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Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
29/04/2017 00:33:46
....maybe even a 'decent' knife edge will look good too.

Note 'decent' - when you are showing your observers the top of the model on your KE pass. I was told it's rude to be showing them your 'bottom'!

29/04/2017 00:27:58
Holy flying Zebras batman........

Looks good Chris.
To be honest, I've tried a variety of 'orientation' marking s but have found that once the model is away from you, it all blends into everything.

Your Zebra stripes will definitely look good when you're flying inverted and close enough to see them!

Keep up the uniqueness!


Edited By Rosco on 29/04/2017 00:28:55

Thread: Casual Easter Monday fly
23/04/2017 14:07:48
Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
21/04/2017 21:59:39
Hi Chris,
I bet that servo gap is driving you crazy!!

Don't worry about it, no one will notice it once it's flying.....but if you do want to make it look a little better you can always move the servo sideways until the gap is on the other side and is hard to see with the tailplane in the way.
From the top, it would be hard to see the gap and from the bottom, the servo will be flush with the side of the opening otherwise just try and fit the servo with an equal amount of gap on either side. Looking good anyway. Keep up the nice work.


Edited By Rosco on 21/04/2017 22:03:42

Thread: hitec minima and tundra not getting along........
13/04/2017 11:58:53
By putting the Y lead on there it also gave me an opportunity to add a servo slower in the flaps lead/s, so that I get a slow 'clean' lowering of the flaps as opposed to a dump!
13/04/2017 04:57:15
I had the same issue with mine and it's seems to be a regular occurance.
I just used the Y lead solution.
I'd rather know that it's all going to work rather than find out when it's up in the air!
When I first plugged mine in, it all worked. The second time it didn't.

Thread: Somebody crashed a model plane in to the side of my house
03/04/2017 04:30:38
It may be a little late now but personally, I would have taken some pictures before moving anything. Now that the pieces are gone he can quite easily deny everything. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with especially when there is no proof of anything.
Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
29/03/2017 23:29:44
Looks good Chris. Ive never covered foam with film so I can't really comment on that but I will say that the Mossie crash is a trap that anyone and everyone falls into. I can guarantee that 100% of model flyers have been guilty of trying to make their model land as opposed to letting it land itself at some stage.

Carrying on..... keep up the lovely work.

29/03/2017 10:55:18

Hi Chris, funny how I haven't dropped by in the last few weeks but it's been twice now!.......

Sorry to hijack your build but this might inspire you?

Here is a quick YouTube clip I put together after our last fly. I tend to do the filming/photo's all the time so I don't get any footage of my models flying 99% of the time. Occasionally someone will film me flying and in this clip, my model is the EDF F18. Once again, sorry to hijack your build thread, I hope you don't mind................




Edited By Rosco on 29/03/2017 10:57:17

28/03/2017 12:45:02

Hi Chris, Sorry I haven't dropped by lately, Work and Life in general have taken over the last few weeks! I even had a holiday in there somewhere but it's just a blur now because I was still working my second job whilst on leave from my first job!!!!! I have got some flying in though

anyway................The Bella looks to still be coming along nicely my friend. I'm still looking forwards to the finished product.


24/02/2017 19:02:45
That is one very good looking model aeroplane Chris.

20/02/2017 20:53:02
Don't worry about those things for the moment.

Why don't you just fit the wing up and take a picture.

19/02/2017 00:25:05
Good on you for having a go Chris.
Don't forget the big picture my friend.

Just remember....It is possible.....just not in a way you know yet!

I bet if you sit the fuselage on your wing, it'll be alot further along than you think. Rosco

Edited By Rosco on 19/02/2017 00:30:34

26/01/2017 19:43:39
To be honest Chris, I don't think many on this forum would be interested in my experiment besides, I don't really want to hype it up too much because it may comletely flop!

If there is some success, I'll post something.

25/01/2017 21:35:00
Im still here too Chris. Just been a bit busy with work as usual and have also been playing around with an 'experiment' that I'm hoping to maiden this weekend.

Your progress might be slow but it is still coming along. Keep it up.

06/01/2017 20:58:24
Hi Chris, the wing looks good. I don't know how many times I've said it but.....keep up the good work!

Don't cut anything. Leave your wing as is.

31/12/2016 11:40:43
It's 10:10pm December the 31st here and I'm going to bed soon. I have to work tomorrow and I can't have any alcohol in my system. I can probably get away with one beer tonight but that's about it!

Enjoy your celebrations. Happy New Year to you


Edited By Rosco on 31/12/2016 11:41:17

31/12/2016 11:23:58
......and the wingtips do seem to get a beating! A few cartwheels or some tip scrapes on some landings and you'll soon scuff them up. Hangar rash and transport gets them too.


Edited By Rosco on 31/12/2016 11:24:58

31/12/2016 04:24:37
I'm still here too! more work has kept me busy but I have been watching.

Tips look good, weight looks good, so all in all, it's looking good!!!

Keep it up my friend.

25/12/2016 08:27:17
.....and Merry Xmas to you to Chris, from the hottest capital city in the world on Xmas day at 41.3C - Adelaide, South Australia.


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