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Thread: Mama Mia!
20/03/2018 14:26:24

Drool.. lovely.. have you experience with the dynamix carbs?.. is the 91 pumped?.. Good luck with the maiden, it deserves to fly well..yes

Thread: And now for something completely different
20/03/2018 10:13:12

Nice progress BEB, but you skipped over the bit I always found the most taxing in maintaining contact with the swash level tool THROUGHOUT the full pitch range... was this done just with the GPro??, I've not used one..

I also quickly found out that it was better to set the range fully at +- 12.. and then cut things down using the pitch curves on the tx

I think your heli will hover around 4 degrees with the correct head speed, and so you need your centre "throttle stick" position to be around 4 degrees for your first hover, not when you are setting up the full range.

17/03/2018 21:23:32

Good show Mr BEB, your next task is the one that I found was done in 5mins, or takes hours of messing with EPA and adjusting eyes...but is well worth getting just right.. the good news is after that is cracked the rest is a relative breeze albeit a methodical and time consuming one...good luck buddy.

Thread: New ASP .25 or second hand OS engine
12/03/2018 19:37:51

Quite a few BNIB ASP 25’s have appeared lately on well known auction site. One went for £20, one didn’t sell at £30!!. Like the fellas said, steer away from S/H unless you know the history, but given the price of BNIB on auctions it’s a no brainer IMO..

Thread: And now for something completely different
12/03/2018 15:52:30

Nice job BEB, I'm sorry to tell you that the assembly point you have reached is what I find the easy part!!.

The fun comes with obtaining a good setup. In my early days, I got a well known heli shop to set up my first one, only to find out later on, they had done a "bare minimum" job with a -2 - +8 range, so hovered around mid stick... but mechanically it would never reach the full extent of pitch ranges!!.. grrr...

I then had to re do the whole head etc to establish a baseline 0, and equal travel to +- 10 (latterly 12) etc. Since the first I have always taken my time to establish as near to a perfect setup as I could get, with everything mechanically set square at zero degrees, used the swash leveller to make sure the swash remained in contact with the tool all the way through the range, and then from there, establishing the curves etc was just sat with the tx and was dead easy. Initial curve was like setting EPA on a fixed wing, cutting travel down to -2 - 8, with 4-5 around middle stick, and then play with head speed to establish a decent hover.. flight modes 1 and 2, were then again easy to get V curves etc for when I started with aero's and inverted..

I actually put off learning to fly "whisks" until I was in my early 30's as peoples tales had put my off as if it was a dark art... I was looping and rolling etc within about 2 months.. if you are a decent "rudder" flying aero pilot, it really isnt too tricky.

Thread: Six Nations 2018
12/03/2018 14:09:29

Ponderously slow and predictable forward play, and completely static backs, playing 10 yrds too far up for England IMO.

Ireland grind out steady and error free well organised rugby

Highlight this weekend for me were the scottish backs, shame so many loose final passes, on another day they would have a back to back win.. very entertaining.

Thread: Low wing recommendation
12/03/2018 11:25:28

The gangster is indeed a super model. I have been surprised this year by a fellow club members Seagull 40 LOW WING SPORT - SEA10. I am not usually a fan of ARTF and Seagull especially, but this thing flew amazingly.. so slow and forgiving... it was his first low wing model and it couldnt have been better IMO... so much so, a couple of other club members rushed to get one...

Thread: Thank you to everyone who attended.
12/03/2018 11:21:23

fantastic effort, great cause, be very proud of yourselves... super

Thread: Super Star
26/02/2018 19:36:26

Super job buddy yes that will go well

Thread: A Very vintage vintage
18/02/2018 21:06:33

Hi there, he probably did the fus.. but wings haven't been dismantled, they are untouched...I'll ask him

18/02/2018 20:12:05

Thanks for the kind words Cymaz, and thanks for the info on the RC PAW Carb JD8. I could do with some standard issue Keilkraft test medium (long grass!! laugh).. its all a bit bare, damp and soggy ground at the moment and I wouldnt mind giving it a few test glides with not knowing where the CG should be (an educated guess at 33%), plus not having a throttle.. I wouldnt mind getting a feel before she is chucked into the beyond!..

