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Thread: A Very vintage vintage
15/08/2018 13:11:14

looking great Dave, I heard you were thinking of an OS40!!!.. yikes.. mine has a PAW 1.5cc..and about 2oz of lead under the motor to balance, unless you have scaled it up you will be way over the top with that motor buddy.. with a lifting wing like that, you will also need a boot full of downthrust.. keep going mate..

06/08/2018 11:16:22

Been a while, but my 65yr old vintage un named model took to the sky.. 15mph wind wasnt ideal but it flew really well. Not the greatest video, but proof shes back in the air.. quite emotional really!

Thread: Ebay sellers...
01/08/2018 22:29:51

A termite walks into a bar and asks “is the bar-tender here?” cheeky

Thread: Oshkosh airshow live
25/07/2018 10:53:26

Great find, any aircraft enthusiast should look up Oshkosh.. on my bucket list to do one day..

If you go to the link, there are "posts" from yesterday.. about 3 x 2hr videos.. of all sorts of aircraft... brilliant.. 

Edited By extra slim on 25/07/2018 11:01:21

Thread: Holding Your Nose
13/07/2018 14:20:50


1) start engine - full throttle - at level - take off - engine dies in climbout

2) return hopefully undamaged model - start engine, full throttle, nose up, engine starts to die/sag, richen mixture, nose up again, engine doesnt die

3) take off, and enjoy rest of the day flying without touching the needle

This is what I usually see lots of times at the field, as someone else mentioned.

Thread: Enya 4stroke open rocker engine
12/07/2018 11:49:35

Quickie in terms of glow.. alot of us have lots of various charging leads which come with chargers etc.. I use a glow stick, clipped onto the charger bit for it, the other end is a deans, so I have the latter half, deans to croc clips... and clip one on plug and other earthed. works great on a laser 75 which also has a forward facing glow.. work for me.

Thread: New caption competition
10/07/2018 23:30:18

Ian rehearsing his latest music video of “wind beneath my wing”..

I’ll get my coat!!

Thread: Essential RC's videos
09/07/2018 13:42:35

yeah, thats a belter .. great

Thread: Power panel fire
25/06/2018 14:46:58

Lipo on starter for years and years, and one of these lipo glow drivers..**LINK**

Similar principle to the one Percy mentions, not as intelligent, but alot cheaper.. havent charged a 2200mah 3s so far since last season.. last ages.

Edited By extra slim on 25/06/2018 14:48:15

Thread: 2 Stroke deadstick issues
21/05/2018 14:57:37

weird, I had something similar years back, and eventually traced it to a transparent piece of flashing inside the fuel tank, which sucked onto the pickup... but you say you have changed the tank.. so perhaps carb O rings, overheating??.. very strange..

If everything else has been systematically changed, then as Jon says, you need to look at internals!. A fella's engine behaved similar this weekend, and bearing wear has made it run very hot and die... new bearings on their way.

Thread: UKCAA @ Watford 2018
21/05/2018 11:44:49

Looks fabulous and great photos.. i will hopefully be putting together a DSM Excelsior 150 this summer, with a Rossi 53 upfront, hopefully it will provide enough grunt.. got 11,400 out of it on test stand on a bolly 11.5x7 and 10% fuel..... I would be interested in model specs that attended.. would be interesting to see what people are using.. the 150 is a bit wee, but if it is ok, I would like to bring it along later this year, as a pal is also keen with a Joker and a lovely tornado... keep up the good work.. and thanks for posting

Thread: Powered by Laser, a gallery thread
08/05/2018 09:13:36

With the lovey weather this weekend, it saw a somewhat emotional outing of my DB Bi Stormer, bequeathed to me after the recent passing of one of mine and my dads dear friends, who tolerated me when I was a cocky teenager, down at the flying field. It originally flew with a merco 61, but I dropped in a laser 75, and my clubmates all agreed, a perfect match, and a lovely combination. I think our friend would approve.. lovely.

Thread: Drone Guinness World Record
03/05/2018 16:10:09

I was controlling the 3rd one in from left, it was tricky to keep track of !! cheeky

Thread: Sunglasses for rc flying
03/05/2018 16:05:02

Have had a pair of prescription Innovators from Rapid eyeware for over 12yrs (got them done at the RC hotel, same day service). They were getting long in tooth and a few small changes in prescription over the years, so just nipped online last week, entered prescription details, and bobs your aunties live in lover, they arrived today.. £80.. 4 sets of different/coloured lens.. wrap round to keep wind out... cant go wrong. Heres to another 12yrs!

Edited By extra slim on 03/05/2018 16:05:24

06/04/2018 10:35:14

worrying, I have seen a growing trend of chest puffers with "I've got 10-15kg digital servos, cost me £70 each!".. but no attention is paid to pushrods, clevis', wire connections on pull pull, the area horns are mounted to on the airframe, the correct alignment, screws/bolts for horns, horn type, slop etc.... a control system is only as good as the weakest point... but so many think because they have spent a lot of money on a premium servo, they have done the right thing... WRONG..doh!

04/04/2018 09:39:20

To echo Peter, I have over the last couple of years been passed loads of elderly IC engines which I have taken some pleasure in cleaning up and running up again. Of these, ranging from 0.20 Cox to 30cc petrol, the one which stood out and being plain evil, in terms of bad attitude, noise, scary.. was the Cox Tee Dee 09... It has a personality of its own, and screams that if it wasnt screwed down it would have you!!!.. My dad said he had an ETA which hated him!!, and attacked him every time..

I wonder whether anyone else has memories of engines which bite!!..

Thread: Acro Wot build advice
29/03/2018 09:55:55

Hi Neil, super looking challenger... the sense of achievement is priceless as you say. I have seen grown men weep when their creation takes to the sky and comes down in one piece. Good luck with your new one, and glad you enjoying all aspects of a great hobby.

Thread: And now for something completely different
23/03/2018 21:50:12

Sounds like something needs reversing?

23/03/2018 18:40:54

Hey BEB, good news on the leveller, shows your diligence on the mechanical side of things really paid off. 

Edited By extra slim on 23/03/2018 18:41:45

Thread: Mama Mia!
20/03/2018 16:27:07

You could do a "how to" on dynamix carbs Martin as I know they have a reputation of being somewhat a black art. A friend of mine has one on his webra 61 pumped, and has actually just bypassed the pump (another story), but I was amazed at getting hold of some instructions for the dynamix, and seeing the main needle was to be set at I think 6 turns out if I recall.

They seem to be marmite, some people think they are brilliant, others remove and put on a more mainstream one.

If you have the knack, perhaps you should share your sorcery

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