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Thread: Looking for something to put a 26cc petrol engine in
28/01/2015 21:06:31

Compared to the porter that is funking awful devil

28/01/2015 19:12:50

Yum, ooooo maule great shout. I have a 96" in the loft. Go ugly go proud my friend. As the wise man at the field said, once they are up, they all look the same and all look grey!! ( we fly in Manchester!)!...or other relevant phrases! it's not what you have! it's what you do with what you have! beauty is in the eye of the beholder, etc etc...

decathlon is the natural evolution of a cub to me!

27/01/2015 22:17:36

Hiya, I was "donated", a jamara turbo porter, 96" span....yuk I thought (and still do a bit), but stuck a DLE 30 in it and boy have I had some fun. I normally fly 3D and aerobatic stuff, but have taken to "STOL and potter", when the mood takes me. They are a marmite model to look at, but fly great, loads of flap and crow mixes!!!, handles all weather and bumpy ground....DLE is not scale performance, but who cares!, it's a hoot, and it gets a lot of attention at the club for a "plodder". Bound to be a kit or decent ARTF out there.

just a thought. Other model of this size I have is a PICA 1/5th Waco. If you can find a kit...they are beautiful. Bound to be a stearman, or jungmeister/jungman type kit around.

please no more cubs or taylorcraft types......yawn!!!!

good luck

Thread: DX9 wireless Buddy to DX6i
27/01/2015 16:10:50

well in that case, its goosed!, don't work....two models both not working with dual ail. I will try the channel switch as I thought that's what was suggested. But looking at your note Pete, you suggest not, but make sure the AIL channels are plugged in to the right "ports". On the DX9 I think I changed the 2nd AIL channel with the gear channel (as the pupil had stuck it in the wrong channel and it was easier for me to switch it over on the DX9 rather than take the wing off again!!...lazy I know), and there in lies the issue possibly. If I keep it at AUX1, then the DX6i should not need touching.....Thanks I'll try that.

Appreciate the help fellas

27/01/2015 15:32:40

Got it, cheers fellas, I will start with a clean DX6i model, and set the Dual Ailerons up. Then mirror the AIL2 channel on the DX9, then bind and I am confident it will be all good.

I cant wait to get this wireless buddy going, Sitting down drinking coffee with the tranny on my lap waiting to see the beads of sweat running down my pupils face from a distance and then "cape ironed"...jumping to the rescue....Only joking guys, I will be right along side.

Quite a few of the older school members in the club, were smirking on Sunday muttering " technology eh"..".it will never take of"..."far too complicated" "flippin spectrum " etc etc.....I program most of their ESC's for them, their mobile phones, their TX's....hahhaah

27/01/2015 14:29:00

Hi Frank, quite possibly and a good and obvious shout. I think my head had disappeared up my backside by then. Bet you the aileron WAS working but was on the gear switch (which I think is standard)....Bet that's it.

Must admit, I thought the slave didn't need any config in that it carried over from the DX9, but as the DX9 is only a receiver I cant see how it can.

It is my pupils set, and I am not bad on radios. Is it easy enough to swap the channels on the DX6i to match those used on the DX9?


27/01/2015 10:50:06

Hi All

I spent a frustrating Sunday afternoon trying to set my pupil up on his new DX9 to wireless buddy to a DX6i.

Bound the DX9 to his model - fine

Setup the model on the DX9 - dual aileron, rates, etc - fine

Setup a new model on the DX6i - called "DX9" - fine

Bound the DX6i to the DX9 under the wireless buddy system - fine

However the second aileron wasn't working on the DX6i (Slave)

Went into the DX6i and set the dual aileron Wing mix option - no difference

Thinking I had changed something so perhaps had to bind/link the TX's again, I did the same bind procedure under the wireless system - fail

So started again - from step 1, but on the DX6i setup the dual aileron before I bound it to the DX9 - fail - it would not bind to the DX9

Went back to the first model - to see if I could work something else out - Fail - it had lost the initial bind - Rats

Deleted models from both DX9 and DX6i and started completely fresh - fail, cant get the two TX's to bind at all.

Got a second model - started at step 1 and guess what, it bound fine, but still has the dual aileron issue

How do I "erase the memory" of the DX6i linking to the DX9. Or do I need to now I have the DX9 bound to the DX6i?. Will which ever model I am on, on the DX9 just automatically carry across to the DX6i?..I guess it will as the DX9 is just seen as a unique receiver?. But why aren't the settings carried over for the dual aileron?...really annoying as it should be a great system.

