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Thread: Prostate Cancer
01/07/2019 19:44:52

Lucky man, I still have mild discomfort and was passing blood for 6 days!

Still I did get good service from the NHS with less than 2 weeks between the PSA test and the biopsy.

24/06/2019 17:53:16

Not improving as have now contracted an infection according to the doctor I consulted this morning.

Had rated the day op ward with a gold star for looking after me, perhaps I was tadge too quick.

22/06/2019 16:20:10

Ended up with a general anaesthetic so never felt a thing. Only issue was a 6hr wait in the day surgery ward. Lots of bruising though.

18/06/2019 19:17:52

Have my biopsy on Friday. Any recommendations as to full or spinal anaesthetic?

Must say the NHS work very quick on this problem. MRI last week and biopsy a week latter. 

Edited By Andy Joyce on 18/06/2019 19:22:28

07/06/2019 19:56:27

Think there must be a carcinogenic in the fuel we all use. Booked in for my MRI next week following a slightly elevated blood test result. Rule must be don’t lick your fingers after flying or was it after the hospital visit.

Thread: Warning X8R RX - do not use with CDI on IC powered 'planes
28/05/2019 19:41:35

Looks a nice installation Ron.

I also tried using capacitance on the supply lines but it did not improve the supply line noise on a X8R or the RX8R which both exhibited around 130mv of volt drop as it transmits telemetry.

As a precaution have now converted all my models to 6.2V nimh of a type identical to yours to try to keep the Rx supply as low an impedance as possible.

Model flown with the RX8R last weekend without issue using this set up. Second model ready to be flown with the X8R, so will be interested to see if any problems come up. Interestingly I still get the odd loss of telemetry at very close ranges to the Rx of ~1-2ft though but it does not seem to be an issue and I certainly don't get lock outs.

Like your idea of running two frequencies though.

12/05/2019 10:57:03

Peter PM sent.

12/05/2019 10:57:03

Peter PM sent.

12/05/2019 10:47:57
Posted by Ron Gray on 11/05/2019 09:53:07:

Andy, the issues that I have seen are purely down to CDI interference, the videos quite clearly show that. That is the reason why I created this thread. May I suggest that if you have seen issues with your setup that can be attributed to other things then it would be better to create another thread for that. This way things will be a lot clearer for anyone visiting the FrSky part of the forum.


Think you have missed the point I have tried to make. This is that the only item we have in common to an identical mode of failure is the Rx. Therefore the investigation needs to be focussed on what mode of failure the Rx is prone too.

This belief that the problem is one of radiated susceptibility may well be correct, but electromagnetic compatibility problems can be caused by two means which are radiated or conducted means.

I appear to have highlighted the issue that the Rx8 Pro power lines are far from clean. So as subsequent posts refer, perhaps the use of appropriate filtering on the Rx supply is necessary to get rid of additional noise created by the ignition system.

11/05/2019 09:37:11


Don't think the problem is specific to spark ignition as we both have totally different set ups in terms in our models.

Did some testing with a RX8 Pro yesterday powering the Rx alone first with the 3A UBEC I had in the model that crashed. The noise was considerable as shown in the first picture with 260mV ptp.

20190510_124125 (medium).jpg

Second test was with a 4.8V nimh pack and the supply is still not clean with 128mV of noise. So I think the issue is lack of smoothing on the Rx supply lines.

20190510_124055 (medium).jpg

08/05/2019 18:35:39
Posted by Peter Christy on 08/05/2019 12:49:48:

Ron: Should have added - use a decent 4-cell pack, and plug it straight in to the receiver, not via a switch.

I'm trying to eliminate as many variables as possible!



Agree with Peter running a high voltage may be ok for the Rx but a lot of servos are not rated to operate above 6V. A fully charged 6v nimh battery will be 7.2v, LiFe will be even higher so unless you use high voltage servos this is putting a lot of strain on the servo electronics.

Ron... whilst I appreciate you picked up a bag of bits after the crash did you find each of the servos worked when you got home and tested each part of the electrical installation?

Briefly looked at a cheap powerbox but not entirely convinced this provides a solution to the problems we have here.

