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Thread: Internal resistance in Nimh and Nicad
27/01/2018 17:39:29

Thanks for the responses chaps. As I suspected, no definitive chart, but I guess the variables affect this. I'm surprised that this subject hasn't been nailed, as many modellers use these packs, cycle their packs, do their best to look after them but not really knowing if their efforts are worth it etc, but no one seems to know how high is too high.. I guess one of the trickiest factors is how the charger measures it.. and the application, but I would imagine someone would be able to give a IR recommendation for something like a 2000mah Nimh, driving a standard 5 servos.. at resting not directly after charge... but this figure even with caveats illudes the World Wide Web. Not an issue really for me as I use life which 'give/deliver' in a different I guess less susceptible way than Nimh.. the quest continues..

26/01/2018 21:42:34

hi chaps, to be honest, I mostly use Life packs for RX, but have some 2600 4cell Nimhs and a 600 nicad. I might need a bit of weight up front. My charger measures IR, and I understand it to a point, but I can't find any guidelines on how much is too much.. does anyone know of a source or rule of thumbs??

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
25/01/2018 23:09:03

Wowzers, it really is a rare beast. I merely glanced and thought it was a crack pot, but it does make sense, and I agree with your view that something is worth what someone is prepared to pay.. good luck to him then, to some the holy grail.

25/01/2018 21:36:01

John, did you ever gold plate laser 80's??.. there is a bloke advertising one on fleabay with buy it now £895!!, bidding starts at £695!!

Thread: Telly tonight - slope soaring at Ivinghoe.
25/01/2018 21:33:41

Very funny post Dave, made me laugh out loud. My old fella whilst not having a track record in inflicting injury has got the title of 'Dangerous grandad' with my kids!!.. which he is very proud of!!. ''Twas that generation I guess!!

Thread: Flying towards youself
16/01/2018 10:17:16

agree with Jos.. if you are thinking, then already you are on "high brain alert" and it is then when mistakes happen. Practice, and at HEIGHT... not enough people play with a plane controls....too scared.. want to read about it all.. ask all questions... doh!!.... when people ask me to show them how to do some aeros, they comment on how I know where the sticks go at what point.... I kinda of do... but practiced high up initially and banged about and watched what the plane did..and alter the input timings and movements to refine..... same with rudder inputs... with enough height, you can bang sticks all over the place and see what happens..... the old man used to get his pupils to put the stick in one of the top corners from level flight (mode 2)... and hold it... YES a barrel roll back to level.... overcame fear of putting down in pretty quick.... only way to learn IMHO.. dont be scared.. or get a buddy system and a friendly helper.. oh and also, one of my bug bears is where in the sky people practice, overhead, downwind.. cross wind etc.. if you are going to practice, there is a "safer" imaginable box in the sky where you should do it, which makes the whole experience less stressful, more likely to succeed and above all safer!!..

fly high wink ...........until you can fly low, then fly low cheeky

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
15/01/2018 21:14:54

Sounds like rich low runner. Worth trying the old blow down a piece of fuel tube, wind in until no hiss, then open up until you hear a hiss, carb 99% closed.. usually not a bad starting point. Can't remember if the carb has an O ring on slow runner, occasionally these aren't seated and distorted or just perished.. you'll get there

Thread: Considering going electric - advice rplease
11/01/2018 16:49:56

As Broken English says, variety is part of the pleasure. I have all manner of power setups, petrol through to electric (no rubber bands ATM!).. It is funny how over the years I have swung from one to tuther.. few years ago, loads of electrics, last year mainly glow, and this year, I've got a lot of pleasure with playing with diesels!!.. its just a little of what you fancy...

Thread: Help identyfying old glow engine
10/01/2018 11:13:33

Try this


A few posts down



Edited By extra slim on 10/01/2018 11:15:56

Thread: Christmas Caption Competition!
22/12/2017 16:42:27

Come on, don't hide, we know you fly F3A!!.. it's not that boring

Thread: Un-seizing a brand new engine
21/12/2017 20:18:45

I un-gummed a load of engines given to me last year, I found putting a prop on, thick glove and a heat gun, combined with the likes of WD always worked, without the prop was impossible..

Thread: Film Over Film
19/12/2017 21:37:15

I initially use a cooler setting on the iron, and take my time, you can usually easily lift it if you do get a bubble, then I gradually wind the temp up... works pretty well for me

Thread: Advice
18/12/2017 20:07:45

Be careful who you offer advice to (some people have flat learning curves), and be more careful who you take advice from (the people whose plane sits on the ground all day, needle twiddlers and bin bag bonzos seem to offer the most advice).

Thread: What do I need for flying IC glow
15/12/2017 13:49:08

hahah.. black bag... love it... I also take a BS filter to the field every time... plenty of it spouted at the field with regards engine tuning wink

Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
08/12/2017 16:55:03

Like Jon, my pet hate is full power run ups and nose ups in the pitts. Everything is at eye/head level and it makes me wince, and I guess I am old school in being taught from when I was a kid not to stand in line with the prop etc.

I do however on the first flight of the day admittedly, lift the model off the table, move 2-3m clear of the pitts and people and give the engine a chance to warm up, run up, and yes.. sorry nose up.. especially if temperature has changed or more often if I havent flown the model for a while. On occasion, I have had to made a subtle change, so I guess it is worth it. I have seen, many a deadstick over the years, resulting in long walks of shame/damage with the engine being too lean for whatever reason and not nosed up. So I guess, if safely done there is no problem with it.

Agree fine tuning once over the obvious is best in the air.. I'm not a fan of inordinate amounts of table /pitts tuning, and tickover twiddlers...and find myself advising to "get them in the air" quite regularly.

Thread: Small IC Edge 540 or similar
05/12/2017 07:25:31

Robotbirds are selling the Hyperion edge 540t, 920mm span. Often thought of sticking an IC in one of the 10e range.. only £49..

Thread: Good News from the BMFA AGM
21/11/2017 13:57:37

Open debate of differing opinions is a good thing. There is quite alot from one side of the argument leaning towards the way the BMFA is run, and their recent initiatives, but what I am not and never seem to hear is .. "what are the BMFA NOT doing for us"... there is a point about media coverage, fair enough.. and it would help furthering this to highlight to what end?.

It would be interesting for me to hear rather than what is wrong with them and what they are doing, but to hear what should they be doing, that they are not?

Just curious.

Thread: Recommendations for good sunglasses
20/11/2017 16:09:04

I've had a pair of rapid eyeware innovator for about 10yrs and they are excellent, with the different colours etc, however they are approaching time expiry. In looking to get another pair, the instructions online were to input your prescription details and then since hardly no opticians will give you the distance between eyes, it advises you to get someone to measure them with a ruler!!!!.. I emailed them to ask advice about sending the old pair back etc, but havent heard anything back in about 2 weeks...

Thanks for your post MattyB, I will check these out

Thread: 4.8 v or 6 v receiver packs ?
17/11/2017 13:32:05

I do similar to Paul, but I see on larger models quite a few use two different switches as well, and mine and Pauls setup does I guess give the switch as the single point of failure.. Its how far you go.. larger models can cope with the extra weight.

Thread: A puzzle for engine guru's
17/11/2017 09:33:03

3oz fuel tank cheeky

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