Help please - anyone

Thread: Winter seems to have arrived, who's been flying?
26/01/2015 21:53:26

Woah, would love to see a pic of the curare 25 Martyn. My little Tindal edge appears rare, I haven't seen another, but it is great, especially this time of year. Small nitro models seem to have died out, but I love mine

25/01/2015 20:03:56

6 of us out today up in cheshire, bright lovely morning with light but cold wind. Couple of guys with trusty WOT4's, few WOT foamies, bixler and a fun cub. I took my Pete Tindal mini edge, great little winter model, with an OS25fx, solid little plane, goes in the boot all up, frugal on juice (30%), bit of a pylon, sport aerobatic job, which handles breeze and bumpy ground well....very enjoyable, plus brushless zagi and suped up easystreet, until trying to setup wireless buddy on a Dx9 to a DX6i tested my patience and ended in failure still good to get out and enjoy the fresh air and good company.

Edited By extra slim on 25/01/2015 20:04:44

Thread: BMFA Area Chief Examiner standards
10/12/2014 15:36:12

BEB, apologies, fair do's, if aimed at me. Martin H...fair point and nicely put.

Mr Gorham....You appear disillusioned by lack of modeller involvement, yet by calling me and by inference all B certs who are not examiners selfish for not putting up for examiners!....well you have just answered the reason for your own disillusionment.

30yrs + of enjoyment and teaching in the hobby I love, an opinion expressed based on an all too familiar personal experience of the higher echelons of the hobby, and I'm called can anyone given this type of view be tempted into trying to be more positive?.....

But back to the crux of the thread....two sides to every story of course...these guys who have been binned off without a reason, leaving people who cant fly to fill the gaps....Not a clear cut case by all accounts

09/12/2014 22:31:25

Many many times Martin, but am continually faced with edited highlights of this post, and fellow senior members who have tried, failed, got all the T shirts, got all the sad similar stories to these two poor guys. I love my flying, but I won't move house to a different area!...I'm not naive enough to presume it is every posts are a bit tongue in cheek to emphasise a point, and I'm not ageist as I have learnt and continue to learn from my peers....but there is a face fit, old boys network, trouser leg rolled up, right surname, etc etc....and I would rather not set myself up to be treated as these two guys. I'll stick to my happy place....teaching...flying...HAVING FUN and relaxing.

09/12/2014 22:08:08

Mr Gorham....WOAH. I've hooked a live one......I have probably taught as many people as you, teaching since the age of 11....and am an instructor.....


Edited for insulting language

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 09/12/2014 23:25:02

09/12/2014 21:21:59

Do you know what, members at my club in the north west have been trying to get me to go for my examiners. I'm early 40's, B cert, been flying for 30yrs....and all this type of nonsense, underhand political back biting, rule book quoting, points scoring is EXACTLY why it is the last thing on my mind...

...totally dissolutioned with the way our hobby is going at this level......



Edited to remove insulting language

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 09/12/2014 23:23:02

04/12/2014 21:52:50

That's a proper kick in the nuts for you guys, I'd be totally hacked off. I didn't realise the BMFA and the FA had so much in common. The hobby needs enthusiastic doers, who can do!. Those that can, do, those that can't judge!!..I hear what you are saying fella. There's quite a distasteful under current to the way you have been treated, which is sad and worrying, as in order for the hobby to stabilise it needs to be far more transparent and open to change.

Whereas I agree to a point about not being able to fly the test is a big problem, I don't think it is that clear cut. It is a problem when the examiner can't show you what they mean else you would be just "like this"..."no"... "Like!" Etc. but there are a few fellas who do what a pass looks like but not quite up to demo'ing.

What about the area chief has to take a B every year, if they can't/haven't got it, they can only award with another examiner?, if they have got a current B they no probs, that way the older fellas who have given up a lot of their time can still be involved/respected?

bottom line though IMO, you've been well and truly dumped on....shameful

Thread: I.c. or electric/silent - what do you mainly fly?
24/11/2014 15:29:52

Hey All

Flicking through the magazines which I get from UK and the states, the stats would suggest the target audience to be 99% electric!. It is getting a bit dull IMO. I like to see a bit of everything, even if it is not my cup of tea.

I personally fly all sorts and enjoy them all, big IC, small IC, large electric, small electric, sailplanes, heli's. The ARFT electric revolution has been positive in many respects but doesn't reflect the profile which I am seeing on the field and represented in the magazines.

Will be interested how the poll comes out.

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