I'm in no rush.. it has been 65yrs since it last flew!!

Thread: Best Plane You Have Owned
17/02/2018 21:34:55

1) Flitton inspire 60 - YS63s. 2) Island hobbies capiche - YS63s 3) sigma signs freestyle-.. err yep YS63s.. have all three of the best 50 size planes ever IMO

Thread: A Very vintage vintage
17/02/2018 21:26:55

Thanks for the kind words chaps..i did toy with a throttle for the PAW, but wanted it to be as light as is still on the cards and would be a relatively easy job.. I hear the enya 09 carbs are slightly better than the factory ones although PAW is just down the road from me..

. haha Kevin, you must be in my club!!, I get constant grief about pilots and my lack of .. if it flys well,I will have a look for one and break my habit!!

Edited By extra slim on 17/02/2018 21:30:35

17/02/2018 15:38:05

Lipstick on the pig

After dads efforts, like most of his projects, when it comes to finishing, he gleans little satisfaction from the finishing touches and so passed it onto me, to cover and complete it… no pressure. .. I felt like I was working on a Rembrandt!... or something … I wanted to stick loosely to its original colours to show some respect, and below are the results. Powered by a PAW 1.49, a tank made by one of my friendly club members, she is 43” and weighs 27 ounces, (she needed 2.5 oz up front to get the balance to 33% which is where the consensus seemed to indicate CG for an elliptical wing form) and we are very pleased with the results. Wing loading appears around 14.5 Oz per Sq ft, which I think should be OK, and the club members of the generation think the PAW 1.49 will be more than enough… hope so..

I really hope it goes well, and that great Uncle Billy would be pleased with our efforts.

Hope you like it..






17/02/2018 15:36:15

Broken nose

The original, had sort of a chin, held on by elastic bands, as a crunch point for its free flight days, and dad didn’t recall a cowl being present, so we regressed him back in time under hypnosis to visualise what he thought it might have looked like and came up with this beauty!.. quite surprising as structurally there is no one better, but design not one of his fortes!

bw oct21 001.jpg




17/02/2018 15:34:44

Phoenix from the worms

We were both taken by the design and dad thought it a good project to try and get her back in the air, so set about carefully deconstructing the fus and building a new one.. at the same time, strengthening the wings with cross braces and chopping the tail feathers to accommodate a rudder and elevator.. top job by the old fella as usual..



bw sept28005.jpg

bw sept28007.jpg

17/02/2018 15:33:17

Time has taken its toll

On a visit to dads we decided to take a good look at it and stripped it back. The wings and tail feathers seemed fine, but some critters had been busy on the fuselage!!



17/02/2018 15:31:54

So, vintage models of a radio annoyance variety have enjoyed a bit of a renaissance within our club over the last couple of years, and being the youngest member, who flies all manner of aircraft aside from vintage, figured if I can’t beat them, join them.

I was lucky enough to be handed a beautiful plane which appears to be a modified Vic Smeed Soubrette, with an MPJET 040 which I converted to RC, and flies incredibly well, and really relaxing to throw in the air at the end of a days session when the wind drops off.

With this in mind, my dad informed me of a plane in his loft, which he recalls seeing flown as freeflight obviously as a lad by his uncle Billy in 1953!! on the common behind Windermere.

His cousin passed it to dad many years after his unlce had passed and there it sat in dads loft for many years.

He dug it out and put a few pics on this forum, but no one could enlighten us as to what it was..(we still don’t know!)

sprite 003.jpg



Thread: Six Nations 2018
13/02/2018 21:12:43


Edited By extra slim on 13/02/2018 21:14:58

Thread: Best given the right of way
10/02/2018 07:49:44

Only snakes I like are the pitts python and the sig cobra!!cheeky.... taxi !!!

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