08/05/2019 18:27:38

Interesting to note some of you use a second receiver with the X8's. Wondering if this is the sensible approach for all models not just those with ignition systems for the motor. My issue with the 8XR pro occurred in a standard 4 stroke glow, so don't think it is due to ignition noise but any noise on the supply lines. I am interested to know if a second receiver is used with the X8 range, which one would you select.

My tests of the 3A UBEC I had an issue with was inconclusive but will investigate further tomorrow now that I found some decent scope leads to prove the supply lines when connected to the Rx.

07/05/2019 19:27:34

So how you check the Rx SW standard Ron?

06/05/2019 19:54:13

Ron when you made a litho plate screen for the Rx, did you connect it to the 0V of the Rx as would have thought that should have improved its screening properties?

Also I was advised by RCGroups guys to upgrade my FrSky SW on both the Tx and Rx. Did that for the Tx but was completely lost on what item to purchase to do this on the Rx.


06/05/2019 10:55:35

Is anyone having issues with glow motor set-ups?

Not particularly happy with FRSky having just spent £600 on a set up that clearly has issues with electrical noise. Very reluctant to fly my larger models with this gear until the issue is resolved.

When I get into work tomorrow will take a look at the UBEC I had in the model to see if the voltage out is clean or not or if the issue was just that the load caused the voltage to drop.

06/05/2019 10:55:34

Is anyone having issues with glow motor set-ups?

Not particularly happy with FRSky having just spent £600 on a set up that clearly has issues with electrical noise. Very reluctant to fly my larger models with this gear until the issue is resolved.

When I get into work tomorrow will take a look at the UBEC I had in the model to see if the voltage out is clean or not or if the issue was just that the load caused the voltage to drop.

06/05/2019 09:18:43


I to had a very similar failure as described on your first post with a brand new X10S LBT and a RX8R Pro on its first use in a mid size 4 stroke plane. Just as I was coming into land at a range of about 20 yards the transmitter announced loss of telemetry followed by the model doing a bunt dive form a height of about 5ft. Luckily damage was minimal so was able to verify the Rx was still functional which was not what I expected to find.

After playing around with the model at home I could repeat the loss of telemetry fault at very close ranges but not the loss of control so tried re-positioning the antennas to ensure they where at 90 deg to each other but this did not help. Whilst doing further checks I put the transmitter into moving all servos mode and I immediately got a string of telemetry warnings, loss of control and voltage warnings.

As I then suspected that the Battery could be the cause I put a DVM on one Rx channel and noted the odd voltage dip so believe the issue was caused by the UBEC as the supply to the device was at least 11.2V. Changing to a 15A UBEC seemed to cure the problem so interested to know Ron if you had a UBEC as the regulated supply to the Rx.

Rather than fly with the 15A UBEC have now changed the Rx power set up to a 6V nimH battery which so far appears not to have the issues of voltage warnings or loss of telemetry, but have yet to test this in the air.


Thread: Savage bobber
12/03/2019 19:26:58

Have drawn an A0 plan for a 1/4 scale Bobber using power point if anyone wants it. Cant guarantee its accuracy though as nothing really to reference it against other than the pictures on the Zlin site.

Metal construction underway using 7mm stainless steel .

Thread: Another scam? Sinister this time
02/02/2019 18:37:37

Think all of this dates back to when tiscali lost all of our account details.

Thread: Who wants a Warbird Replics Hurricane?
22/05/2017 19:49:07
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 22/05/2017 08:48:26:

Looks like a 75 from here. Its not an 80 thats for sure.

As for the dive test, i have never found it gave any useful information at all. Its in my little mental book of modelling nonsense as it just dose not work, at least on powered models anyway. That said my friend who flys alot of gliders has told me that he finds it 50/50 helpful/hopeless when it comes to setting hos models, so to be honest i wouldnt put too much faith in it if i were you.

Yes it is an old 75, tadge under size for this aircraft but it came with the airframe for a very good price. All in all very pleased with its easy starting ability and slow tick over.

As for batteries have recovered several lipos in the past using a very slow charge, but I am aware that once they go below the critical cut off voltage you can never get the battery performance back.

After 6 or so years of flying electrics, this is the first occasion of a battery fire but will tread more carefully in future. Accidently shorted one in my lap once cutting off the plug and that instantly caused the wires to anneal and go rigid.

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