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Thread: Hitec Aurora 9 Scan mode
08/10/2019 11:36:54

I think you mean, you have skipped between the Optima and minima type receivers, blue or red flashing light on the back... normally when you push the little button in with a pen and let go, it starts to blink red, or IF YOU HOLD IT IN FOR 5 secs.. it changes to blinking BLUE. Do it again and hold in for 5 sec then it usually blinks back to RED again.

Hope it helps, and hope it is the problem

Thread: Cleaning engines using ultrasound.
01/10/2019 14:39:33

I could eat my dinner off that doc... nice one

This guys channel is good and he has done quite a few on ultrasonic cleaning

Engine cleaning 101

Edited By extra slim on 01/10/2019 14:40:25

Thread: Which Servo Sould I Use?
13/07/2019 22:46:02

Agree, 81’s are confined to throttle for me, strip too easy. I’ve had a few 82’s with iffy centering, 85’s are much better and 225’s are fine also

Thread: Suggestions for vintage model
17/05/2019 11:59:59

Airsail Voltimer

Thread: Now That Is Proper Modelling...
16/05/2019 11:13:47

The skill of these people is unbelievable.. Being mid 40's, a while back I was a 3D, sports aero's guy... ignorant to these forms of the hobby, but I just took the time to listen to these guys and watch, their stories, knowledge etc, were incredible.. their aircraft FLY, I mean properly fly.. not a hunk upfront to power into and through the air. We can all learn alot from this form of modelling.. I know I did..

Thread: Suitable caption?
13/05/2019 10:01:01

Ahh.. so that's why they call him Norman Numb Nuts!!

Thread: Exponential for beginners?
30/04/2019 11:18:21

People I have taught struggled with left and right!!.. rates discussion blows their mind..expo is like rocket science!!.. I tend to look at how they are flying.. adjust rates and expo accordingly for them (without telling them), and have a separate setup for me when I take back control... only down the line do I start explaining... I just found it less hassle..

Thread: Does your club prohibit the use of after-market receivers?
21/03/2019 15:59:20

I can only assume that the banning is not due to "rediculousness" of those doing the banning, (it could of course be!.. and hence as others have said... move clubs).. but it sounds like they have been spooked by the possibility of insurance infringements. And to move to such a motion suggests there might be some difficulty claiming where there isnt a matching system... could be nice to clear up any unambiguous clause??

Thread: Castor oil in 4 stroke engines
19/03/2019 10:52:44

Good chat, one parameter not mentioned is Oil "thickness/viscosity".. There appears to be a consensus on Oil percentages, but from experience of testing a little for a manufacturer the viscosity, I think measured in centistokes proved an interesting exercise. My two strokes loved the "thin" fuel, heli and fixed wing applications, whereas my four strokes ran hot and weak on the thin stuff (bar my YS engines), and my saito and OS four strokes much preferred the medium viscosity.. so I guess viscosity is an important factor together with oil %age..

Thread: Tony B's replica
12/03/2019 15:17:38

really does look tremendous fella... more power to your elbow.. I enjoy watching your builds immensely. Thankyou

Thread: Cover or Overlap
11/03/2019 13:33:52

if over open structure, I would cover in the solid and add trim after.. I turn the iron down a little when applying and aligning the trim, before I hit it with heat.. saves shrivelled edges, and winky edge via shrinkage etc when applying it.

I recovered a large 3d tailplane a month or so ago, which was very light with diagonal cross braces, with a two tone upper and lower colour, joined in complete fresh air... I ended up, placing a horizontal brace in, in order to have something to iron onto... I concluded that the previous owner... must have joined the film on the bench first, and then applied it to the rudder frame... not heard of anyone doing this.. but couldnt think of how else he did it. The overlap was about 6mm as well!!.. very impressive

Thread: Hello from Italy
11/03/2019 10:08:29

Buongiorno Simone... Welcome... I look forward to seeing some aircraft with Piped Rossi 60's... wink

Thread: This is how to launch you glider
07/03/2019 22:15:02

Brilliant.. I may be wrong, but something tells me that the hatching of this plan involved a late night and alcohol!!!

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
07/03/2019 11:34:03

The old man used to say that ARTC (Almost ready to cover) would have been much better, so you could see all the poor joints, reinforce where you wanted and cover with your own scheme... I think some companies did dabble in this but it looks to have dropped right off..... I guess that is where some of the foam deck, foam wing, sometimes pre built fus (DSM) were leading the way.. way back... !

Thread: PFM are coming back
04/03/2019 16:57:57

indeed percy, I'll have a rummage at the shows as last year I found loads which appeared to have been old YT International stock being sold off. and picked up quite a few various cowls for a few quid each... one of them fits my current build (DSM Excelsior.. kit for £40 but cowl was missing.. now resolved yes)... If nothing crops up, that can be fettled to resemble a Tiger Moth one.. then the blue foam it will be!!..face 9

04/03/2019 15:12:17

Got bequeathed a skyways hawk moth I think last year.. nicely put together, but no cowl... contacted the model shop mentioned for a cowl... £40+ including postage!!.. I'm not tight but I thought that was stretching it somewhat.. I'll rummage in bargain bins at the shows for something similar... Good range and I believe nice flyers reading on this forum... would be nice to see a run of kits..

Thread: Identification required
01/03/2019 15:02:46

I've also seen some MDS with gold heads and drivers.. no other markings on it.. probably trying to put lipstick on their pig!!

Thread: OS 46 FX
27/02/2019 15:22:20

echo Jon's point on the fuel... 'orrible'.. years ago my two strokes seemed to love it instantly, but after a few weeks/months developed lots of hot runs, and my engines started to suffer.. luckily a pal I flew with was developing new fuels (Andy at Opti) so I switched a long time ago to modern formulas.

Thread: A Very vintage vintage
27/02/2019 11:16:51

truly gutted for you Dave... did it get lightly tossed in the air as I mentioned..??.. mine has a 1.5 diesel at a very blurp blurp setting and it flies great... a 25 revving will hurtle it into the air and cause a chaotic few seconds I would imagine.. back in the day these were of course free flight, and would be glide tested etc, and the engine was to just pull it along as opposed to hurtle it airbourne... would be interested to hear how it met the ground??

Thread: Death of a Fun-Fly.
25/02/2019 15:46:34

Hi Nigel, I meant for such a critical component of any airframe.. and a very common power source.. I would have imagined a product, which allowed folk to enter in the parameters of their model.. i.e. number and nature of servos.. analogue/digital/ 9g, retract servo, the battery type, and capacity.. and the product would reproduce a simulated example load within +/- parameters.. and give a green or red light!!!..whilst at the same time being able to indicate that if you had a 2600mah Nimh memory or whatever, and IR reading of X would lead to you performing a simulated load or throwing it in the bin or putting it back in the model as it is fine.... we are left to the power of google to try and suss out what's what.. with all manner of opinions... and from my experience.. folk tend to say "arghh thats all too complicated.. I just buy a new one".. which isnt really a full proof method.

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