I like shows but if anyone wishing to put one on or underwrite one, reading some of the opinions on here, in relation to what was a non event, explained perfectly by an organiser and by the pilot himself, no one remotely in any danger, and safely handled..... would spell the end.. some of it is akin to ambulance chasing IMO

20/07/2016 17:56:31

Give it up fellas.. Blimey.. It happened, it is a tragic loss for the lad.. Every show I go to I see a prang.. All safely away.. The hobby is in a decline as it is without the glass half full view.. Safety is paramount YES... But this model has been on the circuit for years... Done 10,s or 100's of flights, and was flown a safe distance away, and sadly got trashed.... There are probably more chances of injury to people when you take off or are stood at your local club....

chill and move on

19/07/2016 22:07:41

Feel for the fella, dead stick down wind in that awkward spot, he looked like he thought about a turn into wind, opted for nose down to get some air speed and nearly pulled it off, wing dropped about 5ft...just unlucky..yards and yards away from spectators...yes I'm all for maintenance/checks etc.. But I think you are being a bit harsh with this one..BTW..I'm not into or impressed by the big is better crew, I prefer a nice mid sized model flown brilliantly, like back in the day, so I'm not wide eyed follower of the modern trend...just in this instance ...stuff happens..

Thread: Aerobatic question
15/07/2016 13:18:51

big ele deflections, do inverted first... IMO less wing rock... not many planes will upright harrier with no wing rock from my experience... get them falling straight first for a few goes...., then play with rudder to steer around....

Thread: Sourcing quality tuned pipes
15/07/2016 11:24:24

pro-build... look to have a few makes..

Thread: Le Tour de France...2016
12/07/2016 11:19:12

Rumour was, Juncker was operating the Gennie!!

08/07/2016 23:20:04

Amazing day, Cummings was unbelievable, Impey!..what ?, and the race leader showing how to respect the jersey. It is all going to kick off tomorrow!, Movistar with their two front men seem on it...froome will need Thomas to be on top form, and Aru is worryingly quiet!... Can't wait

Thread: Easy street
04/07/2016 21:42:53

Mine has a cheapo 1700kv outrunner and 30a ESC mystery combo. 3s 2200, hatch on the bottom, battery pushed back to CG...7x4 prop.not short of grunt...vertical...and 7-9mins

Edited By extra slim on 04/07/2016 21:43:23

Thread: Iceland 2 Muppets 1
01/07/2016 13:30:59

Like so many British teams and sportsmen and women, the fear of failure is a far greater burden than the appetite for winning. It is subtle, but playing not to get beat is totally different to one of playing to win.

England were pedestrian, predictable

I remember a few years back a tennis player by the name of Novak, was number 3 or 4 in the world for ages...then it is as though someone tapped him on the shoulders and reminded him he was pretty good at it, and so he should go for the lines a bit more and number for last x years...

Thread: Model for Field next to House
01/07/2016 13:18:17

Hey spudsy....bit of a story. We got given a "mako" years ago as an indoor model in a bag as a kit, they were good but a bit flimsy... The old fella, beefed it up and redesigned quite a few elements, turning it into a monster of a machine...simply brilliant fun.

I'm sure he would help with templates etc, so ping me a PM, and I'll put you in touch..

To my knowledge there have got to be at least 60 of his design flying about, as everyone who seems them, wants one, and they are so easy and cheap to knock up..

30/06/2016 09:36:21

Hi Neil, depends what your idea of fun is. Given the field is unlikely to have a mown strip by how you describe, I suspect you need something you can just dump...

My hanger is 25 strong, ranging from micro indoor, to 30cc petrols, but this is by far my most fun, go to, cheap, any weather, grab and go..what ever you call it model.

Thread: M2.6 x 19
30/06/2016 09:26:19

yeah, in same boat, but with an ancient OS 10 Max (1964), need M2.6 x 45mm!!.for the silencer bolts.. Modelfixings only go to 16mm for M2.6 from what I can make out...

It is so annoying, dont want to tap anything, so sourced M2.5's and use locktite.

I think you could get an OS set off fleabay for the OS 52 FS as it is not that old (I've seen quite a few from overseas), but you are talking over a tenner..

Find the part number off the OS site, and google away...

Thread: Crash every second flight ??? !!!
22/06/2016 14:07:34

I would imagine the low voltage cut off in the ESC is kicking in. With radio on, and motor running the volts will be pulled down further towards the cut off. I must admit, I dont usually use a lipo for more than 1 flight at a time...unless I know the setup very well and have flight tested it, knowing exactly how long a full battery lasts for...but even that is very rare.

FYI...if it happens again, you can usually drop the throttle right back, and let go off the sticks, and after a split second you get "some" control back in order to level it up..

Just my thoughts.

Thread: Nasty Surprise at Little Haldon !
22/06/2016 14:02:11

what a truly super video, well before my time, but it is for guys like you in the early days which mean I enjoy my hobby today. congratulations, more power to your elbow...

Thread: Durafly Tundra on weekend camping trip
16/06/2016 08:54:41

Looks Idyllic mate....good for you...very relaxing...

I would love to see you combine the two and fish with the tundra!...tow a spinning line with it!!..

Go know you it makes sense!

Thread: Glow motor demise
01/06/2016 19:14:45

We've been saying it for a while at our club, but it is still 65% or so, nitro??? I have about 20 odd pick up and go models, half of which are electric, but for the last 6 months I've been drawn back to my nitro's, both 2 and 4st....

got donated a box of old engines, and happily spent the winter, servicing them and getting them all running nicely, ranging from cox 0.20 to 90 size 4st...very satisfying.

prices of premium two strokes like Os FSR, Fx, enya, etc are still reasonably strong, same for saito, and OS Fs...other brands are offered for nowt...

surprised on the PAW, I've been looking for a 2.5cc at a reasonable price, but they still seem to have a market...I fancy a c/l fix!!..

31/05/2016 16:51:47

Nice vid as always Dom, now this one "dont impress me much"...IMO, it is another example of where "shock and awe, or wow factor" is replacing skill.....Me...I'd much rather see a model we can all relate to being flown extremely well.. but then again, thats not dissing the fella who flys each to their own.

On the safety thing, i dont think on paper this is more or less safe than owt else. Only incident I ever saw was during one of the mass weston tigershark things where one came down like a missile into the pits as the lad had lost sight/flew the wrong me this was more of a potential hazard than a giant thing like this, at least everyone can see it!!!!...

I think the shows in general are run very well flying wise....and it would be a shame to enforce more regs on them, as soon there wouldnt be much you could see, too big, too fast, to many...etc...

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